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Cryptotis parva - Least Shrew 10/30/2010
The North American Least Shrew (Cryptotis parva) is one of the smallest mammals, growing to be only up to 3 inches long. - This is my best guess. Do not know the name of the black beetle. We found these beetles crawling on floor in our house several times during the month. It is probably in family Carabidae (Ground beetles). For size comparison then coin is a US Dime (size 0.705 inch / 17.91 mm). Cats brought into house, but shrew appeared unharmed and was released after brief observation during filming. 10/30/2011 Music is "As I Figure" latin piece from http://incompetech.com (free to use)
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Least Shrew (Cryptotis parva)
We found this Least Shrew (Cryptotis parva) under a large real estate sign in a grassy field. I caught it by hand, and am lucky not to have been bitten. We fed it meal worms (of which it ate nearly 50) until it stopped eating them. It was still hungry, though, which we found out by dropping in a rolly-polly. It also ate a stag beetle bigger than his own head while in our care. This is one of the smallest mammals species in Oklahoma, and is uncommon. The animal was in captivity for about 13 hours. It was a real pleasure to it as a guest. We released it right where we found it.
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Least shrew   Cryptotis parva
Courtney compares the Least shrew with Elliot's short-tailed shrew.
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Least Shrew MBO blog
The tiny shrew is a fierce and common predator that's seldom seen.
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Least Shrew
Least Shrew
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cat not too sure about shrew in a trap
Had an infestation of shrews in our walls, so we had to put out traps. This one just sprung and the cat went to investigate. I took the shrew out of it's misery after this video was finished.
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Least Shrew Captured in Pitfall Trap | Wildlife Biologist
This is a little Least Shrew I captured in my pitfall trap in Southwest Florida. The target species is the Sherman's Short-tailed Shrew, but it's still fun to get a non-target species such as this little Least Shrew. This is my first job as a Fish and Wildlife Biologist and I'm loving it! Small mammal trapping = Awesomeness!
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Live Short Tailed Shrew | Bites Me
My cat found this Shrew...never seen a shrew alive before...
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Prosopocoilus hasterti moinieri - larvae check and substrate change
This is a fast growing stag beetle from the Solomon islands. After about 8-9 Month they go from egg to adult (at least the females). Let's see what the other larvae over 20 grams do.
Northern Short tailed shrew* Informative*
My solitary friends...red squirrel does the intro to my new friend Lil Sleek the northern short tailed shrew. I added some info I found on wikipedia and various informative pages on the web... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Short-tailed_Shrew http://www.epa.gov/region1/ge/thesite/restofriver/reports/final_era/B%20-%20Focus%20Species%20Profiles/EcoRiskProfile_short-tailed_shrew.pdf Music from Jamendo by Greendjohn Song called 'look behind' from DigitaLegal http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/49758?refuid=479016
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Northern Short Tailed Shrew
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Hand Fed Shrew
Hand feeding Lil Backtrack the shrew a peanut. It is easy to hand feed a shrew...just make sure you feed it the longest peanut...the shorter the peanut the more chance of being bitten...and one doesn't want to get bitten because shrews are the only mammal in the United states that have venom in their saliva...
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I met a Shrew
Some of the wildlife on Stock Wood Farm
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Merseyside BioBank Guide To Mammal Trapping
Tony Parker is the local mammal recorder for Merseyside and provides a video guide on how to observe mammals safely using mammal traps. Helen Greaves is the presenter. For more details on mammals and how to observe them please visit our website at http://www.merseysidebiobank.org.uk/ . For details on how to send us a biological record, please also visit our website or our You Tube Channel by clicking the channel name above. Full video tags: Local Records Centre Aintree Ainsdale Allerton Aughton Belle Vale Bidston Bidston Hill Birkdale Birkenhead Bootle Bromborough Brunswick Claughton Crosby Childwall Cressington West Derby Everton Freshfield Formby Gateacre Hunts Cross Hillside Hightown Halewood Huyton Kirkby Knotty Ash Old Swan Swans Geese Goose Red Squirrel White Butterfly Bumblebee Bees Wasps Magpies Robins House Martins House Sparrows Crows West Kirby Kirkdale Lark Lane Leasowe Liverpool Merseyside BioBank Moreton Netherley Netherton Orrell Park Oxton Prescott Queens Drive Rice Lane Scotty Road St Michaels Southport Tuebrook Utting Victoria Walton Walton Vale Walton-on-the-Hill Waterloo Dingle Toxteth Garston Roby Roby-with-Huyton Heswall Upton New Brighton Wallasey Rainford Rainhill Dovecot Great Homer Street Everton Valley Hilbre Island Lairdside Port Sunlight Cronton Seaforth & Litherland Hall Road Maghull Haydock St Helens Meols Old Roan Fazakerley Ford Foxes Heron Knowsley Village Cantrill Farm Wirral Earlstown Newton-le-Willows Broad Green Wavertree Vauxhall Bank Hall City Town Countryside Rural Urban Biology Environmental Endangered Species Wildflowers National Wildflower Centre Roby Waddicar Melling Who What Where When The 4 Ws Marine Canada Dock Stanley Dock Albert Dock Kings Dock Cains Echo Arena Church Street Liverpool One Switch Island Little Crosby Blundellsands James Street Moorfields Sandhills Sand Dunes Ainsdale Nature Reserve Westvale Southdene Tower Hill Northwood Spinney Woods BioBank Merseyside Granada North West Granadaland Lime Pictures 2009 MMIX Halton Widnes Sankey Penketh Spellow Linacre Road Court Hey Park Roby County Road Anfield Little Bongs Alder Hey Bluebell Owls Bats Prenton Tranmere River Mersey River Alt Leeds Liverpool Canal Eastham Spital Hooton Rock Ferry Conway Park Sefton Sefton Park Giropark Hamilton Square Green Lane Green Lane Old Sawn Lydiate Liverpool Southparkway Bechers Brook Aintree Village Job's Ferry Eastham Ferry New Ferry Ferry Cross The Mersey Scouse Lid Lad Lass Bebington Lairdcan Irby Irby Hill Clubmoor Page Moss Croxteth Croxteth Park Thornton Thornton Hough Tony Parker
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Rejsek doma / Shrew at home
Small baby shrew, caught by our cat couple days ago. Doing fine, gaining weight and not much afraid of anything.
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Outrageous Animal Facts! - Hero Shrew
The hero shrew has a very strong backbone indeed
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Nancy Today:  I caught Shrew #5
Researchers say: they super like wet places, do you have a small leak somewhere like in a porch or sunroom or cellar etc? Other than that I dunno how or why they came for a visit.? There's a lot of them, but not like the number of mices there are, as shrews only have 2 litters/yr of around 1-2 dozen young. So not as prolific as wabbits and mices. They love to eat pet food. 250 species worlwide 16 in canada
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My Little Hole...
Welcome to my little hole... I'm a little mole, Here's my little hole. I dug it out the ground Nice and deep, and round. A farmer once tried to trap me...
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Digger the Shrew
We found a baby southern short-tailed shrew in our backyard, and our children are quite fascinated by it.
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it's a shrew, it's a shrew
out walking and spotted a shrew :-)
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The shrew eats his food
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Shrew 7/8/2014
I was setting up my transparent house. I was talkng to the chipmunk...this is when my shrew friend appeared out of a hole right by my foot...they associate my voice with food and seek me out:D Music mix from CCmixter by mseq. Creative commons 3.0. http://ccmixter.org/files/Mseq/46501
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Northern Short-tailed Shrew
Fun facts about one of the most common mammals found in North America- the Northern Short-tailed Shrew.
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Northern Short-Tailed Shrew YAY
Long live Fenix Gebralter, even though he ate all my animal crackers.
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Mouse Or Mole? SHREW!
Found this today, I know it's blurry in the 2nd half. Could it be a mouse? Mole? Shrew? Ah turns out it was a Pacific Water Shrew! A friend has just informed me.
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Biggie's Pet Shrew
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The Watershrew That Rends Its Prey
"The Water-Shrew That Rends Its Prey" From "The Oral Hymnbook of The God's Gardeners" And the Novel "The Year of the Flood" by Margaret Atwood Lyric: M. Atwood /Music: Orville Stoeber Acoustic guitar and vocals: O. Stoeber Bass, E.Guitar, Ted Perlman Percussion: Nelson Bragg Recorded at The Ranch, Lake View Terrace, Ca 2009
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The releasing of the shrew.
The American shrew mole is the smallest North American mole. It is also known as Gibb's shrew mole and least shrew mole. The reason that it is called a "shrew mole" instead of being called either a "shrew" or a "mole" is because of its fur.
Baby shrew
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Shrew eating a worm
The same shrew that was rescued from the pool. We decided to put it in the sun to warm it up, and we also fed it a worm. Please ignore the commentary done by me, I was a lot younger and very excited.
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Short tailed Shrew9148
This Short-tailed Shrew was grabbing and storing sunflower seeds from a spill under our feeders in Toronto on 2016. Out in the open, we noticed how tiny its eyes are.
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Mr. Animal and the smoky Shrew
Mr. Animal helps you better understand the wild one animal at a time. This episode talks about the Smokey Shrew.
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Philadelphia Zoo Least Shrews and Cricket
Least shrews are tiny little creatures. In this video recorded in the Zoo's Small Mammal House, a cricket can be seen going in and out of the hole to the least shrews' den and near one of the least shrews so you can see exactly how tiny they are!
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Young shrews in nest
cribdinchope's shared video file.
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Mammal Trapping HD
Small mammal trapping with the Greater Manchester Local Records Centre. Produced by Paul Barrington
TCSC Taping Of The Shrew
The American shrew mole is the smallest North American mole. It is the only living member of the Gibb's shrew mole and least shrew mole. It is not closely related to the Asian shrew mole. The reason that it is called a "shrew mole" instead of being called either a "shrew" or a "mole" is because of its fur, which is a characteristic of shrews.
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Musaraña- Cryptotis thomasi.
Musaraña encontrada en los humedales de la Reserva Natural Ecoparque Sabana del Parque Jaime Duque.
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Masked Shrew
Discovery Club, 10-17-2014 Patrick Marsh, Sun Prairie, WI
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A common shrew visits my Clay Cavern Cam.
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Shrew & Elephant Shrew Montage
Shrews are small, mouselike mammals. They aren't rodents, however. Their closest relatives are bats and moles. Elephant shrews are not shrews at all, but they are fairly shrew-like in appearence.
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American bison   Bison bison
Julie describes the American bison.
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My New Pet Shrew Drew : )
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I caught a shrew I think. \o/ My dog Rocco had it the other night in the rain, but he didn't hurt it. It was quick! Thought it was a mole until I realized it didn't have mole feet.
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Lil Backtrack The Shrew
My new friend Lil Backtrack the north american short tailed shrew... Music from ccmixter by KatazTrophee 'Give it Time' Ending slow motion scene MUSIC by Porchcat 'Through The Edge'
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Field shrew
I found this shrew stuck inside coal bunker, after the video he was released back into the field.
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