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Securing Stock Netting at an End Post - Gripple T-Clip
The quick and easy way to tie-off at the start or end of a fence; at least four times faster than knotting. Simply twist onto the line wire and push the tail wire through. The T-Clip is ideal for use on all types of stock fence, especially on horse fence where space is tight. It is also suitable for tying-off barbed wire.
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Fencing Installation
Installation demonstration of the Gripple range of products on wire fencing, showing huge time and effort saving when compared to traditional methods. Includes the Gripple Plus range to join and tension wire, the Contractor Tool to apply tension with ease, the Gripple Anchor for tying back or securing your fence, the GPAK to securely brace and the Gripple T-Clip to tie-off at an end post. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com
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"Gripple" The Safer Choice
After our horse Spurs was injured on a strainer and spring assembly, we found a safer choice in the Gripple fence connecter and strainer system. Watch and see how easy it is to change to the Gripple system. Thank You For Watching! Please Like & Subscribe! Were on Facebook At: https://www.facebook.com/woodtnn Music: Spring In My Step, Thingamajig by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attributions license.
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Gripple Wire Tensioning Tool: Permanent Fencing Skills
The Gripple Tool is commonly used to put tension on a line of wire. Tom Deane, Animal & Crop Production Sciences Lecturer at Teagasc Clonakilty Agricultural College explains how it is used.
Repairing Trellis Wires feat. Gripple Plus
Repairing trellis wires made easy with Gripple Plus. Whether in-line or loop repairs, Gripple Plus ensures a quick and reliable repair which can be tensioned and re-tensioned with the Torq Tensioning Tool. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com Gripple Plus: https://www.gripple.com/gb/en/p35/a17/gripple-plus
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Trellising with Gripple Plus - Product Focus
Installation of vineyard trellising using Gripple products, emphasising the speed and ease of installation when compared to traditional methods. Includes the Gripple Plus range to join and tension wire, the Torq Tensioning Tool and the Gripple Plus No.1, specially designed to tension through metal vineyard posts. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com Gripple Plus: https://www.gripple.com/gb/en/p35/a17/gripple-plus
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Gripple, The Finished Product
Re-tensioning using the Gripple system is easy. The finished product is smoother and cleaner, avoids sharp ends that can injure livestock. Feel free to comment below with any questions. Thanks For Watching! Were On Facebook At: https://www.facebook.com/woodtnn Check Out "In The Words Of A Tennessee Cowboy" https://www.amazon.com/Words-Tennessee-Cowboy-Moses-Woodson/dp/1511750006 Music: Spring In My Step, Hounds
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Stock Fence Repair - Gripple Plus range
The Gripple Plus can also be used for fast, economic repairs. It is four times faster than traditional methods and is adjustable, meaning it can be re-tensioned year after year.
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Gripple: grappling with wire fencing
Rachel Bridge presents the video profile of Gripple, a Sheffield-based company making wire fasteners and tensioners for the agricultural and construction businesses. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sponsored/technology/toshiba-technology/10291112/gripple-wire-fencing.html Created by http://tinyurl.com/ct6aqjj Telegraph Commercial Video in association with Telegraph.co.uk for Toshiba Telegraph Commercial Video creates video content for brands across the globe. Email: [email protected] or call 020 7931 2000 for details.  Get the latest headlines http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ Subscribe to The Telegraph http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=telegraphtv Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/telegraph.co.uk Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/telegraph Follow us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/102891355072777008500/ Telegraph.co.uk and YouTube.com/TelegraphTV are websites of The Daily Telegraph, the UK's best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and analysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture.
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Gripple Fencing Products
Instructional video for fencing products, filmed in Florida, USA.
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Against the Clock – Gripple Plus Medium vs Traditional Method
The Gripple Plus Medium takes on traditional methods in an installation time trial. The Gripple Plus range of wire joiners and tensioners is suitable for all trellis applications and includes joining and tensioning capabilities in one. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com Gripple Plus: https://www.gripple.com/gb/en/p35/a17/gripple-plus
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Gripple Petrol Driver | Product Focus
Introducing the new Gripple Petrol Driver. A portable, lightweight and powerful tool for the installation of Gripple Anchors and trellis posts. Ideal for hard to reach areas such as steep banks and uneven ground, greatly reducing installation time. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com Gripple Petrol Driver: https://www.gripple.com/gb/en/p152/a20/gripple-petrol-driver
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Gripple Anchor vs Disk Anchor | Product Focus
The Gripple anchor is put to the test against the traditional Disc anchor in this installation.
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Tensioning High Tensile Smooth Wire
Gripple Plus used in a loop format around an end post to terminate and tension the top wires.
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Fence Bracing feat. Gripple Dynamic
The Dynamic is the new way to brace high-load fencing structures securely. Ideal for deer netting, horse mesh or longer runs, the Dynamic comes in a ready-to-use kit that can be installed and locked in less than 1 minute.
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Fence Bracing - Gripple GPAK
A ready-to-use kit that dramatically reduces installation time. The high grade galvanised wire rope coating provides optimum corrosion resistance. It can be used for fence bracing, trellis anchoring or for structural bracing of poly-tunnels.
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Fencing Solutions
The Gripple range of products provide innovative and cost effective solutions for fencing applications. Providing a far superior installation than traditional methods, customers who use our products experience significant time and labor savings across installation, maintenance and repair. Suitable for use on mild and high tensile wire, Gripple removes the need to knot and tie cable, and reduces the total cost of fence ownership.
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Tensioning Wire Fences - Contractor Tool
The Contractor Tool is strong, robust and built for contractors, producing the same tension with much less effort. The all metal construction results in added durability and strength. Other features include long handles for increased leverage, quick release cam to position the tool easily on the wire and soft, moulded, ergonomic grips for added comfort.
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Woven Wire End Post Termination - Wooden End Post
Gripple T-Clip securely fastens each line wire at a wooden end post without the need to tie or knot.
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Gripple T-Clip
The Gripple T-Clip is used to secure wires at the beginning or end of a fence line. There is no need to knot or staple the wire - simply twist and push to engage the internal spring mechanism. It is designed for use with 14 - 10 gauge wire and recommended for woven wire fence. Order here... http://www.kencove.com/fence/Gripple_detail_CGT.php
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Anchor Repair feat. Gripple APAK - Product Focus
Installation demonstration showing the Gripple APAK -- the complete vineyard anchoring solution. Comprising a subterranean ground anchor and GPAK (post-to-ground) anchor kit, the Gripple APAK is 8 times quicker to install than traditional methods. The ground anchor is installed using the Gripple Petrol Driver, the perfect installation tool especially for dense and/or rocky soils. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com
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Joining Stock Netting - Gripple Plus Range
A range of Wire Joiners & Tensioners for all types and sizes of wire including mild or high tensile steel, polymer wire, plain, barbed or electric wire and all types of stock fence. Being four times faster than traditional methods, the Gripple Plus is ideal for use at installation and fast, economic repairs. They are adjustable and can be re-tensioned year after year.
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New Gripple Anchor
In this video, we see the all new Gripple Anchors. Call us for more info on the complete Gripple product line! 315-904-4007 or email us at [email protected]
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Fixing a Fence Using Only Pliers
This video shows you how to fix a fence using only a pair of pliers and a small coil of wire. A good trick to know when you are a long way from the shed and have to fix a damaged fence fast! After this video, you will be sure to want a set of fencing pliers in all your farm vehicles! Buy your fencing pliers here - http://go.magik.ly/ml/bqlv/
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Gripple NEW Torq Tool Video
Gripple "New" Torq tool usage. Gripple Torq tool will allow specific wire tension settings so as to promote wire life.
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Fencing Pliers Tutorial
This is a fencing tool. Better known as a fencing pliers. This video describes the four main functions of a fencing tool namely: hammer, claw, wire cutter and pliers. Disclaimer: Using a fencing tool is dangerous. Use common sense when using tools and wear all appropriate safety gear including proper eye protection. The maker of this video is not liable for any accidents that might occur using a fencing pliers. This video is not advocating for any specific brand of fencing pliers.
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Gripple Garden Trellis System
Instructional video for making a wire trellis with the Gripple Garden Kit
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Tying Down a Fence - Gripple Anchor
The Gripple Anchor saves time and labour as it is very quick to install. There is minimal ground disturbance and it is suitable for a variety of soil types. The cutting edge driving tool eliminates damage to the anchor. It provides instant load holding and is designed for use with GPAK 3 & 4.
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Draper Fence Wire Tensioner
Video showing an overview of the Draper fence wire tensioner tool. Available from Denis Wilson Of Glenavy.
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Gripple Plus Wire Joiners/Tensioners - from Vigo Ltd
For more information see the Vineyard Sundries (Trellising Sundries) page of www.vigoltd.com or contact +44 (0) 1404 892100 or [email protected]
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Joining Barbed Wire - Gripple Barbed
The Gripple Barbed is designed for use with larger diameter barbed wire. It is fitted with ceramic rollers for high corrosion resistance. It can join and tension 2.00mm and 2.50mm barbed wire in seconds. The one-way movement allows for re-tensioning and it provides a professional, safe and secure finish.
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Strainrite Crimp Sleeves 2.5mm
2.5mm Crimp Sleeves Key Features: *Genuine NZ made 2.5mm Wire Crimp Sleeves *Water resistant grit adhesive for all weather application. *For use on 1.6mm to 2.5mm fencing wire. For use on 1.6mm to 2.5mm (16 to 12 gauge) fencing wire. Crimp 4-5 times with EzePull or EzeCrimp fencing tool to ensure joint strength. Crimp from one end overlapping each crimp to eliminate shoulders. Water resistant grit adhesive for all weather application. EzePull Tool information PDF download: http://www.strainrite.co.nz/ApplicationGuides/494.PDF Click on the links below for more info: http://www.strainrite.co.nz/Category/101-crimp-sleeves.aspx
Deerfence.com Gripples and Gripple Puller Tool
Instructional video by Deerfence.com talking about the description and proper use of the Gripple and Gripple tightening tool.
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Wire In-Line Join - Gripple Plus
A Gripple Plus is not only a joiner, but a tensioner too. An in-line join is created where two separate wires are joined together. this is typically used for installing or repairing trellis wires, crop wires in greenhouses and poly-tunnels or plain wire fencing. The join can then be tensioned on the Gripple unit by using a Gripple Tensioning tool.
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Fencing in ravines creeks and rivers.
Hope you enjoy this series of videos. I had to learn the hard way trial and error. Hopefully this will help you in your endeavors. If you enjoyed the videos and they helped or you have helpful tips please share them in the comments below and please hit that thumbs up button happy trails Luke Barbwire fencing trickshttps://youtu.be/b2r2Mj6g4-w Secure a wire gate with a lariat Half hitch.~https://youtu.be/qur13Iy14qM
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How To Tie A Tex Brown Knot
Visit our New Zealand Site: www.strainrite.co.nz In this video North Island Fencing Specialist Hugh Morrison demonstrates how to tie a Texas Brown knot. If you like this video, be sure to check out our video on how to tie a figure 8 knot too!
Agricultural Gripple release key
The Gripple release key is used when uninstalling gripples from a trellis or fence wire. Remove the tension off of the wedge inside the Gripple with the Gripple torque tool , insert the pin of the release key into the small hole on the Gripple to slide the internal wedge off of the wire, thereby freeing the wire.
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Releasing D6 feat. Tensioning Tool
The D6 integral locking system allows users to secure both channels simultaneously with one quarter turn. The tensioning tool can be used to release the product quickly and easily. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com
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High Tensile Wire Tensioning Tips from Zareba® Systems
Maintaining the tension on your electric fence line is vital to make it fully functional. With this video from Zareba® Systems, you will learn the appropriate techniques for safely tensioning high tensile electric fence wire. Look for key fencing points and tips at these markers: – How to install in-line strainers (0:26) – How to install tension indicator springs (1:41) – How to apply tension to a wire (2:25) – How to accurately measure wire tension (2:35) – How to tension all the wire (2:47) – How to properly use multi groove poly spacers (3:02) A few additional tips for your high tensile wire installation: Fence Tension by Wire – The amount of weight needed to tension wire will depend on the type of wire chosen. High tensile wire is typically tensioned to approximately 200-250 pounds. Be sure you do not apply too much tension to wires. Excessive tension will damage wire and may lift fence posts out of the ground in low spots. In-line Strainer Tools – You can use a ratchet in-line strainer or tightener to tension wires. Ratchets will also allow you to adjust wire tension for temperature changes. Use a tension indicator spring to adjust each wire to the proper tension. Once achieved on one line, tighten the rest of the wires by feel to match that tension. In-line Strainer Location – For short stretches of fence line (less than 600 feet), the in-line strainer and tension indicator spring, known as the friction center, can be placed anywhere, but usually should be close to an end. On long, fairly straight runs, it is more ideal to place them in the middle so that tension is dispersed equally to both sides of the fence. Long runs with both straight and curving sections should have the friction center placed in the bends section rather than the straight section. For more ideas and advice, consider these additional resources from Zareba® Systems: –Your high tensile electric fence wire options: http://www.zarebasystems.com/store/electric-fence-wire/high-tensile –The benefits of high tensile fencing: http://www.zarebasystems.com/blog/hightensile/benefits-high-tensile-fencing/ –Installing electric fence wire: http://www.zarebasystems.com/learning-center/installation-guide/fence-wire-installation
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Joining Woven Wire Fence
Pre-installed Gripple Plus eliminates cumbersome tying and knotting, providing a fast, repeatable and reliable join at every line wire.
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Gripple T-Clip 2 Barbed Wire End Post Bracket Unboxing
Shop Gripple Plus T-Clip 2 for Barbed Wire Fencing, available here: https://fencesupplyco.com/collections/gripple/products/t-clip-barbed-wire-gripple?variant=12389082136673 -Secures Barbed Wire To End Posts -Easily adjustable with release key -Faster than traditional end post knotting -Clean Professional Finish
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Strainrite Contractor Quad Wire Jenny
Welcome to Strainrite Fencing Systems - Serious About Fencing! New Zealand based manufacturer & supplier of high quality fencing tools and Electric Fencing equipment for over 35 years. Whether you're a novice fencer or a seasoned fencing contractor, our Strainrite online video tutorials are bound to have something for you. Visit our New Zealand Site: www.strainrite.co.nz Product Name: Contractor/Vineyard Quad Jenny Part.No: FWJ00180 Key Features: * Adjustable hubs to prevent Wire overrun * Four Twin Roller Bearing Assembly Vineyard model wire Jenny rotors * Designed for dispensing 1000M Coils in all conditions Full Description CONTRACTOR / VINEYARD WIRE JENNY SYSTEMS Features twin roller bearing assembly & cast hub with adjustable pre load nut. Designed for dispensing 1,000 Metre coils in all conditions. Includes the Vineyard Quad Jenny Stand, and Four Vineyard model Wire Jenny Rotors. Click on the links below for more info: http://www.strainrite.co.nz/Products/470-vineyard-wire-jenny.aspx
Gripple and Tightener Tool
Installation of a monofilament Gripple using the Gripple tightener tool on a DeerBusters.com deer fence
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Dynamic Gripple - Product Focus
Installation demonstration of the NEW Dynamic Gripple (DPAK) in an orchard application. With an integral locking system and high load-bearing capability, the Dynamic secures high-load trellis structures in seconds and can be tensioned and re-tensioned with the Contractor Tensioning Tool. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com Gripple Dynamic: https://www.gripple.com/gb/en/p49/a17/dynamic
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Gripple Petrol Driver vs Sledgehammer
Demonstration showing installations of Gripple ground anchor -- both manual installation and using Gripple Petrol Driver (GPD). Watch the GPD make light work of an installation in difficult ground conditions. Gripple Website: https://www.gripple.com Gripple Petrol Driver: https://www.gripple.com/gb/en/p152/a20/gripple-petrol-driver
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Gripple Dynamic #4
Learn more about the Gripple Dynamic #4 or buy it here… http://www.kencove.com/fence/detail.php?code=CGD4 The Gripple Dynamic #4 is fast, easy, and secure. Ideal for heavy load anchoring and structural bracing, the Dynamic combines push-fit technology with a one-step lock to re-tension or release. Use it for fencing, bracing, protective netting, or shade cloth. Ceramic rollers and stainless steel springs offer optimum corrosion resistance. One action locks the wire in both channels simultaneously. Music provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk.
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Gripple Barbwire App
Animated video on how use the Gripple Plus wire tensioner - joiner on barbed wire. Easy application, cost effective and re-usable.
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Gripple Express
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Gripple Tensioner Tool - Contractor (Metal)
Product highlight video of Gripple Tensioner Tool - Contractor (Metal), from fencesupplyco.com. Shop this product online at: https://fencesupplyco.com/products/gripple-contractor-tool?variant=12387311583329
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