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Ray Perlner - Optimizing Information Set Decoding Algorithms to Attach Cyclosymmetric MDPC Codes
Ray Perlner of the National Institute of Standards and Technology presented a talk titled: Optimizing information set decoding algorithms to attack cyclosymmetric MDPC codes at the 2014 PQCrypto conference in October, 2014. Abstract: Recently, several promising approaches have been proposed to reduce keysizes for code based cryptography using structured, but non-algebraic codes, such as quasi-cyclic (QC) Moderate Density Parity Check (MDPC) codes. Biasi et al. propose further reducing the keysizes of code-based schemes using cyclosymmetric (CS) codes. While Biasi et al. analyze the complexity of attacking their scheme using standard information-set-decoding algorithms, the research presented here shows that information set decoding algorithms can be improved, by choosing the columns of the information set in a way that takes advantage of the added symmetry. The result is an attack that significantly reduces the security of the proposed CS-MDPC schemes to the point that they no longer offer an advantage in keysize over QC-MDPC schemes of the same security level. QC-MDPC schemes are not affected by this paper's result. PQCrypto 2014 Book: http://www.springer.com/computer/security+and+cryptology/book/978-3-319-11658-7 Workshop: https://pqcrypto2014.uwaterloo.ca/ Find out more about IQC! Website - https://uwaterloo.ca/institute-for-qu... Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/QuantumIQC Twitter - https://twitter.com/QuantumIQC
Vlad Dragoi - Cryptanalysis of the McEliece Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Polar Codes
Title: Cryptanalysis of the McEliece Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Polar Codes Authors: Magali Bardet, Julia Chaulet, Vlad Dragoi, Ayoub Otmani, and Jean-Pierre Tillich 7th International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography PQCrypto 2016 https://pqcrypto2016.jp/program/ Proceedings http://www.springer.com/jp/book/9783319293592
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