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Multigene Multiplasmid Mosaic protocol velocitizes plant peptide protein production research
Multigene Multiplasmid Mosaic Longevity wellness peptide at plant researchThere are possibly thousands of plant research area laboratories that do genetic engineering Perhaps one has a tomato lab another a duckweed lab, notably each few labs per known plant food species have published papers on genetic engineering at their area of expertise Numerous pharmaceutical peptides have gene sequencesProducing one plasmid or a group of plasmids at one transfection fluid that has amino acids that code possibly hundreds of different peptides each coding a different therapeutic or beneficial protein or peptide pharmaceutical, each with a promotor sequence, produces a fluid which if placed at Agrobacter as well as plant tissue is likely to produce a genetically engineered plant Research peptide catalogs have hundreds of listingsThere are a variety of published peer reviewed wellness longevity also pharmaceutical peptides as well as proteins that could be enumerated Although I am not aware of the quantity Each of these proteins or peptides has a gene sequence Numerous varieties of these peptides or proteins genetic codes are producible with gene sequencers. Each of a few thousand plant specific research laboratories receives the sample multipharmaceutical plasmid Then at their area of genetic engineering expertise at that plant they genetically engineer their particular species. Then they measure possibly with antibodies or spectroscopy to find out which of the numerous peptides or proteins are produced as well as the amount. It is likely that a plurality of new plant versions will produce a variety of different pharmaceutically active proteins Higher productivity of effective researchThis is beneficial as compared with a researcher thinking Engineer Tomatoes to make a B vitamin then doing an experiment With a multigene multiplasmid mosaic they find out that tomatoes are particularly apt at making noootropic apoaequorin as well as longevity peptide AEDG, while Duckweed is effective at producing GHK tripeptideEach of the plants quantified output is placed at a database so the most efficient producers of which peptides are listed as well as producing data to guide further developmentThis approach creates possibly hundreds of New plant species with possibly hundreds of different wellness pharmaceutical peptides as well as proteins at the generation interval of growing just one plantAlso flavors of plants with novel sweet deliciousness could come from engineering the sweetness proteins thaumatin or monellinIt could be orders of magnitude more effective than other protocols at producing wellness peptides which are producible at bulk
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