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Gripple Wire Tensioning Tool: Permanent Fencing Skills
The Gripple Tool is commonly used to put tension on a line of wire. Tom Deane, Animal & Crop Production Sciences Lecturer at Teagasc Clonakilty Agricultural College explains how it is used.
Tensioning Wire Fences - Contractor Tool
The Contractor Tool is strong, robust and built for contractors, producing the same tension with much less effort. The all metal construction results in added durability and strength. Other features include long handles for increased leverage, quick release cam to position the tool easily on the wire and soft, moulded, ergonomic grips for added comfort.
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Draper fence wire tension tool
The draper fence wire tension tool is excellent for tensioning any type of fencing wire. Because of the length of the handle you can easily tension wire much tighter than if you use traditional fencing pliers. Brought to you by http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk
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Fencing Gadgets; Gripples Vs  Crimps Vs Fencing Knots. The Positives and the Negatives
Sometimes you don't want to tie a fence knot or you just don't have the room. I compare two popular fence joining gadgets that replace knots, the Gripple and the Crimp. What is best? The Gripple, Crimp or Knot? It all depends on your perspective, although my bad experience with one of these might influence my opinion in this video a little.... Subscribe for a new video each week! New content uploaded every weekend. My Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdtlC5DtsgZKCM8gislyDJw Buy Crimps https://go.magik.ly/ml/e368/
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Gripple Smooth Wire Repair App
Animated video on how use the Gripple Plus wire tensioner - joiner on repairing smooth wire fencing or trellis wires. Easy application, cost effective and re-usable
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Draper Fence Wire Tensioning Tool - 57547
For tensioning wire (including barbed wire) up to 4mm diameter prior to stapling onto wooden fencing posts. Manufactured from carbon steel hardened and tempered with 600mm long handle for excellent leverage and a pivoting 'Durbar' steel locating foot to grip any post type whilst straining wire.
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Brace a fence - Gripple GPAK
The GPAK is a ready-to-use bracing kit, installed in under 1 minute it makes light work of securing your h-brace and providing a strong foundation for your fence. The kit comprises a pre-cut, pre-ferruled length of wire rope and a Gripple Plus unit, which can be tensioned with a Gripple Tensioning tool. Simple and quicker than traditional methods, the GPAK removes the need to bend and twist wire, is easy to handle and quick to install.
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Line Stake Installation - T-Post and Highway Stake installation demonstration
Vineyard Industry Products demonstrates the various way to install Line Stakes in the vineyard. Manual and machine (pushing and pounding methods) installations are shown for T-Posts and Highway Stakes.
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Gripple Automation
Gripple Automation deliver bespoke automated manufacturing solutions, utilising the latest robotic and automation technologies, to improve productivity and quality and safety, whilst reducing costs. It all started with the success of Sheffield based manufacturer Gripple. Established in 1987, Gripple’s success around the world demanded more products and commanded a competitive price, so automation was fundamental to the future. Gripple Automation Ltd now operates as a stand alone business, using the knowledge and experience gained within Gripple to deliver automation solutions to customers in the Automotive, Industrial, Food, Assembly and Handling sectors.
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Fence Wire Tensioning Tool
The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool is an innovative hand tool for stretching all types of plain, barbed and stock wire and is likely to be of particular interest to farmers, ranchers, stock breeders, cattlemen, fence contractors, foresters, smallholders, landscapers, local councils, parks departments, gardeners, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. We are actively looking for wholesalers / re-sellers / distributors in all other countries as well. Please contact us if you are interested in stocking this effective and inexpensive tool. Herramienta para estirar alambre de cerca. Esta herramienta realmente innovador para estirar todos los tipos de alambre es distribuido por Draper Herramientas Ltd (Southampton), Reino Unido. Es probable que este herramienta para estirar alambre de cerca es de particular interés para agricultores, ganaderos, criadores, contratistas, guarda forestal, los pequeños agricultores, jardineros, consejos locales, departamentos de parques, jardines, viviendas y lo entusiastas de bricolaje. Estamos activamente buscando mayoristas / re-vendedores y distribuidores en todos los demás países también. Por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros si está interesado en vendedora de esta herramienta eficaz y barata. Przyrząd do naciągania drutu DISP. TENSIONAARE SARMA проволоки натяжения инструмента Plot Wire Napínací nástroj прылада для фехтавання Cerque ferramenta de tensioning de fio For further details about this amazing time saver please send a message to [email protected] or visit our dedicated website at http://www.fencetool.com Over 50000 already sold in the UK and ROI. Available from all good agricultural dealers, toolshops, fencing suppliers and Ebay stores. Draper Tools (Southampton) UK Distributors for the FWTT. Ask for Stock No 57547. http://www.draper.co.uk or search online for Internet sales. The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool was shown recently at the Cologne (Germany) International Hardware Fair. http://www.eisenwarenmesse.com/en/iem/home/index.php
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Orchard Diary 6/10/2012: Trellis Installation Tools & Tips
This is a quick overview of the tools that I used to install and maintain my trellises. I tend to work alone, so tools that are easy to handle by myself are a big plus. I'm also cost-sensitive, so I am showing you the tools that pay for themselves, and call out the ones that really are better suited to be paperweights. My preferred provider for most tools and supplies (except wire) is Kencove here in Pennsylvania (http://www.kencove.com). Tractor Supply Co. is a distant second since their prices are not competitive, and they are more of a convenience store than a real fencing supplier. I limit my TSC purchases to wire since a 4,000 foot roll is around $100 before you add shipping. Please feel free to post questions, and I'll do my best to answer them for you. I'm no expert, but I've made enough mistakes to at least steer you clear of making them yourself :) I apologize for the shaky camera, I should probably use a tripod or something next time...
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Gripple Tightener Installation video
Deerbusters.com installation video for the proper use of a gripple tightener.
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3 Fence Wire Tensioning Tool
Maintaining the tension on your electric fence line is vital to make it y functional. With this video from Zareba® Systems, you will learn the appropriate . The draper fence wire tension tool is excellent for tensioning any type of fencing wire. Because of the length of the handle you can easily tension wire much . A quick and simple guy wire tensioner made from PVC pipe. I made it with plumping PVC, bur from what I have read using the gray electrical pvc would take the .
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Insul Clip Strainer for wire FST00250
Strainrite's insulated clip strainer
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High Tensile Wire Tensioning Tips from Zareba® Systems
Maintaining the tension on your electric fence line is vital to make it fully functional. With this video from Zareba® Systems, you will learn the appropriate techniques for safely tensioning high tensile electric fence wire. Look for key fencing points and tips at these markers: – How to install in-line strainers (0:26) – How to install tension indicator springs (1:41) – How to apply tension to a wire (2:25) – How to accurately measure wire tension (2:35) – How to tension all the wire (2:47) – How to properly use multi groove poly spacers (3:02) A few additional tips for your high tensile wire installation: Fence Tension by Wire – The amount of weight needed to tension wire will depend on the type of wire chosen. High tensile wire is typically tensioned to approximately 200-250 pounds. Be sure you do not apply too much tension to wires. Excessive tension will damage wire and may lift fence posts out of the ground in low spots. In-line Strainer Tools – You can use a ratchet in-line strainer or tightener to tension wires. Ratchets will also allow you to adjust wire tension for temperature changes. Use a tension indicator spring to adjust each wire to the proper tension. Once achieved on one line, tighten the rest of the wires by feel to match that tension. In-line Strainer Location – For short stretches of fence line (less than 600 feet), the in-line strainer and tension indicator spring, known as the friction center, can be placed anywhere, but usually should be close to an end. On long, fairly straight runs, it is more ideal to place them in the middle so that tension is dispersed equally to both sides of the fence. Long runs with both straight and curving sections should have the friction center placed in the bends section rather than the straight section. For more ideas and advice, consider these additional resources from Zareba® Systems: –Your high tensile electric fence wire options: http://www.zarebasystems.com/store/electric-fence-wire/high-tensile –The benefits of high tensile fencing: http://www.zarebasystems.com/blog/hightensile/benefits-high-tensile-fencing/ –Installing electric fence wire: http://www.zarebasystems.com/learning-center/installation-guide/fence-wire-installation
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home made tension tool
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Coated Wire Tensioner from RAMM
Our coated wire fence tensioner splices two rails of coated wire together while tensioning the fence all at the same time. The coated wire tensioner tightens fence at 660 foot intervals, and is used with ratchet handles. Ratchet handles are sold separate from the tensioners. It is an easy-to-use horse fence accessory. Link to purchase the coated wire tensioner: http://www.rammfence.com/fence/flex-fence-for-horses/high-impact-flex-fence-series-by-ramm/high-impact-flex-fence-accessories/coated-wire-tightener.html Call us today for more information at (800) 434-8456. We are here to help you with all of your equine needs from horse stalls, horse fencing and farm and barn supplies.
Gripple and Tightener Tool
Installation of a monofilament Gripple using the Gripple tightener tool on a DeerBusters.com deer fence
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Hi Tensile Fence Inline Wire Tensioner (No Splice)
http://www.jakesales.com/high-tensile-fence-inline-wire-tensioner A 360 view video of a Hi Tensile Inline Wire Tensioner (No Splice). With this tensioner you Do Not have to cut the fence. Also though, if your fence is cut and you need to splice it, you can do so with this tensioner. It is a very handy high tensile inline wire tensioner as it is easy to use.
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Zip Tie Automatic Tension Cut off Gun Special Pliers Fastening Tool for Stainless Steel Cable Tie
Zip Tie Automatic Tension Cut off Gun Special Pliers Fastening Tool for Stainless Steel Cable Tie Buy Link: https://www.sunsky-online.com/product/default!view.do?subject.itemNo=OG0235 Follow us for updates! Like Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnlineSunsky Subscribe Us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Sunskyonlin... Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunskyOnline Follow Us on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sunskyonlin... Add Us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Sunsky/posts Follow Us on VK: https://vk.com For any business issue Contact: [email protected] Don’t forget to Like if this video helps you. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! Thanks!
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Easy to use wire strainers
The best wire strainers I've ever used. They don't fall off or slip and the have a tension gauge built in. Spring Grip Wire Strainers. www.rural-fencing.com.au
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1 Draper Fence Wire Tensioning Tool Stock No 57547
The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool is an innovative hand tool for stretching all types of plain, barbed and stock wire and is likely to be of particular interest to . The draper fence wire tension tool is excellent for tensioning any type of fencing wire. Because of the length of the handle you can easily tension wire much . We welcome another powerhouse into our fastener family with the new, extremely durable BECK fence staples. Pure holding power and superior corrosion . Welcome to the Kiwikit Range of Products from Strainrite Fencing Systems -- who like us are Serious About Fencing! Kiwikit Ltd are a Family Firm with New .
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How-to: Wire and Gripples
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Gripple Wire Rope Grip System
https://www.s3i.co.uk/gripple-wire-rope-grip.php A Gripple is a device used to join and tension wire, and also to terminate and suspend wires and wire ropes, and to support false ceilings, cable baskets, and similar items. They are manufactured in Sheffield, England by Gripple Ltd. The name derives from the fact that the device both "grips" and "pulls" wire. Wire or wire rope is inserted into a channel in the Gripple, where it is gripped by a spring-loaded roller or wedge, and tensioned by being pulled through. The channel is mirrored on the opposite side of the Gripple, allowing a second piece of wire to be joined. Some Gripples use miniature Tirfor jacks, and can be tensioned using a small key. By turning a Gripple through 90 degrees and combining it with wire rope, it produces a suspension system capable of holding up substantial loads, and this has given rise to a range of Gripple suspension systems, which are sold to the construction industry worldwide. As featured by Stephen Fry's QI! https://www.s3i.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/s3iGroup https://twitter.com/s3iGroup http://pinterest.com/s3igroup/
Gripple Tensioner Tool - Contractor (Metal)
Product highlight video of Gripple Tensioner Tool - Contractor (Metal), from fencesupplyco.com. Shop this product online at: https://fencesupplyco.com/products/gripple-contractor-tool?variant=12387311583329
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Fastlok Wire Joiner
Visit www.strainrite.co.nz Product Name: Fastlok Pottle of 20 (Part No FWC00092) Key Features: *For 2.50 to 3.0 mm high tensile wire *Hardened/electroplated jaws for long life *No tools required -- Reusable Full Description Fastlock wire joiner for 2.50 to 3.0 mm high tensile wire. Durable stainless steel springs, zinc body & hardened/electroplated jaws for long life. No tools required. Reusable. Click on the links below for more info: http://www.strainrite.co.nz/Products/577-fastlok-wire-joiner.aspx U.S residents click here: http://www.nzfenceusa.com/Products/577-fastlok-wire-joiner.aspx
How to Tie a Slip Knot with High Tensile Wire
http://fencing.bekaert.com/ - #TheFencePros at Bekaert demonstrate the proper way to tie a slip knot with wire fencing. A slip knot is used when tying off line wires of high tensile woven wire or high tensile smooth wire to your braces.
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Gripple Dynamic #4
Learn more about the Gripple Dynamic #4 or buy it here… http://www.kencove.com/fence/detail.php?code=CGD4 The Gripple Dynamic #4 is fast, easy, and secure. Ideal for heavy load anchoring and structural bracing, the Dynamic combines push-fit technology with a one-step lock to re-tension or release. Use it for fencing, bracing, protective netting, or shade cloth. Ceramic rollers and stainless steel springs offer optimum corrosion resistance. One action locks the wire in both channels simultaneously. Music provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk.
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Easy Twist Fence Ties and Barbed Wire
http://www.lcenterprises-usa.com Working on an airport project, the fence crew uses a tractor setup with a scaffold to tie the fabric with Easy Twist Ties and install three strands of barbed wire on the same pass. The tractor is equipped with a Barbed Wire Dispenser from L&C Enterprises-USA.
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Tensioner & Crimper Tools
Action Handling supplies an industry-leading sealer which crimps 12mm x 25mm or 12mm x 32mm seals. This product combines both a Tensioner and Cutter in one simple-to-use tool. Ideal for different shapes and sizes of goods. Suitable for 12-15mm strapping. Can be used horizontally or vertically to palletise goods. See our website for further info and prices: https://actionhandling.co.uk/Our-Store/p/tensioner-and-crimper-tools
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Strainrite 5in1 UltraCrimp Fencing Tool
Visit www.strainrite.co.nz for more info Product Name: EzePull UltraCrimp 5in1 Multi Tool Part.no: FEZ00060 Key Features: *Crimping of ALL Strainrite Wire Crimp Sleeves *Staple pulling *Wire cutting & Wire stripping of Underground Cable. The Genuine EzePull Fencing Tool that does it all: Staple pulling, wire cutting, wire stripping, and joining of all wire sizes. Constructed from the time tested Hardened cutlery grade stainless steel jaws, lightweight and compact handles,comfortable rubber grips, and strong double action with over-centre lever for superior strength crimps. Click on the links below for more info: http://www.strainrite.co.nz/Products/493-ultracrimp-5in1.aspx Click here for a downloadable application user guide: http://www.strainrite.co.nz/ApplicationGuides/493.pdf
Cable Tensioning Tool by Feeney
You can find this product at DecksDirect.com: https://www.decksdirect.com/cable-tensioning-tool-for-cablerail.html An improperly tensioned cable can cause unsightly distractions from an otherwise beautiful rail system. It can also make or break the rail passing code inspection. Avoid these mistakes with Feeney's CableRail Tensioning Tool! With a built-in tension indicator and a 6x gear ratio to ensure correct tension and installation is a breeze, much like that nice breeze you'll enjoy on your deck with your new cable rail.
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High Tensile Livestock Fence Strainers Keep Electric Fence Tight
These are electric fence strainers designed for high tensile electric fence wire. you can order your electric fence rachet strainers online at www.gallagherelectricfence.com , www.valleyfarmsupply.net , or at www.gallagherelectricfencing.com .
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The 'PostSpanner' Fencing Tool
The PostSpanner, the essential tool for any fencing job be it professional or domestic, helps guide fence posts into the ground. http://www.postspanner.com/
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Kwik-Loc Tension Tool
Kwik-Loc Tension Tool for tensioning all types of Rize grippers from KL50 to KL200 type available from Tecni-Cable www.tecni-cable.co.uk To Buy Please Visit - http://www.tecni-cable.co.uk/Kwik-Loc-TT1-Tensioning-Tool-KL50-200-113-000-221 We Ship Worldwide! Website - http://www.tecni-cable.co.uk/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/tecniltd Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tecniltd
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Horserail® Donut Tensioner
Horserail Donut Tensioner Installation
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Wire strainer:  How To Strain 8 Gauge Wire Heavy Duty Clip
Wire strainers How the 60secondwirestrainer strains farm fencing including barbed wire in seconds making it the fastest and easiest wire strainer on the market. Save time, money and effort. This clip shows how to strain 8 gauge heavy black wire using 60secondwirestrainer heavy duty clip.For more info go to wirestrainers.com.au for your free report on wire strainers.
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Tying High Tensile Wire
This a simple video to help those who struggle to tie high tensile wire neatly. It's really easy when you know how.
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Strainrite Wire Strainer | Insul-Clip
Visit www.strainrite.co.nz for more info Product Name: Hi-Strain Insul-Clip Strainer Available as: (FST00250) Key Features: *Easy to operate upside down. *Frame designed to maximise spark distance. *Specially moulded insulator nests within frame to achieve high tensile strainer strength. Insul-Clip strainers include robust engineering grade SAN plastic Hi-Strain bull nose insulators. Also available with Porcelain Insulators for areas prone to extreme heat conditions.The specially designed frame maximizes spark distance while still maintaining high tensile strainer strength. Click on the links below for more info: http://www.strainrite.co.nz/Products/447-insul-clip-wire-strainer.aspx Downloadable PDF available here: http://www.strainrite.co.nz/ApplicationGuides/447.PDF
Wire Strainer:  How To Remove Clip From Barbed Wire For Re-Use
Wire strainers How the 60secondwirestrainer strains farm fencing including barbed wire in seconds making it the fastest and easiest wire strainer on the market. Save time, money and effort. This clip shows how to remove 60secondwirestrainer clip for reuse.For more info go to wirestrainers.com.au for your free report on wire strainers.
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9th & Colorado | Denver | Spider
9th and Colorado is a 26 acre, urban-infill project. The first stage of this high profile project consists of 275 rental units, atop 40,000 square feet of ground floor retail space. AMI Mechanical, installing mechanical services on the project, required a concrete insert solution, whereby anchors are placed before pouring the concrete. The Gripple Spider Hanger was the preferred solution. Spider is a versatile, cast-in-place concrete insert solution for both wood form and metal deck applications. Spider’s key benefit is that it’s a universal solution, meaning it accepts rod sizes from 3/8” to 3/4”, as well as No. 2 – No. 5 Swivel Toggle Cable Hanger kits.
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Wire Strainers - 60 Second Wire Strainer
Made by farmers for farmers, how to strain wire with the 60 second wire strainer, making easy work out of straining the wire fences on your property. clips are re-usable and very affordable.
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Wire strainer: How To Strain 4 Rows Plain High Tensile Wire Standard Clip
Wire strainers How the 60secondwirestrainer strains farm fencing including barbed wire in seconds making it the fastest and easiest wire strainer on the market. Save time, money and effort. This clip shows how to strain four rows of high tensile wire in seconds. For more info go to wirestrainers.com.au for your free report on wire strainers.
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Kiwikit Strainrite Helix Wire Winding Jenny (FWJ00500)
Welcome to the Kiwikit Range of Products from Strainrite Fencing Systems -- who like us are Serious About Fencing! Kiwikit Ltd are a Family Firm with New Zealand solutions for British Grassland Farmers and carry a very comprehensive range of electric fencing products for farmers and contractors. We are stockists for Strainrite Fencing Systems, a New Zealand based manufacturer & supplier of high quality fencing tools and Electric Fencing equipment for over 35 years. We are here to help so visit our website: www.kiwikit.co.uk Whether you're a novice fencer or a seasoned fencing contractor, the Strainrite online video tutorials are bound to have something for you. Product Name: Helix Winding Jenny. See more on: http://www.kiwikit.co.uk/categories/electric-fencing/strainrite-wire-jennys.html * allows efficient vertical wire winding without bending over. * Quick release rotor for easy coil removal. * Recovered wire coil fits wire dispensing jenny for re-use. Firmly attaches to fence post with easy to use belt and ratchet system that allows efficient vertical winding without bending over. Comfortable spinning handle. Integral ground stand allows jenny to be used to dispense wire from the ground. Locking nuts allow adjustment of friction on hub to eliminate 'overrun' while dispensing. Recovered wire coil fits wire dispensing jenny for re-use. Rugged steel construction. Gold Passivated for corrosion protection.
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Farming Ranching Agriculture T-Post Fence Clip Hand Tool
Just $18.99 - (Shipping included) U.S. only The Clip bender is a hand tool used for securing T-Post Fence Clips. Not only can you secure one side of the clip, you can easily secure the other side with the hole provided in the bit. With it's unique design, the Clip Bender is without a doubt the best tool for the job. Over 51,000 have been sold in the U.S. Saves time and money! It is made of 100% steel and has a comfortable rubber handle grip. Complete instructions are listed on the back of the package. Handle length - 6.5" Bit length - 2.5" It's quick and very easy to use! To find a dealer, get pricing or for more information please visit our website: www.clipbender.com Thanks! The Clip Bender is patented & made in the USA
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Brace Pins
Well-constructed braces are essential to high-tensile fencing. See how brace pins are used in building a horizontal brace assembly. [FOLLOW US ON] Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/kencovefarmfence Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kencovefarmfenc/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/kencove
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Fencing Accessories designed by Wayne Newdick King Country  NZ
KingHitter Fencing Equipment Designed by New Zealand Top Fencer Wayne Newdick Golden Pliers Champion King country fencer
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