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Upstate SC Gold Prospecting - Panning and BGT Sluicing
Back on the creek with Doug, Peter, and Phil Panning and Sluicing a creek in South Carolina 30" Prospector and 24" Super Mini bazookas music - Green Leaf Stomp (Youtube Audio Library)
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GOLD & GEM GEOLOGY: The Piedmont Region of South Carolina, Wandering Buffalos Prospecting
Take a closer look at the Piedmont Region of South Carolina where you can find gold, crystals and other minerals. Learn about the history that shaped the region. #goldrush, #carolinagoldrush, #piedmontregion, #crystals, #gemstonemining Here is a different video that takes you into some of our research we do when going to new areas or regions to look for gold or precious minerals. This is a little different than our normal videos but provides valuable information on the Piedmont Region of South Carolina to help you in your search!!! Thank you for watching, please do not forget to SUBSCRIBE and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!!! Sources: Hatcher, R D., and J R. Butler. "The Carolina slate belt and major gold mines ." Map. North Carolina Geological Survey, 1979, pp. 117+. Foley, N.K., and Ayuso, R.A., 2012, Gold deposits of the Carolina Slate Belt, southeastern United States—Age and origin of the major gold producers: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012–1179, 26 p. Foster, Caroline. " Peidmont." South Carolina Encyclopedia, University of South Carolina, Institute for Southern Studies, 20 June 2012, www.scencyclopedia.org/sce/entries/piedmont/. Accessed 19 Nov. 2018. Hilton Jr., B. Hidden treasures: Rocks and minerals of the South Carolina Piedmont. 42nd ed., vol. 2, South Carolina Wildlife, 1995, pp. 34-36, www.hiltonpond.org/articlemineralsscmain.html. Accessed 20 Nov. 2018. http://ewh.ieee.org/r3/piedmont/ https://activerain.com/blogsview/2392021/table-rock-state-park-south-carolina---a-nature-lover-s-dream- Young, Justin. "A Brief Survey of Historic Gold Mining in the Carolina Slate Belt." Mining McKissick, McKissick Museum, 6 May 2013, miningmckissick.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/a-brief-survey-of-historic-gold-mining-in-the-carolina-slate-belt/ Accessed 25 Nov. 2018. Foley, N.K., and Ayuso, R.A., 2012, Gold deposits of the Carolina Slate Belt, southeastern United States—Age and origin of the major gold producers: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012–1179, 26 p. King, Ph.D., RPG, Hobart M. "Volcanic Ash." Geology.com , Geology.com, geology.com/articles/volcanic-ash.shtml. Accessed 26 Nov. 2018. Frontispiece portrait from A History of The McCormick Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church, by Le Roy J. Halsey. Chicago: Published by the Seminary, 1893. Digital scan from a copy preserved at the PCA Historical Center Jarvis, Robin. Only In Your State, Only In Your State, 27 Aug. 2017, www.onlyinyourstate.com/south-carolina/dorn-gold-mine-south-carolina/. Accessed 26 Nov. 2018. Aldrich, Kate. "How Are Amethyst Geodes Formed?" Sciencing, https://sciencing.com/how-amethyst-geodes-formed-4913351.html. 13 March 2018. Infographics." Arid McKinstrie, Arid, 4 Oct. 2013, mckinstrie.co.uk/2013/10/04/illustrations/. Accessed 27 Nov. 2018 Wandering Buffalos is now on Patreon!!! Your pledges will help us provide you with greater content, better equipment to film and provide additional footage, and also get mining claims where our premium patrons will be able to come with us on future trips!!! To learn more, please visit https://www.patreon.com/wanderingbuffalos/overview
South Carolina Gold - Creek 5
Nugget, Danny and I explore a new creek in SC, looking for gold. Great color found! Check out this great forum: http://dredgersparadise.proboards.com/
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Where to Find Gold In North and South Carolina (Gold maps)
Where to Find Gold In North and South Carolina shows the pattern of historic gold finds recorded in the USGS MRDS gold maps. See how to use the USGS MRDS to make custom gold maps see SourdoughMiner.com/GGM/ This government gold map technique also works for platinum, diamonds, palladium and more.
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South Carolina Gold: "Ancient Sluices Discovered"
Recent floods have uncovered what is believed to be Long Tom Sluices. These four sluices have been buried for over 100 years. Join Nugget, Danny and Indy as they uncover and preserve these historic artifacts. This video is a preview of a made for TV movie. You won't believe the gold they are finding! SC ETV, are you watching? Contact Indy by PM if you have any information on Long Toms. Check out this great forum: http://dredgersparadise.proboards.com/
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South Carolina Gold Prospecting - March 2014
Prospecting for gold on a creek in South Carolina Using 2 bazooka gold traps (24" super mini, 30" prospector) Keene A51 sluice and testing a DIY Fluid Bed micro dredge Keene 3 stage gold pans and DIY 5 gallon bucket classifiers Martin Prospecting 4 stage gold pans and classifiers intro and outro music - "BACK TO THE WOODS" by Jason Shaw (http://audionautix.com/index.html) panning scene music - "CHASIN' IT" by Jason Shaw (http://audionautix.com/index.html)
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Panning for Gold in South Carolina on the Slate Belt. Video 1.
Panning for Gold in South Carolina with family on the edge of the Slate Belt.What was once here and whats here now.
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South carolina gold hunt
Some creeks in S.C. gold prospecting nugget flake south carolina
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Digging for Top Quality World Class Amethyst Quartz Crystals in South Carolina
Join us as we dig one of the most famous locations in the world for high quality amethyst, yet fairly unkown to much of the world due to low quantity of amethyst being found, but some of the best in the world! This location is 100% private, and has only been dug again by Amos and The Crystal Collector over the last several years at owners request. Be sure to subscribe and watch for new videos of new locations! To Purchase click link here http://stores.ebay.com/ultra-rocks
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Mountain Creek Gold Mine North Carolina USA
Trip to gold mine in N.C. Working on highbanker and found me a picker :)
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Finding Gold Nuggets in North Carolina! Gold Mining Tips and Info
Comment or email us any questions or suggestions for videos on coins, bills and other banknotes, precious metals and more! Don't forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel so we can build the community and stay in touch! Our Site: http://www.varietyerrors.com Our other Channel Coin Opp: https://www.youtube.com/user/darinjermagic
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South Carolina prospecting - February
Gold prospecting
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South Carolina prospecting - we got gold
January prospecting trip
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South Carolina Prospecting - Good Start To 2014
Gold prospecting
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Finding Placer Gold Locations Using Google Earth - Yankee Gold Prospecting Adventures
http://yankeegoldprospecting.com/ Finding placer gold locations using google earth is fun & effective. In this video I show you the basic things to research. Steep gorges to flat meandering streams. How to pin point the locations & make notes. Then when you are ready for a trip you can write down the GPS. coordinates of the location. Program them into a hand held gps or a vehicle gps, to get you near the chosen area. This technique will work anywhere there is placer gold. Best if you know where gold was originally found. Streams or Rivers that gold has been found, in the past. I ALWAYS FORGET TO MENTION IN MY VIDEOS, THAT I AM A GOLD PROSPECTING GUIDE AS WELL. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A TRIP FOR 2012, MY INFORMATION IS ON THE SIDE OF MY YOUTUBE PAGE. 100% GUARANTEED TO FIND YOU GOLD & TEACH YOU HOW TO FIND MORE ON YOUR OWN. Join me on Facebook for great group chat & information. New information added every week. Search Yankee Gold Prospecting New England on FB. Hope you have great success in your search for GOLD. Copyright 2012; Yankee Gold Prospecting NE. All rights reserved. you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, videos and/or the comments made about my photos / videos or any other "picture" art posted on my profile.No part of this video may be used or reproduced. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, or distributing. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee , agent , student or any personnel under your direction or control or direction. in any manner or means, including print, electronic, mechanical, or by any information storage and retrieval system whatsoever, without written permission from the copyright holder.
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South Carolina Prospecting - March 2014
Gold prospecting , testing 12v micro dredge
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Martin Prospecting 2lbs South Carolina Paydirt Review, Better Find A New Hobby!
This is 2 pounds of paydirt from a company called Gold Hog. Actual weight 2.14 pounds when shipped as it was wet/damp, This paydirt was sold with an guaranteed of gold but no set gold amount. PAYDIRT comes from South Carolina/ Southern East Coast United states It sells for $40.00 with $6.05 shipping, For a total of $47.05 Follow this link to go to there web site: https://www.martinprospecting.com Please remember no two bags are alike and bags results vary from others so please use my review as a reference only! Company ratings: Customer service 10/10 Shipping 10/10 Shipping Package 10/10 Product Packaging 10/10 Product Paydirt 07/10 WET PAYDIRT Fun Factor 08/10 Gold recovered was 0.52 grams of gold were 22k-24k Gold Value $19.74 ROI return on investment With Shipping ROI- 44% Without Shipping ROI- 46% TOOLS USED: Martin's 4 stage 10" inch gold pan in black. ☆☆☆ Falcon Gold Finishing Pan ☆☆☆ 10 piece precision tweezer set ☆☆☆ 1x snuffer bottle ☆☆☆ 3x gold trays ☆☆☆ US BALANCE US RANGER GOLD SCALE ☆☆☆ Please Like an Subscribe an Share! Become a patreon and be part of the golden Paydirt family. Help us grow and get this channel bigger an better! Every 4th of the month we hold a giveaway, and all new premium patreons reciveve a welcoming package. https://www.patreon.com/GoldenPaydirtReviews ☆OR☆ Donate to PayPal and be part of the golden Paydirt family. 100% of all the donations go directly into the channel, All major donaters will receive a special made package depending on the donation! https://www.paypal.me/martinmastrangelo ☆OR☆ Mail us something you wanna see on the channel. Donate paydirt or prospecting items like the nugget bucket or water tables anything you wanna see please feel free to mail it to Golden Paydirt Review's 198a 31st Street Brooklyn New York 11232 MAIL Me, Paydirts, silver coins, foreign coins, cool currency, custom slabs or rounds, anything you'd like on my channel with your mail call plus shout outs, SPECIAL ADDITION*** MAIL CALL SHOUT OUT, Email me: [email protected] Looking to get a blur bowl on the channel, if you wanna donate to the channel, please use my paypal.me link an leave a note, doesn't matter what you donate, all donation are greatly appreciated, every dollar will go into this blue bowl purchase! https://www.paypal.me/martinmastrangelo So another paydirt review done an in the books. I like to thank all my subscriber's and patreon members an PayPal donaters! From my family to yours thank you all so very kindly. Thanks for watching and supporting my channel! IF YOUR LOOKING TO BUY PAYDIRT, I HAVE ONE OF THE BEST GOLD PAYDIRTS ON THE MARKET, GO HELP SUPPORT US BY BUYING A BAG OR 2 OR 8 LOL, httsp://www.goldenpaydirtreviews.com Or Email me an tell me what you need in a bag an ill make whatever you like, custom orders THANKS 4 WATCHING! #GoldenPaydirtReviews #GoldPaydirt #MartinProspecting
South Carolina gold Prospecting - Bazooka,panning
Gold Prospecting south carolina
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North Carolina Meadow Creek Gold Rush ! 17 Pound Gold Nugget !
The Carolina Gold Rush, the first gold rush in the United States, followed the discovery of a large gold nugget in North Carolina in 1799, by a 12-year-old boy named Conrad Reed. He spotted the nugget while playing in Meadow Creek on his family's farm in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.Conrad took the 17 lb gold nugget home to show his father. However, gold was not commonly seen in their community and the value of the nugget was not understood. The nugget was used as a door stop in the family's home for several years. In 1802, Conrad's father, John Reed, showed the rock to a jeweler, who recognized it as gold and offered to buy it. Reed, still unaware of the real value of his "doorstop," sold it to the jeweler for $3.50 (approximately one week's pay for a farm laborer at that time).
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Where To Look For Gold #7 - Gold Mining in a Small Creek
http://www.WhereGoldIs.com In this video we show you how we find gold in a small mountain creek. It's too wet to use dry washers, but there isn't enough water to run a sluice, so we had to modify our techniques.
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Tips on Finding Gold in Creeks and Streams
Several tips on where to look for gold, special places for gold, and reading special features. Where to prospect, where to dredge, where to find deposits and old larger gold.
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Upstate SC Gold Prospecting - panning and bazooka sluicing
A prospecting trip from earlier this summer. Peter and me hit the creek and run the bazookas. We found some nice gold that day. Peter recently built his own clear bazooka - http://youtu.be/_DVi6H7Vs_k music - Green Leaf Stomp (Youtube Audio Library)
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Where To Find Gold - How And Where To Find Gold Locations Video
Big Gold By Eyesight: https://youtu.be/H-5HKQO6kw0 Where To Find Gold How And Where To Find Gold Locations Video How To Find Gold Prospecting Where To Find Gold Where To Find Gold Locations Where to Find Gold Series Gold Prospecting Series Minerals Map (can be tedious but they change these maps and links periodically - you'll be in Georgia - pull the map to your area): https://mrdata.usgs.gov/geology/state/map.html?x=-83.453389866478&y=32.653406156776&z=8# Videos Where To Find Gold Prospecting Series Class 3 Next: Pounds of gold in the desert - class 4: https://youtu.be/H-5HKQO6kw0 A few items from our shop: http://www.ebay.com/usr/4-matt1 USGS Maps: https://mrdata.usgs.gov/geology/state/ YouTube Gold Gemstone Prospecting Class 1: https://youtu.be/eoIqJo95VtY YouTube Gold Gemstone Prospecting Class 2: https://youtu.be/TyCl-g8g7jU Gold With Basic Tools: https://youtu.be/Dxmqr1FXS4U Finding Gold prospecting series - Matt & Connie Mattson All the ways on where to find gold, gemstones, and prospecting adventure of a lifetime. Finding Gold - where to find gold prospecting video series. Metal detectors & gold. Best metal detectors for gold. How and where to find gold: California, how and where to find gold in Georgia, how and where to find gold in South Carolina, how and where to find gold in Maine, how and where to find gold in Wyoming, how and where to find gold in New Mexico, how and where to find gold in Arizona, how & where to find gold in Nevada, how & where to find gold in North Carolina, how and where to find gold in Vermont, how and where to find gold in the Great Lakes, where to find gold in Washington, how and where to find gold in Oregon, where to find gold in Utah, how and where to find gold in Colorado, how and where to find gold in the United States, where to find gold in South America, and everything worldwide - covered. How to do it. Gold geology video. Gold prospecting videos. Where To Find Gold How & Where To Find Gold Locations. Finding gold video. Finding gold YouTube.
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Creek 5 Part 2: South Carolina Gold
We explore more of Creek 5, sampling as we go. Good color! Check out the baby Bazooka Sluice. http://southernprospector.s2.bizhat.com/index.php?sid=1ae184dae882c250f0536ca6058bc673&mforum=southernprospector Check out this great forum too: http://dredgersparadise.proboards.com/
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Gold Sluicing in the rain LDMA Oconee SC,
Gold Sluicing in the rain LDMA Oconee SC,
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Gold Mine SC
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27 Haile Gold Mine
Behind the Scenes Tour
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Gold in South Carolina
We went panning for gold in the Upstate of South Carolina!
South Carolina Gold Prospecting - April 2014
Back on the creek with Doug and Petr. Panning and sluicing a creek in South Carolina. Doug ran the prospector model Bazooka. Petr ran his Keene A51 sluice. I tried working some exposed bedrock and brought the hand dredge. intro and outro music - "BACK TO THE WOODS" by Jason Shaw (http://audionautix.com/index.html)
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McCormick Gold
Industrial-scale gold mines have left a toxic and costly legacy for taxpayers in South Carolina, where contamination is seeping into creeks and groundwater nearly two decades after the mines closed. So far, the public has spent $27.4 million trying to clean up the mess left by open-pit gold mines in McCormick and Chesterfield counties, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Atlanta.
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Haile Gold Mine - January 2019
It has been just over a year since we commenced commercial production at our Haile Gold Mine in South Carolina. Come behind the scenes and check out the results of the hard work of the team.
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Goldmining in McCormick
In 1847, a farmer struck gold in McCormick County. His discovery led to the development of the second largest-producing mine in South Carolina and essentially built the county. Experts still say that more gold is yet to be discovered.
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North Carolina Gold and Gem Prospecting Thermal City Gold Mine
On this trip my wife and I travel to North Carolina to check out the landscape and do a little prospecting. We visited the Emerald Village Gem Mine, Lucky Strike Gold Mine, and Thermal City Gold Mine. Visit our website at www.HighPlainsProspectors.com for some great prospecting, valuable information, and metal detecting gear, monthly contests and give aways. She prospected for gems and found quite a few nice specimens. I panned for gold and together we found a fair amount of North Carolina Gold.
confederate mining co. searching for gold veins pt1
This video was made to show gold veins in south carolina. What colors to look for around the outside of quartz veins in areas that are known for gold. for more info visit http://confederateminingco.weebly.com/index.html or email us at [email protected] You can also get a lot of info at http://www.facebook.com/ConfederateMining Check us out.Thanks C.M.C.
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Where does gold deposit.  Finding gold on a small creek.
Video showing how to read a small creek to find the best spots for sampling to see if there is any gold depositing in the creek gravels. This is a walk up Naramata Creek to the falls checking along the way for the best spots to sample a small creek. The video talks about the best things to look for such as Inside curves, Large rocks, Horizontal bedrock, bedrock cracks and crevices. And a bit about how smaller creeks differ from large rivers.
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Ridgeway Gold Mine
The Ridgeway Gold mine near Columbia, South Carolina
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SC Gold Prospecting - tested 2 creeks, found some color and a pit bull
A prospecting trip from this past spring. Received permission to test a small feeder creek and later go to my buddies property and test his creek. He has land in a good area for gold, his pit bull comes down and helps me prospect. "BACK TO THE WOODS" by Jason Shaw (http://audionautix.com/index.html)
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South Carolina prospecting 2013  christmas gold
December 20 2013 somewhere in south carolina usa
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Gold prospecting in South Carolina
On a river in SC, found this beauty. Chalcopyrite ore/vein throughout this rock. I am thinking about starting a Greer/Spartanburg/Greenville gold hunters club,
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Adventure Quest: South Carolina Gold Panning
Two kids take me panning for gold in SC. This is a rough cut of an additional direction for the Adventure Quest series. I spot light two kids in their first attempt to become movie stars! It's an entertaining video that even adult gold prospectors should enjoy. Check out this great forum: http://dredgersparadise.proboards.com/
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Carolina boys .... go gold mining!
Carolina boys spend a Saturday afternoon exploring a abandon gold mine ... "somewhere" in kershaw sc .....
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Tom Kitchar - U S  Mining law
Tom Kitchar, president of the Waldo mining district in Josephine County, Oregon, talks about the history of U.S mining law, how it came about, and what it means.
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1-14-12 Upstate SC Gold Prospecting
Inmature Redneck Prospecting - Running a baby bazooka gold trap in a small creek
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