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Sharperlight Reporting Services Basics - Using Parameters
Sharperlight - This video shows how to parameterize reports using SharperLight. The parameters can also utilize comparison operators such as greater or equal to etc with no additional effort on the part of the report developer http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/reporting-services-basics-using-parameters/
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Sharperlight Reporting Services Basics - Introduction
Sharperlight - Basic Introduction to creating reports with SharperLight using Reporting Services. The Query Builder Window builds the Queries without using any SQL. Drill Links are embedded into the report to demonstrate live dynamic Drilldown from rows in the Report Services Report http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/reporting-services-basics-introduction/
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Sharperlight Web Channel - Charting Basics
The basics of working with Charts in the Web Channel. In the video we see Charts that allow zooming, range selection and Drilldown on chart elements Also mixed Chart type is created with Columns and Lines. Then select outputs are marked to be excluded from the Chart. In example the charts use SAP Business One to show the Top Customer Sales and also Sales by Period compared to the previous Year http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/09/22/web-channel-charting-basics/
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Sharperlight Web Channel - Publishing Excel Workbooks
How to use Publisher so that Excel Workbooks can be viewed and extracted through the Web Channel (Browser) The Excel Workbook can contain Tables, Cells Extracts, Pivots and Charts and these will be rendered correctly in the Browser. Filters can be entered by Users and these are passed to named ranges in the Excel Workbook before calculation. In this way users can change dates and other filter values and see the Excel workbook extracted based on these values. The Video also explains how Drill Throughs and HTML links can be intergated into the Worksheet reports. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/13/web-channel-publishing-excel-workbooks/
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Sharperlight Query Builder - Filter Attributes Part 2
Sharperlight - This video explains the various Filter Options available when creating a Query in Query Builder. These include how to use cell references in Excel, comparison operators , in and like commands. Also there is an example of using brackets, AND OR logic to group filter criteria http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/query-builder-filter-options/
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Sharperlight Materialised Query - Basics and Reporting Performance
Use Sharperlight Materialised Query to improve Reporting Performance by consolidating data into a Materialised Query. Data is read out of the live system and consolidated and stored in a Physical Table. Reports are then redirected to the Materialised Query therefore reducing the access time. The example shows Excel with data extracted from the SAP B1 Transaction Table with Accounts on the Rows and Periods on the Columns • Improve Reporting Performance • Consolidate Data from multiple Sources • Archive Data as Historical Snapshots • Budgeting and Modeling • Write back • Warehousing http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/09/15/materialised-query-basics-and-reporting-performance/
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Sharperlight Excel - Table Button Bindings
Sharperlight - Learn how to create a Button to extract data into a Excel Table using Filters Parameters. Without the Button data would be extracted into the Table as soon as one of the filter parameters is changed. Sometimes you may wish to change various filter values and then extract the details on clicking a button. Button binding does not use any VBA so the there is not need to enable or trust VBA on the Workbook. Button binding is also possible with Excel writeback. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/excel-basics-button-binding-to-refresh-tables/
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Sharperlight Studio Basics - Starting a DataModel
omSharperlight - How to quickly create a DataModel in Studio over a database using AdventureWorks as an example. Import the Table and View schemas and the join relationships. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/16/studio-starting-a-datamodel/
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Sharperlight - Client Install
How to install a Sharperlight Client and Remote Connect to a Application Server. The Remote Connection may go over the Intranet or Internet. Query Builder is used to test the connection and then the Sharperlight Excel Add-in is installed and from the Ribbon a basic report is create to pull data into a worksheet. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/installation-client-install/
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Sharperlight Query Builder - Creating Drill Throughs
Sharperlight - How to create Drill Through to show more details or analysis of the selected row in the parent Report. Any number of Drill Throughs can be created with addition Drill Throughs nested as deep as you like. There are two types of Drill Through Query Based Drill Throughs - These reference the Outputs of the parent query in their Filters Linked Drill Throughs - These launch any application of web based service passing the parent output items as parameters http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/query-builder-creating-drill-throughs/
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Sharperlight - How to Install and Setup an Application Server and Client
How to Install and Setup a Sharperlight Application Server and Client http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/13/installation-how-to-install-and-setup-a-application-server-and-clients/
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Sharperlight Excel Basics - Using Tables Formulas Part 2
Sharperlight - Demonstration of Reporting using Excel Tables. Table Formulas launch the Query Builder where the Query is defined with cell references for the filter criteria. As the cell values are changed the Table and Chart are refreshed with new data from the Product DataModel http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/excel-table-formulas/
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Sharperlight Managing and Deploying Queries and Report Packs
How to Manage Queries and Deploying Report Packs to new Sites • Query Builder • Excel Workbooks • Explorer • Publisher • Web Channel -- Dashboard Pages • Custom Tables • Custom Fields • Custom Joins • Studio http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/13/managing-and-deploying-queries-and-report-packs-exportimport/
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Sharperlight Web Channel - Dashboard Page Basics
The basics of creating a Sharperlight Web Channel Dashboard Page Pages content muliple Tiles that can display Reports, KPIs , Charts, Entry Forms etc basically any HTML content. The Tiles can have two views one the reduced View and an Expanded View Sample http://sldemo.cloudapp.net/mdService1Rest/Report/?query=DGP_DEMO.Home http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/web-channel-dashboard-page-basics/
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Sharperlight Installation Basics - DataModel Installer
Sharperlight - DataModel Installer managers the adding, updating and deleting of DataModels on a Computer. DataModels contain all the Product Business Intelligence and is used by the Software Engine to interacte with the underlying System Database or Object Model http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/installation-datamodel-installer/
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Sharperlight Query Builder - Cascading Filters Values in Lookups
Cascading Filter Value Lookups allow you to restrict the values appearing in a Lookup based on the select Values of the preceding Filters. In the example an Account Code Lookup is restricted to just the Account Types of the Filter set just before it. Filters values are passed by name into Filter Sub Queries of the Filters below it. The Sub Queries allow you to custom design what appears in the Lookup as well as Filter down the values based on the Filter values referenced by name in the parent Query The video starts with Excel and then reproduces the same Report in Publisher for the Web Channel. The Account Types are set as a Dropdown pick list and a comma delimited list is set of the valid types. http://wwww.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/10/18/query-builder-cascading-filters-values-in-lookups/
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Sharperlight Query Builder - Filter Attributes Part 1
Sharperlight - This video explains the various Filter Options available when creating a Query in Query Builder. These include how to use cell references in Excel, comparison operators , in and like commands. Also there is an example of using brackets, AND OR logic to group filter criteria http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/query-builder-filter-options/
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Sharperlight Query Builder -  Dynamic Columns and Splits
Dynamic Columns enables the creation of columns based on Dates, Periods, Accounts and other Codes to be applied to Measure or in other words a cross tab report. In addition to this Splits can then be applied to split or break up the same report into Tabs where there is a Tab for each filter value. For example a Company or Analysis Code One examples shows the Transaction table from SAP Business One Dynamic Columns on Periods with Accounts on the Rows. Then in a Split on Companies there are two Tabs http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/09/15/query-builder-dynamic-columns-and-splits/
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Sharperlight Studio Intermediate - Creating Table Joins
Sharperlight - Basic guide to creating SQL Table Joins in a DataModel using Studio http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/16/studio-creating-table-joins/
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Sharperlight - Understanding Licenses
Understanding Sharperlight Licenses http://sharperlight.com
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Sharperlight - Creating Datasets for Power BI and Tableau
How to load data into Power BI and Tableau from Sharperlight. The video shows a example dataset coming from SAP Business One but the same would apply for any Product. The video shows how to refresh datasets using Sharperlight Scheduler or Power BI personnel Gateway. Because data is coming from the Sharperlight Datamodel all the BI logic including row level security and dynamic context sensitive logic is respected in the delivered final dataset. The Sharperlight RESTful service can provide JSON datasets to Power BI via an simple URL address or it can schedule the creation of CSV files in Scheduler. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2017/10/17/sharperlight-creating-datasets-for-power-bi-and-tableau/
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Sharperlight Site Setup - User Security
Sharperlight - How to setup User security in Site Setup so that access to various products can be controlled. User access can be defined at a group level or an individual User Account level. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/site-setup-user-security/
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Sharperlight Excel Basics - Reference Value Formulas
Sharperlight - Demonstrates the extraction of reference information into Excel cells based on a unique driver value. In the example a product no is entered into a cell and the product name, colour and list price are displayed in 3 other cells. A Value Formula Query using Reference Query Mode Reference is used to extract the values. As there is more than one value extracted Excel Formula Arrays are used to display the 2nd and 3rd value using the method Select Range,Press F2 then Control+Shift+Enter. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/excel-basics-reference-value-formulas/
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Sharperlight Web Channel - Dashboard Pages Summarized Reports for Tiles
How to create highly summerised Published Reports that are suitable for Dashboard Page Tiles. The example shows a Top 5 Customers Sample http://sldemo.cloudapp.net/mdService1Rest/Report/?query=DGP_DEMO.Home http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/13/web-channel-dashboard-pages-summarized-reports-for-tiles/
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Sharperlight Query Builder   Output Expressions
Sharperlight - Output Expressions allow you to define your own powerful custom formulas for output results. Expressions can perform various mathematical calculations, date transformations, string handling and condition logic among other things. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/query-builder-output-expressions/
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Sharperlight Custom Tables - Using Writeback in Excel and the Web Channel
Shows how a Custom Table can be created and setup for writeback using Excel or the Web Channel. The example shows the creation of an Issue Log SQl Table in the Sharperlight Database while appearing in a SAP B1 database datamodel. This Table attributes are setup to allow writeback and data is entered via a browser and also Excel. Finally the Issue Log table is joined up with a SAP B1 table using a Custom Table. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/10/13/custom-tables-using-writeback-in-excel-and-the-web-channel/
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Sharperlight Web Channel - Creating Tabs to Organise Content
Use Publisher Layout Editor to create Tabs to organise Dashboard Pages, Reports and other content. Sample http://sldemo.cloudapp.net/mdService1Rest/Report/?query=DGP_DEMO.Home http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/13/web-channel-creating-tabs-to-organise-content/
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Sharperlight Quick Start - Sample Accounting with Excel and Web Channel
Sharperlight Quick Start Sample Accounting showing Excel, Publisher and the Web Channel http://www.sharperlight.com
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Sharperlight Installation Basics - How to Install
Please see the new Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=I-NHB27nWSM Sharperlight - Basic guide to installation, showing installation of the application and setting connection details in Client Setup. Also shows how to install the XL addin and do a basic test. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/13/installation-how-to-install-and-setup-a-application-server-and-clients/
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Sharperlight - Reporting Rows
Reporting Rows allows reports to be designed where each row has their own unique list of codes or ranges for a given Row Description. Rows in the Report may are given Line Numbers or Names that can be used in Formulas to calculate value in other parts of the Report. The video shows a classic Profit and Loss style Report where each row is made up of different Account Code criteria. There is a Expanded section that auto creates Rows based on a Account Code range and also various Totals such as Gross Profit. In addition a Icon is created on the Report to allow a Drill down to the transactions on any given Row. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2015/08/02/reporting-rows-basics/ The video does not quite explain defining Expand and Collapse rows regions well. These require two Rows to define the start Row and End Row for a Expand and Collapse region. The start row would have COLLAPSE_DOWN or EXPAND_DOWN (This is where the icon appears) and the other Row defines where the Expand regions stops by using EXPAND_STOP
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Sharperlight - Tablix Reports in Publisher Page Designer with Drill Throughs
The Page Designer Tablix control allows the creation of matrix or pivot style reports with values going across the columns and down the rows, similar to how Excel Pivot tables work. These reports can be filtered and viewed in the Sharperlight Web Channel as HTML or PDF and automated in Scheduler. The video also shows how to create Drill Through actions on the amounts in the report that open another report to list the transactions behind the amounts clicked on including totals. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2017/11/10/sharperlight-tablix-reports-in-publisher-page-designer-with-drill-throughs/
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Sharperlight and SAP Business One Overview
"Every site that has SAP Business One should use Sharperlight aswell, it is the only reporting toolset on the market that gives users what they need" This was the reflection of an End-User (Financial Director) of a Large Uk Based, Multi National Toy Manufacturer... If you want hyper-flexible Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Reporting from your SAP Business One Data, then Sharperlight is for you. This is a high level video highlights some of the benefits of using Sharperlight alongside SAP Business One. Try us... book your demo now... www.sharperlight.com
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Sharperlight Custom Tables - Calling SQL Stored Procedures
How to call SQL Stored Procedures from Sharperlight. In this example filter parameters are passed to a stored procedure that returns a dataset which is used for reporting. These same basic steps can be used in Studio when developing a Datamodel http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2015/01/27/custom-tables-studio-calling-sql-stored-procedures/
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Sharperlight Materialised Query - Budgeting with Writeback
Sharperlight Materialised Queries can not only take snapshots of operational data but can also be setup for writeback. In the example the current Years Actuals for each Account are read from a Ledger Transactions table held in SAP Business One. An Budget field is creeated by using an Expression where the initial Budget value is the Actual + %4. Once the Materialised Query has been created its properties are changed to allow for updating the Budget value based on the Company and Account The Budget details are updated using both Excel and the Web Channel http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/09/15/materialised-query-budgeting-with-writeback/
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Sharperlight Web Channel - Securing Reports, Menus and Tab Content
How to secure access to Web Channel content such as Dashboards, Reports, Menus and Tabs. The video shows the creation of a basic menu of Published Groups with reports displayed on the right side. Then the menu is placed in a Tabbed Report and the Tabs and Reports are then secured. Depending on the user account reports and tabs will disappear from the Web Page. http://www.sharperlight.com
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Sharperlight Web Channel - Conditional Formatting
This videos shows conditional formatting with a focus on reports in the Web Channel. Query Builder expressions are used to display icons, change colours and display gauges depending on the data in the report. Towards the end a more advanced report using Dynamic Columns is used to show Customer sales by Period where each period is compared with the previous period and a red background is used when values go down and green for when values go up. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2015/05/02/web-channel-conditional-formatting/
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Sharperlight Custom Fields and Joins
Add custom Fields and Joins to a Product to improve Reporting. Custom Fields are useful for creating calculated fields that are done Server side in SQL. In this way on logic specific to a client site can be deployed where reports require complex calculations and also custom sort orders. Custom Joins allow the join of Table in ways that have not been implemented in the master Datamodel. In the example a join back from Chart of Account to a GL Transaction table is shown so that all the Account will appear in a report even when Transactions for an Account do not exist http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/09/18/custom-fields-and-joins-basics/
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Sharperlight - Publisher Page Designer
The video demonstrates how to create multiple query reports that can combine varoius tables, charts and branding and then viewed be the Browser or on the Desktop with the desired filter values. The reports can be rendered as HTML PDF, Excel and Word and when combined with the Sharperlight Scheduler, emailed as attachments. Page Designer is very similar to Microsoft Reporting Service or Crystal Reports in the way it works (WYSIWYG) where you create one or more datasets (Queries) and bind them to various objects like tables, a matrix or charts. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2017/10/20/sharperlight-publisher-page-designer/
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Sharperlight Excel - Value Formulas
Queries can be created using the Sharperlight Addin that will query your database to return values into an Excel Cell. Various aggregations can be applied to values such as sum, average, count, min, max etc. The Queries appear as Excel Formulas so this means they can also take parameters on the Rows and Columns around the cell for example. If the worksheet is recalculated the values are also refreshed http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/excel-basics-aggregation-value-formulas/
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Sharperlight Site Setup - Single Sign On
Sharperlight - How to setup a Single Sign On User Account in Site Setup based on the users current Windows User Account or Group. There are two types of users that can be created in Site Setup, those based on Windows Account or Groups and those that are not. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/site-setup-single-sign-on/
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Sharperlight Web Channel - Updating Status and Executing Tasks using HTML and Javascript
Use HTML and Javascript in Web Channel Reports to execute Sharperlight processes that update records or execute tasks. In the example a Column called Completed in a SQL Table called Tasks is updated from the Web Channel report using a HTML Checkbox and Button to make a AJAX call the the RESTfull service. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2014/08/21/web-channel-updating-status-and-executing-tasks-using-html-and-javascript-in-reports/
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Sharperlight Web Channel - Layout and Slicer Filters
This video shows how to create Layout Filters and Slicer Filters in Web Channel Dashboards. Layout Filters pass their values down into all the sub content when the submit button is clicked . In the example a Company and Period range is passed to all reports and charts below them using the same Filter name. In addition Filter Slicers are demonstrated by clicking on the Customer Name to refresh the dashboard content to show just that Customer or Customers selected. Towards the end some styling options are shown http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2015/05/02/web-channel-layout-filters-and-slicer-filters/
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Sharperlight Excel Basics - Using Tables Formulas Part 1
Sharperlight - Demonstration of Reporting using Excel Tables. Table Formulas launch the Query Builder where the Query is defined with cell references for the filter criteria. As the cell values are changed the Table and Chart are refreshed with new data from the Product DataModel http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/excel-table-formulas/
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Sharperlight - Command Lines, Scheduling, Save Reports and Emailing
This video shows how to use the Sharperlight command lines to save reports created in Publisher or Excel in various formats like pdf, csv, xml or html etc. The reports can be then be periodically emailed where the details and conditions are stored in Windows Task Scheduler. One example shows the conditional emailing of attachments only when a balance in a Sharperlight Query exceeds a specified amount by using an Expression to raise Windows Event Log entries. The Event Log entries are then used trigger Windows Task Scheduler jobs. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2015/11/01/command-line-scheduling-with-windows-task-manager/ SendEmail can be downloaded here http://caspian.dotconf.net/menu/Software/SendEmail/ FileTouch can be downloaded here http://www.wintestgear.com/products/FileTouch/FileTouch.html
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Sharperlight Excel - Workbook Filters and Recalc Buttons
This video shows how to create a Button to recalculate all the Worksheets based on a Filter Worksheet http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/09/24/excel-add-in-workbook-filters-and-creating-recalc-buttons/
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Sharperlight Materialised Query - Advanced Concepts
Sharperlight Materialised Queries can be used to create a warehouse where data is read from various systems and stored in Materialised Queries. In the example a Reference Table is created over the Chart of Accounts table in SAP Business One and another is created as a consolidated view over the Transactions Table called the Ledger. These two tables are then joined together based on the Company and Account Code. The refresh of the Chart of Accounts table is then set to trigger anytime the Ledger table is refreshed. To avoid reading all transaction when refreshing the Ledger the seed Query is changed to only read the last years worth of transactions by setting the Period Range PERIOD -1y Then the Delta Replace is set to use the Period and the same offset is used -1y so that all future refreshes of the data only get the last years data and all previous records remain untouched in the Materialised Query Scheduling and also manually updating the Materialised Query in Excel are also touched on http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/09/15/materialised-query-advanced-concepts/
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Sharperlight - Querying and Processing Emails
How to query Emails and handle attachments. In Scheduler we explore how to use the Email Subject or attached files to update a Database Table using Writeback. https://www.sharperlight.com Article and Resources https://sharperlight.com/resources/2018/11/05/email-querying-and-process-attachments/
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Sharperlight Installation Basics - Service Setup
Sharperlight - The Service allows remote clients to access various DataModels over the Intranet or Internet. This means that the DataModels and their Connections to the various databases can be centralized onto a single computer. The Service can be password protected and accessed by users over the Internet. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/08/15/installation-service-setup/ Please see the new Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9ALZQxAxSY
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Sharperlight - Working with files in the file system and databases
Learn how to query, view, download and upload files to the server file system or database tables using Sharperlight via the Web Channel • Query the file system using System / File List table • How to specify trusted and secured folder location in Site Setup • Display file system images in the Web Channel • Display database images in the Web Channel • How to upload, view and delete files to the Web Channel using a RESTful API POST • How to upload files into a database with writeback Article with Downloads https://sharperlight.com/resources/2018/10/22/working-with-files/ https://www.sharperlight.com
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Sharperlight Studio  - Super Field Logic for Multiple Database or Company Access
Datamodel Super Field logic is allows reports over multiple Databases or Companies and also consolidation. The Super Field is created using Studio and in this example it is setup to scan a Database Server for muliple instances of a specific Database Schema and display then as a possible list for reporting over in Sharperlight. http://www.sharperlight.com http://sharperlight.com/resources/2013/09/26/studio-super-field-logic-for-multiple-database-or-company-access/
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