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Cheap Day Trading Small Account Setup! SureTrader and ThinkorSwim TOS
What's up traders. Check out this cheap setup for small account day trading. Don't dump a ton of money into software you don't need! This is the same day trading setup I use to cheaply trade with a small account. Comment or question below, thanks!
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How To Set Up Day Trading Charts in ThinkorSwim TOS
Hey everyone. Just a little tutorial on how to customize the charts in TOS and what indicators/studies I use. Time Hacks: ------------------------ Appearance - 9:00 Add Indicators - 13:50
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Live Trade Management.  What to do once you buy??
Hey folks, just a quick summary of how I try to manage my trade once I have a position. It's hard for me to not just jump out when I'm up a few bucks. What about you?
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YTD Suretrader P&L Summary Recap - Good lord the commissions!
Hey traders, just a quick summary of my trade fees this year with Suretrader so you have an idea of what to expect if you're looking into using them. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe for more, thanks.
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Small Account Day Trading $MOSY on VWAP Breakout
Quick paper trade on MOSY today because I missed my entry point! Red to green and VWAP breaks have been good money makers lately.
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$SPEX Huge Runner - 23 second scalp - VWAP Pivot Breakout Win
Hey traders! $SPEX was hot today, I grabbed a little piece of the action a few minutes after the open on a quick scalp
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Quick summary of what to look for on level 2 and the tape when looking to enter and exit a positIon.
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Weekly Trade Recap & How to Set Up a Low Float Scan in TOS
Hey folks. Pretty slow week for me, didn't see a lot of plays that fit my criteria. Also a quick segment on how to set up the same low float scanner in TOS that I use every day to find some plays
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How to Make Passive Income in a Small Day Trading Account
Hey traders, in this video I discuss an idea I had for making a little scratch while still being able to day trade a small account.
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When and How to Short Breakdowns - $AMD $BBRY Hit the Bid!
Just a short video showing a couple of plays you can use to short breakdown points. Don't forget to subscribe for more videos!
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Short Whole Dollar Breaks - $VRX VWAP breakdown play
Whole dollars can be great entry and exit points whether you're a bull or a bear! Check out this short on VRX for trade plan ideas.
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$MTBC Fake Breakout.  Don't Get Greedy in Your Trades!
Pre-market high breakout got stuffed then the stock fell apart! Take profits early and be decisive about entry and exits.
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Weekly Trade Recap - Two Red Days on $JMEI and $OCLR
Rough week in the markets for me
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Weekly Trade Recap - Using Fibonacci Extensions for Profit Targets in Day Trading
Weekly trade recap, broke some of my fundamental rules and it cost me a win! Also a summary of how I use fib retracements to look for opening range plays.
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Checking in, I'm still alive!  Options trading got me like UHHHHH
Hey folks, just a quick note to check in with you all. If you're interested in a Tastyworks account, use my referral link to sign up @ https://start.tastyworks.com#/login?referralCode=MJG4PF4P8E
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Weekly Trade Recap $ARNA $OCUL $FSC $SQ
Hey folks, short weekly recap on the plays I was watching this week.
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Weekly Trade Recap $MBRX $AEZS $PLUG Long and Shorts!
Bears trying to take over this week and got squeezed! The market continues the bullish march onward!
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Weekly Trade Recap - Slow and Steady +$30 on SPWH & AMD
What did you trade this week?
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Weekly Trade Recap $TTPH $SIRI - And getting into options!
Weekly trade recap and some new options trading ideas!
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Square $SQ Technical Analysis - What's Next??
Just a little analysis and my thoughts on what could be next for $SQ. Still holding!
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$SKLN live HOD reject and breakdown analysis
Just my thoughts in the opening hour of the day on SKLN and where the price was headed on a Thursday. See if your head is where mine is!
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CLSN Trade Recap.  Huge Bullish Move! Day Trading Low Float Stocks
Made a quick long scalp on CLSN today to start the week off green. Hope you did the same!
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$VRX Trades using Fibonacci Retracement & Extension
Hey traders, the fib tools are pretty awesome if you're not using them. Definitely check them out!
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