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Photogenic Ion Inverter Review with Will Crockett
Wouldn't you like to take a wall outlet full of power off your studio's wall and take it with you on location shoots? Then you could use your studio strobes and studio LEDs anywhere without a noisy generator or yards of tangled power extension cords. Here comes the small, simple, rechargeable 110V AC power pack designed specifically for photographers lighting. Does it work well? How long does it last? Is it worth the $400? Is it complicated to use? Will Crockett, the Coach of the Hybrid Heroes Talent Team, is one of the brightest minds in photography and has tested, even developed numerous products for major photo product makers. As Will is moving his own commercial photo biz from selling still images only into hybrid photo+video+audio images, he's making some major changes in the tools he is using, and one that has his attention is the Vagabond and Ion portable "inverter" power packs. Not being a big fan of trusting manufacturers claims to make a product purchase, Will tests a Photogenic Ion under real life conditions to see if it will do what it claims, and if it's right for his type of lighting needs. Here's Will's take on the Ion, and if it deserves a spot in your photo location kit. Looking for great content for your educational website? Feel free to download this actual video file here, but please be sure to use the EXACT title and tags as listed on the included TEXT file? Thumb art also included. Upload, copy/paste the text, and it's all yours. http://www.crockettco.com/sandbox/rlr/ionreview.zip Will Crockett is a popular blogger on the topic of hybrid photography, eProducts, and talking portraiture and is found on discovermirrorless doht comm
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