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XFX RX-580 GTS Black Edition OC

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XFX RX-580 GTS Black Edition (RX-580P8DBD6) Proof of this absolutely insane Memory Overclock at 2600MHz (10,400MHz) with no Errors reported with HWinfo64 software. Video was done using AMD Re-Live which did not like HWinfo64 being open and reporting rate of data .. seemed to cause slight conflict and stutter which could be most seen when Superpostion 1st loaded for Benchmark.
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Bart Vandenberg (5 months ago)
Makes me realize how much I love my Vega 64.
Ub3rshadow (6 months ago)
That confirms it for me. Definitly chosing this one.
Core 1500 mhz and memory 2500mhz - its real on your card?
DaBallger Q (7 months ago)
Yes, but I keep it at 1490mhz / 2250mhz for 24/7 usage
Elround (1 year ago)
2130 poins with a GTX 1060 6GB G1 Gaming [1950Mhz] , I7 8700k [4,8ghz], 16gb ddr 4 3200 hz, same settings in Superposition :D
Elround (1 year ago)
3601in 4k
POINT BLANK (1 year ago)
I suggest you to change the headline rx-580 to rx580 or rx 580...Search is not finding your video...
Feherfolia2 (1 year ago)
the config/confirmation (4:12) shows there was an xfx rx 470/480 GPU test not 580. pls enlight me
Feherfolia2 (1 year ago)
make sense, thank you
DaBallger Q (1 year ago)
this was very early in the release, a lot of software did not correctly recognize the difference between the 480/580 due to it being for the most part the same die .. just new design
Fzero Fz (2 years ago)
yo can we get an unboxing type video??

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