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TrueHumanity #4 - Gobekli Tepe, Taurid Meteor Shower, Younger Dryas Impact Scars and Modern Examples
Here is a link to my Patreon page where, should you desire, you can donate and help support the continued work of TrueHumanity. https://www.patreon.com/Truehumanity I will Never put any of my content behind a paywall. There’s nothing I hold secret here. Follow TrueHumanity on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrueHumanity369/ As stated in the video, Below lists the exact hour:minute of where different topics are located within Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson's 4-hour podcast, linked here: https://youtu.be/0H5LCLljJho 00:00 through the first hour - Discusses some of Gobekli Tepe and Taurid Meteor Shower/Stream. 01:50 (1 Hour and 50 minutes in) - Camas Prairie Mega-ripples Drone footage from flood! (Within this time period of the podcast, they also discuss the flood stories, especially the Native Americans, and how Hunter Gatherers would have a differential survival rate following a catastrophe.) 02:31 - (2 hour and 31 minute mark) Potholes Cataracts pictures, google earth image then ground level view. This gives a good overview of what the “Channeled scablands” are. 02:49 - Channeled Scablands overview and scale invariance. 03:00 - (3 hours in) Watermarks etched into hillside from the preceding mega-flood. 03:02 - Topographic map and google earth images of Dry Falls cataracts. (Extinct, mega-Niagara Falls) 03:07 - Ground level view of dry falls cataracts, huge “debris” multi-stories high, left over from receding water flows. 03:11 - Dry cataracts comparison. Extinct Valles Caldera, super-volcano example of massive rainfall during this period, that overflowed and caused subsequent scouring of the valley, and shows gigantic rolled boulders 03:15 - Current Snake River, scale invariance to the smaller modern day river nestled within larger ancient flowing channel. 03:17 - Sediment load carried through the canyon from Lake Bonneville from the overflow of the massive rainout after the impact 03:20 - Current-ripple fields, multi-stories high still “fossilized” into the landscape. 03:22 - Explanation about the massive flood following the impact. And How nature, and the landscapes, were majorly altered by these events. 03:26 - Gigantic boulders left over from the flood and remains of melted icebergs. 03:31 - Interior view of Tornado-carved massive potholes.
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