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Crippled Catalina no island ( paraplegic woman wheelchair transfers crippled legs
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/154273980425428?id=10640 Catalina arrives. She is trying out a sports wheelchair for teh first time but sadly its too big for her. The delightful thing is watching how her paralyzed legs and feet dangle as she wheels around and when she struggles to transfer. She makes sure to give those crippled legs much attention and her feet are fondled and played with to your delight. Her legs continue to atrophy, to say, get thin an boney because her muscles that once made her legs so shapely, wither away to nothing. Her knees, ankles and feet are showing the bones that lie just below the skin but create some new and erotic contours on her beautiful and useless legs.
donna why do your legs tease me ( polio leg braces, crippled woman, wheelchair, crutches)
PURCHASE THE WHOLE VIDEO HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/154429489325501?id=10640 Donna, Why do your legs tempt me so? Why do I turn as hard as the steel that wraps your legs when I see how you handle your paralyzed legs in your hands. Why does the dead weight of your legs hanging motionless turn me on so much while your feet, who's soles are soft and tender flop and dangle uncontrolled? Why is the sight of your crippled legs such a provocative turn on and why do i want to pick up each leg by the ankle and suck and lick from your toes, over your feet and up your dead legs until my mouth swallows your mound and you moan in pleasure. Why do your crippled legs tease me so?
Sandra polio woman at the pool ( polio crutches, wheelchair transfer crippled legs)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/154394577025484?id=10640 Stay close and pay attention to ther lovely legs of Sandra. Riddled by polio, they function, but are very limited. Her foot twists from loss of muscle use but rigid from repeated fractures. Fit into a tight swim suit that shows her crippled curves, Sandra crutches to the livingroom and to the sofa where she sits before lowering her self to the floor to crawl to her wheelchair. her transfer from floor to chair is a struggle worth watching repeatedly. Then its outside to the pool. once there, she prepares to get wet. She crawls across the hot cement to the pool and lowers her legs into the cooling water. Now, once cooled, crawl back to the lounge chair for us, we want to watch those legs drag. Raise onto the lounge chair and dress for us and finally lift your polio crippled body back into your wheelchair. We love watching a polio woman by the pool.
Teen With Backwards Foot Attached To Knee Meets Other Cancer Survivors Like Her
One teen has defied all odds as a dancer with a prosthetic leg. When Gabi Shull removes her prosthetic, her leg is backwards. The Missouri native traveled to Houston to perform in a fundraiser for children battling cancer this past summer. Shull took the stage and wowed the crowd and inspired everyone by taking a giant step forward. She has loved to dance from time she was 3 years old. In 2010, an MRI revealed a tumor and she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma a rare form of cancer.
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Brenda enjoy her polio feet ( polio woman, crippled feet, wheelchair transfers useless legs)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/154403589825486?id=10640 Brenda shared something very private with us. Her ex husband was a devotee who was fascinated with her feet. We said, tell us more. She explained that he would ask her to play with her legs in her wheelchair. He loved watching her pick up her legs by hand and how she manipulated her legs and feet using herhands rather than moving them on their own. He loved the shape of her feet, how polio left them perfectly smooth and yet somehow exotic. So, she would wheel up to him in his deep leather chair and she would work her legs and feet by hand. Picking them up, fondling them and touching her feet. She would suck on her toes and show him how useless they were. She should crawl out of her wheelchair to the ground so he could watch her struggle to get back into it, how her legs served bo purpose other than be dead weight. She would perform for him while he sat back and watched, paying with himself. Then, from her wheelchair she would come up to him, throw her legs over his and lean over and grab him in her hand and bring him to climax. Brenda enjoyed this as much as he for it make her feel beautiful and a little kinky. Now, she is single again and wants to find another man do do this for again. Will that be you? Brenda wants you to enjoy her polio feet.
Boating Accident Severs Woman's Leg
A fun summer boat ride comes to a sudden end for Rebecca Chambers when she falls overboard and is hit by the boat's propeller severing her leg below the knee. | http://www.discoverylife.com/tv-shows/the-day-i-almost-died/ Catch THE DAY I ALMOST DIED Saturdays at 10/9c on Discovery Life! Subscribe to Discovery Life: http://bit.ly/SubscribeLIFE Find Discovery Life on TV! http://www.discoverylife.com/channel-finder/
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Polio Crystals Unique ways ( polio woman crawling, paralysed legs, crippled feet)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153902416225296?id=10640 It's wonderful having Crystal back. She is the only woman we've found who uses hand crutches to walk. Her polio ravaged leg have never allowed her to stand upright, instead, she must crouch down and hop with every step. Today she wakes and leaves her bed to the bathroom to shave her legs. Upon returning to the bedroom, she lotions her legs and then lowers to the floor to crawl to the living room. With her legs bound with a belt she struggles to try to stand to get a drink, then must resort to dragging a chair into place, lift herself up onto it and then even higher up onto the counter. She returns to the floor, to her bedroom and back to the living room before leaving. Her unique qualities always captivate and turn a man turgid.
Claudia crippled wheelchair girl from school
PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/141505488121378?id=10640 CLAUDIA, THE CRIPPLED GIRL FROM HIGH SCHOOL Most of the time she sat alone in the library or ate lunch alone. Other kids didnt want to be around her but you always watched her. You wondered about her and why she used her wheelchair. You could see her legs were useless but never had the courage to ask her why. You imagined what it would be like to watch her get out of her wheelchair and onto her bed. What did her legs look like under her slacks and inside those shoes, you dreamed about her feet. If you had the courage, you would have talked wit her and asked all about why she was crippled but you didnt want to be seen talking to her in class. You felt ashamed because you would get turned on watching her wheel past and she always took time to smile at you. If you could go back in time, your would tell that little crippled princess that you thought she was pretty and maybe, just maybe you would ask for permission to take off her shoes and socks or even hold her hand. Today, Claudia wants to take you back to your youth and she wants to be that special young girl who stole your heart. Claudia wakes to find you in her room and she smiles at you before pulling back the sheets to present to you the view of those legs and feet you wanted so badly to see. She applies lotion and show you what movement she has and you can see theres not enough to master standing or walking. Those legs are useless and your heart races. Then watch her as Claudia positions her wheelchair and drags herself into it for you and let your imagination run wild as you watch her legs fall flaccid and hang from her wheelchair.
Ginger dress up ( polio woman wheelchair transfers, legs and feet)
PURCHASE WHOLE VIDEO HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/154489912025512?id=10640 What wonders polio does to a woman's body. Each of them are so different. The remaining muscles, the shape of their feet, the scattered bits of function, all make for such individual and unique beauties. Ginger likes to accent her legs in a way that to some will hide her polio and for others only make it more appealing. Her feet are slightly twisted, her ankles are more rigid than flaccid and her thighs hold minimal function; just enough to crawl on her knees rather than have to drag herself on the floor. She likes to wear short skits that almost let you peer up between the thighs. Dark nylons to smooth out any minimal imperfections in her legs and bright red. Oh bright red makes her a 4 alarm fire and when she maneuvers her legs, picking each one up in her hands to tuck them around under her when she's in her wheelchair, your fire hose will be ready to put out her flames.
welcome Ginger ( paraplegic, polio woman, wheelchair, paralysed feet)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153781366025257?id=10640 We're so pleased to bring you our wonderful new Model, Ginger! She's polio effected, affectionate and loves being in front of the camera to entertain and thrill you. Enjoy watching her wheel into the room, transfer to the floor and crawl on her knees. Her lower legs are useless and feet cant support her weight. She then takes a foot stool to position it to allow her to raise herself up onto the sofa. She finds the hardest path onto it by crawling across the arm and scales it like a mountain climber. She again returns to the floor, crawls to her wheelchair and when she does finally get into it, she crosses her legs Indian style. Oh, we cant wait to bring you much more from our incredible and beautiful princess, Ginger!
Ginger sweet as candy  ( polio legs wheelchair polio woman crippled feet)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153955906725305?id=10640 What an eye popping sweetheart. Gingers adjusting to her life as a Chairem model and getting accustom to showing us the things we love to see. After leaving her bedroom Ginger comes to the livingroom and puts on a pair of sandles before leaving to go outside. She really wants to spend some time in the sun. After leaving the apartment, she soon discovers its not the best day for suntanning so instead she returns to the apartment. once there, Ginger undresses and shows her drop dead swim suit. She lays out a town by the sliding glass door and soaks up some lotion before soaking up some sun. Then she raises to her knees to craw away.
Lunas Lushus legs are tempting treats ~ Beautiful paraplegic
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/148043374323436?id=10640 We asked Luna to do nothing more than tempt us with her incredible legs and deformed feet. We wanted to see her dedicate love to those paralyzed legs and adorn her feet in cream, nylons and high heels. Her incredible bust line is bursting at the top and she proves once again, what a beautiful and unique woman she truly is.
Brendas polio makes her perfect ( polio woman paralysed legs crippled feet, wheelchair transfer)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153956114325307?id=10640 Brenda's been with us long enough to know what we enjoy watching. now she even asks us what she can do to turn men on. We tell her, manipulate those paralyzed legs, touch and fondle her crippled feet and find ways to make her polio beautiful. From struggling off her bed, to playing with her legs and going outside, Brenda had one think on her mind and that is to use her useless polio legs, legs that are motionless and crippled to do all she can to turn you on and for that, her polio makes her perfect.
cleo who could be more beautiful ( paraplegic transfers, wheelchair woman, crippled legs)
PURCHASE HERE:https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/154239267425418?id=10640 When Cleopatra meets us she takes us on an adventure into the shower, following her from floor, to bed to wheelchair and into her shower for a fabulous wet T Shirt event. Then its back into ber bedroom and another transfer to her bed to undress for us, handling and moving her paralysed legs, moving her motionless feet by hand and more sensual transfers. It's okay to watch, she loves showing you her wonderful skills as a paraplegic.
ginger crippled feet candy sweet
PURCHASE THE WHOLE VIDEO HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/154421227725499?id=10640 Ginger, your crippled legs are so beautiful to watch. how you have such little use of them but just enough to crawl, yet not enough to walk or stand. How your lower back is arched from scoliosis, twisting it slightly to extend your breast out so prominently when you wheel. How your hands grasp your angles to move your legs into positions we love to see. How your feet are so soft and tender, never once have they held your weight. they are perfection and they are useless, they are imperfect and yet ideal, they are worthy of worship and they are crippled. Craw for us on the floor and up and down a stair case. Tangle your legs by hand while you sit in your wheelchair. Show us how they are perfectly imperfect. Show us what makes your crippled feet candy sweet
Inspirational Athlete Born Without Legs Learns Childhood Idol Is Her Sister
Inspirational Athlete Born Without Legs Learns Childhood Idol Is Her Sister SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out Jen Bricker’s childhood dreams came true when she discovered her idol was in fact her long-lost sister. Jen, 27, was adopted at birth after being born with no legs due to a genetic birth defect. Despite her disability, growing up Jen was drawn to gymnastics and idolised American Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu. And after competing in - and winning - gymnastic competitions at State level, Jen learned a shocking secret - that Dominique was actually her biological sister. Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan Producer: Jack McKay Editor: Sonia Estal / Ian Phillips FACEBOOK: Like Barcroft TV - https://www.Facebook.com/BarcroftTV TWITTER: Follow @Barcroft_TV - https://www.Twitter.com/Barcroft_TV WEBSITE: For licensing & business enquiries, visit the Barcroft Media site - https://www.Barcroftmedia.com
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Deformed arm cripple bound for crutches after leg sprain
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/143741536222057?id=10640 Deformed Arm Exotica Bound for Crutches When exotica takes a horrible fall and sprains her ankle, a new problem develops. She needs her feet to replace the hands she doesnt have, Legs do the work of arms that are missing. When she discovers she cant walk and needs crutches, she knows there's no way she can use them. A phone call to a prosthetic shop and soon a custom made harness is delivered that will bind her in straps allowing crutches to be mounted under her small stumps that never developed into arms. Once bound in the harness, she is able to crutch walk safely and all for your personal enjoyment in this 32 minute movie. Download it today!
whisper you love crystals crippled legs. ( polio woman, wheelchair transfers, crawling on floor)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/154300326125441?id=10640 Imagine if you were able to whisper the words crippled legs to a woman who wasnt offended. If you called her legs useless and she smiled because she understood such words excited you. Crystal is such a woman. Today she wheels in her wheelchair before returning to her apartment to change. She uses her hand crutches to walk for you so you can see how tightly her legs curl up to her breast. How far apart they are as she cruthes towards you. How you wish you could slide you hand down her thighs and feel between them and whisper, " i love your crippled legs." That is how confident Crystal is in her beautify and how she accepts your unique desires and intimacy. Now you must decide, is it the loss of the use of her legs that is so attractive or her strength that is so beautiful?
How paralyzed legs walking with closer look?
hey what's up guys? this is another video of me filmed my legs at closer for you can see more. Thank you for watching. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS. LAST VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLC6med0aAg CLICK FOR SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5SSxFzmsO50N3nYvRuoZQA FOLLOW ME: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/wheelboyztv INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wheelboyztv/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/wheelboyztv SNAPCHAT: @fastwheelboyz
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7-Year Old Ballerina Loses Use of Legs
A 7-year old girl, with a huge interest in being a ballerina, loses the use of her legs entirely due to a mystery illness. | For more go to http://www.discoverylife.com/tv-shows/diagnose-me/#mkcpgn=ytda1 Diagnose Me airs Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery Life Find Discovery Life on your TV! | http://www.discoverylife.com/channel-finder/ Subscribe to Discovery Life! | http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=discoverylife
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Girl Paralyzed While Doing Backbend Is Hopeful She'll Walk On Her Own Again
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC The little girl who was left paralyzed by a backbend is learning to walk again. Her mother, Kylee, told Inside Edition: "we look at how much stronger she is getting day by day by day and we just realize that there is nothing that is ever going to stop her." Two years ago Eden Hoelscher did a back bend that left her paralyzed after she hyper-extended her spine. The once active five-year-old who had boundless energy was asking a question that broke her parents' hearts.
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crutchmans china trip tape 1 ( polio Crutch walking limp legs floppy feet crippled women)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153955700125303?id=10640 Crutchmans tapes are brought to you exactly as they come out of the box. No editing or adjusting unless its to brighten dim lighting. This is one of many tape he filmed on a trip to China to attend a polio conference. All the time he was there, he made sure to keep that camera rolling and boy, did he get some incredible Candid video.
Cleo meets Cinderella ( paraplegic woman wheelchair transfer, paralysed legs)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153531568025206?id=10640 Cleopatra dressed so beautifully, long silent legs so beautiful displayed for your attention in a slinky evening dress. She embodies beauty as she transfers to sofa to adorn her nails with paint. Then its to her bedchamber to undress, give her legs some wonderful attention just for you before changing into the clothes of Cinderella. Today is house cleaning and she slips into her working world clothes and invites you to keep her company as she sweeps and does many other chores that you would enjoy watching if she was in your home, being your companion and personal paraplegic housekeeper.
sunday morning pamela ( Polio Woman Polio Leg braces Polio Crutching Polio Short Leg)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153711860625240?id=10640 As Pamela prepares for Sunday services, we enjoy watching her get ready. She transfers from her bed to her wheelchair, wheels to the bathroom and transfers to the floor to crawl though the narrow door. Then she returns to her wheelchair and back to her bedroom to put on her leg braces. With one brace on she struggles to walk with her weak leg dangling behind. She returns to the bed to put on the second. She's now ready to prepare to walk to church.
5-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed By Backbend Can Now Crawl Again
A 5-year-old who was paralyzed as she performed a backbend is showing signs of improvement by crawling and pushing down on her legs. Eden Hoelscher was a typically active child until she attempted a backbend in the living room of her family's California home last December. Kylee rushed her daughter to the hospital where doctors discovered she was paralyzed. Eden is undergoing intensive therapy with a new approach to spinal cord recovery.
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Polio Cripple Donna from pool to dinner out
FROM POOL TO DINNER OUT Cant you imagine sitting at the pool when you hear the metal clang of leg braces and suddenly an attractive woman struggling on a pair of full braces and crutches comes your way? You sit down and try to hide how excited you've become then suddenly she sits down and starts taking off her braces. Lifting and fondling her legs, she lowers herself to the cement and drags her body over to the pool. You can see her legs are useless, her feet are flaccid and motionless and your heart races. After she gets back onto her lounge chair and puts on her braces she disappears yet you find her after she's changed for the afternoon. She invites you to watch her and you return to the apartment where she changes into an incredible evening gown that complements those steel braces and soft muscle tone free legs and you head to the car where she gets in and you whisk her away for dinner. Its no dream -its the reality of this movie! OWN IT NOW: http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/142922629821835?id=10640
darling catalina ( paraplegic, paralysed from the waist down)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/150876985724484?id=10640 Catalina still waits to own a proper wheelchair. No paraplegic should have to use such an old style wheelchair but this is her reality. Watching her wheel herself around in this old hospital wheelchair is a reminder of how things have changed for paraplegics since the 1970's. Her transfers are a challenge, wheeling is a challenge and to keep her heavy wheelchair justa little lighter she removes the legs rests but that causes its own problems. To keep her legs from flopping and banging around against the wheelchair she has a unqiue way of wrapping her feet into the frame to keep her legs from hitting the sides of the chair. Watching our darling young Catalina will show you what a paraplegics world was like before 1975.
crippled kathy sample
PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/139387578820561?id=10640 MEET CRIPPLED KATHY Kathy refers to herself as crippled in her emails to us so we feel its acceptable and that's the name she chose for herself. This sweet polio paraplegic has scoliosis that twists her body, paralyzed legs that aren't strong enough to carry her weight even with braces and the pinkest soles on the bottom of those delightful floppy feet. Kathy greets you on the sofa where she slide her twisted body and lifeless legs to an awaiting wheelchair. Once there, she shifts her weight from side to side to pull off her pants to share with you a delightful look at those wonderful legs before hoisting her legs back onto the sofa to anoint them with lotion. Then its time to go into the bright sunshine. Kathy delicately lowers herself to the ground where she removes her socks and shoes and twists her legs allowing her to sit cross legged. You'll delight watching her move on the ground in this position before she hauls her crippled body back into her wheelchair. What a wonderful first encounter with this ebony paraplegic princess.
Brenda simply eye candy  ( polio woman, transfers, crawling, feet)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/152813336225041?id=10640 Brenda arrives in a truck and transfers out to her wheelchair. One there she wheels towards the apartment and stops to remove her shoes and struggle to cross her legs in a seated position. Her legs are pliable and she can move them into incredible positions. Once inside she transfers to a sofa for some leg and foot attention before crawling and dragging herself across the floor to the bedroom to change. When she returns, she struggles onto the sofa and back into her wheelchair. She so carefully lifts each leg by grabbing her plants, making her feet, flop and dangle as she positions them under each other in a cross legged position.
Claudia crippled girl fron highschool mini movie
http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/141505488121378?id=10640 CLAUDIA, THE CRIPPLED GIRL FROM HIGH SCHOOL Most of the time she sat alone in the library or ate lunch alone. Other kids didnt want to be around her but you always watched her. You wondered about her and why she used her wheelchair. You could see her legs were useless but never had the courage to ask her why. You imagined what it would be like to watch her get out of her wheelchair and onto her bed. What did her legs look like under her slacks and inside those shoes, you dreamed about her feet. If you had the courage, you would have talked wit her and asked all about why she was crippled but you didnt want to be seen talking to her in class. You felt ashamed because you would get turned on watching her wheel past and she always took time to smile at you. If you could go back in time, your would tell that little crippled princess that you thought she was pretty and maybe, just maybe you would ask for permission to take off her shoes and socks or even hold her hand. Today, Claudia wants to take you back to your youth and she wants to be that special young girl who stole your heart. Claudia wakes to find you in her room and she smiles at you before pulling back the sheets to present to you the view of those legs and feet you wanted so badly to see. She applies lotion and show you what movement she has and you can see theres not enough to master standing or walking. Those legs are useless and your heart races. Then watch her as Claudia positions her wheelchair and drags herself into it for you and let your imagination run wild as you watch her legs fall flaccid and hang from her wheelchair.
Romancing POLIO CRIPPLED Crystal
PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/11971357907315?id=10640 ROMANCING CRYSTAL Close your eyes and Step back in time for a moment. Remember the first disabled woman who changed you forever. She was likely a woman older than you but your heart raced at her site. Now let Crystal be your Mrs. Robinson and take you back to your first encounter. Crystal is waiting for you in the bedroom in a borrowed wheelchair. You are in your spring and she is in her summer but she wants to use her life's experience to seduce you. She knows you're heart beats faster when you watch her lower herself to the floor. She makes you sit at her level across the room so that you cant ignore her as she pulls herself towards to you. Why are your eyes drawn to watch her slowly remove her nylons as she lowers them down each leg held in her hand. Now follow her to the bedroom as she moves, holding one foot in her hand, picking up the foot and moving it forward while dragging her slender body across the floor behind it, all for you to see. Crystal raises herself into her wheelchair to close the shades before lowering herself back onto the floor again only to have you follow her around the bed and onto it She is ready for you to lay beside her as you watch her fall to sleep. Are you ready to romance your Mrs. Robinson by Romancing Crystal? approx 30 min.
Honda Walking Assist Devices
ASIMO—Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility—is a humanoid robot designed and developed by Honda as a multifunctional robotic assistant. Honda also developed the Bodyweight Support Assist device to help support bodyweight to reduce the load on the user's legs while walking, going up and down stairs and in a semi-crouching position. A third Honda device, Stride Management Assist, is designed for the elderly or people with weakened leg muscles, but who can still walk on their own.
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Polio crippled girl crawling upstairs,
Russian girl drags her deformed feet and legs up two flights of stairs.
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Legless Skateboarder Aims For Paralympic Glory
Legless Skateboarder Aims For Paralympic Glory SUBSCRIBE to the Barcroft network: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj INSPIRATIONAL Kanya Sesser was born without legs but has used her hands as feet to become a successful athlete and model. The 23-year-old uses a skateboard instead of a wheelchair to get around her native Venice Beach in LA and enjoys playing basketball, surfing and skiing. Kanya is also a successful lingerie model that can command up to £750 a day. Kanya was born in Thailand but was abandoned by her biological parents and placed into the care of Buddhist monks when she was just a few weeks old. Videographer / Director: Patrick Fallon Producer: Dan Howlett, Chloe Browne Editor: Sonia Estal, Ian Phillips Barcroft TV: https://www.youtube.com/user/barcroftmedia/featured Barcroft Cars: https://www.youtube.com/user/BarcroftCars/featured Bear Grylls Adventure: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzcUNwS7mypzPhW4gsjO7og/featured For more of the amazing side of life: For the full story, visit BARCROFT.TV: http://www.barcroft.tv/ Like BARCROFT TV on Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/BarcroftTV Follow @Barcroft_TV on Twitter: https://www.Twitter.com/Barcroft_TV Check out more videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/barcroftmedia/videos
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www.chairemintrenational.com EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL! Not available on our page. Purchase it here: http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/141366441721302?id=10640
Young Woman Crippled by SI Dysfunction Meets Ozone
crippling SI pain since childhood helped at last by ozone therapy
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PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/11954369167177?id=10640 NAOMI FEELING GOOD! Delicia brings Naomi over to her home for the afternoon. It's wonderful how Naomi is getting stronger and healthier. Did you know your purchace helps pay for her rehab? Come watch how much better she is on her crutches and explore as she navigates stairs in a night short skirt and no nylons. Her stump is getting strong and is a knock out! Check out her strength building program and join in as they have a great laugh. And wait until you see Delicia help Naomi put fish net stockings on the stump!!!! over 40 minute long.
My beautiful Polio Hand  ( crippled polio hand, and polio limp)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/144580202222288?id=10640 Kara's polio ravaged her left arm leaving her hand flaccid and completely useless. Somehow she finds ways of making the hand do some things but generally, it hands motionless and of no value. Karla does everything to try to complete some obstacles we have created for her to prove that while that hand is valueless, it can be attractive and watching her struggle to do anything functional with it can even be very stimulating.
Calf Kicks: Cripple Your Opponent's Leg
After Jeremy Stephens beat Gilbert Melendez primarily using calf kicks, we've seen this technique grow in popularity inside the world of MMA. Damaging the lower leg immobilizes your opponent, which also reduces the power of their strikes and takedowns. So in this tutorial we cover how to throw this specialized low leg kick, demonstrating strategies and setups, and how to properly block them. Be sure to support your online MMA coach, as Vince 'The Anomaly' Cachero fights in his 5th pro MMA fight tomorrow, July 20th live on AXS TV. Tix for Vince's Fight►http://bit.ly/1FIOiju Subscribe to FIGHTTIPS►http://bit.ly/1APnzvw FOLLOW: Facebook | http://bit.ly/fightTIPSFacebook Twitter | http://bit.ly/fightTIPSTwitter Instagram | http://bit.ly/fightTIPSInstagram
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How to Drive without arms
Tisha UnArmed demonstrates how to drive her car with her feet, There are three main adaptations to my car 1 the left foot accelerator: this adaptation allows me to accelerate and brhttps://www.youtube.com/commentseak with my left foot, it can be taken out for other drivers in case someone else needs to drive my car 2 the turn knob: the turn knob is used for, well, turning the wheel. I use my right foot (the short one) to steer I don't always use the turn knob because it can get uncomfortable when rotating all the way around but it's there when i need it 3 the voice command computer box controls all of the main functions for everyday use like the turn signal and the horn the adaptations were bought from and installed by United Access Some people may be concerned about me driving with my feet. "It's not safe, it's not ok." just so you know I wasn't GIVEN my license, I WORKED for it. 20 hours of driving lessons with multiple adaptation adjustments, I took the test just like everyone else and I PASSED THE FRST TIME! given the test by an officer of the law. plus I taught all of my siblings how to drive!!! So before you start hating and worrying about safety I leave you with this: in 2009 there were 12,744 alcohol related automobile fatalities and About 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are caused by texting drivers each year. People drink and drive and text and drive resulting in thousands of fatalities each year caused by ABLE bodied people who have arms
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Cardio workout on a chair 1 (for people with bad/weak/injured knees)
Complete cardio workout on a chair for people with bad/weak/injured knees. The following exercises includes a warm-up and stretching will help you to lose weight, improve heart health and get in shape, despite certain knee disabilities
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Amputee Eva: Failed Date! long video #amputee #crutches #girl #disabled #disability
FULL VERSION HERE: https://evaamputee.com/produkt/video-24-failed-date/ 53 min video Amputee woman Eva. Onelegged hip disarticulated girl trying to organizing a date! Unfortunatelly she is amputee an is not easy... HELP ME RAISING MONEY TO PROSTHETIC LEG! www.paypal.me/evaamputee MY VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RM160z55Q4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcAW5RG7Pck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3gRYLU86gM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b0bhPSHNMs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eSxvlGHhes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ak4gVnJRq0
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Misery- Hobbling Scene
This is a scene from Stephen King's film "Misery." I do not own anything. No infringement intended.
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a cripple fucking dies
crutch shot
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Amputee girl
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