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Economic indicators and their impact on currencies | tradimo

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This video will introduce you to two of the most important economic indicators that drive the value of a currency: interest rates and inflation. Interest rates are one of the most important drivers of the forex markets. Inflation measures how quickly the prices of goods and services rise in a given period of time. Join tradimo.com and learn to trade for free. Read articles and watch live coachings to master your trading skills for free. We're a team of expert traders with the dream of building the best school and community for online trading. Learn to trade, invest and manage your personal finance: https://learn.tradimo.com/
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alex benjamin (13 days ago)
Your content is similar to arrow mark pips
George Chumak (5 months ago)
Sorry. I just was angry, because of my girlfriend.
George Chumak (5 months ago)
That is bull shit. Did not explain me nothing!
If you could tell us your expectation in this video we would be very thankful for any advice on how to improve.
chris (1 year ago)
Higher interest rates mean more inflation. If interest rates go up then companies and commercialised borrowing clients or people will have to pay more money therefor the prices of items goes up to cover the money needed to pay back these interest rates. Demand does go lower so therefore inflation increases because you need to make more money for every individual item you sell. This video is an example of retail trader brainwash usually covered under the for of an IB agreement via a broker or education program. Look for smart money strategies not what brokers want you to know
Morha Ch' Birkross (3 months ago)
You would have noticed the market doesn’t move in straight bee lines from point A to B on the chart. Instead the price swings from high and low points, gradually stepping it’s way higher or lower down the chart are key technical points a smart trader with a good indicator anticipate where the market is heading with high accuracy for take profit. These technical points are more familiar to me each time I trade with the method blended model i learnt practically from Vladislav. they are known as swing points. The point when i'm buying the dips and selling the rallies to take profit of thousands of dollars each weekly. it's an amazing experience. you can check on the link bio of this system on google and see more.
Bobby Doran (1 year ago)
What exactly is it you are disagreeing with in this video?
Muhammed CP (1 year ago)
pls make it slowly ..
Alex Liu (1 year ago)
change speed to 0.75 :)
Budget - ASMR (2 years ago)
I always disagree that higher interest rates increases the strength of the countries currency, yes higher interest rates attract capital that seeks a higher return, but the larger effect is less people domestically and internationally borrow less money of a currency with a high interest rate. If a country has high interest rates, every business avoids borrowing money from that country as much as possible, while people with excess capital move there. I would argue there are way more people borrowing, rather than saving. If a really rich investor has a lot of spare money, rather than just placing that money into a country with higher interest rates, he would rather look for more options to make that capital grow even faster. New business, expansion, stock market.
James Cao (4 years ago)
very nice video. The thing is that interest rate is now 2.5% and unchanged for 13 month. What does this impact the economy?
markuss lesmale (1 year ago)
It mentioned it in the video, may be watch it again? 1) Capital Markets (Banks, Buying & Selling Equity and Debt Instruments, Savings and Investment between suppliers of capital such as retail investors and institutional investor, trade of financial securities like bonds, stocks, etc......And Users of capital like businesses, government and individuals) 2) International Trade 3) Political Events 4) Economic News
Forex Updates (5 years ago)
again repeated video :(

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