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Radeon RX 580 8GB vs. GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 27 Game Benchmark

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Check GPU prices now: Radeon RX 580 - http://amzn.to/2pbBNrj Radeon RX 480 - http://amzn.to/2p2TlKJ GeForce GTX 1060 - http://amzn.to/2pLRKGt Find all the graphs here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/radeon-rx-580-vs-19635434 Support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/hardwareunboxed Radeon RX 580 8GB vs. GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 27 Game Benchmark FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/hardwareunboxed Facebook - http://facebook.com/hardwareunboxed Google Plus - http://goo.gl/xx14Uj Instagram - https://goo.gl/8lhprr Music By: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
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Hardware Unboxed (1 year ago)
You can find all the graphs here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/radeon-rx-580-vs-19635434
P!nky (1 year ago)
Hardware Unboxed Procesor?
Ziffer777 (1 year ago)
At 4:13 you said and wrote "Total War Sage" on the graph when it should've been "Total War Saga".
TRIMECARL (1 year ago)
Have you guys tested to see if and AMD card performs better when paired with an AMD CPU vs Intel? To add to that, also the same for an Nvidia card.
Spencer Reynolds (1 year ago)
Doesn't matter if they are related, they're both very competitive so that might make the rivalry more heated rather than less
SliM420 GaMing (1 year ago)
After finding out the CEOs of both companies are related it doesn't really matter which company you prefer.
EzbonGamer (23 days ago)
Is the Radeon RX 580 the Radeon Pro 580x (in the iMac) also which is faster
Smoking GNU (1 month ago)
As someone who needs to replace a GPU now but will at some point have to replace the motherboard/CPU/memory in the future (those are old as well but the GPU is the one showing its age) i was wondering, above and beyond the benchmark issue, are there still incompatibility issues when you, say, pair a Radeon GPU with an Intel CPU/board?
SuperNeutral (1 month ago)
You guys really need to go back to this intro =/
ToonNut1 ToonNut007 (1 month ago)
We're due another one of these videos again!
New Endoria (1 month ago)
Yes, an actual Arma benchmark it seems like no one ever does them and that's my main game. Though I'll have to see how my combo works since the game is CPU heavy.
Vincent Laurensius (3 months ago)
AMD Fanboys rn: "3 Free games. nigga :v" Well, fr those are really good deal
Pat Dossenko (3 months ago)
who down votes a review vid?
MoTurcu (4 months ago)
So should i go with RX 580 8GB?
MoTurcu (3 months ago)
​I have brought it Thanks 👍
To FiFa with Love show (3 months ago)
looks like you should, you ge basacally the same performance, for almost 50% less money, while the 1060 is around 300 pluss tax, around 360 $ US, the 580 is close to 280 includding tax, 1 frame less , one frame more, but you save close to 90 dollars withe the 580, I did get mine yesterday, and is worth every penny. In my opinion you shoud get the 580 not just becouse the price, but also for performance.
Zsavage1 (4 months ago)
generic benchmarks oh it's gotta be true... LMAO.. this is a joke... I have the RX580 8gb Red Devil card and in the REAL WORLD it runs circles around my 1070..in most games as I am running 3 -24" monitors @ 5760x1080 intel i7 7700k 64gbs ram.. 1200watt PSU... even more so in VR.. here is some FYI if you are too young to remember and this is still going on to this day... So i've been reading up on some of the shinanigans that nvidia has done on "nvidia - the way its meant to be played" games. I can't believe the lengths nvidia has gone through to purposely hijack games to run worse on AMD hardware. I won't go into long details, but nvidia paid crytek US 2 million to delay their DX11 port, and nvidia implemented it *themselves* by applying tesselation on non visible, water, and flat objects. If you read up on this, these tactics were purposely done to hijack crysis 2 on anything that isn't nvidia hardware -- and it does not improve image quality AT ALL (on flat objects and water...and especially non visibile objects under the world -- yes they did that.) Outright scumbaggery. They did the same with Batman: AA in 2009. This is the same company that in 2003 manipulated their drivers to disable features in 3d benchmarks to get inflated results - back then tomshardware called them out on it, and they admitted to cheating. and now to see that their cheating hasn't ended. well I know back then they both did it.. as far as tweeking for benchmarks... but to purposely do this to people with AMD video is just well sad...
D-no (2 months ago)
@Zsavage1 brill. will do. i only run 1 24" monitor and vr isnt on my bucketlist yet but thats worth knowing. thanks again!
Zsavage1 (2 months ago)
@D-no no problem... I dono if you use multiple monitors or not but in my past experience with SLI or CF.. AMD has always been ahead when it comes to multi-monitor setups.. I run 3 24" monitors and a VR headset (windows Mixed Reality) and I don't set them up in eyefinity so I can use each monitor independently.. and AMD setup so you can run different resolutions on each one if you so chose.. can't do that on SLI :) once you go 3.. you'll never go back to a single monitor again....lol I build all my computers.. I have at least 4 running in the house all the time.. my personal system runs 24/7 I took a 770 out of my daughter's system because it just couldn't keep up with our gaming demands.. put in a 75 dollar used RX480 8gb card and it runs everything we throw at it .. oh and before you go 580.. check the prices of the RX590's if your budget allows.. well worth the little extra https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131742&Description=RX590&cm_re=RX590-_-14-131-742-_-Product
D-no (2 months ago)
@Zsavage1 dude... thank you for your input. i value opinions like yours where you have 1st hand knowledge. too many blaggers on YT nowadays so when i spot a decent comment like what you made where you have the time to input knowledge rather than blag i take notice. i will go rx now after this chat. thank you again bro 💪👌
Zsavage1 (2 months ago)
@D-no I run 2 RX 580's now in CF, just a single 580 ripped up my 1070 and with just about a 20% overclock was right with the 1080. about 10 to 30 FPS but for the price if 200 bucks is worth about 10 more FPS well then it's your call.....you can find many comparisons on youtube.. right now a 1080ti cost about 800 to 1100 bucks or you can get a refurbished one for around 700.00 where as you can get 2 RX590's around 450.00 USD... but more important is that not all games now take advantage of crossfire.. and some times it has even been known to reduce performance.. so it greatly depends on which games you play plenty of info out there on games that support Crossfire... I sold all my nvidia crap.. was tired of driver problems and so on .. and nvidia's latest fukup.. they put some shitty ram on their 10xx series cards.. MICRON.. it it was horrible.. FPS drops, artifacts, BSOD's and they never said anything about it ... they would send you a refurbished card if you send your NEW cards in because of the ram problems.. someone had to call them out on it for them to admit the problem... and one thing I do is support the underdog because if it wasn't for AMD cards, you'd be paying 1000 dollars for a GTX550.. :)
D-no (2 months ago)
this comment is what ive been looking for dude. i had an rx480 before and since then ive gone to a 980ti which was great but ive had to downgrade to a 970 for the time being as i overshot my budget. do you honestly think the 580 in the real world really punches that hard? im drawn to your comment as you dont seem to be guessing like most on here?
John Wagz (4 months ago)
You talk about things that are newest, but you only deal with dx 11... why not dx12
undercovsupreme (4 months ago)
Amd gang
Unboar (5 months ago)
what if I mostly play esports titels ? Which one should I go for ? I will also probably go for 144 hz monitor.
glueplay (3 months ago)
I'd get AMD because of the better drivers.
adriano guerra (5 months ago)
u are a radeon lover... this is NOT a review
Roelof Stoelwinder (5 months ago)
just bought one for 180 euros inicluding shipping from germany to the netherlands
Roelof Stoelwinder (5 months ago)
the rx580 that is
doggaki (5 months ago)
Nailed it!
Wyxelix (5 months ago)
i choose 1060 6gb because it has low watts requirements
MrNwn007 (5 months ago)
in my country cheapest gtx1060(3gb) 230usd-6gb version 330usd rx580 4gb 225usd, 8gb 290usd rx590 330 usd no point in buying the gtx
ydkSinisteR (5 months ago)
Just a quick question, I have a 8700k will there be any problems if I use a Radeon card? Can I only use a Radeon card if I have an amd cpu? Sorry I am noob
Gemerzon Formenton (5 months ago)
We are selling 8GB RX-580 Sapphire , for $186,00 that we have bought for $350,00~$370,00 , since mining with VGA is dead , no one is buying it , I bought mine Rx580 Nitro Especial Edition for 195$ this month our CIF were $370,00
Young Dabber (4 months ago)
I just bought one of those Sapphire Nitro+ 580's for $140, I wouldn't pay more than $160 used.
mopopoju (5 months ago)
gtx1060 6gb and rx580 8gb both are in here finland 259euros
Sabin Gurung (5 months ago)
I would recommend you Sapphire nitro because of it's best cooling fans and what I like is that Rx 580 is similar to gtx 1070 but it's a lot cheaper than gtx 1060
George Georganis (6 months ago)
Would you suggest a 1440p 32" Display (AOCq3279vwfd8) for this GPU. I'm not interested in high refresh rate gaming. Thanks and keep up the amazing work you do here.
jake_gaMiNg (6 months ago)
Max Kappinga (6 months ago)
in my state they are the same price which one should i get?
Max Kappinga (6 months ago)
This Is My Name okay thanks
This Is My Name (6 months ago)
The RX 580. If Newegg is an option there's even a promotion on there where you get 2 free games when you buy one.
Joe Wayne (6 months ago)
So for 150$ for either of em is a good buy then
This Is My Name (6 months ago)
$150 for either is a steal. Around that price is how much an RX 570 or GTX 1050Ti costs.
No One (6 months ago)
Where is CS:GO?
Abrori (6 months ago)
Use the red cpu and use the green gpu
Andrea Novembre (6 months ago)
Rx 580 WIN. BUT I WANT RTX 2060 6B
Geemitha Fernando (3 months ago)
Haha lol😂
Juan22 (6 months ago)
Please, RX 580 8gb or GTX 1060 6gb?. I currently have a new 500w PSU and I use a fresync monitor. RX 580 is about $40 cheaper than MSI gaming X GTX 1060 6gb here in my country. I've read that RX 580 is quite power hungry, and I want to know if I'll be ok with that PSU (it's that evga 500w 80plus one). I'd appreciate any suggestion.
This Is My Name (6 months ago)
Get the RX 580. I have a 450W PSU and I have no issues with it drawing too much power. Freesync is a huge advantage and the $40 saved is a nice bonus. The extra 2GB of VRAM is also pretty nice. As long as you have a decent power supply, the bill increase for the higher power usage will be minimal. Although I will warn you, it sounds like a jet engine when it's under full load. It gets ridiculously loud but it's just a minor inconvenience since either speakers or headphones will keep you from really hearing it.
DarkPhychic (6 months ago)
The RX580 is really power hungry... The power draw of Rx580 under full load is 200 Watts and gives out more heat while on GTX 1060 6GB is only 120W...So in terms of power consumption the Gtx1060 has an 66% difference if you want to save also on power bills...depending upon the area you live.--- Link :- https://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/Radeon-RX-580-8GB-Review-Polaris-Populism/Detailed-Power-Consumption-Testing
Boris Atanasov (6 months ago)
Just bought GTX 1060 6 GB MSI Gaming X for $230, is that a good deal?
This Is My Name (6 months ago)
Pretty decent price. I would have personally gone for the RX 580 but $230 is about the MSRP for either.
GTX 1060 = 192 bits ... RX 580 = 256 bits ... any questions?..
Tony Tran (6 months ago)
The GTX1060 6GB is the better choice due to the following reasons: +More Cheaper +Runs Much Cooler. +Much Less Power Consumption. +Better Drivers For It. +Easier To Find Online. +Not AMD Chinese lol. +G-Sync Monitor's. +More Popular Nvidia Duh.
This Is My Name (6 months ago)
They're actually both about the same price, the power usage isn't that bad and I have no issues using my 580 on my low-end 450W PSU, the drivers for both are fine, it's pretty easy to find an RX 580 online anywhere you look, if you don't think your Nvidia card is manufactured in China you're sorely mistaken, Freesync is just as good as GSync and Freesync monitors are much cheaper, and popularity isn't a selling point. Basically it boils down to whether you'd have better specs in exchange for a louder video card. Which is a pretty easy decision to make.
Deano (6 months ago)
Let's make this simple: RX 580 for more VRAM, better performance in DX12 games, AMD finewine tech which ages the card well compared to Nvidia, freesync so you don't have to be a dumb price for G Sync, and better performance in AMD optimised games such as Far Cry 5, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield 5 GTX 1060 for lower temperature, lower power consumption, better performance in Nvidia optimised games such as AC Odyssey, GTA V, Fortnits etc
Vyncke.Kyle (6 months ago)
Fuck, rx 580 abd 1060 are the same price here.. what should i get?
daniel is muy gay (6 months ago)
what did he overclock the core clock of the rx580 to?
Kyle B (6 months ago)
Technically you throw out that one odd massive outlier, from a game I've never heard of, and I'm pretty sure the 580 is ahead slightly still. Buy whatever's cheaper but don't forget the 3gb 1060 isn't the same core as a 6gb 1060. I've also seen RX 570 and 560 for unbeatable prices, we usually forget about those cards for the tight budget buyers. 1050 ti is just way over priced unless you're very limited on power supply and can't or don't want to upgrade it.
Nubecuube (6 months ago)
Question, I can as a late Xmas Gift either: Intel Core i7-9700k --------- (I pay £804 - £924 for rest) AMD Ryzen 7 2700x + RX 580 -- (I pay £554 for rest) Which do I get?
This Is My Name (6 months ago)
I'd get a Ryzen 5 2600 and combo it with a VEGA 56, instead of a 7 paired with a 580 if your main priority for your PC is gaming. The 7 isn't that much better despite the extra $150 unless you're planning on mostly video editing, heavy multitasking, rendering, etc. In fact, the extra cores on the 7 means that in gaming that the 5 will actually achieve better results sometimes since games aren't typically optimized for the high amount of cores the 2700X has.
im pretty dumb, but (6 months ago)
basically RX 580 is the same as GTX 1070
Deano (6 months ago)
No, it's slightly better than the 1060
Jessip Watson (7 months ago)
9gb version?,...title says 6gb version...
Jessip Watson (6 months ago)
@Hardware Unboxed you should break that down a little more...hard for me to understand that one tbh
Hardware Unboxed (6 months ago)
@Jessip Watson The memory speed, there are two versions of the 6GB model.
Jessip Watson (6 months ago)
what are you even referring to when you say 9gbs?...the amount of data in a program being processed?
Hardware Unboxed (6 months ago)
@Jessip Watson Yes the title reads 9Gbps, again that's different to 9GB
Jessip Watson (6 months ago)
Dazzle Gamer (7 months ago)
I'm stuck between GTX 1060 6GB and 580 8GB used card and both are priced same..i'm so confused.. plz help me out xD
Mundanee (7 months ago)
I love my STRIX 580 :)
DDOA (7 months ago)
I'm using an rx480 for my build for streaming wow, and wow classic, love the Aorus line
ICEMANZIDANE (7 months ago)
"Back and forth" Tbh, expect the Unreal Engine game, the RX 580 was always faster than the 1080 + AMD priced the 580 very aggressively so i have even seen prices about 150bucks. Much cheaper and a bit faster, the winner is clear.
Jemzo Maclain (7 months ago)
580 cost 200 on amazon recently
MuttleyGriffin (7 months ago)
Just got an RX 580 8GB PowerColor Red Dragon v2 for £169.99 in the U.K.!
kahale (7 months ago)
too bad bad reviews on the card stops me from getting it.
Oscar Jung (7 months ago)
Battlefield 5.....
Hardware Unboxed (7 months ago)
Blitzbrigader Meessieboy (7 months ago)
just buy the Msi geforce gtx 1060 x 6g
jordi serrano (7 months ago)
Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 OC 8G Gaming, the best rx580 of all
Should i get a radeon 580 8gb or gtx 1060 6gb
kahale (7 months ago)
whichever is cheaper i say.
Tameem Rahim (7 months ago)
in my country rx 580 is 15$ cheaper
Christian Visitacion (7 months ago)
Which card should i buy? 1060 or 580?
Eclipse Gaming (7 months ago)
Rx580 more future proof , go for it
Silent Assassin (7 months ago)
the price didnt fall
S l i c k . (7 months ago)
Nice vid
Marty Napalm (7 months ago)
I just bought 2 Asus strix GTX 1060 6gb for $200 AU each from Gumtree, cant wait for them to get here, hopefully they havent been used for mining.
jim vas (7 months ago)
R6 SIEGE IS FOURTH MOST PLAYED GAME how can you forget it
CDC Bro (4 months ago)
jim vas 3:12 ?😂
N.A.S.A Mars (8 months ago)
I like the new format for the video I would like 10 games to be shown through
Ronnie Williams (8 months ago)
Microsoft picked a great gpu for my X1X. I'll take the extra 4 compute units as well. Ty.
simonroe (8 months ago)
Just get the cheaper one. You won't even notice once you turn off the fps counter.
Shannon Kepa (8 months ago)
you should test on mmorpg like black desert online and lineage 2 classic in castle siege or mass pvp
Felix S (8 months ago)
My build currently has a ryzen 5 2600 and a asus dual gtx 1060 6gb how much watt do i need I plan on playing medium settings sometimes high won't be Overclocking s 550w good or is it overkill
SupertoastGT (7 months ago)
A bit late but 500w for one 1060 is fine. You can even get by on a 450w PSU if you had to.
NARCISO STUDIOS (8 months ago)
Word to the wise and serious Premier Pro CC productivity users out there who use gaming cards in their rigs. Premier has a SERIOUS unresolved issue with TR4 (Thread Ripper) + NVIDIA combos when scrubbing timelines (serious stuttering). It's been known for years by Adobe (and still unresolved!) but not as often talked about since there are simply far less TR4 users vs. other AMD sockets out there and subsequently less forums out there about the issue. I found out the hard way after a lifetime of research/troubleshooting and 6k in lol. So as to not duplicate the hairloss, pass the word on! @Hardware Unboxed, great work as always! <3
ramius86 (8 months ago)
109 fps , Arma 3, RX 580. OK.
[email protected] (8 months ago)
rainbow 6 is trash tho
DankPenguin 420 (8 months ago)
I think ima go with the 580. More VRAM, FreeSync, Better.
Nathan Kong (8 months ago)
Hey unbox theory I was wondering if you can help me with a problem. I have a gtx 1060 6gb with ryzen 5 1400 and made this build back in feb 2018. Today, I decided to do a driver update with the geforce experience, and I did a custom installation with box check to clean installation. However, all of sudden I been getting massive FPS drop to around 100-70fps in the game rainbow six siege. Before I used to get 144-120 fps on average. What did I wrong? Thanks
Recordix (8 months ago)
Which CPU? (sry english is bad)
Luke Lovett (8 months ago)
Aussie accent?
Howard Key (8 months ago)
Kinda stupid to not include pubg.
ranonC (8 months ago)
i dont rlly care abt the appearance of my cpu , so im def gg for rx 580
ImStaxx Gaming (8 months ago)
The rx580 violed the Gtx 1060
Kenneth Dike (8 months ago)
The rx570 8gb is now £200 in the uk.........but I can only afford an R9 380x at £100 😭
Hami Afsar Nafis (8 months ago)
What ever you say nvidia is the best
Deano (8 months ago)
that's what an ignorant fanboy would way
DoseBearski (8 months ago)
Looks like I'm getting the rx580 ,it's €60 cheaper.
Luke Gino (8 months ago)
I just want to tell you that I love you. I am so happy I went with the RX 580 8GB - this is my budget second build for another place and I could not be happier seeing this. Thank you.
adrian balasa (8 months ago)
I'm not a Nvidia/AMD fan but i love rx 580. I like because she can run aprox on ultra in 60fps almost every game in 1080p. For me its enaugh.This is my opinion
Constantin Raileanu (8 months ago)
low to medium graphic cards or processors: AMD. intel doesnt deserve the money, neither nvidia. it;s just overpriced shit.
Mr Benz (8 months ago)
would go for rx 580 and a ryzen 5 2600 for the freesync
Murali Dharan (8 months ago)
Wait for RX590
GloriousTapeworm (8 months ago)
this one summed it up perfectly for me you're doing god's work around here!
Jay Schulz (8 months ago)
Fortnite..not playing
Jay Schulz (8 months ago)
Just ripped out the 1050ti . Went with rx580 8g
Fokosmok (9 months ago)
Radeon all day long.
Josh12342 (9 months ago)
Where's overwatch
dancho703 (9 months ago)
hey, is it good to go for the Rx 470 for 110€ second hand? (having in mind the guy who sells it has 4 of them what i think means he used them for mining which doesn´t mean nothing but good for me because mining is not overclocking..) also having in mind that the 1050 ti or 1060 3gb-6gb cant find them on that low price.
RandyClassicCarsFan (9 months ago)
rx 580 is cheaper tho
JonelKingas (9 months ago)
emmm so if Radeon RX 580 8GB and gtx 1060 (3gb) is rpeaty much same price RX only like 30eur more in my country so shouldi buy RX insted of gtx 1060 3gb?
Walt Kowalski (9 months ago)
go with radeon more memory
Stinky Llama (9 months ago)
This reminds me the old gtx 970 and r9 390 battle
mOON L1ght (9 months ago)
you wana to to say all system draws only 400 wats ?
Davis Peralta (9 months ago)
Glad that I bought rx 580, plus I can get a 144hz freesync monitor a lot cheaper than g-sync ones.
Will Wang (9 months ago)
2:24 what brand is this case?
Hardware Unboxed (9 months ago)
Corsair 570X
TOBORE8THMAN (9 months ago)
RX580 is the performance king of the mid range cards. It has 2 more gigabytes VRAM, it takes advantage of DX12 and it overclocks easily to 1450 with mild fan speed. I wouldn't call the 580 future proof but as we move forward to more games taking advantage of DX12 and Vulcan, the choice seems abundantly clear. Choose the card that best supports the games you're interested in.
Wolves TV (9 months ago)
I get a 1060 6gbs and get 125 FPS max out on Fortnite
Damian (9 months ago)
Hehe picked up a gtx1060 6gb second hand for my TV Media PC that my gf uses to play games on for $220AUD. Found out shortly after that the second hand market price for the rx580 is only $150AUD which is significantly cheaper considering it performs better in titles shes more inclined to play on that.
Joey Dsusa (9 months ago)
Which version of driver r u using For those test
Bob (9 months ago)
Basically it's the same
Podunk Niggams (9 months ago)
I will always root for amd honestly. Even after all of these years of them falling beind intel and nvidea, we are starting to see some real come up, at least on the cpu side of things. Backing the underdog encourages competition, and competition brings innovation, and i think its been a while since we've seen some real huge changes in the market, especially in the low/mid range market.
Cliff Bartram (9 months ago)
Freesync 8gb vram and $299 in Aus the RX580 is winner winner chicken dinner!
Christian (9 months ago)
Bro rx 580 is good for 1440p? In high settings?
James Curtis (9 months ago)
Those cards are very close in performance. I am shocked that the 1060 is such an overwhelming favorite in Steam.
Yu Guan (9 months ago)
The best aged GPU in my opinion is GTX970 and 980, it is older and still somewhere between 1050ti and 1060 6GB in performance. 980ti is ok cool, it should be quite near to 1070.

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