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Working in the gold mine
This is James heading down one of many ladders for a day's work in the mine. Chainsaw in hand for construction of new ladders further in the mine. Please note running a gas engine underground can be deadly. Proper air ventilation is required. Never run a gas engine underground for any longer than needed.
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Donlin Gold Communicating with the Region - Part 3
Donlin Gold is a mining project that has and could continue to create jobs and opportunities in the region as development progresses. Since exploration began, the project has employed many local residents in the fields of geology, environmental science, community relations, health & safety, operations, and support/administrative services at the Donlin Gold camp and in other villages.
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Twenty Five High Grade Gold & Silver Ore Samples From A Massive Mine Dump!
Hired prospecting/mineral exploration job! Sampling the mine dump and see if proscesing is worth while. High grade ore samples obtained from the high grade mine dump pile! We sent in 25 assays for this program and this represents an average grade of the dump with hand sorting. Claim owner is going to process once properly permitted and set up to mill. Hope everyone enjoys our videos on gold mining in BC, mineral exploration, geology and that gold! Our Links: Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDUUypwEoUAEKatNs6yqbGg Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/911mining Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/911mining Website: https://www.911mining.com Business Inquiries: [email protected] Thank you and happy gold mining! 911 Mining & Prospecting Co
Gold mining in Russia
How to gold mine in Russia
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Lesson 36  Help With High Grade Arsenopyrite Ore
I met a gentleman in Oregon with a high grade arsenopyrite ore to see if I could give him some useful information. While I thought I had some good ideas for him and his partner, I did,'t have any answers. perhaps one of you does...
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Dirty Jobs Request AZ Amethyst Miner
MIKE ROWE....come cover yourself in Amethyst dirt! The AZ mine in the only commercially run Amethyst Mine in the United States!!! The Arizona Amethyst mine is located in the rugged terrain of the Four Peaks Mountains. Since the mine is in a remote location, we can either take a hike in or a helicopter! The miners live at the mine for up to two weeks at a time. Their only luxury is a small shed, the size of a closet that they get to sleep in. No running water, no motorized vehicles, they rough it! All of the mining is done by hand! For more information contact Stephenie Bjorkman 480-837-8168 or email [email protected]
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Roger Jr, IT Supervisor - Kinross Round Mountain
Roger Jr started out driving haul trucks several years ago at Round Mountain Gold and after attending university returned in our IT department. Find out more about this beautiful community, and how it has also been home to Roger Sr who worked at Kinross Round Mountain for 28 years. Explore your potential with careers at discoverthekinrossway.com
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Gold & Iron Exploration | Fly Job in Shefferville North Quebec | Mining Industry
Working in the Mining Industry has its benefits. It's about living life to the fullest and finding Experience. Iron Exploration | Extraction and Sampling Job Fly | Helicopter Job Operations Manager | Billiken Management Project Located in Schefferville, Quebec. Canada. TychoMarketing.com | Video Editing Song by Kings Of Leon - Closer
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Gold Mine: A History of UNC Charlotte
This video focuses on an overview history of the transition from Charlotte College to UNC Charlotte, while focusing heavily on Bonnie Cone, Athletics and Student Organizations. Video & Photo Courtesy: Atkins Library Special Collections and Archives & Charlotte 49er Athletics I do not own the rights to any music used.
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CTW Reed Gold Mine 06.08.2015
CTW Reed Gold Mine 06.08.2015
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Where To Find Gold How To Find Gold Diamond Gemstone Locations How & Where To Find Gold Series
Where To Find Gold How To Find Gold Diamond Gemstone Locations NEW: THE UMPQUA RIVER PLACER LOCATIONS: https://youtu.be/1nYRRgOEpLo Pounds of Gold: Class 4: https://youtu.be/H-5HKQO6kw0 Where To Find Vast Fields Of Gold Where To Find Gold Diamond Gemstone Locations A Trillion Dollar Hunt Prospecting Course: Gold Geology. How to locate vast fields of gold and gems, and target the exact spots for pinpoint extraction by the individual prospector. Gold, Gem, Mineral Location map: https://mrdata.usgs.gov/geology/state/map.html?x=-83.453389866478&y=32.653406156776&z=8 (pull it to your state). Gem locations guide. A how to on fining gold and gemstone locations in the United States or any other country worldwide. How to find gold, where to find gold - and lots of it. A prospecting course (training series) (lesson 1) for gold and gems. Where to find gold locations in the Eastern United States. Where to find gold locations in the Northeast United States. Where to find gold locations in the Central United States. Where to find gold locations in the Southern United States. Where to find gold locations in the Midwest. Where to find gold locations in the West. Where to find gold locations in the Southwestern United States. Where to find gold locations in the Northwest United States. Where to find gold locations worldwide. Prospecting course for gold gem diamond locations. Where to find gold: Georgia. Where to find gold: Alabama. Where to find gold: South Carolina. Where to find gold: California. Where to find gold: Maine. Where to find gold: New Hampshire. Where to find gold: Vermont. Where to find gold: Arizona. Where to find gold: Montana. Where to find gold: Idaho. Where to find gold: Washington. Where to find gold: Colorado. Where to find gold: Wyoming. Where to find gold: Utah. Where to find gold: Nevada. Where to find gold: South Dakota. Where to find gold: Wisconsin. Where to find gold: Ohio. Where to find gold: Indiana. Gold mining course class 1: gold geology. YouTube video.
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Troubles at Banro Gold Mine in Eastern Congo
Canadian mining company Banro has encountered challenges at its industrial gold mine in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with locals complaining of displacement and a lack of jobs for area workers. Photo: Phil Moore for The Wall Street Journal Subscribe to the WSJ channel here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com Follow WSJ on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wsjvideo Follow WSJ on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wsj/posts Follow WSJ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJvideo Follow WSJ on Instagram: http://instagram.com/wsj Follow WSJ on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wsj/ Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com Visit the WSJ Video Center: https://wsj.com/video On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wsj/videos/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJ On Snapchat: https://on.wsj.com/2ratjSM
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The Guy Trying To Strike Gold In The Amazon (HBO)
In 2006, Keith Barron found the largest gold deposit in Ecuador's history, changing both his life and, potentially, the future of the entire country. Ecuador is one of the most mineral rich countries in the world, but the vast majority of it had not been explored because it's covered in mountains and jungle. So Ecuador stopped letting foreign explorers in while it established a formal royalty system and implemented an official set of regulations. The ban lasted almost a decade—it was only lifted two years ago. But now that it's over, foreign explorers are rushing back to see what they can find, including Barron, who thinks he's close to finding his next big treasure. VICE News traveled to the Amazon to see what modern day gold hunting looks like, how Ecuador is dealing with its new gold rush, and whether Barron is actually about to strike gold again. Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Gold Mining and Prospecting with Highbanker/Dredge Pt. 2
Visit my official blog! -- http://youngflyer12.blogspot.com/ These videos were shot in Northern Indiana (South Bend / Mishawaka area) in a run off creek. In these videos, we use a Proline Highbank Dredge combination. We have not used it for any highbanking, but mostly just for dredging. In these videos we show you the setup we have been using for the past couple years. This particular dredge does an excellent job catching the black sand and gold. Our particular model is only a 2 opening, but it sure does move a lot of material. We also go underwater with the video camera to give you a whole new look at what really happens under the water. This particular day has been divided up into four parts. Catch all the other parts and many more interesting videos on my channel. Enjoy!
Colombia's young emerald miners search for green gold
Colombia produces more than half the world's emeralds but mining the green gems is a tough job, done by children as young as 15 for a minimum wage of just 320 dollars a month. Duration: 02:36
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Desperate unemployed and immigrants turn to illegal gold mining
(9 Nov 2012) Johannesburg - 2 November 2012 1. Close up of man panning for gold, holding dish 2. Close up of soil with gold flecks in it 3. Mid of man pointing to a fleck of gold in the muddy water 4. SOUNDBITE (Zulu) Julius Mthembu, illegal gold-panner from Mozambique: "The strike is over but we have lost our jobs. What can we do? We can't just sit and do nothing, our families expect money from us, and it's December time, children want money for schooling. We have to do this otherwise we will have to steal which will get us killed and we don't want to die." 5. Mid of man rinsing flecks of gold out of a bath towel using water 6. Close up man rinsing flecks of gold out of towel 7. SOUNDBITE (Zulu) Julius Mthembu, illegal gold-panner from Mozambique: "After the striking miners got their salaries, they went back to work, but our contractor told us that the job was finished because his contract had not been renewed." 8. Wide of Mthembu working on the panning chute with a friend Johannesburg - 7 November 2012 9. Mid set up of Peter Mayor, mining specialist in South Africa 10. SOUNDBITE (English) Peter Mayor, mining specialist: "On a macro scale it's probably not too negative for the South African economy because it's creating jobs, it's creating wealth out of the ground and that gold probably ends up getting exported so it even brings in some foreign currency. And so if these illegal miners weren't doing it, probably no one would be doing it." Johannesburg - 2 November 2012 11. Wide of bags of soil 12. Wide of men carrying out illegal panning Johannesburg - 7 November 2012 13. SOUNDBITE (English) Peter Mayor, mining specialist: "It's discouraging respect for the law, respect for regulations, for protocol, how to go about getting a mineral property, how to go about extracting minerals from the ground in a safe, environmentally friendly way, and in a legal way that benefits the community and the government via taxes." Johannesburg - 2 November 2012 14. Close up of illegal panner Siphelele Dyasi panning for gold 15. Close up of Dyasi looking for gold in the soil 16. Close up of Dyasi looking carefully at stones found in his gold pan 17. SOUNDBITE (Xhosa) Siphelele Dyasi, illegal gold panner from South Africa: "I will never lose hope, each everyday as I am working, I search for the big one. Although I find the small one, I will never stop looking." 18. Mid of Dyasi and his friend panning for gold 19. Wide of Dyasi and his friend panning for gold 20. SOUNDBITE (Xhosa) Siphelele Dyasi, illegal gold panner from South Africa: "There's nothing you can do, a soldier dies in war. There's no other choice, you go into it knowing the risks, that's how I survive even though we end up growing older quicker because of carrying heavy sacks of soil from the mine." 21. Mid of Albert Hlongo, a 55-year-old man from Mozambique, and his son working together 22. Close up of Hlongo panning for gold in the soil from the mine while his son keep on pouring water into the dish 23. Wide of Hlongo and his son working together to search for gold STORYLINE: South Africa, once the world's foremost gold producer, is experiencing a labour upheaval in its critical mining sector. A violent nearly six-week strike over pay at a Lonmin platinum mine hit profits hard, causing companies to lay off many of their contract workers. Mozambican Julius Mthembu was one such worker who has taken matters into his own hands and started panning for gold illegally. "The strike is over but we have lost our jobs. What can we do? We can't just sit and do nothing, our families expect money from us," he said as he sifted through sandy water in the hope of finding a few flecks of gold. "Although I find the small ones, I will never stop looking," he said. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/9b9efd76aeedb3d41908150e6e9842ca Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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WHERE TO FIND GOLD !!!!! Rich Gold in Red Dirt..
Gold chunks and wire Gold found inside a pocket of Limonite / epithermal vent. The biggest question is " Where do I find Gold " If you want your own Gold from our mine, then click on the link. http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/services.html Below are links to other GOLD related videos we did. Enjoy. Jeff http://youtu.be/U8IXMpe6cOo http://youtu.be/5GSMOMXsPUM http://youtu.be/6eyYZt485Co Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams #askjeffwilliams
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Toxic Waste Spill in North Carolina: Coal Ash (Part 1)
Coal ash, which contains many of the world's worst carcinogens, is what's left over when coal is burnt for electricity. An estimated 113 million tons of coal ash are produced annually in the US, and stored in almost every state — some of it literally in people's backyards. With very little government oversight and few safeguards in place, toxic chemicals have been known to leak from these storage sites and into nearby communities, contaminating drinking water and making residents sick. On February 2, 2014, up to 39,000 tons of coal ash and 27 million gallons of contaminated water spilled out into the Dan River in North Carolina after a pipe broke underneath a coal ash pond at a Duke Energy power plant. The environmental disaster thrust Duke Energy, the country’s largest electricity company, into the spotlight, revealing a history of violations and inadequate oversight of ponds at all of its plants across the state. In part one, VICE News travels to North Carolina to visit a river that’s been poisoned with arsenic from a nearby Duke Energy site, speak with a resident who has found toxic heavy metals in her drinking water, and question a Duke Energy spokesperson about the power company’s policies. Watch "Showdown in Coal Country" - http://bit.ly/16LRifW Watch "Petcoke: Toxic Waste in the Windy City" - http://bit.ly/1E2YejO Read "Humans Are Destroying the Environment at a Rate Unprecedented in Over 10,000 Years" - http://bit.ly/1vgvC1R Read "The Economic Cost of Carbon Pollution Is Much Greater Than Estimated, Say Stanford University Researchers" - http://bit.ly/1ATb1b0 Read "The EPA Tightened Rules on Coal Waste, But Not Enough, Say Environmentalists” - http://bit.ly/1vXglsH Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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How Gold Mining Works
Ever wonder how people mined for gold? Have no fear! You can use a pan, a large drill, and even explosives! Anthony did some digging and found out many of the methods that people get that rare substance out of the ground and into your wallet! Don't miss Discovery's epic three-night event! Klondike premieres Monday, January 20th at 9|8c on Discovery Read More: Modern Gold Mining http://money.howstuffworks.com/30924-modern-gold-mining-video.htm "With the price of gold at all time highs, a familiar fever is sweeping Alaska." Gold Price Ounce http://www.goldpriceoz.com/ "Current gold prices per ounce and gold prices history." Improvements in Stope Drilling and Blasting For Deep Gold Mines http://www.saimm.co.za/Journal/v075n06p139.pdf "The rate of face advance in the gold mines is between 3 and 10 m a month, with a median value of about 5 m a month; it follows that faces are blasted less frequently than is planned." Gold Mining - Methods http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_mining#Methods "Placer mining is the technique by which gold has accumulated in a placer deposit is extracted." How Does Gold Mining Work? http://www.wisegeek.com/how-does-gold-mining-work.htm "Gold mining can use several different techniques, depending on the situation involved and the type of mining being done." What is the Role of Cyanide in Mining? http://www.miningfacts.org/environment/what-is-the-role-of-cyanide-in-mining/ "Cyanide is a naturally occurring chemical that is found in low concentrations throughout nature including in fruits, nuts, plants, and insects." Gold Fun Facts http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/past-exhibitions/gold/eureka/gold-fun-facts "It has been estimated that, worldwide, the total amount of gold ever mined is 152,000 metric tons, only enough to fill 60 tractor trailers." Watch More: 5 Surprising Uses for Gold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnsJEEEgbvY TestTube Wild Card http://testtube.com/dnews/dnews-437-pets-make-us-healthier?utm_campaign=DNWC&utm_medium=DNews&utm_source=YT The Truth About Diamonds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjUCAMFVjaY ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Anthony Carboni on Twitter http://twitter.com/acarboni Laci Green on Twitter http://twitter.com/gogreen18 Trace Dominguez on Twitter http://twitter.com/trace501 DNews on Facebook http://facebook.com/dnews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com
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PERU, Rinconada: Glacier Gold Part 2 of 3
Located in a hostile Andean region 5,500 metres above sea level, la Rinconada is the highest gold mine in the world, and is covered by a glacier. Despite the lack of oxygen and temperatures that fall to 20° Celsius below zero, 20,000 people live in the shantytown in la Rinconada. Their job is to dig through the ice and rock to extract the precious gold. The residents of la Rinconada live without running water, sewers or heating in the midst of their own excrements and rubbish. Added to the deplorable sanitary situation, the widespread use of mercury to separate the gold from the rock means that la Rinconada is a time bomb threatening the ecology of the whole region.
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California Senate Hearing on Suction Gold Mining 4 29 2017
Miners doing a great job of defending ourselves and our rights against overbearing government. But the bill still gets passed on, and the fight continues...At the end of the video, all the. Senate Hearing on California Suction Dredging for gold. Support your local miners. We get to hear first hand the arguments against us, Lets all support Shannon Poe of AMRA (American Mining. 5-18-2017 Committee on Suction Dredge Mining in California. Please share this with everyone you know that loves the outdoors.
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I like rocks!!!!! Another gold mining adventure
Took a couple of hours or so and goofed around in the creek at what I call crushing corner. Find lots of sinkers, glass and other bits of trash. Theres tons of black sands here too so it's a good testing place for a sluice like the speed bump who the manufacturer says and promotes its ability to get rid of the majority of black sands...it passed!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!
Hutti Gold Mines
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White Gold’s Shawn Ryan: The Source of The Placer Gold in Yukon
White Gold (TSXV:WGO,OTC:WHGOF,FWB:29W) Chief Technical Advisor Shawn Ryan believes that he has found the source of the placer gold in the Yukon’s White Gold District. Ryan is a veteran prospector with over 15 years of experience in the Klondike gold fields, which earned him PDAC’s Prospector of the Year award in 2010. Read an exclusive profile on White Gold: https://investingnews.com/company-profiles/white-gold-yukon-gold-exploration-company-white-gold-district/ Investing News Network (INN) Find out more about investing by INN @ http://investingnews.com/ Want a FREE investor kit? Download here↓ https://investingnews.com/browse-company-profiles/ Follow us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/resourceinvestingnews Follow us on Twitter: @INN_Resource This video interview is sponsored by White Gold (TSXV:WGO,OTC:WHGOF,FWB:29W). This video interview provides information which was sourced by the Investing News Network (INN) and approved by White Gold, in order to help investors learn more about the company. White Gold is a client of INN. The company’s campaign fees pay for INN to create and update this video interview. INN does not provide investment advice and the information on this profile should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any security. INN does not endorse or recommend the business, products, services or securities of any company profiled. The information contained here is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of securities. Readers should conduct their own research for all information publicly available concerning the company. Prior to making any investment decision, it is recommended that readers consult directly with White Gold and seek advice from a qualified investment advisor. This interview may contain forward-looking statements including but not limited to comments regarding the timing and content of upcoming work programs, receipt of property titles, etc. Forward-looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements. The issuer relies upon litigation protection for forward-looking statements. Investing in companies comes with uncertainties as market values can fluctuate.
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Welcome to Alexander County, NC
Welcome to Alexander County, North Carolina! Located in the foothills of western North Carolina, Alexander County is home to approximately 37,000 people who enjoy an unparalleled quality of life. Whether you're someone who is looking for something fun to do, a place to live or work, or a place to start/expand your business, Alexander County is the place to be. Alexander County is the "hub" of the Unifour region, surrounded by Catawba, Iredell, Wilkes, Caldwell, and Burke counties. There are a variety of outdoor attractions for visitors to enjoy, whether it's hiking at Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area, gem mining at the Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite, swimming at Suncrest Water Park, boating and/or fishing on Lake Hickory, or riding your ATV at Brushy Mountain Motor Sports. Alexander County is also home to a number of major industries, including Craftmaster Furniture, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Paragon Films, Schneider Mills, Shurtape, Hancock & Moore, and many others which offer valuable job opportunities for residents. Alexander County also offers attractive business opportunities for entrepreneurs and those looking to locate (or relocate) their company here. Come visit us soon! Find out more about Alexander County on these websites: www.AlexanderCountyNC.gov www.AlexanderEDC.org www.RockyFacePark.com
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Prospectors head for California in modern-day gold rush
The headline-grabbing rise in the price of gold has led to a modern-day version of the Californian gold rush. Having exceeded the psychological barrier of $1,000 oz earlier this month and remained above $900 oz since, gold is once again drawing prospectors to California in search of the precious metal. According to a report in The Financial Times, one gold prospecting eqiupment supplier has reported a four-fold increase in sales in the past three months, with some customers giving up permanent jobs to take up full-time prospecting. Mining companies are also responding, with Californias Bureau of Land Management reporting a sharp rise in commercial claims for gold mining in the first three months of the year. Furthermore, the Gold Prospectors Association of America, which organises events for gold mining hobbyists, has reported a flood of new members. The original California Gold Rush began in 1848, when gold was discovered at Sutters Mill in Coloma. News of the discovery soon spread, resulting in some 300,000 people packing up and heading for California.
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Iron Fist Mining Feb 16 2013 Clean Out
In this episode of IRON FIST MINING, Dan Bethel talks about his new job while digging up the shiney GOLD stuff. He talks about the BAZOOKA GOLD TRAP, made by Todd Osbourne that buys supplies from his new job.
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Reidsville NC Non Profit NC 100: Advocates for 100% of Rockingham County
NC 100 is a rural NC non profit and charitable fund devoted to supporting as many children and families with tools that can help them discover the best college/ career pathways for them, as well as building relationships inside and outside of Rockingham County to help dismantle systemic ills and poor outcomes in education, and criminal justice. Please donate resources today at www.nc-100.org
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Cleaning out BEDROCK with the Gold Dredge! | Nugget Noggin
I cleaned out the creek today with my dredge, This thing does a great job at getting all the lead of out the bedrock, I'm helping clean up the environment . I didn't find much gold at all but I sure did have a blast using my dredge, now I just need to find a creek that has gold in it. Thanks for watching ! Good luck and happy hunting ! Please be sure to subscribe if you enjoy my videos: http://bit.ly/nuggetnogginsub Keep up with my daily adventures! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nuggetnoggin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nuggetnoggin Nugget Noggin T-Shirts visit: https://www.bonfire.com/nuggetnoggin Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/nuggetnoggin Website: https://www.nuggetnoggin.com https://www.rivertreasurefinds.com Buy a Metal Detector: https://www.battleground-detectors.com #GoldDredging About Nugget Noggin: Hey! I'm Michael, I love to get outdoors and discover awesome things with my metal detector. I started treasure hunting when I was 12 years old and shortly after received my first metal detector. Since then, I've been hooked and just love going out to search for the unknown. You may see me in the woods crawling under an old house or diving down in the river to search for rings. Wherever the adventure brings us, I'll try my best to keep you entertained. Cleaning out BEDROCK with the Gold Dredge! | Nugget Noggin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejhTD8ZblBQ Nugget Noggin https://www.youtube.com/nuggetnoggin
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WRS Hot Job -- Health & Safety Manager, Mining, Peru
WRS' Head of Mining (Latin America) Patrycja Garcia shares an exciting opportunity within the mining sector -- a Health & Safety Manager based in Peru. If this role is of interest to you, please contact her by email: [email protected] You can view all of our South America Mining roles here: http://bit.ly/1dpQzNu
The Giant Holes:  Super Pit gold mine, Kalgoorlie-Australia #Vendora
The Fimiston Open Pit, colloquially known as the Super Pit, is Australia's largest open cut gold mine. The Super Pit is located off the Goldfields Highway on the south-east edge of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. The pit is oblong in shape and is approximately 3.5 kilometres long, 1.5 kilometres wide and 570 metres deep. At these dimensions, it is large enough to be seen from space. The Super Pit is owned by Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines Pty Ltd, a company owned 50/50 by Barrick Gold Corporation and Newmont Mining Corporation. The mine produces 850,000 ounces (28 tonnes) of gold per year, and employs around 550 employees directly on site.
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My Reaction To The Cease & Desist Letter From North Carolina To Genesis Mining & Swiss Gold Global
PASSIVE INCOME PORTFOLIO: 1. KUVERA (Wealth Generators) - CRYPTO MINING My Kuvera Review: https://youtu.be/aPEzXXN0m-g Join Kuvera/WealthGenerators Here: https://jaimesoriano.mywealthgenerators.biz/ 2. SWISS GOLD GLOBAL (CRYPTO CLOUD MINING) SGG Review - https://youtu.be/OV1MknPCi7A Join Here - https://jaimesoriano.swissgoldglobal.com/en/home 3. BITCLUB NETWORK (CRYPTO MINING) Bitclub Network Review: https://youtu.be/fn1_dRvkbUo Bitclub Network Join Link: http://bitclub2.pagedemo.co/ 4. FUTUREADPRO (PASSIVE INCOME, AVG 1% DAILY) FutureAdPro Review - https://youtu.be/YH1gk6Y4ICg FutureAdPro Join Link https://jaimesoriano.futurenet.club/futureadpro . DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial adviser. Please do your own research before investing. Crypto is a very volatile space, and while I believe MINING is the best way to stack crypto long-term, there is still risk involved and profits aren't guaranteed. Only invest funds you could afford to lose.
Huge Tier 2 Clean Out! | T1-T5 in 30 Days Gold Rush Gameplay | Gold Rush S1EP4
Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkEvrhT-JIfvhFZHTVGsG1w?sub_confirmation=1 The General on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gen_Curmudgeon Let's try Gold Rush, the Alaskan gold mining simulation. The General has set himself a challenge: starting with Tier 1 equipment on the Rivertown parcel can he set up a Tier 5 wash plant and be debt free in 30 days or less? In this episode we spend another day mining with the mobile wash plant and get a nice surprise at the end of the day. Gold Rush on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/451340/Gold_Rush_The_Game/ Fife and Drum Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Mt Cara Gold Cube
Trying out the Gold Cube and Trommel at Mt Cara, Donnybrook. The spot is directly above the mineralised zone, with the dirt made of kaolinised sandstone and broken quartz. There is a lot of clay! The little wash plant did a fantastic job!
Former coal miner finds a new career
Former coal miner finds a new career
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WORK FROM HOME Earn $15,000 on the Internet Job
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American History  - Part 082 - Buchanan - Gold, Railroads, Mormons and Mayhem
Welcome to THE MAKING OF A NATION-- American history in VOA Special English. The problem of slavery continued to divide the North and South. Northerners warned that slavery could spread no farther. Southerners threatened to leave the Union unless southern rights were protected. "Don't go," warned the New York Tribune, "if you have a job or a farm. But if you have neither," it said, "and can get fifty dollars, then go to Colorado." There were many men without jobs or farms in the summer of 1858. The country had suffered a serious economic depression the year before, and jobs were difficult to find. Thousands left cities in the east. The thousands who rushed to Colorado soon found that there was not as much gold as expected. The valuable metal became harder to find. No longer could it be washed from the bottoms of mountain streams. Men had to dig into the mountains of rock to get it. Huge digging machines and crushers were needed to get the gold from the rock. These machines were expensive. Few men had enough money to buy them. Some of the miners organized companies. They borrowed money from eastern banks or sold shares of their companies. In a few years, almost all of the gold from Colorado came from the mining companies. Many of those who went west to search for gold stayed to become farmers or storekeepers. Others moved farther west to find gold in Nevada or California. Some cleared the ground of trees and cut them into wood for houses. Such timber from the forests of Oregon and Washington was sold in California and Mexico, even in China and Hawaii. A few men recognized the need for transportation across the nation. Engineers planned four railroads. But northern and southern leaders could not agree on which one to build first. Until a railroad could be built, supplies were carried west in wagons pulled by horses or oxen. Three men -- Russell, Majors, and Waddell -- formed a transportation company in 1855 to carry government supplies to soldiers in the West. They started with five hundred wagons. Three years later, the company had three thousand five hundred wagons and forty thousand oxen. The federal government decided to send mail overland two times a week to California. It gave the job of carrying the letters to a new company -- the Overland Mail Company. The mail was carried by train or boat to St. Louis. Then it was put on overland company stage coaches -- light wagons pulled by four or six horses. The company was told to take the mail along a four-thousand-kilometer southern route through Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The mail arrived in Los Angeles twenty-four days after it left St. Louis. The shortest distance between Missouri and California was across the central part of the country. The Russell, Majors and Waddell Company decided to show that this central route could be used all year. It began a speedy mail service called the Pony Express. As communications and transportation improved, the government was able to increase its control over the West. But closer ties were not welcomed between the government and a religious group known as the Mormons. The Mormon religion was started by a young New England man named Joseph Smith. In 1823, at the age of 18, Smith claimed that an Angel told him of a golden book. He said the book contained God's words to the ancient people of America. Smith said he was able to read the strange writing in this book and put it into English. He called this work the Book of Mormon. The Mormons seemed finally to have found a home in Illinois. They built their own town and called it Nauvoo. They governed themselves and had their own defense force. The Mormons did so well that Nauvoo became the fastest-growing city in Illinois. Then some members of the group split apart, because of a new message Smith claimed to have received from God. Smith said God gave permission for Mormons to have more than one wife. This was polygamy. And it was opposed by almost all people. Some of the Mormons who left the church published a newspaper criticizing Smith and the other Mormon leaders. Followers ordered by Smith destroyed the newspaper's publishing equipment. This caused non-Mormons to demonstrate and demand that Smith be punished. Smith was arrested and put in jail in Carthage, Illinois. His brother also was arrested. An angry mob attacked the jail and shot both Smith and his brother to death. The governor of Illinois ordered the Mormons to leave his state. He said only this would prevent further violence. There was no choice. They had to leave. The Mormons had a new Brigham Young. Young decided to take his people west and find a new home for them. He wanted a place where they would be safe -- where no one could interfere with their religion.
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Arizona Gold Prospecting
http://the-gold-market.blogspot.com People conducting gold prospecting in Arizona. It's clear from this video that amateur gold prospecting is not a viable job or source of income, but an enjoyable hobby for those who love gold and love the outdoors.
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Miss Bonnie’s Shovel: Mining the Past, Present and Future
There are many individuals who helped write UNC Charlotte’s story, but none is as significant as Miss Bonnie Cone. Her passion, vision, commitment to education, and even her shovel, helped her to realize her dream of establishing an institution of higher learning in the city of Charlotte. While the University’s story began in 1946 with the founding of the Charlotte Center, the story of Miss Bonnie’s shovel began in 1961 when the institution moved its growing student body to what would become a 1,000-acre campus 10 miles from uptown Charlotte. Miss Bonnie worked tirelessly to shape a unique path for this University. And with the help of her red shovel, she broke ground on not only a new campus that day, but also a bright, new future for UNC Charlotte.
EXTREME JOBS: Eps 9 - Rally Paramedic, Hippo Wrangler, Gemstone Dealer
We travel around the globe to meet people who do the most amazing work. We find out what it takes, why they do it and what the rewards are... From the airline-anti-terrorist unit or the man that hunts Anacondas barefoot, to the Siberian forest fire fighters. This insider expos will inspire and inform people about where their dreams could take them. In this episode, a man races through the desert to save motorcyclists. Find out out to catch a monstrous Hippo! Finally, see the dangers of gemstone finding as men descend into the belly of the earth. This is the 9th of 20 episodes of the famous TV series which aired in 2012. Please subscribe our channel so we can bring you your daily dose of quality TV documentries
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Mining Gemstones with North America's most famous Gem miner...Frank Perham
Frank Perham, a miner and mineral collector for over 45 years is one of the most renowned experts on Maine Pegmatites. His experience with granite pegmatite has lead to the success of the famous 1972 Tuesday Pocket at the Dunton Quarry in Newry, ME which a majority of some of best Maine tourmaline has been extracted from this pocket including massive green tourmaline crystals on display at the Smithsonian and Harvard Natural History museums. The other successes include the Harvard Quarry, Mt. Mica, and the Tamminen Quarry. A true rockhound legend! and I got to dig with him..woo-hoo!!
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S.A: Mining Companies Contemplate Shutting down to Cut Loses
South Africa may be forced, to completely overhaul its platinum-mining sector following a standoff between, workers and mining-companies, that's now dragging into its 11th week. Both sides are yet to show any signs of compromise and mining companies are now looking to sell-off their operations or shut-down the mines to cut their losses.
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Working at KCGM
Want to know what it's like to work at KCGM and live in Kalgoorlie? Hear it from those who do it....
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SC EP:160 Multiple Incidents
Tonight I speak with two guests. My first guest shares with us three separate incidents that happened to him. 1. Lake Tahoe April 27, 1980. Mike Swank and I climbed up to the top of ” Manny’s Cave Rock” US 50, north of Stateline, Nevada to watch the jet boat try to break some record on the lake. Manny and Pat climbed up after us, we turned to say they had missed the first run and behind them was a monster. We looked at each other, turned back and it was gone. We watched the boat’s second run and saw it explode after it hit a branch or log in the water. I stood where this thing had been, behind a large rock. It’s knees were about the same level as my waist. I am 6’6″ tall. We never said a word to anyone. I told Luke the story about 3 years ago. 2. Brown County State Park, east of Nashville, Indiana spring of 1990. I was operating a crane during a change-out at Otis Elevator in Bloomington, Indiana 7 12 hour shifts for 2 weeks. My cousin was getting married in Columbus the next day and I was going to stay in Columbus, go to the wedding, then back to Otis for the last half of my shift. About 1-1:30 am I was coming to the entrance to the state park, in the middle of the road a guy was doing jumping jacks trying to get me to stop. I pulled over, pulled out my Rugar 10-22 just in case and stepped out of the van. Something was on the north side of the road about 30 ft. up. This guy was scared to death, I jumped back in the van, unlocked the door and he dove in. We were being pelted with good size rocks. The guy had crapped his pants and I don’t blame him. In the rear view we could see the silhouette of this thing, it was big and pissed. We stopped at the gas station about a mile east and he changed into a pair of sweats I had in the back. We did not go back to check out what the thing was or if it was still there. 3. Columbus, Indiana Sept 12, 2015, dusk. Sky was still blue and sun barely up. In the back yard with the dogs, heard a pack of coyotes, thought they were taking down a deer. Put the dogs in, grabbed a 12 gauge pump and 7 rounds of dove shot, walked about 250 yards into the woods. No sound, nothing…. went into the clearing where I have spotted the coyotes before but nothing. Looked around and started to go further into the woods when I heard a buck snort, then a second off to my right. It sounded like a steam engine, then I heard something moving to my left flank and I chambered a round, never saw anything but heard a lot of huffing and snorting. After I backed out of the clearing, a large stone was thrown over my head and I walked backwards for about 150 yards, something was parallel to me the entire retreat. Went back to the house called my son in Ohio, he told me to go to the dock and listen for movement across the pond. Never got there, something was on the west side of the house, got the shot gun and followed the clicking and bird calls to the side of the barn, got a yellow streak, even though I had deer slugs and came back to the house. Went into the woods about 1 on Sunday the 13th and their was coyote parts and pelts and blood just behind where I stopped. Have not returned to the woods since. I will also be speaking to Tony who is a truck driver and had an encounter while on the job. He will talk about some recent sightings that he just had and talks a little bit about his research. Tony saw a creature on two legs running a long the highway.
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Mine Cristal, mining quartz crystals
www.minecristal.ca Stay informed about our new videos: subscribe to our YouTube channel "Mine Cristal". This mine is located in Bonsecours, Quebec, Canada. Photos and video clips shown here date from 1989 - 2012. The open-pit mine produces splendid quartz crystals with exceptional clarity. The largest single crystals measure 60 cm (24 inches) in length. Since mining began in 1989, 32 types, or morphologies of quartz crystals have been catalogued. Geological research into the origins of these crystals has revealed that they formed at this location some 300 million years ago under extreme conditions of heat and pressure. We harvest crystals in the mine only as needed, to supply our store with a sufficient quantity of quartz crystals. Exceptionally (for a mine), we harvest all the crystals by hand and without the use of dynamite. It is a privilege for us to participate in the discovery and extraction of these true gems of nature. The extraction process is done in a manner which respects both the environment and the crystals: we endeavor to keep the crystals whole and in a pristine state. In the museum and the store, our crystals are presented in an untouched, natural state. Amazingly, each crystal is an intricate work of art made by Nature; no two are alike and this makes them even more fascinating! Mine Cristal is considered by experts to be a “geological gem,” one of Canada’s great natural sites, due to it’s unique and abundant mineralogical deposits.
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Charlotte's Hidden Treasures
Walk through hidden gems of Charlotte, NC with Terri Joelle.
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Deadliest Journey - Papuasia New Guinea : Your Money or Your Life
Papua Asia New Guinea is one of the world’s last lands of adventure. In a country that still lives in isolation from the rest of the world, roads are practically non-existent. Officially, there are only 700 kilometres of paved roads. The capital itself, Port Moresby, is cut off from the rest of the territory and is not served by any road system. It is accessible only by plane. This explains the importance of the Highland Highway: this road is one of the few in the country. It’s the biggest and, most importantly, the only one that provides a link between the towns and villages of the mountains with the coast. For the inhabitants of the highlands it is also the only supply route. However, this road is extremely difficult. It runs through the wildest and most dangerous regions in the country. It very soon gives way to increasingly deep potholes and a road surface that is either breaking up or has completely subsided. Landslips, mud slides, accidents… there are many dangers on the Highway. Truck drivers are also often targeted by armed gangs who hold travelers for ransom. Kevin has been making this trip for ten years. At the wheel of his imposing American truck he makes three trips a week to supply the town of Kundiawa. His boss? A French ex-pat, who’s been in Papua Asia for more than 20 years. This adventurer has made a new life in the heart of the mountains of Papua Asia. He owns several trucks and most of the shops in town. He has become a respected person in the highlands. They even call him “the lord”! And what lies under the ground in Papua Asia has whetted the appetites of major international mining companies. There’s an abundance of gold, gas and oil here, but most exploitations are in the deepest part of the tropical jungle. They have an enormous need for equipment. A number of experienced drivers regularly risk their lives in these forgotten regions. Such is Billy’s case. His mission: drive two giant plant machines to the Moro oil well. A testing journey deep in a hostile forest. Beyond the Highway: the jungle and the mountains! Most villages can only be reached by plane. Every year pilots lose their lives in the highlands. The weather is unpredictable and the airstrips barely usable. Most of the time they are slippery strips of mud. Antony, a young New Zealander, has been doing this job for a year now. It’s a high-risk occupation, but it’s also his passion. On the rare tracks in the country, the only means of public transport remain some old, beaten-up pick-up trucks. Their drivers pay absolutely no attention to safety standards. With his vehicle laden with passengers and supplies, Paul makes daily trips to the villages on Mount Wilhelm?the highest peak in Papua Asia?from the valley. Here, brakes and suspension get a severe testing! The least error means a certain plunge to the bottom of a ravine… It’s here, on the roof of Papua Asia, that Father Matthew lives. He’s a Papuan priest and he’s a unique character. On this Christmas Day he celebrates a huge mass before setting off on forgotten trails that only he dares to take. His destination? Villages far from anywhere where he must spread the good word.
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Gold and Silver Stock Trends 20160505
Gold and Silver Stock Trends is Stephen Whiteside's weekly look at the Gold and Silver stock sectors. Stock features in this presentation include AEM.TO Agnico-Eagle, AU AngloGold, ABX.TO Barrick Gold, ABX Barrick Gold, CDE Coeur d'Alene Mines, FCX Freeport-McMoRan Copper, GFI Gold Fields, G.TO Goldcorp, GG Goldcorp, HMY Harmony Gold Mining, K.TO Kinross Gold, KGC Kinross Gold, NEM Newmont Mining, PAAS Pan American Silver, GOLD Randgold Resources, RGLD Royal Gold, SSO.TO Silver Standard Resources, SSRI Silver Standard Resources, SLW Silver Wheaton, SLW.TO Silver Wheaton, AUY Yamana Gold and YRI.TO Yamana Gold. For more information on what we do, please visit our web site @ http://www.theuptrend.com http://theuptrend.evsuite.com/gold-and-silver-stock-trends-20160505/
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NCAA video: Exploring North Carolina's aggregates
This PBS video explores North Carolina's rock backbone, which supplies the aggregates necessary for building in the state. It is intended to promote awareness of North Carolina's natural resources.
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