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Mongolia Mine Site
Our drones flying over Zasag Chandmani Mine site
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Steppe Gold: Starting Gold Production In Mongolia
#SteppeGold #Gold #Investing Steppe Gold: Starting Gold Production In Mongolia Interview with Aneel Waraich Get our free Newsletter (English) ►: http://eepurl.com/bScRBX Get our free Newsletter (German) ►: http://eepurl.com/08pAn Subscribe to our YouTube channel ►: https://www.youtube.com/user/ResourceCapitalAG?sub_confirmation=1 *Stay ahead of the investment-crowd* Commodity-TV and Rohstoff-TV offer you free interviews and company presentations across the Metals-, Mining- and Commodity sector. Topics: Gold, Silver, Gold and Silver, gold price, buy Gold, buy Silver, Metals, Mining, investment
You have to see this saw! Incredible 45,000-ton machine that can mine more than 4,500 tons of coal
The colossal piece of machinery can be found at the world's biggest single coal excavation site, the Bogatyr Mine near the city of Ekibastuz in Kazakhstan. The colossal piece of machinery can be found at the world's biggest single coal excavation site, the Bogatyr Mine near the city of Ekibastuz in Kazakhstan. The colossal piece of machinery can be found at the world's biggest single coal excavation site, the Bogatyr Mine near the city of Ekibastuz in Kazakhstan. You have to see this saw! Incredible 45,000-ton machine that can mine more than 4,500 tons of coal and has a blade the size of a four-storey building� You have to see this saw! Incredible 45,000-ton machine that can mine more than 4,500 tons of coal and has a blade the size of a four-storey building� You have to see this saw! Incredible 45,000-ton machine that can mine more than 4,500 tons of coal and has a blade the size of a four-storey building�
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BUGATTI SS-16 in Mongolia by Nomin Fashion
Алдарт Bugatti брендийн Хавар Зун 2016-гийн шинэ бараанууд ирлээ. УИД-ийн 3 давхарт. Утас: 9906 7665
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Liebherr 996B Build - April 2016
MacKellar Mining Liebherr 996B Excavator build at Sojitz Minerva Coal Mine.
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Heavy Equipment Accidents # LIEBHERR R 9800 EXCAVATOR - 4000HP & 800T MONSTER MACHINE - [ENGLISH 108
#HeavyEquipmentAccidents #2017 # 2016 Biggest excavators Komatsu - Liebherr - Hitachi working. EXTREME! Liebherr R 9800 Excavator is the biggest Hydraulic Excavator in the world. With its bucket capacity of 47,5m³ and 4000 HP, this Extreme 800 Ton . The World's Biggest Machines - Documentary Films Bagger 288 (Excavator 288), developed by the German business Krupp for the energy and mining company . EXTREME MACHINES in Action! The 1000 Ton Monster O&K RH 400 has a little brother: The O&K RH 200 weighs 525 tons and delivers 2520 horsepower!
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A Journey Through Mongolia (Full Length Documentary)
Mongolia! A Journey through Mongolia is a travel documentary from our one month trip through the great expanses of the Mongolian plains. We started the trip with a few days in Ulaanbaatar to experience the sprawling metropolis. We also had a chance to go to Hustai National Park not far from UB to see the last remaining wild horse, the Takhi. Then we went on a ten day adventure to go live with the Tsaatan Reindeer Herder tribe in the very north on the border of Siberia. This was an incredible experience and it was very demanding with multiple days on horseback after a long strenuous multi-day 4WD trip. After a short recovery we went to the eastern part of the country to the Bayan-Ölgii Province to attend the Golden Eagle Festival. This festival has really been the focus of the Mongolian travel in recent time, very much because of Aishol-pan the "Eagle Huntress". We had a chance to meet this incredible girl who is certainly an inspiration to women across the world. After the festival we went and lived with an eagle hunter family deep in the Altai Mountain Range. We hope you will enjoy this full length travel documentary and please subscribe to our channel for more adventures around the world. If you have any questions or comments please leave them here and we will be happy to answer if we can. Visit our travel tours on offer| http://adventurecalls.us Check out our Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/amyvankanan/ Join us on Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/adventurecallsus #mongolia #documentary #adventure -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "A Journey Through Cuba Documentary 2018 4K" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xscy1Ajixh0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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semi trailer, tipper trailer, side dump trailer, mining dump trailer, coal transport dump trailer
semi trailer, tipper trailer, side dump trailer, mining dump trailer, coal transport dump trailer if you are interested,call me at+8618753160780, or mail to me [email protected] mob/wechat/whats app:+8618753160780 Skype: Green cynthia
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Sandaoling Coal Mine #3 - 20 Degrees Below Zero - Down In The West Pit
Various JS 2-8-2 steam locomotives removing spoil and slag from the West Pit at Sandaoling. It was so cold the batteries in my usual video camera would not work. The Flips with their interchangeable Lithium AA batteries had no problems, but they only give good quality images at wide angle. Here I needed to zoom in, so the Nikon D7000 video function was used. Wind noise was a big problem as was the chill factor, so some of the sound has been edited from other clips. I will attempt to do better next time. Sandaoling is a god forsaken dump 60 Km west of Hami in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of North West China. However, it has the largest number of steam locomotives still operating anywhere in the world. On a good day you can see up to twenty JS 2-8-2 working in three main locations around the open cast mine. Search words: Steam engine, steam locomotive, vapeur, dampflok, dampf, stroomtrein, industrial railway, JS 2-8-2, SY Country,
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World's Coldest Capital City
With average year-round temperatures of 31.3 degrees Fahrenheit, and with lows of minus 40 during winter, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia is the coldest capital city in the world. It’s a place where urbanisation and traditional ways of life sit side by side. It’s synonymous with fabulous cashmere, mind-bending contortionists and eye-catching suburbs of traditional housing. So what’s life like in the coldest capital on earth? 60% of the city’s growing population lives in the same kind of fabric-walled homes as their ancestors did. This type of house is called a Ger. But these residents are a hardy lot. “Mongolians have been nomads for thousands of years; everything we eat and wear is designed to overcome the four seasons. That’s why Mongolians get through winter without any trouble.” Some even enjoy the cold... “In the winter, cold is good. It’s very good to go out and walk in the wintertime. “ Surviving the bitter winters in Ulaanbaatar, especially for those in Gers, means that locals rely heavily on wood and coal... Mining is a major industry in the region. But the long-term effects of coal reliance are taking their toll on the area. "At the end of 2016, air pollution was 80 times the recommended safety level set by the world health organisation.” But there is hope; a new project is underway to clean up the air of Ulaanbaatar, and it’s made substantial progress so far; Installing wind farms and replacing traditional stoves with low emission alternatives to help curb the use of fossil fuels, has already started to improve air quality. It’s hoped that measures like these will preserve the beauty of this awe-inspiring place for future generations. Subscribe to Getty Images TV on YouTube: http://gtty.im/2r0Jgyx Like @gettyimages on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gettyimages Follow @gettyimages on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gettyimages Follow @gettyimages on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/gettyimages Check out more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh4CvlC9Su53xwWDJ5P6WqA
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mongol trucker
USA dh mongol
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Mongolian Properties Head Office Manager Jess Lampe
This year's conference, titled "Mongolia: Capital Raising and Investment" was the fifth edition of its kind to be organized by Frontier Securities. Having grown year on year in terms of importance since 2007, this conference has become a major event for anyone interested in exploring the latest developments in Mongolia's business environment from key direct sources. The focus of this last edition, held in the context of a robustly growing economy and booming mineral exports, encompassed the dynamics of capital raising from the viewpoint of the Mongolian government and local private sector by way of privatization and/or bond issue. It further provided the global investors community (266 Mongolian and foreign entities covering 19 countries were represented) with some relevant and up-to-date insights about the numerous opportunities offered by a wide array of sectors in the country, the most prominent of which being the mining sector. The conference has gathered more than 500 prominent industry leaders and government officials. Mongolian Properties,Head Office Manager,Jess Lampe,Frontier Securities,Mongolia,Capital Raising and Investment Conference
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Shocking footage shows a trade union leader setting himself alight
Shocking footage shows a trade union leader setting himself alight to protest the looming sale of Mongolian coal mines to Chinese companies. The act of defiance took place at a press conference called to describe the hardships faced by the country’s miners.
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Invest in a Shopping Mall in Mongolia
Mongolia has become an exciting frontier market investment destination. It has also attracted a lot of interest from overseas investors due to its promising returns. At Mongolian Properties, we specialise in a variety of developments and projects to deliver high-returns to our clients. To learn more please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey) 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Krishna, Rupa Manjari
A fictional hill resort is the milieu, where a con couple Kiran along with his girlfriend inherits a spooky looking dilapidated mansion and they move in, and decide to run a hotel there. They meet the caretaker and his sister who joins them in running the desolate property. Weird looking guests who check-in die mysteriously and the four member gang bury them in the backyard, till they realize that there is something eerie about the place. Strange and inexplicable things begin to happen and soon it turns fatal. Very soon, a mysterious fifth character enters their life. Is it a supernatural element? Movie:- Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey) Starcast:- Krishna, Rupa Manjari, Karunakaran, Oviya, Anaswara Kumar Directed by:- Deekay Music by:- Prasad SN #RajMahal4 #YaamirukkaBayamey #Krishna #RupaManjari ---------------------------------------------------------------- For More Movies Subscribe:@https://www.youtube.com/GoldminesTelefilms Follow Us On Facebook:@https://www.facebook.com/OfficialGoldmines
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HERA Equipment Group- Wirtgen Cold Mining Machine W100
Hera Equipment Group became the official distributor for the Wirtgen Group (Germany) in 2012. The Wirtgen Group is an internationally operating group of companies in the construction machinery sector incorporating four traditional brands: WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM and KLEEMANN. Wirtgen offers a full range of mobile machines and high-quality services on everything relating to road construction. If you need more detail information about products, please call us at 99002001 or email to [email protected]
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Why Dogs Fight: History of Dog Fighting
We like to think of dogs as our best friends. But the relationship has a dark side. Witness the long history of pit bull fighting. Emerging at the turn of the 18th century in the coal-mining regions of Great Britain, it quickly moved into urban working-class areas, and came to the United States with immigrants from these regions. On these shores, it took hold in the mining towns of the Northeast, the pubs of Boston and New York, and across the South, where pit bulls were also used to catch and torture runaway slaves. DePaul University professor Heidi J. Nast traces the interwoven history of the pit bull and the poor, tracing a history of disenfranchisement that extends to the present day. In her research and this program, Nast reconsiders pit bull fighting as a complex historical and social phenomenon tied to economies of despair, and shares her thoughts on our perceptions of dog fighting today. This program was recorded on November 9, 2013 as part of the 24th annual Chicago Humanities Festival, Animal: What Makes Us Human:
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ToxiCity: life at Agbobloshie, the world's largest e-waste dump in Ghana
E-waste, the term given to discarded electronic appliances, is often shipped by developed nations to poorer countries such as Ghana. RTD visits the country's most infamous dumping ground, Agbogbloshie. Locals call it “Sodom and Gomorrah” after the infamous Biblical sin cities. Its air and soil are polluted with toxic chemicals, while extreme poverty, child labour and criminal gangs are also rife. Learn more https://rtd.rt.com/films/toxicity/ RTD WEBSITE: https://RTD.rt.com/ RTD ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RT_DOC RTD ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RTDocumentary RTD ON DAILYMOTION http://www.dailymotion.com/rt_doc RTD ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/rt_documentary/ RTD LIVE http://rtd.rt.com/on-air/
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“Mongolia Mining 2017” олон улсын үзэсгэлэн нээгдлээ
"Mongolia Mining" олон улсын уул уурхайн үзэсгэлэнгийн долоо дахь удаагийн арга хэмжээ Буянт Ухаа спортын ордонд өчигдөр нээгдлээ. Дөрөвдүгээр сарын 5-7-ны өдрүүдэд гурван өдрийн турш үргэлжлэх Mongolia Mining олон улсын үзэсгэлэн нь уул уурхайн салбарын техник технологийн хамгийн чухал арга хэмжээ бөгөөд энэ жилийн үзэсгэлэнг Уул уурхай, Хүнд үйлдвэрийн яам, Ашигт малтмал, газрын тосны газар, Монголын үндэсний худалдаа аж үйлдвэрийн танхим, Оюу толгой ХХК дэмжин ажиллаж байгаа бөгөөд уламжлал ёсоор Майнэкс Монгол ХХК, Эрдэнэс Монгол ХХК хамтран зохион байгуулж байна. Үзэсгэлэнгийн нээлтэнд Монголын үндэсний худалдаа аж үйлдвэрийн танхимын ерөнхийлөгч Б.Лхагважав, “Эрдэнэс Монгол” ХХК-нийн гүйцэтгэх захирал Ц.Түмэнцогт, Мongolia Mining 2017 үзэсгэлэнгийн зохион байгуулах хорооны дарга Т.Баттулга нар оролцон Уул уурхай, хүнд үйлдвэрийн сайд Ц.Дашдорж мэндчилгээ ирүүлэв. Сайд мэндчилгээндээ “Монголчууд маань “Саалиа бэлдэхээр саваа бэлд” гэж ярьдаг. Бидэнд угтан бэлдэж, улам сайжруулах олон зүйл байна. Салбарын бодлого, үйл ажиллагаатай бүрнээ нийцэж, Монголын уул уурхайн салбарт дэлхийн дэвшилтэт техник, технологи танилцуулах, нэвтрүүлэх, хөрөнгө оруулалтыг нэмэгдүүлэх, ханган нийлүүлэлт, үйлчилгээ үзүүлэх аж ахуйн нэгжийг нэгтгэхэд тодорхой хувь нэмэр оруулж байгаа “Mongolia Mining 2017” олон улсын үзэсгэлэнгийн ажиллагаанд амжилт хүсье” гэжээ. “Mongolia mining 2017” үзэсгэлэнд 16 орны 130 орчим компани оролцож байна. Монголд үйл ажиллагаа явуулж байгаа дотоод, гадаадын хөрөнгө оруулалттай компаниудаас гадна Австрали, АНУ, Герман, ОХУ, Япон, БНХАУ, Беларус, Канад, Чех, БНСУ, Энэтхэг, Нидерланд, Казакстан, Турк, Швед зэрэг орнуудаас уул уурхайн ханган нийлүүлэгчид нэг дээвэр дор цуглан бүтээгдэхүүнээ сурталчилж байна. МОНЦАМЭ Агентлаг тухай илүү их мэдээллийг: Official Site: http://www.montsame.mn/ Facebook: https://fb.me/montsame/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/montsameMN Moнголын мэдээ МОНЦАМЭ https://www.youtube.com/c/montsameagency
Bloomberg TV Reporting on the World Economics SMI: Mongolia - May 2015
The Sales Managers' Indexs are by far the most up to date assessment of economic activity in each country, and in a lot of cases provide the only available monthly economic indicator covering all sectors of each economy. http://www.worldeconomics.com/SMI/Mongolia-SalesManagersIndex.efp Video source: Bloomberg TV, 25 May 2015
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America's Got Talent 2013  Week 1 Auditions - Marty Brown
America's Got Talent 2013 - Week 1 Auditions - Marty Brown singing a Bob Dylan song his wife who surprised him with the audition as Marty had no idea about it. Make you Feel My Love - Bob Dylan
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Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine
Subscribe to Motherboard Radio today! http://apple.co/1DWdc9d In October of last year Motherboard gained access to a massive, secretive Bitcoin mine housed within a repurposed factory in the Liaoning Province in rural northeast China. This is the infrastructure that keeps the digital currency’s decentralized network up and running, and its operators are profiting big time. The mine we visited is just one of six sites owned by a secretive group of four people, part of a colossal mining operation that, as of our visit, cumulatively generated 4,050 bitcoins a month, equivalent to a monthly gross of $1.5 million. Read more on Motherboard - http://bit.ly/Chinese-Bitcoin-Mine Up Next: The Beaver Slayers of Patagonia - http://bit.ly/Beaver-Slayers Subscribe to MOTHERBOARD: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-To-MOTHERBOARD Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/motherboardtv Twitter: http://twitter.com/motherboard Tumblr: http://motherboardtv.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/motherboardtv More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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MINETECH EXPO-2013.3.27-29
www.miningmongolia.mn/minetech The Mongolian National Mining Association, the nation's leading industry powerhouse takes pride and honor in inviting you to become a part of MINETECH-2013, the 6th illustrious show of mining machinery and equipment to be held on March 27-29, 2013, at Misheel Expo Center, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/Gje7/
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►12 Biggest Mines◄
●12 Biggest Mines Best Video ►Next Great Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoIJd7IsS6k These huge open-pits in the ground can either be called mines or quarry and they give us amazing things like gold, silver, and copper! ►Don't Forget to Subscribe! 7. The Barrick Goldstrike Mine Owned and operated by Barrick Gold, which is the largest gold mining company, the goldstrike mine happens to be the largest gold mine in all of North America. Located in Eureka County, Nevada, the goldstrike mine is comprised of 3 different mines, the larger of the three is the Betze-Post open-pit mine, the Meikle, and the Rodeo, both of which are found underground. This complex of mines is also the largest Carlin-type mine in the world. First opened way back in 1986, the mine not only produces gold but silver as well, which just so happens to be where Nevada gets its famous nickname, the “Silver State”, from. 6. The Oyu Tolgoi Mine The name for this combined open-pit mining project translates to Turquoise Hill and is located in the southern region of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The mines that are filled with gold-copper ore deposits are actually relatively new and were only recently discovered back in 2001 by the Canadian company Ivanhoe Mines. It’s expected that the mine will reach full capacity in the year 2021. It’s believed that this mine contains around 2,700,000 tons of copper and another 1.7 million ounces of gold. Like with all other mines, the environmental impact that the Oyu Tolgoi mine is often criticized since it is located in such a dry area and uses more than one billion gallons of water each month. 5. The Chuquicamata (choo-kee-kə-mah-tə) Mine In terms of volume, the chuquicamata mine, or the “Chuqui” mine as it’s more commonly known is the second deepest open-pit mine on the planet. This mine can be found in the northern area of Chile where its main export is that of copper. This has been the country’s main export and staple that is crucial to how the people of Chile rely on an income and it’s here that the metal is called “Chile’s salary” ever since they became dependent on the copper industry back when the first World War ended. Copper actually makes up about a third of all the country’s foreign trade but that 33 percent was once at a high percentage of 75% a few years earlier. 4. The Dionysos Marble Quarry This quarry lies on the Penteli Mountain in the town and municipality of Dionysos, Attica in Greece. It’s here that the world famous Dionysos pentelicon marble is extracted. The quarry has been opened for more than a 100 years and it was back in 1949 that it was owned by the Dionysos Marble Company. The quarry currently has 2 underground sites and 9 above ground sites where the marble is extracted. The marble here is protected by law and is solely used for the Acropolis Restoration Project and other ancient buildings in Athens. 3. The Udachnaya Pipe The name of this open-pit mine literally translates to lucky pipe and can be found right outside of the Arctic Circle in Sakha Republic, Russia. This mine was discovered way back in June of 1955 and is believed to contain around 225.8 million carats of diamonds with an estimated 10.4 million carats harvested annually. The diamond mine was taken over by the Russian diamond company Alrosa back in 2010. This is mine also happens to be the third deepest open-pit mine in the world at a depth of 1,970 feet. 2. The Mir Mine Occasionally called the Mirny Mine, this was once a former open-pit diamond mine that is located in Mirny, Eastern Siberia, Russia. This mine reaches a depth of 1,722 feet deep, along with a diameter of 3,900 feet making it one of the largest excavated holes to ever exist. The mine was first discovered back in June of 1955 by a group of three Soviet geologists. It proved to be rather difficult as it seemed like there was always one problem arising after another. The cold winter months provided harsh conditions that slowed production, the mine suffered a flood in the 90’s, and surface operations would cease in June of 2001 with underground operations still moving forward until the whole mine was permanently shut down in 2004. 1. The Bingham Canyon Mine Known by the locals at the Kennecott Copper Mine, the Bingham Canyon Mine is located in the southwest region of Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. This massive chasm is known for being the largest man-made excavation in all of the world. Owned by the Rio Tinto Group, the production of this mine was started an astonishing 110-years ago and since then the mine measures at being 2.5 miles long, 0.6 miles deep, and covers a distance of 1,900 acres. The mine endured a tremendous landslide back in 2013 and then a smaller one later that same year. ●Thank you for Watching! ●Subscribe! ➥Goot Luck!
RR0142/B  China: Desert
SHOTLIST Inner Mongolia: Sand covered village of Saihantala village; Shang Bao shovelling sand; Sot in Mandarin; Shang Bao, railway worker; village with workers; worker walking along alleyway; sand covered highway with truck; Mongol herder and sheep; Sot in Mongol, Surrengerel, Mongol herder; barren landscape; carcasses dead sheep; Beijing: Professor Yang Weixi and colleague looking at satellite photos; Sot in Mandarin, Professor Yang Weixi, Director, Project to Combat Desertification, State Forestry Administration Bureau; various shots cattle in barren landscape; yurt and house; woman and young man walking round ruined corral; looking at corral; Sot in Mongol, Tuya, Mongol herder; Tuya walking into house; interior of house; Beijing: ext gates and sign of National Bureau of State Forestry Administration in Beijing; man cycling through gates; statue of Mao Tse Tung; Sot in Mandarin, Professor Yang Weixi, Director, Project to Combat Desertification, State Forestry Administration Bureau; Inner Mongolia: wide shot old lady in traditional Mongol dress; old lady tilt down to feet; house in heat haze; bucket into well; young woman pulling water from well; pouring water into bucket; taking water to house; Beijing: Sot in Mandarin, Professor Yang Weixi, Director, Project to Combat Desertification, State Forestry Administration Bureau; wide pan from farmhouse in green field to sheep; wide shot herder with sheep and train on horizon; Sot in Mandarin, Xue Ping Ping, herder; shrub in sand; pan around shrubs in sand; rows of shrubs in sand; desert sand landscape; carcass of sheep; dead sheep; beetle scuttling across sand; dead hedgehog; lorry on highway; woman herding sheep by highway (APTN) STORYLINE China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is on the brink of catastrophe. Rapidly deteriorating climate conditions are sweeping the Gobi desert's sands across the border from the neighbouring Republic of Mongolia. Once vast grasslands where nomads and their herds followed the seasonal growth of vegetation have been reduced to barren wastelands. The consequences of long years of neglect coupled with short-sighted Central Government policies enacted during the Cold War period have become particularly apparent over the last two decades. Two recent national surveys have shown evidence of the increasingly rapid decline in the region's environment and ecology. The National Bureau to Combat Desertification in Beijing is already encouraging some new agricultural practices to avert erosion but is keenly aware that far more drastic measures will need to be taken if the region is to have a future. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/3f36f4ad3f65c39e6640403ab5ae154f Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Tens of Thousands Live in Walmart Carparks (2014)
Hotel Walmart: The thousands of ordinary Americans with nowhere left to go... except Walmart. A report by SBS Dateline. Subscribe to Journeyman for more information: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=journeymanpictures For similar stories, see: The Financial Crisis Is Forcing America To Redefine Their Values https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em02NgDczT4 The 24-Hour Bus Sheltering Silicon Valley's Homeless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVHeulY__LQ The Plight Of Portugal's Homeless Will Break Your Heart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwahgZJFeoo With almost 5,000 stores across the United States, millions pass through Walmart's doors every day. But in the current financial climate, for some Americans this isn't just a superstore; it's a place to call home. "Anybody can go homeless. Everybody is one step away actually." Joe is one of tens of thousands of people taking advantage of a little-publicised Walmart policy that allows travellers to pull up in their car parks and stay the night for free. He has lived in the Walmart car park for the past seven years. Since the housing crisis began, makeshift Walmart communities are attracting Americans from all walks of life. With well over a million on the streets these car park shelters are rapidly being accepted by local authorities. "I'd rather have them in a Walmart parking lot than out by the side of the road or off the highway somewhere where they're not as well protected", says the mayor of Flagstaff, Arizona. Yet as the shelters become a permanent fixture, many are getting stuck in the system. "A lot of them are stuck now; they've gone through their resources", says social worker Richard Durfresne. For downloads and more information visit: . https://www.journeyman.tv/film/6204 Dateline, SBS Australia - Ref 6204 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.
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Prime Ministers of Mongolia and S.Korea hold official talks
Mongolia’s Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh who is on visit to the Republic of Korea held official talks with S.Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon, following their individual meeting on January 16. The same day, they attended a ceremony to sign documents of bilateral relations and cooperation. The sides signed an agreement on Issuance of Soft Loan from Economic Development Cooperation Fund in 2017-2019, and Memorandums of Mutual Understanding on Cooperation in Employment and Labor Sector and Dispatching and Receiving Labor Force according to Employment Permit System. The S.Korean government will grant a soft loan of USD700 million, of which USD500 million is intended by Mongolian government to use for reducing air and environment pollution. The soft loan has an annual interest of 0.2 percent and 30 years of repayment term with 10 year moratorium period. The soft loan will be issued until the end of 2019. The Memorandums are expected to stimulate the bilateral cooperation in employment and labor sector by collaborating to train vocational workers, improve their skills, create jobs and identify the demand and supply of labor market.
Wave Relay® Mining Cartoon
Persistent Systems, LLC explains its Wave Relay® and MANET technology. Wave Relay® is unlike any other communication solution out there. Wave Relay® works by connecting all communications systems into a seamless network. Wave Relay® could help you set up a mobile network fast, safe, and secure. Persistent Systems offers a secure and "true" mobile ad-hoc networking system (MANET) with its Wave Relay® product line. Since inception, their core products have been most utilized worldwide by the government sector as well as industrial clients. Persistent Systems' Wave Relay® technology is a MANET solution that goes beyond the standard self-healing mesh network. The Wave Relay® line allows video, data, and voice all in one system. For more information about Persistent Systems and our products, go to www.persistentsystems.com © 2014 Persistent Systems, LLC. All rights reserved.
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Scrap the Open-Pit Mining Bill Ad
Legislators in Madison are about to weaken the law and allow out-of-state mining companies to expose our families to deadly chemicals like mercury, lead, and arsenic. Get the facts behind the ad here: http://www.conservationvoters.org/images/pdf/glassfactcheck.pdf Donate to keep the ad on the air! https://www.thedatabank.com/dpg/273/spdf.asp?formid=MinAdDon Spot by Joe Slade White & Company
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Carbon Gel Vento by Marcus Ehning 3D Technical Video
CARBON GEL "VENTO" is the first cannon bone protector that guarantees double ventilation. The heat released from the horse's leg passes through the microperforated neoprene layer and is then distributed in the 3D mesh ducted fabric. Fresh air enters through the air inlet as a result of the animal's movement and directs the heat accumulated in the ducted fabric upwards to the outlet grille. Ventilation is therefore horizontal - from the inside outwards - and vertical - from the bottom upwards: an innovative technology, never tried before. Flexor tendon protection is ensured by the carbon combined with a nitrexgel shock absorber film. • Double ventilation • Tendon protection in carbon + nitrexgel • Quick-release tip • Anatomically-shaped shell. CARBON GEL "VENTO" is the first cannon bone protector that guaranteesdouble ventilation. • Double ventilation. • Tendon protection in carbon + nitrexgel. • Quick-release tip. • Anatomically-shaped shell.
Australia in talks to help Ukraine avoid energy crisis by exporting uranium and coal
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia is in talks with Ukraine about the possibility of exporting Australian uranium and coal to the war-torn European country. Ukraine's president Petro Poroshenko is in Australia for a two-day state visit. Speaking at a joint press conference in Melbourne this morning, Mr Poroshenko said the two countries had been brought together by the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 tragedy. He said both countries were now keen to discuss ways of strengthening the bilateral relationship. "I want to stress that my visit, the first visit of the Ukrainian president to Australia, is a demonstration of the strategic character of our partnership and Ukraine recognise and thank Australia," he said. "We discuss today the possibility of the cooperation in the sphere of nuclear energy; there is a possibility to buy Australian uranium for our nuclear power station. "We discuss about the possibility for supply of Australian coal for Ukraine energy system." According to the Department of Foreign Affairs website, Australia's trade relationship with Ukraine is "modest". "Merchandise exports from Australia were valued at $35 million in 2013 and consisted mainly of manganese ores and concentrates," the website stated. "In the same period, Australia imported $46 million worth of products from Ukraine, mainly fertilisers, and electrical circuits equipment." Mr Abbott said if an export deal could be secured, it would be good for both jobs and prosperity in the two countries. "Australia is an energy super power and energy security is very important to Ukraine, particularly given its current vulnerability to supply shocks," he said. Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine in June over a pricing dispute, forcing Ukraine to take steps to conserve its insufficient reserves for the current winter. Source: abc.net.au --- Australia in talks to help Ukraine avoid energy crisis by exporting uranium and coal http://www.youtube.com/user/UkraineNewsOnline http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3foz9marlc
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2014 Chinese Steam SY1141
SY1141 Working in Yuxia Station Xian,spring.The Steam engine is the last working steam near Xian city. More Steam engine photo about SY1141 in https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
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Lost Money Detectives - Testimonial - MacMahons
www.LostMoneyDetectives.com.au - Macmahon is a leading Australian ASX listed company providing the complete package of mining services to clients throughout Australia and in New Zealand, South East Asia, Mongolia and Africa. "The Lost Money Detectives first contacted us in late September 2012 about money that was located on one of the various state government revenue registers. The Lost Money Detectives team worked with and directed staff on how to locate the required documents, once that was done, everything moved very fast. Once we signed the forms, and the claim was submitted by the Investigators at the Lost Money Detectives, the claim was paid out in 3 weeks. In all, this was a painless procedure, that procured funds back to our company. As a service, Lost Money Detectives were professional in all our dealings, friendly and easy to work with, detailed in their attention to the facts required, it was great to work with such an experienced company!" Mr.Jitu Bhudia Group Financial Controller MacMahons Holdings Ltd Mining and Construction Australia http://www.macmahon.com.au http://UnclaimedMoneyAustralia.com.au
Experts see room for improvement in S. Korea-Mongolia economic ties
한-몽골 경제협력 강화 필요 President Park's trip to Mongolia has shifted the attention to how her visit may be able to elevate economic ties between the two countries. Our Kim Min-ji takes a closer look at the potential of a country dubbed the 'Gateway to Eurasia.' Mongolia has the world's second largest copper reserves and the fourth biggest coal deposits. So it should come as little surprise that the mining sector is the main driver of the Mongolian economy -- accounting for almost a quarter of the country's GDP. During its transition from a socialist country to a market-driven economy -- such resources were a stepping stone to achieve economic growth. Until recently, Mongolia has experienced double-digit growth. It has now somewhat slowed,... due mainly to a decline in raw material prices,... as well as slowing foreign investment. Korea and Mongolia established diplomatic relations in 1990,... and have maintained friendly ties in various areas. Bilateral trade stood at a mere two-point-seven million U.S. dollars in 1990,... but surged more than 100-fold to 292 million dollars in 2015. Investment amounted to 240-thousand dollars in 1994,... and jumped to 38-point-eight million last year. While growing,... the figures pale in comparison to those of neighboring countries,... like China, Russia and Japan -- all of which have established strategic partnerships with Ulaanbaatar,... a notch higher than the "comprehensive partnership" Korea has with Mongolia. "Since establishing a comprehensive partnership during the previous administration,... we hope President Park's visit will help us develop ties beyond that." Currently, over 500 Korean corporations operate in Mongolia,... and conglomerates like Hyosung Group and POSCO Energy have been involved in infrastructure projects. More opportunities could be in the works as Mongolia is pursuing a national project dubbed "Transit Mongolia" -- to overcome its landlocked geographic location with a trade, transport and logistics network. It's also pushing for large-scale infrastructure projects in railway, roads and terminals over the next five years. "Following summit talks, it's expected that investment will expand in the areas discussed. Whether that be mining or construction. This will also create more jobs. Korea should also be open to other sectors, like ICT." However, Korea still has to overcome problems, such as a lack of information and expensive transportation costs. One solution is this is by boosting economic deals. "Mongolia is also seeking to develop a system for stable and efficient trade and investment. Also, Korea may feel more pressure to establish an Economic Partnership Agreement with Mongolia,... as neighboring countries are stepping up interest,... and its major rival Japan recently did so." They add that support is needed from the government level -- by holding regular high level and summit talks to seek opportunities for Korean companies,... through partnerships with local firms. Kim Min-ji, Arirang News. Visit ‘Arirang News’ Official Pages Facebook(NEWS): http://www.facebook.com/newsarirang Homepage: http://www.arirang.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/arirangtv Twitter: http://twitter.com/arirangworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/arirangworld
Energy Chickens Study Animation 111513
Project Team: Brian Orland, Dena Lang, Nilam Ram, Kevin Houser, Nate Kling, Sean McCurry, Peifeng Yin, Erik Bush, Michael Coccia, Sarah Rumbaugh, Gabbi Salvemini, Kellie Waksmunski. All at Penn State University. Contact: Brian Orland, [email protected] Animation: Dengke Chen Supporting Paper: Orland, B., N. Ram, D. H. Lang, K.W. Houser, M. Coccia, N. Kling. Saving Energy in an Office Environment: A Serious Game Intervention. Energy and Buildings. 74:43-52. ISSN 0378-7788, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.enbuild.2014.01.036. Acknowledgment: "This material is based upon work supported by the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub), an energy innovation hub sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy under Award Number DE-EE0004261." Disclaimer: "This presentation was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the United States Government or any agency thereof. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government or any agency thereof."
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22 wheeler truck in China
Here in the US most of our guys are running the 18 wheelers but in China the common carrier is the 22 wheeler. Here is a picture so you can see what I am talking about.
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Gold Daughters move Gold Dredge Buckets
The countdown is on! With only 19 days until opening day, Gold Daughters (a gold panning attraction in Fairbanks, Alaska) is working on setting up over 100 dredge buckets at their site. It's not the most suave technique, but hey, these 2 ton magnesium steel relics aren't going to move themselves! Catch #GoldFever Composer - Jake LaVallee, Owner of http://uncopyrightedmusic.net
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It'sTuition Time Mime Comedy Short film part 1
ADR Film factory Casting ADR Damodhar Prashanth Padmaja Manasvini Camera Sree Krishna Boini Direction Allapuram Damodhar ADR
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Siberia hit by Toxic Snow Kuzbass Russia February 2019
Last night there was black snow in Kuzbass. Kemerovo Oblast, also known as Kuzbass after the Kuznetsk Basin, is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast), located in southwestern Siberia, where the West Siberian Plain meets the South Siberian mountains
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basalt crusher machine in Malaysia
Get price : [email protected] Contect to us with Skype:meimei123462. Shanghai Chang Lei has rich experience to provide clients with a full range of ore mining crushing, sand making ,screening equipment. Our company: Shanghai Chang Lei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is Asia's premier manufacturer of aftermarket crusher wear and spare parts, supplying a high quality premium service to the quarry, mining, recycling and demolition industries for over several years.Shanghai Chang Lei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in several years ago, and has quickly grown to be one of Asia's leading manufacturers of after-market wear and spare parts for the quarry and mining industry. Over many years in the business has enabled us to fine tune and produce high end products that are high quality, durable and cost effective alternatives to the bigger brands. Our production: Crusher:jaw crusher,cone crusher,sand making crusher,sand makers,hydraulic cone crusher,impacet crusher,spring cone crusher,complex crusher,compound cone crusher,hammer crusher,sand making machine,sand washing machine,screening crusher,spiral sand making,vibratory feeder,vibrating screen,belt conveyor,apron conveyor,mobile crusher,mobile sand making machine,beneficiation equipment,grinding equipment. PCL Sand Making Machine: The machine works with little attrition and small noise.Less wearing parts,directly reduce the cost of using the machine.The wearing parts are made of specific super hard alloy.Convenient operating procedure and various installation methods.The armor plate can work upside down,and the position of the armor plate is adjustable,so we can get higher rate of fine products.It's more convenient for you to replace the wearing parts.Less dust,less pollution and more care for our environment. The materials fall into the high-speed rotating impeller from the upper of the machine and hit against the armor plate with a very high speed due to the strong centrifugal force of the high-speed rotor, materials strike mutually at the same time. Then the crushing purpose is achieved. The best striking angle directly reduces the attrition of using the machine and bring us high work efficiency. The crushed artificial sand are expelled from the bottom of the machine. The operating process circulates repeatedly and then we attain the finest products.If you are interested in our products and want to know more , please visit our website : http://www.crushedstonecrushing.com to get to know or get the information you want .
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ONLY ON AP Country's energy revolution threatens remote areas
As a boy on the plains of Inner Mongolia, Adiya could ride his horse through waist-high grass for miles without meeting another person. Now, the 32-year-old farmer, who like many Mongolians uses only one name, says he stays indoors some mornings because of the industrial stench wafting across the steppe. The source of the pollution is Adiya's giant new neighbour, a factory that turns millions of tons of coal every year into methane to be shipped to Beijing to produce electricity. Since the plant started running in December, it has obscured the blue skies above Adiya's home with steam and smoke while black pools of wastewater have turned up in the grasslands. Adiya's uncle Baiyunde, whose farm overlooks the plant facility, has strong words to speak of the impact the plant has had on their health. "Every day the smell is very strong. I feel dizzy, I throw up. If you are further away," said Baiyunde while nodding towards the expansive grassland all around. "The smell is not that strong." Still, according to him, it lingers up to 60 kilometres (37 miles) away. China plans to build five-dozen similar coal-to-gas plants countrywide in the hopes of reducing smog in the eastern cities while moving the more polluting industries to remote areas. At the same time, Beijing wants to secure a long-term use for vast coal reserves in the country's central and western provinces. While the coal gasification plan has official support in China, scientists around the world have been waving red flags about its side effects: the process emits up to 82 percent more greenhouses gases to generate electricity compared to directly burning coal and it consume huge amounts of water in already arid western regions. This comes at a time when Beijing says it is committed to reducing its pollution and curb its carbon emissions. As a result, to many experts, the plan does not add up. Duke researcher Chi-Jen Yang says Beijing will have to tackle its carbon emissions sooner or later: "China is already the world's biggest emitter of carbon. Its carbon emissions are not just more than that of the United States, it is already more than twice that," he said. China has seized on the technology as the perfect solution to growing headache: a surplus of coal located in the country's Western provinces, meagre natural gas reserves and a growing energy need in the eastern mega-cities. Chi-Jen Yang is calling for more responsible planning. So far, only two pilots plants are running in remote Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, with another three under construction. When two Associated Press reporters recently toured the countryside around a plant in Hexigten, four hours northwest of the Inner Mongolian city of Chifeng, and interviewed locals, the smell was strong and acrid. Two days later, during an official visit of the plant along with academic and experts, the stench was gone. They also saw evidence of water pollution coming from the plant. During the official visit of the plant, run by the state-owned energy company Datang, staff said that water waste was recycled. "The wastewater, we entirely re-use it, including the rain water, we will collect, recycle and re-use it," said the head of the production department, Wang Yuzhong. A couple of hours later, a concerned Adiya led the reporters through the nearby grassland to a large pool of what appeared to be black wastewater, sitting beside the plant's west wall, with no lining or other protection preventing it from contaminating groundwater. "This water contains wastewater. It is toxic," said Adiya. On the sand beside the pool were black chips that appeared to be coal residue. Adiya said that the black chips were in the wastewater as well. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/785dc126c906f3284fc731bb0dc12b1c Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Best quality machine double roller crusher price in Australia and New Zealand
Find more info http://www.miningok.com/ Contact person: Mr Jason Lau Tel: +86-21-51690096 Fax: +86-21-51690095 Email: [email protected] Add:No.17, Jinwen Road, Pudong Airport Industrial Park, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China Shanghai Ding Bo heavy industry machinery co., LTD Shanghai Ding Bo heavy industry machinery co., LTD is the pioneer enterprise of mining technology and equipment, at the core of the Yangtze river delta economic zone ofsea, convenient - Shanghai, is effectively combine advanced technology with the traditional technology of high-tech enterprises. The main products of the company Shanghai Ding Bo heavy industry machinery co., LTD. Has the abundant technical force and strong production capacity, the company's products in mining, roads, Bridges, housing construction and other industries widely used, crusher, grinding machine, feeding machine, vibrating screen, sand washer, belt conveyor equipment and series of products, all passed the ISO9001:2000 standard quality certification.
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Coal, Steam, and The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course World History #32
Mongols Shirts and Crash Course Posters! http://store.dftba.com/collections/crashcourse In which John Green wraps up revolutions month with what is arguably the most revolutionary of modern revolutions, the Industrial Revolution. While very few leaders were beheaded in the course of this one, it changed the lives of more people more dramatically than any of the political revolutions we've discussed. So, why did the Industrial Revolution happen around 1750 in the United Kingdom? Coal. Easily accessible coal, it turns out. All this, plus you'll finally learn the difference between James Watt and Thomas Newcomen, and will never again be caught telling people that your blender has a 900 Newcomen motor. Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! http://store.dftba.com/products/crashcourse-world-history-the-complete-series-dvd-set Follow us! @thecrashcourse @realjohngreen @raoulmeyer @crashcoursestan @saysdanica @thoughtbubbler Like us! ‪http://www.facebook.com/youtubecrashcourse Follow us again! ‪http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse
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Aerials of Great Plains Synfeuls Plant 1989
The Great Plains Synfuels Plant, known as DGC, is show from above as the helicopter circles from above. The footage shows the layout of the plant side and buildings. http://basinelectric.com/ http://basinelectric.wordpress.com/
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mobile stone crushers in india
More Details : http://wwa.stonecrushersolution.org/solutions/solutions.html we will provide a professional answer and quality of services. If this video does not meet your needs I apologize here. Visit Website: http://www.gospellightbaptistschool.com Contact Us For Help: http://www.gospellightbaptistschool.com/chat.html mobile stone crushers in india, rock crushing equipment Mobile Crusher Rental Services for Crushing Stones, limestones We provide Mobile Crushers on Monthly Rental Basis for crushing in India. stone crushers 200 tph manufacturer in india tata voltas stone crusher 200 tph, YouTube. Dec 26, 2013 marble machine 200 tph machine suppliers, Stone. Mongolia Crusher200 tph stone crushing plant for sale in mobile stone crushers in india Mobile Stone Crushers On Rent In India, YouTube. Jan 14, 2014 Dear customers, if you need to Mobile crusher plant in india,Mobile rock crusher for sale and learn SBM stone crushers in india Stone Crusher Manufacturers In India. We all know that India is a big country demand for stone crusher , crusher for companies who can grab the biggest market that Mobile Stone Crushers Gujarat Mobile Stone Crushers Gujarat; manufacture of mobile crusher in gujarat, India . sand washing manufacture in gujarat X, crusher Crushers. impact crusher, mobile mobile stone crushers manufactured in india stone crusher machine in india,portable mobile stone crusher . such as India, stone crushing plant; mobile stone crusher; stone crusher for sale; home; solutions; Use mobile used stone crushers india, rock crushing equipment stone crusher machine in india,portable mobile stone crusher Recommend Products. *For Stone Crushing & Screening, Use the Stone Crusher And Other Machines: mobile stone crushers made in india mobile stone crushers made in india. We offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size, reduction requirements including quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of Mobile Stone Crusher India, Mobile Stone Crusher India Mobile Stone Crusher India, Buy Various High Quality Mobile Stone Crusher India Products from Global Mobile Stone Crusher India Suppliers and Mobile Stone Crusher stone crushers machinery for sale in india, worldcrushers Stone Crusher plant in india, machine price for sale Iron Ore Crusher Iron ore crusher is the major crushing equipment used in a iron ore crushing and screening plant mobile stone crushers for sale india ShangHai SCM(mini mobile stone crusher india) are a professional production of stone crushing machine.Sales and Widely Mini Crushers for Sale in United . more. mobile stone crushers manufactured in india images Latest Events. mobile crusher second and for sel dubai; coal conveyor systems price; online hammer mill china; contoh jurnal mengenai proses grinding mobile stone crushers india unimining, MINING machinery supply stone crusher, MINING Machinery offers mining and construction equipment for stone crushing, ore dressing, powder production Mobile Stone Crushers For Sale India Manufacturer of Stone Crusher ,Mobile Crusher and Stone . We are professional manufacturer of stone crusher such as jaw impact crusher , sand maker , mobile crusher Mobile Stone Crushers Demand In India mobile stone crushers from south korea】》Mobile Machinery . Mobile stone crushers from South Korea,mobile crushing unit mobile sand stone crushers. mobile stone Mobile Crusher On Rent In India, Stone Crushing Machine Mobile Crushers,Mobile Concrete Crusher,Mobile Impact Crushers Mobile Crushers manufacturers,exporters of Mobile Concrete Crusher, Mobile Crushers suppliers used mobile stone crushers plant for sale in india Used Stone Crusher Plant For Sale, Alibaba. 8046 Results most well known India crusher plant from factory direct sale .. High quality small portable stone mobile used stone crushers india Used Mobile Stone Crusher For Sale In India. Used Crusher,Second Hand Grinding Mill,Stone Crusher Stone Crusher for sale; Searching to acquire or to heared "I Mobile Crushing Plant, Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters Mobile Crushing Plant. Mobile crusher plant is a kind of stone crusher series and also the most common crusher in the stone crusher series. Mobile Crusher Plant is used mobile stone crushers plant for sale in india used stone crusher machine and screening plant for sale in usa 17 Feb 2014 used stone crusher machine and screening plant for sale in usa Mobile Crusher Prise In India stone crusher and sand maker plants manufacturers in india. Stone Crusher Machine India Price, Mobile Crusher Mobile Jaw Crusher; Mobile Impact Crusher; Mobile Cone mobile stone crushers gujarat in ahm
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spring cone crusher equipment in Brunei
Get price : [email protected] Contact us with Skype:johnson.cheng2013 Shanghai Chang Lei has rich experience to provide clients with a full range of ore mining crushing, cone crusher,jaw crusher,aggregate crushing plant,sand making ,screening equipment. Our company: Shanghai Chang Lei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing the ore mining crushing equipment, it is an international-typed professional enterprise which integrated all kinds of castings and equipment's research and development, production and sales. Our R & D and production ore mining crushing production equipment not only throughout the country 26 provinces , municipalities and autonomous regions, but also export to Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, well received by our customers. Our production: Crusher:jaw crusher,cone crusher,sand making crusher,sand makers,hydraulic cone crusher,impact crusher,spring cone crusher,complex crusher,compound cone crusher,hammer crusher,sand making machine,sand washing machine,screening crusher,spiral sand making,vibratory feeder,vibrating screen,belt conveyor,apron conveyor,mobile crusher,mobile sand making machine,beneficiation equipment,grinding equipment. PCL Sand Making Machine The machine works with little attrition and small noise.Less wearing parts,directly reduce the cost of using the machine.The wearing parts are made of specific super hard alloy.Convenient operating procedure and various installation methods.The armor plate can work upside down,and the position of the armor plate is adjustable,so we can get higher rate of fine products.It's more convenient for you to replace the wearing parts.Less dust,less pollution and more care for our environment. The materials fall into the high-speed rotating impeller from the upper of the machine and hit against the armor plate with a very high speed due to the strong centrifugal force of the high-speed rotor, materials strike mutually at the same time. Then the crushing purpose is achieved. The best striking angle directly reduces the attrition of using the machine and bring us high work efficiency. The crushed artificial sand are expelled from the bottom of the machine. The operating process circulates repeatedly and then we attain the finest products.
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