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XFX Radeon Rx580 Black Edition 8gb Unboxing

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PlatinumDown (1 month ago)
is it noisy on fortnite,cs go,pubg also does it overheat?
I didn't play fortnite, pubg on this GPU. I'm assuming its going to run fine. It's like a rx480 with 10 fps more. But I did play division 2, devil may cry 5, just cause 4, far cry new dawn. It gets loud if the game has big requirements. However, games that are easy to run like csgo should be quiet.
Tweakazoidz (2 months ago)
Does it get loud after a little while ?
Split Personality Gamer (2 months ago)
+Tweakazoidz your welcome!!
Tweakazoidz (2 months ago)
+Split Personality Gamer ok thanks for letting me know
Split Personality Gamer (2 months ago)
When I play games with this gpu? it does get a little bit loud if you play games that requires you powerful gpus. However, small games like vrchat, some indie games and etc. its mostly quiet. Compared to the gtx geforce 1060 with one fan that was loud. However, I like the performance of that gpu. That's why I always go with dual fans but I might be wrong it depends on the gpu.
Caribano (4 months ago)
Sexy GPU!
Split Personality Gamer (3 months ago)
+AstableRasta That is a great price for it
AstableRasta (3 months ago)
Just picked one up for 140$
Split Personality Gamer (3 months ago)
+Edgar Flores im glad you got your gpu without any problems!
Edgar Flores (3 months ago)
Split Personality Gamer just got my xfx card, no issues at all ! I guess I’m lucky

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