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Minecraft | Mining Turtle Tutorial | Feed the Beast
»» Subscribe: http://bit.ly/XInXt8 «« In this tutorial, I cover the basics of the mining turtle for the beginner. We walk through how to program the mining turtle to dig a 3 X 1 branch mine and a 3 x 3 tunnel. Mining Turtle Programs: http://www.mediafire.com/?5e4php5ujghzcme The Basics: 0:15 The Branch Program: 2:52 The 3 x 3 Tunnel: 11:54 It's a Dancing Machine! 16:27 ComputerCraft Turtle Wiki: http://computercraft.info/wiki/Turtle Turtle API: http://computercraft.info/wiki/Turtle_(API) I am using the Feed the Beast mod manager and the Mindcrack mod pack. Download Minecraft: https://minecraft.net/ Download Feed the Beast: http://feed-the-beast.com/ Intro and Outro Song: Frost Waltz Dance Music: One-eyed Maestro Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0. http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ -Branch function digIt() while turtle.detect() do turtle.dig() os.sleep(0.5) end turtle.forward() while turtle.detectDown() or turtle.detectUp() do turtle.digUp() turtle.digDown() end end function placeTorch() turtle.down() turtle.back() turtle.select(16) turtle.placeUp() turtle.forward() turtle.up() end local run = 0 local j = 0 local k = 0 term.write("Branch length: ") run = read() for i = 1, run do k = i - 1 j = k % 10 if j == 1 then placeTorch() end digIt() end turtle.down() turtle.turnRight() turtle.turnRight() turtle.select(16) turtle.placeUp() for i = 1, run do turtle.forward() end -3Tunnel function digIt() while turtle.detect() do turtle.dig() os.sleep(0.5) end turtle.forward() while turtle.detectDown() or turtle.detectUp() do turtle.digUp() turtle.digDown() end end local run = 0 term.write("Tunnel length: ") run = read() for i = 1, run do digIt() turtle.turnLeft() digIt() turtle.turnRight() turtle.turnRight() turtle.forward() digIt() turtle.back() turtle.turnLeft() end -3Tunnel with Torches function digIt() while turtle.detect() do turtle.dig() os.sleep(0.5) end turtle.forward() while turtle.detectDown() or turtle.detectUp() do turtle.digUp() turtle.digDown() end end function placeTorch() turtle.select(16) turtle.placeUp() end local run = 0 term.write("Tunnel length: ") run = read() for i = 1, run do k = i - 1 j = k % 4 digIt() turtle.turnLeft() digIt() turtle.turnRight() turtle.turnRight() turtle.forward() digIt() turtle.back() turtle.turnLeft() if i == 2 or j == 1 then turtle.back() turtle.turnRight() turtle.forward() placeTorch() turtle.back() turtle.back() placeTorch() turtle.forward() turtle.turnLeft() turtle.forward() end end
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FTB Ultimate Reloaded w/ cScot : Ep 13 – ComputerCraft Mining Turtle
Today craft a ComputerCraft Mining Turtle and take him to the Mining Dimension to start a branch mine for us. Please join us on our new adventure into a retro classic. Please check out johnneijzen’s Turtle Programs at https://github.com/johnneijzen/John-Turtle-Programs Paste in “pastebin get cWwJ0FYW Mine” to your turtle to utilize this amazing program. Want more…Please subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/c/cScotPlay MY LINKS: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cScotPlay ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ABOUT FTB Ultimate Reloaded: FTB Ultimate Reloaded is one of our lighter 1.12.2 modpacks based around the original Ultimate that was released on Minecraft 1.4.7 over 5 years ago. Ultimate was one of FTB’s largest and popular modpacks of its time and players spent months making large factories, farms, railcraft rail networks and getting their feet wet with magic in Thaumcraft. Fast forward to 2019 and the FTB Team has remastered Ultimate in a 1.12.2 modpack named Ultimate Reloaded. Three key components went into the development of this modpack; stay close to the theme and mod set of Ultimate 1.4, performance and player experience. -Ultimate 1.4 Theme and Modset have been kept as close as possible using the latest version of mods available on the 1.12.2 version of Minecraft. Some mods have been replaced with similar content adding mods. Some things are different with mods; some things have been tweaked to feel more like the original Ultimate but not all. This is not a recipe for recipe, or method for method match. If you want that then go download and play the original FTB Ultimate. -Performance is even better than it was in the original Ultimate due to the huge optimizations in Minecraft as well as mods. Clients are able to be launched with 3GB instead of the standard 4GB as found across most modern popular modpacks, however, for the best experience, we still recommend assigning at least 4GB to your client. Servers are able to accommodate more players using less RAM as well. In our extensive testing with a dozen or more players online together we hovered around 2.5 GB of RAM usage. (This will vary greatly depending on play style and server forced chunk loading). -Player Experience was one of the most important pieces of this pack, as we wanted that nostalgia feel when playing. And most will say we have achieved that. Say goodbye to the one block does it all method of today’s mods, and the large amounts of power you have to generate to reach mid-game. However, it is challenging to set up complex automation systems, but very rewarding once you do! With only IC2 teleporters available we found a massive use of trains and rail networks to get around in multiplayer, as well as nether hubs. FTBU TP commands have been disabled by default for players but can be changed by a server OP if wanted. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Additional Mods: OptiFine - https://optifine.net/home Resource Packs: Faithful x32 - https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/faithful-32x Modded Faithful [32x] - https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/modded-faithful Faithful 3D [Shader Support] - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/faithful-normal-maps-specular-maps Pixel Reality – Atmosphere - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/pixel-reality-atmosphere Shader Pack: SEUS Renewed v1.0.0 - http://www.sonicether.com/seus/#Downloads ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Intro Song: Blip Stream Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ISRC: USUAN1600007 ISRC: USUAN1500056 Outro Song: "Nowhere Land" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ISRC: USUAN1600051 #FTBUltimateReloaded #cScotPlay #minecraft
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Minecraft: Highly Efficient Mining Turtle Program Tutorial
Join Johnny and mysterious disembodied voice in this whacky and fun tutorial on how to make an efficient and easy to use mining turtle that will place chests, enderchests, torches, and discard cobble or dirt as it mines to parameters that you set! hope you enjoy the tutorial! Stay tuned for more Content!! Stay awhile and subscribe This is not my program. I found it to be amazing and very well made and wanted to share it with everyone! http://pastebin.com/6qmBBLpz Made by PrinceTommen for Cyanide Epic http://www.twitch.tv/cyanideepic Hey! Subscribe for more Videos!!!! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Draedo http://www.youtube.com/Draedo http://www.Feedthebeast.com http://www.minecraft.net http://www.twitter.com/draedo
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Tekkit: Mining Turtle! Set it and Forget It!
In today's video we craft a Mining Turtle or what some may call the lazy mans way of mining. I like to think of it as the busy man's way of mining. Mining Turtle wiki: http://thetekkit.wikia.com/wiki/Mining_Turtle
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Modded Minecraft 1.7 - S3E11 - Robot Miner
I have my OpenComputers robot start mining for me. I might write my own program eventually, but for now I'm using this: https://github.com/OpenPrograms/Kenny-Programs/blob/master/OpenComputers/dig.lua ChaoticPlayzGamez: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB1Aa319-EbGs9XQzrUPuOQ Custom mod pack for Minecraft 1.7.10 + my mods, Silent's Gems and Silent's Pets (mod list below) -Download Silent's Gems on CurseForge: http://bit.ly/1tQCr8f -Download Silent's Pets on Dropbox: http://bit.ly/1paYxGD Music by Approaching Nirvana http://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvana Song: 1993 Buy the song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1kvCuVO Additional music: http://www.audionautix.com/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Current mod list (may change at any time, dependencies not included): Sorry, I can't distribute this pack :( --------------------------------------------------------------------- Advanced Generators Advanced Genetics Adventure Backpack Ancient Trees Archimedes Ships Aroma1997's Dimensional World Aroma Backup Armor Status HUD Balkon's Weapon Mod Better Chests BiblioCraft Big Reactors Big Trees Biomes O' Plenty Buildcraft Carpenter's Blocks Chicken Chunks Chisel 2 ComputerCraft Computronics Custom NPCs Dragon Mounts Crystal Wing Damage Indicators DungeonPack Elemental Creepers Ender IO Ender Zoo Enhanced Portals Equivalent Exchange 3 Extra Buttons Extra Utilities Falling Meteors Flat Bedrock Floating Ruins Fossils and Archaeology Revival Growthcraft HoloInventory Hopper Ducts Inventory Tweaks Invincible Hamsters Iron Chests JABBA Journey Map Kwasti Bust Monster & Villagers Mariculture Mo' Creatures Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod Natura Natural Absorption NEI OpenBlocks OpenComputers Pam's HarvestCraft PneumaticCraft Progressive Automation ProjectRed Ruins Silent's Gems & Pets Simply Jetpacks Spice of Life Steve's Carts 2, Factory Manager, and Workshop Tall Doors Thermal Expansion Waila Weather 2
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Computercraft - Turtle Programs, Ep 03: Mob Farm
The third episode of my 'Turtle Programs' series is about building a mob farm with a normal turtle (so no diamonds needed for tools). I explain how to use the turtle program build_MobFarm and what options you have (excluding 2 hidden decorative options ;). Of course we also watch in a timelapse the turtle building the mob farm. You can download the program from pastebin. If you have problems using the program, leave me a comment and I'll try to help. Hope it helps in getting experience and drops in early game. Update 2015-01-05: Now the turtle should no longer run away when shift clicking materials into its inventory :) Links: program build_MobFarm: http://pastebin.com/unPPhDpQ video where I use this program: not so far, but there will be one About the mods: I'm using FTB modpack Direwolf20 1.5 (v1.1.2) with CameraStudio (v2.8.5). Turtles are part of dan200's mod computercraft which is about computers, programming and robotics in minecraft: http://www.computercraft.info Computercraft uses the programming language LUA: http://www.lua.org/manual/5.2/ Music: Beachfront Celebration, by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Questions and Feedback: As every (new) youtuber I'm very interested in your opinion. Please, comment the video and maybe share some of your ideas for future turtle builds. Please, like and subscribe if you want to see more videos. Hope you enjoy, have fun!!
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Computercraft Tutorial - Quarry
Today I have a simple quarry program for you guys. It's not the most efficient for mining as it is mainly used for hollowing out large areas. The code itself is not too long and everything should be pretty simple to follow. As always, the program is on my pastebin at: pastebin.com/u/orngix
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Mining - Turtle | Teil 1 | Let's ComputerCraft #3
♦ ComputerCraft http://goo.gl/FT7Ll8 ♦ mTec http://goo.gl/HAFxho ♦ Playlist https://goo.gl/BPVswq » Texture Pack « Sphax PureBDcraft http://bdcraft.net/purebdcraft-minecraft » Minecraft « Open-World-Spiel von Entwickler Mojang und Publisher Microsoft Studios. Offizielle Internetseite: https://minecraft.net/ » Infos « • Livestream http://goo.gl/XlP8uU • Twitter http://goo.gl/wDsneV • Pastebin http://goo.gl/bkvoQh
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Computercraft # 2 episodio programmazione LOOP
ragazzi se avete problemi ditemelo :D
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Computercraft Creations: 3x3 tunneling program that places torches.
This will dig a hole 3 high and 3 wide for as far as you want, and falling blocks do not mess with it. It will also place torches that are in the 16th (bottom right) slot. it will calculate the number of torches needed and will not start until you have enough torches, or you push any letter. Enjoy Note: You need to give the turtle some fuel. If it starts spinning, then it has no fuel. also is the turtle replies with "no such program" when you run "pastebin" then you need to enable HTTP in .minecraft/config/computercraft.cfg Please tell me you ideas for future versions, as I will be more than happy to do It. I currently have 50 lines of ideas that I wish to implement in later versions. Please report any bugs you find, and I will patch them as soon as possible! This is will help not only you, but many others! To get program, make a mining turtle, and type in this code "pastebin get s9BVU2ML update" then type "update" then type the program you want to update. Pastebin Link: http://pastebin.com/f9viBTKH
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ComputerCraft: Turtle Programs, Ep 15: Fireworks + 1000 Subscribers
It's been quite a while... Let's celebrate 1000+ subscribers and New Year's Eve with some nice fireworks. Hope you like the programm... Enjoy! :) Poll is still open: a) Harvest program b) Mob farm builder, improved version 2 c) Mining program Pastebin code: UYm0CCQ7 About the mods: I'm using FTB Presents Skyfactory 2.5 (v2.5.0) which includes ComputerCraft (v1.75). Turtles are part of dan200's mod computercraft which is about computers, programming and robotics in minecraft: http://www.computercraft.info Computercraft uses the programming language LUA: http://www.lua.org/manual/5.2/ Music: Pamgaea, by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Wallpaper, by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Questions and Feedback: Please, comment the video and maybe share some of your ideas for future turtle programs. Like and subscribe for more videos. Hope you enjoy, have fun!!
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computercraft промышленная добыча ресурсов черепашками 2
начало http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDv-8cEcZys&feature=youtu.be В этом видео показано альтернативное использование программы , для обкапывания нужных ресурсов , черепашки будут оставлять блоки которые находится у них в 1,2 и 3 слоте инвентаря .
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computercraft промышленная добыча ресурсов черепашками
В этой программе черепашки копают области 10 на 10 с шагом в высоту 3 , сравнивая верхние и нижние блоки с 1-3 слотом ( то есть черепашки не будут выкапывать блоки которые вы поместите в 1,2 и 3 слот ).при заполнении инвентаря черепашки выгружают все в сундук сверху . Сервер позволяет запускать несколько черепашек (в теории до 90 шт) так чтобы они не мешали друг другу и не копали там где уже выкопано.После того как черепашка закончит копать зону сервер отправит ее на новое место . В программе остается несколько проблем , главное это мобы в которых упираются черепашки и происходит сбой координат . если у кого то есть идеи как избежать проблемы с мобами без использования gps буду рад выслушать . альтернативное использование программы тут http://youtu.be/MAG4BA13A_0 http://yadi.sk/d/9lATyclA1zyEV ссылка на скачивание.
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Come programmare una tartaruga Quarry (Computercraft)
Primo video un pò penoso ma migliorerò ;)
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[ComputerCraft - OpenPeripheral] Tunnel Program
A program made for digging safe tunnels. Meant to be a better replacement for the default tunnel program. Depends on sensors to work correctly. Patches up holes in walls to prevent lava and water flow, etc.
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Computercraft tutorial: how to get programs from Pastebin.
How to get files from pastebin to your computer or turtle. Link to pastebin http://pastebin.com/
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Computercraft Ep 1 - Red Miner
I'm doing the best a can to gather materials to be able to assemble my first mining turtle. My goal is to use computercraft to automate as much as I can in this game.
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Ciao a tutti,come al solito qui Z3ZF1 e in questo nuovo video vi mostrerò una cosa molto ultile...IL QUARRY. se il viedo vi è piacuto meettete un bel mi piace e iscrivetevi!!
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[Minecraft] Landmark Turtle - Computercraft/Buildcraft program
EN-US: I got lazy after using BC Fillers and landmarks to build my simple, uncreative base rooms - specially when the landmarks would bug out and take half an hour to mark any sized area. So I made this simple/quick program, even though I derped a bit in the process. Code's not neat nor well thought, but it gets the job done..until I find some obvious bug. -- PT-BR Fiquei com preguiça depois de usar Fillers do BC e landmarks pra construir os quartos básicos e sem criatividade da minha base - especialmente quando os landmarks bugavam e demoravam quase meia hora pra funcionar e marcar qualquer coisa. Então eu fiz esse programinha simples/rápido, apesar de ter derpado um pouco no processo. O código não é bem pensado ou polido, mas funciona..até eu achar algum bug óbvio. -- Thanks for watching! Thanks for the developers for all the great mods! Thanks for PureNoize for allowing the use of his music! All hail Notch! -- Song by: PureNoize - Aurora [https://soundcloud.com/purenoize]
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Как получить ресурсы на халяву? Волшебная Mining Turtle! TFB#14+ Приключения в Майнкрафт с модами
Как получить ресурсы на халяву? Волшебная Mining Turtle! TFB#14+ Приключения в Майнкрафт с модами Скачать программу для копки ресурсов c помощью Mining Turtle из Computer Craft: http://www.computercraft.info/forums2/index.php?/topic/5681-variable-size-quarry-now-with-super-ore-quarry%E2%84%A2/ Если вам нравится майнкрафт сборка и наш летсплей The Ferret Business - поставьте лайк, напишите об этом, расскажите, что вы хотите увидеть в этом летсплее и почему вам это интересно! TFB - это майнкрафт сборка FTB с модами на прохождение, выживание, приключения, добычу ресурсов и индустриализацию содержит последовательное развитие, обучение, RPG, HQM, систему репутации, путешествия. Ссылка - читать официальное описание модпака, скачать сборку с модами и ресурс пак: http://bit.ly/1PZfAHH ----------------------------------------­---------------- ХОРОШИЕ ССЫЛОЧКИ: steamlynx.info - наш сайт - выживание, приключения, обзоры, стройка в майнкрафт с модами twitter.com/steamlynx - новости о последних видео и не только vk.com/steamlynx - наша группа с классным майнкрафт коммьюнити! http://vk.com/multiversumgame - паблик по Мультиверсуму ПОДПИШИСЬ НА НАШ КАНАЛ! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=steamlynx
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ComputerCraft Program - Torched Tunnel (Mineshaft) [SCC]
This program is a modified version of the original "tunnel"-program. It adds torches every 8 blocks to prevent mobs from spawning in your mine. ---[ Download ]--- http://pastebin.com/u/TheSommer Saved as "TorchedTunnel" ---[ Additional Tags ]--- computer,craft,slowpoke,101,slowpoke101,feed,the,beast,beta,release,program,mining,turtle,software,script,lua,mineshaft,mine,craft,notch,mods,mod
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minecraft tutoral velocissimo della mining turtle ITA
bha... ditemelo voi il motivo di andarsi ad incasinare la vita nei programmi! commenta e iscriviti!!!
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CrimiTV Tekkit - Episode II 31: Computercraft Quarry
Vandaag maken een programma voor onze Mining Turtle waar we ook ECHT iets mee kunnen. :) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Deze aflevering gebruikt royalty-free muziek van: http://www.incompetech.com: Kevin MacLeod http://www.openmpt.org CrimiTV Theme Song - coda-metrospread -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Game materiaal van MineCraft. MineCraft is eigendom van Mojang. http://www.minecraft.net/terms Texture Pack: Sphax PureBD Craft http://bdcraft.net/sphax-purebdcraft-texturepack
[Уроки] Minecraft Computercraft. Урок 10. Черепашки, основы
Наш хостинг партнер http://ru.foxcloud.net/ Интересные ссылки: http://computercraft.ru/?p=474 http://www.computercraft.info/wiki/index.php?title=Turtle_%28API%29
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[ComputerCraft Showcase] Tunnel Turtle (Ep. 2)
This program makes a turtle dig out (or create) a 3x3 tunnel in any direction for a specified amount of blocks. It will dig out the tunnel, putting a nice row of lighting in the roof every 6 blocks, and if it runs into open air, such as a cave, ravine, or you just start it in the air, it will wall off the tunnel around it, which also prevents liquid leaks. Using the EnderStorage mod, the turtle also has some inventory management capabilities, such as replenishing it's block or lighting supplies if they run low. Computercraft: http://www.computercraft.info/ My Twitter - https://twitter.com/gleeson85
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MobSpawnFloors - a Computercraft program to dig out a mob spawner
MobSpawnFloors - a Computercraft program to dig out spawn areas for mobs to spawn
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[TUTORIAL] Computer Craft - Mining Turtle
Ciao ragazzi, oggi torno con un tutorial sulla mitica Computer Craft, porca troia mi son rimesso a giocare a minecraft =P mi raccomando se vedete il video mettete mi piace, non vi costa un ciuffolo e mi fate venire voglia di farne altri!!! Decidete voi cosa mettere nel prossimo tutorial sulla CC!! =) PS scusate per la qualità merdosa, ma se la tenevo in HD non riuscivo a caricarlo in tempo ragionevole, nonostante io abbia 1 mega in upload sti video ci mette un eternità a caricarli.. BACI A TUTTI XD
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Computercraft Wireless Monitors 2.0
Hi Guys! Today i'm back with another video, we are remaking my computer craft wireless monitors video because it is garbage. This is the first video that i have made with vegas pro in HD, 60fps. Let me know if you have any recommendations. The video did seem a little dark but it might get fixed with the upload. Thanks!
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Computercraft-Auto Crafting Turtle(WIP)
This is a Computercraft Auto crafting turtle that i created. It has Tons of bugs and still sits in the Beta stage. Using purely CC with no addons or peripherals. Like and or Subscribe!?:)
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- MINECRAFT ITA TUTORIAL - ComputerCraft Accesso con Password pt1
Vediamo come creare un programma che richieda Username e Password per aprire la porta. Questa è la prima parte e nella seconda vedremo come migliorare e rendere più sicuro un programma molto simile a questo! Musica dell'intro: "Huey Lewis & The News - The Power Of Love" il copyright appartiene ai propri dententori
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Эволюция #1 Пролог.Черепашка.
Сегодня мы начнём наше развитие ======================================== Программа для черепашки: jkJ61ABn - quarry --------------------------------------------- Команды для черепашки: назвать [label set "название"] полность заправить [refuel all] скачать программу [pastebin get [код программы] [название] ============================================ Наша группа: http://www.vk.com/x_crafting Мы в Твиче(Стримы) http://www.twitch.com/fensterteam ============================================ Партнёр выпуска: http://www.youtube.com/user/steamlynx http://twitch.com/rainbowlynx ============================================ Особенности сезона: а) Полный хардкор б) Строительство огромного завода в) Индустрия г) Зима 2014 - Лето 2014 (Каждые 100 лайков добавляют к сезону 1 серию (всего 150)
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Feed The Beast - Unleashed - Turtles for Non-Programmers - 008
Two/Too Useful FTB Turtle Scripts: Variable Size Quarry - MqdeY3fM - by civilwargeeky http://www.computercraft.info/forums2/index.php?/topic/5681-variable-size-quarry/ Versatile Shape Builder - RAHj4r2K - by Keridos http://www.computercraft.info/forums2/index.php?/topic/11520-the-versatile-shape-builder-updated-040713-now-with-resume-function/
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Computer Craft - Палатка
Всегда в minecraft-е требуеться ночлег... Поэтому я смастерил программу постройки палатки с помощью робота... Не ругайтесь сильно... так как это моя 1-ая программа для робота... Код очень большой поэтому я не стал его показывать... вот ссылки: pack - упаковка - http://yadi.sk/d/hge_FbRD2TouY tent - распаковка - http://yadi.sk/d/XErZIJNW2TowU вставьте файлы по этому адресу: .minecraft/mods/ComputerCraft/lua/rom/programs/turtle надеюсь вы знаете где minecraft расположен :-) если нет то вот полный адрес: (войти в AppData можно с помощью программы Выполнить ,написав в её строке %appdata%) для Win7 C:\Users\"Имя пользователя"\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods\ComputerCraft\lua\rom\programs\turtle для WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\"Имя пользователя"\AppData\.minecraft\mods\ComputerCraft\lua\rom\programs\turtle
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Minecraft Lets Play - Шахтёр в Индустриальном мире #4 - Mining Turtle
В этой серии я добуду немало ресурсов и сделаю первые шаги к Industrial Craft. Приятного просмотра! Плейлисты: www.youtube.com/channel/UCySnTnzoLo81etu8_xl-SBg/videos?view=1&feature=guide Наш канал: www.youtube.com/user/luckyminerfriends
Туториал по моду ComputerCraft (шахта)
В данном видео я покажу как создать черепашку и запустить. Мы напишем маленькую программу для копания шахты. Версия minecraft 1.5.2 Так снимать мне ЛП или нет?? Не забудь подписаться )) Програма: turtle.refuel() while true do turtle.digUp() turtle.dig() turtle.digDown() turtle.forward()
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Feed The Beast - Abusare delle turtle
Apparentemente mattia ha un fetish per le tartarughe, scoprite tutti i più imbarazzanti dettagli in questo episodio di FDB! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ La musica utilizzata nei video proviene da: http://incompetech.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/93theripper Website: http://http://www.obsidianpunchers.it/ Facebook(pers): http://www.facebook.com/tommaso.manfredini Gruppo Facebook: http://adf.ly/FJbWB Google+: http://plus.google.com/115700440421503647059 Twitter: http://twitter.com/manfredmainard Twitch.tv: http://twitch.tv/theripper93 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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minecraf computercraft ферма дерева 0.55
Полное видео получилось бы довольно длинным , поэтому сделал такими кусочками . В версии 0.55 черепашка строит ферму с нуля ,садит и собирает дерево, изготавливает для себя топливо(уголь) из дерева и в случае если осталось мало саженцев собирает их . ферма получилась само достаточной и может работать сутками . http://yadi.sk/d/M_LTNlar2JMJC выкладываю ссылку но программа имеет недочеты .
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My computercraft project
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Minecraft - Tutoriales Computercraft - Generador de cobblestone automatico.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sigeme en Twitter: http://ww.twitter.com/joseluseries Agregame a skype para alguna duda: Joseludoce -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Minecraft FTB Monster Pack #4 - Programmare una Turtle
In questo video della serie Minecraft FTB Monster Pack andiamo a programmare una mining turtle, aggiunta con la mod della ComputerCraft, utilissima per scavare e prendere minerali!
Minecraft LP с модами S.3 EP.5 [Обзор мода quarry plus и обзор программ для черепах!]
LP по Minecraft с сборкой модов Ourglobe40 на платформе FTB! Программа для черепашек "тунель" : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljvsfrr23ylwts1/%D0%9F%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B3%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%BC%D1%8B%20v.1.0.0.rar Программа для черепашек "Выравнитель" : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljvsfrr23ylwts1/%D0%9F%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B3%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%BC%D1%8B%20v.1.0.0.rar Последняя версия сборки на момент выхода видео : (скоро) Сайт лаунчера : http://www.feed-the-beast.com/ Приятного просмотра!
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Technic Pack / S1E5 / Branch mining
Jestli se Vám video líbilo můžete dát like popř. odběr. To mě podpoří v tvorbě dalších videí. Hudba: https://machinimasound.com/ Technic launcher: http://www.technicpack.net/ Mody: Industrial Craft 2 RedPower 2 BuildCraft 3 Equivalent Exchange 2 ThaumCraft 2 Railcraft Computer Craft Balkon's Weapon Mod Ender Storage Nether Ores Wireless Redstone Chicken Bone Edition Not Enough Items Power Converters Thermal Expansion Mystcraft Steve's Carts Mo' Creatures Core and TubeStuff Iron Chests MAtmos Rei's Minimap Optifine Somnia TreeCapitator and Crystal Wings Inventory Tweaks CCSensors Forge API GuiAPI ID Resolver Millenaire by Kinniken Tomes and XP Book by Pinkemaa Forestry by SirSengir Crafting Table II by ljdp Better Dungeons by Chocolatin CARuins by Formivore Modloader Modloader MP Wireless Redstone Hangable Maps Zeppelin mod Additional Buildcraft Objects
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applied energistics 2 & turtles
Мой сайт - http://great-world.ucoz.net Код программы - http://great-world.ucoz.net/forum/10-7-16-16-1424601445
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ComputerCraft - массивы, цвета и начало задачки
http://vk.com/unchainedlp - официальная группа канала. Поддержать меня материально вы можете через webmoney: R270691275943 Заходите на игровой проект http://megaseven.ru - качественные сервера MineCraft. Если у вас есть канал и вы хотите на нем заработать, подключайтесь к партнерской программе WSP https://youpartnerwsp.com/join?1809 Спасибо этому чуваку - http://vk.com/id78416784 за Intro и Outro моих видео. Хотите свою интересную заставку? обращайтесь к этому чуваку) Сделает всё быстро и не дорого Так же на моем канала вы найдете летс плеи по другим известным и малораспространенным играм. Во все, во что интересно играть мне, я показываю и вам. Не забываем ставить лайки и поддерживать автора)
Computer Craft #267 - 100000 DIAMONDs Challenge S2 - Technic/Tekkit -  CC - MAKING XREV WITH MOD2
Computer Craft Arcane Frame Quarry Tutorial: #1 Digger: Computer Craft Arcane Frame Quarry Tutorial: #2 xMove: Computer Craft Arcane Frame Quarry Tutorial: #3 Coordinates: Computer Craft Arcane Frame Quarry Tutorial: #4 Maps - Smaller functions: Computer Craft Arcane Frame Quarry Tutorial: #5 Maps - Minimizing Quarry move Computer Craft Arcane Frame Quarry Tutorial: #6 X Reverse Computer Craft Arcane Frame Quarry Tutorial: #7 Adding sideways digging Computer Craft Arcane Frame Quarry Tutorial: #8 Making Xrev with mod2 Coding of the arcane frame quarry in Computer Craft, which uses Lua programming language. PART 1: http://youtu.be/imHWHy_q7cU PART 2: http://youtu.be/3AcRnvSQQRI PART 3: http://youtu.be/4moKoDwPxjU PART 4: http://youtu.be/WcIGAcOMNPc PART 5: http://youtu.be/7NLUka1WZMI PART 6: http://youtu.be/keUHutenR_A PART 7: http://youtu.be/Owr1eJuvJI4 PART 8: http://youtu.be/XSG3HIymWbg [The plan is to make an advanced refueling system connected to a Arcane Frame Quarry. As Well As a Arcane Frame Tunnel Bore] Combining mainly red power 2 and thaumcraft 2. w/TLV: THE LAST VIKING - FAILING at Tekkit Minecraft: 100,000 DIAMONDS Challenge - Season 2 - Technic / Tekkit - Episode 267 Challenge: Get 100,000 (now towards 1 million) Diamonds in Minecraft / Tekkit. And finish my 10 diamond generating / making machines, Music: Non Copyrighted OC remixes.
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