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GPU PCB Breakdown: XFX RX 580 GTS

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Text Comments (115)
how does this VRM vs the PULSE RX580? or the nitro+ RX580?
Ray Man (2 months ago)
could you make a video on step to take to repair a msi 580 4gb.i have no idea how to find the short and would be willing to learn how to check it step by step thanks for any help ..Im a big time noob but hardcore learner and if i repair it ill send a good paypal gift ..thanks for your videos .
Ali Rıza Ünal (3 months ago)
RX 580 Nitro+ vs GTS xxx ?
Gabriel (3 months ago)
Just bought one of these, stock clock and the GPU runs at 90c at any game and it shuts down after a couple of minutes in FurMark. Same thing happened to my buddy's RX 570, really crappy heatsink and quality control.
Gabriel (3 months ago)
It's definitly not my case, I tested it open with a floor fan directly on the GPU. It's just a defective card.
jonas l (3 months ago)
My xfx rx 580 runs with 1700rpm with temperatures 65-70
jonas l (3 months ago)
Lol youre case probably sucks
MoreWithMike (4 months ago)
Ok so im new to this kind of stuff (vcore, vrms, phase splitting and doubling and stuff like that). Do you have a video explaining this stuff? I really want to expand my knowledge
Blue Patch1413 (4 months ago)
You Sir are the Jordan Peterson of the computer world. And that is a good thing, Winter is coming.
YKNIJT (4 months ago)
Winter is here, the blood flows out of my fingers when I'm outside, and the pc parts will arrive in a whole week. I'm screwed.
DivineMoment (4 months ago)
I read alot bad reviews on amazon about this model.. Idk what to think.. Other options I have is msi armor rx 580 or KFA2 GeForce GTX 1060 OC
Bewolf Zr (8 days ago)
+Leonardo Macías did you overclock it ?
Leonardo Macías (11 days ago)
mine lasted 2 weeks before dying
Ali Abdallah (5 months ago)
What's the difference between this and a gts 580 black edition?
Eldar H (2 months ago)
clock speed mostly
Anthony Ashley Cooper (6 months ago)
ao should i buy thr xfx gtr xxx 8gb oc card fr 271$
John Johnson (6 months ago)
this card is shit xfx r580 dont buy cant stream and play at the same time and some times just shut down while playing always saying a problem with mantel i had r9 270 and it did fine im done with amd cards going with the green guys asap
Black edition even better?
Lyle Wiley (8 months ago)
So do you recommend this card?? What is the best rx 580? Excluding price.
VPX4 (6 months ago)
Anthony Ashley Cooper check the used market, they are much cheaper. You can probably find a card under 200.
Dimitris Ouzounis (6 months ago)
Anthony Ashley Cooper if your thinking of buying an rx 580 i strongly recommend it, thats my first choice then the saphire nitro edition.. now about the price i dont know, if 270 seems much, then go for the best deal you can find you can choose between xfx black edition / nitro saphire / saphire nitro special edition (lighg blue) or the asus strix, the one you can find cheaper
Anthony Ashley Cooper (6 months ago)
shld i buy the rx 580 xfx xxx 8gb oc fr 280$
Dimitris Ouzounis (6 months ago)
wath the video again and then go buy it for about 240~ euro 270usd. i work it -87mv undervolted +50%Power 1425(+25) core 2050 mem(+50, works even at full) (Micron) and it fucking works great on 1440p competitve settings in pubg 95-125 fps gta v avg 76 fps all max 1440p no AA... max temps are 90 and this hits 82 max with those settings in good airflow case total airflow 7 fans BUT in a hot enviroment!! whatever.. its the best rx 580 you can buy
Nemanja Lackovic (8 months ago)
Is this card worth buying tho? I'm looking either this one or Sapphire nitro+
Silas Boyden (3 months ago)
Nitro + is better
Mike Frey (8 months ago)
Loved the video. Extremely informative. Thank you sir, I'm now a subscriber to the channel
Ryan B (8 months ago)
Is this a good buy amazon have them running for 240 us before tax
NCG (9 months ago)
Are you perhaps a electronic engineer? The only person whos able to identify these things is LouisRossman
300maze (9 months ago)
i hope you can help me and answer my qustion i have rx480 nitro+ and i noticed that the thermal pads are leaking tons of oil is it dangerous? + i also have powercolor hd7970 vortex2 that i can take a pcb photo
Silas Boyden (3 months ago)
What do you think
Smita (10 months ago)
This saved me, I had 6 ofthese new, and I had just closed the phone to negotiate buying used Powercolor RX480 8GB Red Devil, thinking the Red Devil is the higher grade RX x80 from Powercolor, looking at the massive heatsing and 3 FANS, and the price was good, so I was like RX480 is same almost as 580, and when it is 8GB ver, it runs mem at 2000Mhz. I saw this, and I said, I will buy this XFX, as I already had 6, and I just found out that even warmer than Gaming X, they don't mind the 60C I am mining ETH at, these components will hold long time I think. Then I found same XFX and bought 5 more. So glad I saw this video. It saved me from the Powercolor 480 Red Devil, I jsut searched some info before buying them next day:) Thanks
Edgar S. (10 months ago)
But wouldn't be the 8-pin melting at 250A/300A 1,5V?
szardroid (10 months ago)
Good video. I have the same XFX RX580 card, good to see from inside, and it is quality stuff.
Jason Bowen (10 months ago)
I used to listen to Bob Ross when I couldn't sleep. Now I listen to Buildzoid describe boards. I now have dreams about International Rectifier.
Anthony Ashley Cooper (6 months ago)
Jason Bowen shld i buy the rx 580 xfx xxx 8gb oc fr 280$
VPX4 (8 months ago)
DeBlackKnight (10 months ago)
I have an XFX RX580 GTR XXX Best Buy edition, with an 8-pin and 6-pin power connections. Are you interested in pictures of tje PCB?
Yuri231 (10 months ago)
Talk to him on facebook, ask for his email, it would be a very interesting card for analysis
christopher james (10 months ago)
Buildzoid is fun to listen to even if you don't know a mosfet from a ram chip.
Remix Reviews (10 months ago)
Can i send in a pic of pcb of the asus rog gtx 760 Mars?
fabio tiburzi (10 months ago)
So my rx 480 nitro+oc cannot go over 200w? Ok, i'm sad
Calculatron Calculatron (10 months ago)
When you first revealed the "3-phase" aspect of the card, I was getting very worried, but I was glad and their design decision ultimately turned into something solid. XFX has been very mindful of their quality, and I'd hate if they let their diligence slide. Ever since I bought my R9 280X, I am been paying close attention to how the various companies acquire/make their products and where they make their cuts, if any. I love videos like this, since they help me become a more informed consumer.
Nick Rodrigez (10 months ago)
XFX is a very valuable partner for AMD, very well built cards...
DXMage (10 months ago)
MMmmmmm only 22 minutes whats up?
RS4 B5 (10 months ago)
I dont really understand why both AMD and 3rd party vendors install such a huge overpowered VRM in comparison to what the GPU actually needs, or in this case, could use in a maximum air / wc / dryice / ln2 oc.
Wayne Wen (10 months ago)
Can I send u something? I’m uk based too
GUDANG SATOE (10 months ago)
How diagnose No display GPU ?? i saw lot youtubers fix their GPU by only measuring that VRM chip,,
el 01 (10 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS (with Documentation): 0:20: Thanks to a random viewer who sent it in! 0:30: DUAL BIOS!!! 1:00: Actual VRM analysis, starting with VRM breakdown 1:20: PSA: Don't mess with VDDCI! 1:49: VMem location 1:54: Display drive rail 2:10: VCore VRM 2:20: MOSFET counting 2:25: Is it a 6-phase??? Voltage controller (NCP81022) discussion (https://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data%20Sheets/ON%20Semiconductor%20PDFs/NCP81022.pdf) 3:27: Actual phase description 3:39: Doublers- NCP 81162 (https://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data%20Sheets/ON%20Semiconductor%20PDFs/NCP81162.pdf) (and very length doubler/current balancing discussion) 6:38: Same control scheme as RX 580 Nitro! 7:24: Buildzoid considers it a 6-phase! 7:40: FDMF3035 power stages (http://www.onsemi.jp/pub/Collateral/FDMF3035-D.PDF) 8:48: Efficiency discussion 12:40: Survival??? FDMF3035 "testing" discussion and potentially more amperage through LN2? 14:00: Overkill? 15:40: VDDCI efficiency discussion (STUPID OVERKILL) 16:34: Gate drive and efficiency??? 18:06: Memory VRM (no documentation given previous coverage) 18:46: Memory VRM Control: APW8722 (http://www.techcodesemi.com/datasheet/TD1722.pdf I think???) 19:13: High/Low side (http://www.sinopowersemi.com/temp/SM4373NAKP_datasheet.pdf) and (http://www.sinopowersemi.com/temp/SM4377NSKP_datasheet.pdf) 19:49: VDisp analysis 19:52: APW87713 (couldn't find anything :,( ) 20:26: WE ARE DONE (almost)!!! :D Buildzoid is IMPRESSED! 21:45: Thanks for watching, Patreon, subs, like, etc. @Actually Hardcore Overclocking, want me to write you a song for you to rap? ;)
jimarasthegod (10 months ago)
I have this card about 6 months(got it for about 280 eur--the cheapest 8gb model at Greece at that time). It failed after some overclocking + undervolting, and I got another one from RMA(I waited about 1 month due to mining craze for it) . Now I have it watercooled with an BitsPower block, and i have no problems whatsoever, but i have not been lucky with both of the cards, since i could not get past 1430 Mhz on the core and 2200 on the memory. Its stock cooler is quite beefy, just to keep in mind.
Billy O'Neal (10 months ago)
I thought "GTS" was an nVidia thing :sigh:
YKNIJT (4 months ago)
let's just say it's gran tourismo sport.
Billy O'Neal (8 months ago)
I thought Nissan's thing was the GTR.
jdr ok (8 months ago)
It was a Nissan thing first lol
Grant Hemstreet (10 months ago)
want pictures of a Gigabyte WIndforce 1070 ti PCB?
phill mcgroin (10 months ago)
How do you choose PCBs to analyze?
Aditya Sharma (10 months ago)
My RX560 got cooler by increasing the power limits, this explains it
Khaffit (10 months ago)
Rx 580 Videos FeelsGoodMan
bardacuda82 (10 months ago)
MSI 580s can have a uP9505 controller too....and there is no clear way to send global voltage offset commands to it with VBOIS mods that I know of.
JocPro (10 months ago)
The cooler "looks" beefy enough (https://imgur.com/ljCNNCZ). 4 heatpipes and dedicated VRM cooling plate at the end of the fin stack - even if it appears to be smaller than a GTR or Pulse heatsink, maybe they compensated it with the oversized fans. Great video as always, Bz!
Alex C (10 months ago)
Buildzoid remembers the datasheets for all the ICs but cant remember uni staff ;D
O!Technology (10 months ago)
Wait why is it better than the Limited Edition if its the same?
Hydrochloric Acid (10 months ago)
I don't even understand half of the terminology he uses, but these videos are relaxing to me
Jannis von Deetzen (10 months ago)
I have a Gigabyte Windforce GTX 770. Do you wanna do a Video about that? I could send you all pictures you need :D
Dubbzy (10 months ago)
is this the MSI 580?
Silas Boyden (3 months ago)
Can you read
Hydrochloric Acid (10 months ago)
josh woodard this is xfx
Moidul Hasan (10 months ago)
Gigabytes or XFX which one better? Btw gigabyte 45$ more expensive .
Bewolf Zr (8 days ago)
so which one is better i have the same probleme to choose
Tom Oaks (10 months ago)
and ... the dual bios link didn't make it F
bboyzagy (10 months ago)
Dat Sony logo reflection on the GPU tho.
Pryce Newberg (10 months ago)
Kinda fitting considering that they bankrolled Navi...
Ujiltrom M (10 months ago)
Random observation: graphics cards have better VRM designs than motherboards, on smaller boards.
Ali Abdallah (3 months ago)
Ujiltrom M GPUs have higher power draw than CPUs
White Noise revived (10 months ago)
I traded one recently for an asus platinum Poseidon gtx 980, if you want photos of the pcb off this gtx 980 I will gladly give you them to go over.
Tra1aW_PC (10 months ago)
Shame that the card itself is really Ugly
Parsa Strife (10 months ago)
I just looked up 580 GTS. I thought it looked the same as GTR but apparently not lol. I agree this GTS one looks kinda ugly. I like the GTR not GTS lol. I like Sapphire version the most too. It's unique. Asus isn't half-bad. MSI backplate is decent but who wants a god damn red card ugh. Let's not talk about the Gigabyte Aorus tho... That's ultra ugly with that cheap plastic look.
Tra1aW_PC (10 months ago)
Parsa Strife Sapphire and Asus look good imo (clean-ish looking, and that's all i want), not this cards gamery bullshit. RX400 series XFX was still decent looking. And before that they looked great
Parsa Strife (10 months ago)
It's actually one of the better looking ones imo. Better than MSI and Asus cards.
uwu ouo (10 months ago)
daddy's voice is nice to sleep to
Jack The demon hunter (10 months ago)
uwu ouo I vote him as best daddy 2018
uwu ouo (10 months ago)
has that daddy voice still looks rather young, which im jealous of.. but he'll look 22 when he's 50, and im even more jealous of that lol xP but rly. total daddy material on top of being a certified geek. it doesn't get much better unless.. we overclock.. buildzoid.. --- WE KNOW YOU READ THIS BTW HI
Jack The demon hunter (10 months ago)
so other people besides me call him daddy...
Francisco Santos (10 months ago)
Have a question man How do you know all this components I always have this concern
Francisco Santos (10 months ago)
Actually Hardcore Overclocking Okay thanks
most of the datasheets are public. Occasionally I call in favors from people who have access to the non public ones.
toy machine (10 months ago)
Francisco Santos this sort of research would be very important to get the most out of components when extreme overclocking.
Francisco Santos (10 months ago)
Actually Hardcore Overclocking But you also use data sheet?
the model numbers are written on most of them.
dragzzt (10 months ago)
Have that card. Quite impressed. Unfortunately either it has a poor paste or sth. Cause at stock freq reaches 70-75C at some 50%fan, which is not great. Can reach 1500 but 100% fan isn't bearable ;p
White Noise revived (10 months ago)
dragzzt my pleasure to help you out hope you can up your memory speed as well since the chip itself is a bit memory starved with its low bandwidth.
dragzzt (10 months ago)
Thanks for ur input. It feels cooler. Lower fan rpm gives reasonable temps, also @1500 OC is rock stable at 70-80%fanspeed. Before there was some randomness involved not mentioning ambient temp is now higher.
White Noise revived (10 months ago)
dragzzt add a more intervals to your fan curve on afterburner as well can really help. And yeah xfxs s lineup is hit or miss
dragzzt (10 months ago)
Just changed paste, temperatures went down about -5C. Indeed those screws almost loose.
Thomas O'Hara (10 months ago)
xfx is actualy really cool about customers opening their cards. my fans went out on mine and they sent me a hwole new heat sink with the new fans attached for free
tuff_lover (10 months ago)
rx 580....GTS? wut? takin inspirations from nvidia?
TheGyuuula (10 months ago)
Son, there were Radeon 9600XTs and Fx-5700XTs out there. One of the "XT" is a designation for downgrade, the other is a high-end model. Confusing times, indeed!
collin mccoy (10 months ago)
Tamgorine probably Gran Turismo sport as most cars if there is an S in acronym before/after the name of the car it usually means sport e.g. Camaro SS the SS means super sport
Tamgorine (10 months ago)
No they didn't. lol XFX's GTR/GTS names are derived from motor sports. GTR means Gran Turismo Racing, while S stands for... Probably sports? It is kinda dumb and pointless (PC components have nothing to do with motor sports lol), but eh, MSI's Carbon motherboards and some Biostar motherboards are also racing themed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
tuff_lover (10 months ago)
which they stole from greenies :D
Motolav (10 months ago)
tuff_lover it's just XFS' current model naming system for the RX 580/70...
Jesus McBeth (10 months ago)
Why the power connector there...
Jesus McBeth (10 months ago)
Xfx>spharrie ?
Aram Meymarian (10 months ago)
Jesus McBeth (10 months ago)
Jesus McBeth (10 months ago)
U r really getting soft on that vrm count eh? Xd
Serj Star (10 months ago)
hold up mine doesnt have a bios switch
Serj Star (10 months ago)
alright my graphics card
Sniper Pro nerf mods (10 months ago)
Trying to sleep buildzoid, 2:39 am in florida
MaPorcaTrotaATutti (10 months ago)
1:24 am Italy
ProRedCat (10 months ago)

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