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Seismic Cable Bracing Systems - Product Focus
Gripple Seismic Bracing systems are specifically designed and engineered to brace and secure suspended, non-structural equipment within a building or structure to minimize damage from an earthquake or seismic event.
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Against the Clock - Trapeze Plus with Clevis Hanger vs Traditional Clevis Hanger
The Trapeze Plus with Clevis Hanger takes on traditional methods in an installation time trial. The pre-assembled Trapeze Plus with Clevis Hanger allows for fast suspension of single runs of pipe.
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Titen HD® Threaded Rod Hanger for Faster, More Secure Hanging
The Titen HD® threaded rod hanger is a high-strength screw anchor designed to suspend threaded rod from concrete slabs and beams or concrete over metal in order to hang pipes, cable trays and HVAC equipment. https://www.strongtie.com/thdthreaded-rod-hanger
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CADDY TV Episode 9 – Brace Yourself (and Your Pipes)
In this episode of CADDY TV, Rick shows how the CADDY Quick Grip and Quick Grip Jr. simplify seismic bracing on a fire sprinkler system. CADDY TV is an on-going video series featuring Rick Lees, CADDY Tech Support Specialist. He discusses tips & tricks, and introduces innovative new products. At nVent, our job is to make your job easier. Let Rick show you how.
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Beam Clamp - Product Focus
Clamps to the flange of an I-beam to provide a fast and easy suspension point. No drilling required. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com
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Against the Clock - Cable Bracing vs Traditional Rigid
Gripple Seismic Cable Bracing takes on traditional rigid in an installation time trial. Our kits make for quick and easy bracing and securing of all non structural building components.
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Speed Up Installation with ERICO CADDY SPEED LINK Universal Support System
The CADDY SPEED LINK Universal Support System by ERICO allows for the replacement of jack chain, threaded rod and wire in most installation cases. It’s a system that utilizes a wire rope and it has connecting locking devices that allow for a fast installation of the system. This video demonstrates how simple it is to use and how easy it is to adjust the height up and down. The advantage of the CADDY SPEED LINK Universal Support System is that you can do installations of cable tray, wireless access points, speakers and a lot of electronics and devices. It speeds up installations 50 to 60 percent versus the threaded rod and jack chain applications. Like Us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GraybarESP Follow us on Twitter @GraybarESP https://twitter.com/graybaresp
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Pipe Supports & Hangers – For the Comprehensive Installation of Pipework
Gripple Pipework solutions are designed for quick and easy support of pipework and other mechanical services. All Gripple Pipe Support and Hanger products are quick and easy to install, suitable for all pipework applications and above all, save labour, time and costs on site. Key products within this range include Gripple Universal Brackets, QT Universal Clamps and QT Trapeze Plus. Supplied in ready-to-use kits, the products in this range require no on-site cutting and eliminate the need for costly fabrication of traditional bracket assemblies. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com/
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Introducing Seismic & Blast Protection Solutions
Gripple is your seismic solutions provider for nonstructural equipment and components. We provide you with a complete seismic solution from our on-site engineering services, to our Gripple Seismic Cable Bracing Systems, to vibration isolation products such as spring mounts, isolators, hangers and pads. We take the liability issues away and provide you with the best seismic solutions possible as well as the risk management you need.
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Kinetics QuakeLoc Installation Video
Kinetics QuakeLoc is a seismic cable restraint connector for piping, duct, electrical cable trays, and suspended equipment. Learn more at http://www.kineticsnoise.com/quakeloc/
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How to Use a ToolPro Adjustable Lag Pole
ToolPro Lag Poles are used to install lag screws/purlin clips and wire simultaneously to hang suspended ceiling grid from the overhead. You will be able to install lag screws/ purlin clips and hanger wire from the ground in one motion. No scaffolding or ladder is needed. Use with any 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. drill. View More Information On: ToolPro Lag Poles: https://goo.gl/6zdWCB ToolPro Eye Lag Screws & Hanging Wire: https://goo.gl/kisCWi Purlin Clips: https://goo.gl/bQL5Mf Purlin Clip Installation Tool & Adapter: https://goo.gl/Lg9Z9h Add-On Purlin Master Head Assembly: https://goo.gl/2DX5H3 Los polos de rejilla de ToolPro se utilizan para instalar los tornillos de retraso / los clips de la horca y alambre simultáneamente para colgar la rejilla del techo suspendido de la sobrecarga. Usted podrá instalar los tornillos del lag / los clips de la purlin y el alambre de la suspensión de la tierra en un movimiento. No se necesita andamio ni escalera. Utilícelo con cualquier taladro de 3/8 pulg. O 1/2 pulg. Click here to find a dealer near you: https://www.toolpro.com/OWA/DealerLocator/Search Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ToolProTools/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toolprotools/ Tweet us: https://twitter.com/ToolProTools ToolPro.com
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Clip para Tubería Conduit - Vampiro - Instalaciones Electricas - Caddy - Erico - Pentair
Clip para Tuberia Conduit: Tels: (664) 621-30-09 y (664) 621-37-36, E-mails: [email protected], [email protected], www.innovative.com.mx, INNOVATIVE Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Tenemos un Amplio Surtido en Soportería y Fijación para Tubería Conduit. Tenemos en Stock el Clip para Tubería Conduit también conocido como Clip para Tubería Conduit. El Clip para Tubería Conduit o Vampiro nos permite sujetar el Tubo Conduit en forma Horizontal, En forma Vertical y en Alambre, Colgante o Varilla Roscada. Perfiles, Solera o Estructura. Este Clip para Tubería Conduit o Vampiro nos permite instalar tubo Conduit de 1/2", 3/4", 1" y 1-1/4" de Pulgada. Este Clip se utiliza para Instalaciones Electricas, Instalaciones de Datacom y Aplicaciones de Telecomunicaciones. Vampiro para Tubería Conduit, Vampiro para Varilla Roscada. Cable/Conduit, • Soporta Tubo Conduit a varilla roscada, alambre o brida • También se puede utilizar para tubos metálicos flexibles, cables blindados, cables portátiles, tubos de control y cable de comunicaciones • Disponible para EMT, rígido, ENT, IMT, MC / AC y tubo Conduit de aluminio Clip para Tuberia Conduit Mexico, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Tijuana, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Ensenada, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Tecate, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Mexicali, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Sonora, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Guadalajara, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Monterrey, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Puebla, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Queretaro, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Chihuahua, Clip para Tuberia Conduit Aguascalientes, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Campeche, CDMX, Coahuila, Colima, Chiapas, Chihuahua, Distrito Federal, DF, Durango, Estado de Mexico, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Mexico, Michoacan, Morelos, Nayarit, Nuevo Leon, Oaxaca, Puebla, Queretaro, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosí, Sinaloa, Sonora, Tabasco, Tamaulipas, Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Yucatan, Zacatecas, Toluca, Caddy, Erico, B-line, Eaton, Fixing, Fastening and Support Products, Fastener, Oficina Caddy Erico Mexico, Oficina Pentair Mexico, Beam – Bolt Close Clamps, BC200-CD Conduit to Beam Clamp, RA Right Angle Pipe and Conduit Clamp, PAR Parallel Pipe and Conduit Clamp, EM-P Conduit to Flange Clip, H-PSM Conduit to Flange Clip, BC-P Conduit to Beam Clamp, EM-M Conduit/Pipe to Flange Clip, H-MSM Conduit/Pipe to Flange Clip, Side Mount, H-MSMR Conduit to Flange Clip with Retainer, Side Mount, BC-M Conduit to Beam Clamp, MC/AC Cable to Flange Clip, Side Mount, MC/AC Cable Support Bracket with Beam Clamp, NM Cable to Beam Clamp, SBT-HSM Multiple Conduit Mounting Plate with Flange Clip, M-TDH Conduit to Deck Hanger, Deck, CD-TDH Conduit/Pipe to Deck Hanger, WMX Cable Hanger with Shot-Fire Bracket, CD-CPNAM Conduit/Pipe to Deck Angle Bracket, Snap Close Conduit Clamp with Nail Bracket, Push In Conduit Clamp with Nail Bracket, NM Cable with Angle Bracket, NM Cable to Deck Hanger, 123-P Conduit to Z Purlin Clip, MC/AC Cable to C Purlin Clip, MC/AC Cable to Z Purlin Clip, MC/AC Cable Support Bracket with Z Purlin Clip, NM Cable to C Purlin Clip, NM Cable to Z Purlin Clip, Rod/Wire, Cable/Conduit Clip, BC200CD0B, BC200CD1B, BC200CD2B, BC200CD2.5B, BC200CD3B, BC200CD4B, BC200CD5B, RA0037HD, RA0050HD, RA0075HD, RA0100HD, RA0125HD, RA0150HD, RA0200HD, RA0250HD, RA0300HD, RA0350HD, RA0400HD, PAR0037HD, PAR0050HD, PAR0075HD, PAR0100HD, PAR0125HD, PAR0150HD, PAR0200HD, PAR0250HD, PAR0300HD, PAR0350HD, PAR0400HD, ET0050HD, ET0075HD, ET0100HD, ET0125HD, ET0150HD, ET0200HD, ET0250HD, ET0300HD, 8P24, 8P58, 8P912, 12P24, 12P58, 12P912, 16P24, 16P58, 16P912, 8P24SM, 8P58SM, 8P912SM, 12P24SM, 12P58SM, 12P912SM, 16P24SM, 16P58SM, 16P912SM, BC8P, BC12P, BC16P, BC8PSM, BC12PSM, BC16PSM, 812M58, 812M912, 812M24, 16M24, 16M58, 16M912, 20M24, 20M58, 20M912, 24M24, 24M58, 24M912, 32M24, 32M58, 32M912, 6M24, 6M58, 6M912, CM24812M, CM58812M, CM912812M, CM2416M, CM5816M, CM91216M, 6M24SM, 6M58SM, 6M912SM, 812M24SM, 812M58SM, 812M912SM, 16M24SM, 16M58SM, 16M912SM, 20M24SM, 20M58SM, 20M912SM, 24M24SM, 24M58SM, 24M912SM, 32M24SM, 32M58SM, 32M912SM, C24812SM, C58812SM, C912812SM, C2416SM, C5816SM, C91216SM, BC812M, BC16M, BC20M, BC24M, BC32M, BC812MSM, BC16MSM, BC20MSM, BC24MSM, BC32MSM, MAC224, MAC258, MAC2912, MAC224SM, MAC258SM, MAC2912SM, MAC2BC, MCS10124, MCS10158, MCS101912, MCS5024, MCS5058, MCS50912, MCS10024, MCS10058, MCS100912, MCS101BC, MCS50BC, MCS100BC, RMXBC, RMX24, RMX58, RMX912, SBT1824SM, SBT1858SM, SBT18912SM, SBT18BC, SBT1824, SBT1858, SBT18912, SBT18BC200, 6MTDH, 812MTDH, 16MTDH, 20MTDH, 24MTDH, CD0BTDH, CD1BTDH, CD2BTDH, CD2.5BTDH, SBT18TDH, WMX6SF, 6MCPNAM, 812MCPNAM, 16MCPNAM, 20MCPNAM, 24MCPNAM, CD0BCPNAM, CD1BCPNAM, CD2BCPNAM, CD2.5BCPNAM, AOL812M, AOL8P, AOL12P, AOL16P, CNB812M, CNB8P, CNB12P, RMXAB, RMXDH2, 123812M, 12316M, 12320M, 1236M, 1238P, 12312P, 12316P, MAC2VF14, MAC2123, MCS101VF14, MCS50VF14, MCS100VF14, MCS101AF14, MCS50AF14, MCS100AF14, RMXVF14, RMXAF14, K8, K12, K16, K20, KX, KXBP,
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Bracing for "Seismic Change" with John Kicklighter
Bracing for "Seismic Change" with John Kicklighter Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Chief Economic Strategist at Dailyfx.com, John Kicklighter joins Merlin for a look at several major focus for today's traders. The duo start off by looking at the current market action and the flight to risk aversion which the market has recently demonstrated. This risk aversion could cause significant market moves as traders flock to safer investments such as treasuries and the US Dollar. What does this mean for the markets going forward? Tune in and find out! - See more at: http://www.tradingacademy.com/resources/radio/power-trading-radio-audio-archives.aspx#sthash.tNkzSbKP.dpuf
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3/4-10 C Style Stainless Steel Beam Clamp for Vertical Loads: SCC-3410SS
3/4-10 C style Stainless Steel beam clamps are used as structural attachments to metal beams, purlins, channels and angle irons to support boxes, enclosures and fixtures from threaded rods. Product Page: http://www.garvinindustries.com/hanging-and-support/beams-clamps-and-attachments/c-style-beam-clamps/scc-3410ss Garvin Industries Homepage: http://www.garvinindustries.com
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Grooved Pipes by Nidhi Pipes Limited, Chandigarh, Chandigarh
[http://www.nidhipipes.com/] Welcome to Nidhi Pipes Limited, Manufacturer and Exporter of Pipes and Tubes as well as Irrigation Systems like Sprinklers. We are an ISO 9001:2000 and BIS certified company, established in the year 1991. Our Ethical business practices and International quality standards has helped us to earn clients across the globe. Latest technology, In house R and D unit and Competitive rates are the strengths of our organization. Water Supply Mains, Sprinkler Irrigation, Fire Fighting and Dust Suppression are some of our application areas. BSNL, State Public Health Departments and Military Engineering Services are some of our reputed clients. We offer a diverse range of Grooved Pipes, Collared, Shouldered End Steel and Od Series Pipes. Our Steel, ERW Pipes and Tubes are well known for their durability and reliability. Fencing Pipes, Galvanized Pipes and Tubes offered by us are setting a benchmark in the market. Along with that we offer Tubular Steel Poles, Pre Galvanized Pipes and Tubes that are cost effective.
high quality Unistrut fastener  supply
Our website http://www.afcabletray.com/ Shanghai Aifan Metal Co., Ltd, one of the subsidiary from Pangtong Group, located in Zhabei district, shanghai, has many years metal production experience. Main product scope contains different types of cable tray, stainless steel products, customization for metal production and other project supporting services. Now it has 150 staff including 30 technicians for product research and development. Meanwhile, many professional production equipments have been imported for advanced production capability. Like slotting machine, punching machine, laser cutting machine and so on. All above ensure the product quantity and quality, and satisfied continuous demands of customers. On the basis of our comprehensive ability, we passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001 environment system and obtained related product certificates such as CE and 3C.
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