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RX 580 & 570 Review - AMD Strikes Back... at AMD???

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No, Vega is not here yet... but we do have some pretty slick new Polaris cards from AMD. Should you pick one up? Tunnelbear sponsor link: Try Tunnelbear for free at https://www.tunnelbear.com/LTT and save 10% Feenix sponsor link: Feenix Autore Backlit keyboard: http://geni.us/KXorN Buy Radeon RX 580 on Amazon: http://geni.us/KMQxH Buy Radeon RX 570 on Amazon: http://geni.us/vakc6M Discuss on the forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/768300-rx-580-and-570-review/ Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/75969-linus-tech-tips-affiliates-referral-programs-and-sponsors Linus Tech Tips Merchandise: http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/LinusTechTips/ Linus Tech Tips Posters: http://crowdmade.com/linustechtips https://twitter.com/linustech http://www.facebook.com/LinusTech Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712 Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana Sound effects provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/
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Text Comments (4558)
Johiah plays games (8 days ago)
I'm going from an Intel HD Graphics 620 to a AMD 580, thank you very much
Generic Girl (18 days ago)
Friggin Indians , dropping and shizz.
Zorkful (1 month ago)
I use the rx570 for my first gaming pc with an i5. My logic is: if it runs better than 20 FPS it’s op
TheDeevil (20 days ago)
This gives me confidence lol, my gpu shit the bed a few months back and I'm looking at the 570 for a replacement / "upgrade"
Aditya Kumar (1 month ago)
In my opinion, anything above 65 fps is good. If I can get 60 fps ultra setting experience for 100 dollars less, I would get it.
Arijit das (1 month ago)
Hello Linus, can you tell me what its maximum temperature reaching point of Asus Rog Strix RX 570 4GB OC ? I'm using it for 7 days now. While i'm gaming Witcher 3 , Hitman 2 and others heavy games my GPU reaches 80-82 degrees(Celsius) .. is it normal Linus? I'm little worried about this issue. Please help me. Thank you and best wishes for your channel (from India)
Shaun Maddison (1 month ago)
Or re apply thermal paste
Shaun Maddison (1 month ago)
It’s a bit obtuse hot side but it’s fine try a different fan curve
UNKNOWN050 (2 months ago)
He makes me cringe so hard
CSHARP (2 months ago)
Or firepro?
Sswizzy Mohamed (2 months ago)
Now its Much Better than GTX 1060 Closer to 1660
Username (1 month ago)
Better drivers
Username (1 month ago)
KnightRiderX420's RANTZ (2 months ago)
I wish the truth about vpn software and sites was really talked about as far as hiding activity. they are really a scam. and almost totally useless. tor is the better way
Annevelle Lucagbo (2 months ago)
whats the recommended budget psu for rx570 ,need aswer thank you,
ned347 (2 months ago)
Hi Guys. Will this amd rx570 work with my amd ryzen3 2200 on an asus prime a320m-k motherboard? Thanks
The son of old yes (2 months ago)
ned347 yes
Armin C4 (3 months ago)
vega is out now
Ph0uad (3 months ago)
/R/The_Donald (3 months ago)
I own the RX580 8 gb and its horse shlt. Constantly crashes while playing a game been trying to tweek the Wattman so I can play a simple game. So annoyed with this trash.
YunJian Wong (3 months ago)
Raúl Fernández Perez (3 months ago)
it is fun !
AT GAMER Z (3 months ago)
..plz help me.....i have an i5 2500S @ 2.7ghz....after bottelneck will i get better fps then rx 560 on a rx 570 plzz bro help plz
Ankan Das (3 months ago)
@AT GAMER Z 56, or 60 maybe, if u choose rx 570,don't choose rx 560.
AT GAMER Z (3 months ago)
@Ankan Das how many better fps....?....any idea?
Ankan Das (3 months ago)
AT GAMER Z (3 months ago)
@Ankan Das i knw that i wnaknw that will i get better performance then rx 560
Ankan Das (3 months ago)
No you need to upgrade ur processor
Nightfall (3 months ago)
Im kinda late but im thinking to buy the 570. any toughts on this card ? Is it worth to get ?
El3thor A3Ternum (2 months ago)
kinda late but hell yeah it's worth it, got mine for 100$ and plays just about everything at 60fps, 1080p high settings.
Glen S (4 months ago)
I purchased the XFX RX 580 XXX Edition, I absolutely love it's performance. And I do not use the chill mode. Power saving options are zero RPM fans that do not come on until the gpu is put under load and starts heating up. Or can be selected to be on all the time.
Glen S (3 months ago)
@Do Tech I didn't say Chill Mode was.
Do Tech (3 months ago)
Glen S chill isn't a power save feature it's designed to limit core clock load to reduce temps. If you're standing there doing nothing or on a pause screen in GTA you don't need the 90 fps and the load it puts on the card, or playing an old game where you get 180 fps, and your monitor is only 60 hz anyway, your card is being worked way more than necessary.
Adyn Kolm (4 months ago)
Are those compatible with 240hz?
ATE Gaming :o (4 months ago)
Im really confused. I own a 1060 3gb card and i want to get the 580 8gb but it seems my fps would be going down but it would be better at higher settings. So as far as i can tell the 1060 has more power but due to it having 3gb of vram it falls behind.
duvg1 (4 months ago)
5:58 doesn't make sense how can an gtx 1060 3gb be faster than the 6gb and the rx580 ?
ATE Gaming :o (4 months ago)
duvg1, lmao. Idk, computers are weird. Just keep in mine i own a 1060 3gb card and it DOESNT handle high settings well at all. It freezes up and has even crashed games. The 580 8gb would handle games far better. Im going to buy a 580 soon because my 1060 cant play R6S, fortnite, hunter:cotw, and more at max... the 1060 is not made for high graphics. The 580 is made for high graphics.
You rebel scum
Gardi (4 months ago)
2:10 "fuck me" :D :D
frosty (4 months ago)
580 here are almost $300 😫😥
Joshua Key (4 months ago)
Haha I picked one up at best buy. 😁 Upgraded from an Nvidia 9600gt
GReaper (4 months ago)
7:26 why do you have a go pro there.
Dominik Gilyén (5 months ago)
What is the name of that game? 4:01
tb504david (5 months ago)
lINus oof soo cringyyyy
archie valderrosa (5 months ago)
Hmmm... reading a few lines of comments below from both sides, i can't seem to take a good side against the other, i have a 1060 6 gb exoc and a gigabyte rx 570, also had the rx 580 which is a bout a year old now. I see them as equal but i favor Nvidia since i never had issues, though i did have issues with AMD but it seems to have gotten better since the previous updates.. But still i would go to nvidia, it's not that i'm a fan, but it seems to work out well on me and my projects.. Maybe a few months from now AMD will grow on me. :)
Wonder Lamb (5 months ago)
Duncan Pringle (5 months ago)
Did nobody notice the rx580 went from top performer to 4th or 5th in GTA V high settings when between intel/amd cpu builds? I'm assuming that is either a cock up with benchmarks OR just an anomaly. I'm back to this vid as I'm considering picking up a Red Devil X580 8G for £150 which seems like a bargain upgrade from my old GTX 750ti.
fturla (5 months ago)
Thanks for the review. Currently, the RX 570 cards are selling new and used between 80 and 140 dollars. Amazon had a Sapphire RX 570 for 100 dollars and an 8 GB version for 120 dollars. These are a far better value than getting a GTX 1050ti at over 150 dollars. If you want to risk buying used, then the price can drop below 90.
Lebron james (5 months ago)
Thanx man
Lebron james (5 months ago)
I want to buy asus Rx580 but my psu is 520w seasonic bronze .. Am i stil ok with this? Thanx n advance
Dark knight (5 months ago)
yes it will run
Alvin Padua (5 months ago)
Is rx570 4gb better than 1050ti 4gb?
fturla (5 months ago)
As of 02-06-2019 - Yes, I own both cards and quite a few other graphics cards. The GTX 1050ti 4 GB is a plug-and-play card that costs 20 to over 50 dollars more than an RX 570 4GB. The RX 570 is cheaper, but it requires more power and is normally larger in size. It performs more than 20% better on all games
Dark knight (5 months ago)
Muddasir Shah (6 months ago)
RX 570 is win. P.S: I will not be only a Gardner but would be working in a field to make ends meet.
HeyLittleBitty (6 months ago)
AMD Upgrade AMD
Walnut Spice (6 months ago)
Throwing a 570 in my PC for the next decade. My old radeon handled all of the 2010s, Hoping this can see through at least 5 years.
Zechariah Williams (6 months ago)
This guy sounds like a raging soy boy homo. Oh, Canada. I get it now.
Adam Sterling (6 months ago)
And you what are you? a goof piece of shit that's who
jake20479 (6 months ago)
yeah... I bought a 580 after thinking it was better. I was wrong. used it for about 4 hours and It completely died, shorting my psu at the same time. all I had to do was plug the cable in without the gpu even being plugged into the mobo and the entire system would just die. - my conclusion : theres no way a card that eats a fuck ton more power to achieve the same goal can be better. theres no way that itll last in the long run. it doesn't make any logical sense. if you have to shove power through components to achieve what others do with A LOT less power; youre not ahead of them. youre behind them. a cheaper priced card means JACK when it dies right outside your warranty. oh and my psu is a 4 month old 850w gold + so no.. not the psu returned that POS 580 and bought a 1060 6g. 0 problems since.
jake20479 (6 months ago)
i had the same fps for those 4 hours with both cards.
Krampfanfall (6 months ago)
fpx_max 144 > Radeon Chill
Uncle-Gamer Martinx (6 months ago)
Can't wait to see what NG GPU can do
Regalado Navarrete (6 months ago)
Very funny here it is 0:11. hehehehe
Tom McCaffrey (6 months ago)
Surprisie!! Oops...
{right} foot (6 months ago)
my friend once said mad as *amd* and i laugh at him everytime and say *why u so amd*
Lars holm (6 months ago)
Linus. shut the fuck up, you are really a bad youtuber!! dickface
Arunendra pratap Singh (6 months ago)
Hi linus i am a big fan , can you review asus f570zd model with ryzen 5 2500u processor Thanks
Tech Suppport (6 months ago)
I need help My strix Rx 580 with a 2200G is getting lower than 60 fps (40-60 fps) at max or even very high settings in rainbow six siege. In fortnite, I drop to below 60 fps on almost all epic settings. The kicker is that I'm pretty sure I have all the newest drivers, but my Radeon software keeps telling me to update it, which I have, but issues continue. Kicker number 2 is that these issues only happen on my 60 hz 21 in monitor. On my 55" TV (240 hz) the fps goes above 100 in both games. Any recommendations? Thanks for reading
Ex - Box (7 months ago)
This dudes fucking cringe
worst (7 months ago)
what case is that at 3:26
Ca- Blaze (7 months ago)
god damn u look like ninja
Lol Lol lol lol (7 months ago)
can rx 580 run 4k gaming or should I buy Xbox one x any suggestions?
Myo (7 months ago)
Just picked up a RX 580 8GB on newegg for 155$ after MIR.
HARVIN MANE (2 months ago)
MIR Mining In Ring ?
nas lee (7 months ago)
0:10 😂😂😂
Tim Fields (7 months ago)
I honorably discharged my rx 480 last week. He was a damn good soldier.
NecroVoid (7 months ago)
if i get 2 of these is this graghics card (570 x2) vr ready. please respond within 2 days cause i really need to know thank you
This Is My Name (6 months ago)
Never get dual GPUs. A single GPU at the same price of two cards will always run better than two half-price cards. A single RX 580 runs VR just fine.
Darth Jahus (7 months ago)
I'm running Sapphire RX 570 @ 1125 MHz Core and 2125 MHz memory clocks for computing. It only consumes 99 Watts. Temperature is stable at 63 °C while fan is stable at 60 %. RX 570/580 are cheaper than 470/480 for some improved performance and lower power consumption. 500 series were released at a time when 400 series were out of stock due to mining, so 500 series were pretty much welcome.
Evil toast (7 months ago)
will it work with i7 4770? :)
Notoriously Neutral (7 months ago)
I got an RX 570 8gb and it's a decent card for the price.
Jzilla (4 months ago)
What can it run game wise. What's best most powerful game it can run?
Oğuz Akkaya (6 months ago)
@Woah nice bait I have itx version with 1 fan, it's not loud at all. and it's not overheating.
Woah nice bait (7 months ago)
What’s up after 2 weeks of trying it? They say the fans are the loudest Did you notice that?
Notoriously Neutral (7 months ago)
@deepak kona doesn't seem to be overheating
deepak kona (7 months ago)
Is that rx 570 overheating because my old amd 380 is died due to overheating
Anonymous (7 months ago)
Vega has been out AT the time of this comment
love the intro
Ryan Cadwell (7 months ago)
I'm building a PC and I bought the RX 570 8 GB and AMD 5 1600 6 core. Hopefully it holds up for a while. AMD is doing better for price to performance compared to Nvidia.
Samer R (7 months ago)
what did u do to geroge
NOMEDIA (8 months ago)
Disliked for bad puns
jack chester (8 months ago)
just replaced my 1050ti cerberus with strix rx 580 i'm really impressed i'm getting 60 fps on ultra 1080p for 300 aussy dollars that's incredibe doubt i'll be going back to nvidia any time soon.
cyka blyat (8 months ago)
i just want the rx 570 cuz is better than the gtx 1050 ti xd
Lincoln Studios (8 months ago)
I am a fourth grader.. and have been saving for ages.. but I am building my first Gaming Computer and I got the 570 for fortnite, Battle Grounds, Overwatch, Battlefield 1 etc, etc. Anyway this was a great review!
Dilanatha Sandaruwan (8 months ago)
Fx6300 and Red Devils RX570 in my pc
Steve Dvernichuk (8 months ago)
Hell of a mining card that rx 580
mouse (8 months ago)
Would I be able to play VR with an AMD R9 380?
Warzed Arcanist (8 months ago)
5:52 thew rx 580 performed better than a 1070 whatth efuck ???!
Pathetic Degenerate (8 months ago)
i have a 560 lol
Ahsan Farooq (8 months ago)
how much FPS would i get on AC-Origins with these i5 -3470 RX 570 8GB RAM
John Johnson (8 months ago)
this card is shit xfx r580 dont buy cant stream and play at the same time and some times just shut down while playing always saying a problem with mantel i had r9 270 and it did fine im done with amd cards going with the green guys asap
Siegbert schnösel (8 months ago)
No overclock no me. 1060 is still superior.
Toast Huawei (8 months ago)
RX 580 + i5 6600K will there be any bottlenecking?
Dark knight (5 months ago)
Jacob Leyhe (9 months ago)
my soul left my body when Linus laughed.
Mundanee (9 months ago)
Pfft, nothing compared to my laptops intel HD 620 integrated godlike gaming graphics. It has 500000gb Of VRAM and DDR67
Sushovan Sarkar (9 months ago)
i never able to buy any high-end graphic card but your reviews are very good help me lot (this is my first comment so sorry if i say anything wrong)
D4SALAD (9 months ago)
Hey Linus where can I get that jacket?
MadScientist (9 months ago)
I have the RX580 8GB Laptop version in my dell all-in-one with a ryzen 5. I can actually play Warthunder or ESO at high 4k resolution 32" computer Monitor and even Star citizen at high on 1080p no problem; all at 60FPS. However I like using radeon chill (45-60fps) so my m-type GPU doesn't over heat in the all-in-one, give it time to cool down during less intense gaming. Plus i can't see the diff in 45/60 with games play.
MadScientist (9 months ago)
Wish I could work with you Linus :P
Jancher (9 months ago)
liked the video before it started because ik its gonna be a banger
Litch The Shinigami (10 months ago)
Here i am with the 570 and a monitor that can’t handle it at all so you end up having whay seems like lagg.. oh also i’m rocking an i3 cuz i’m a rebel 😂
TheBonerJamz03 (10 months ago)
im trying to get a used rx 580 8gb used for $150 or less i feel is like my personal I WIN situation
qt luis (10 months ago)
When will 1060s go down to 220 again 😤
Neisan'ashuton05 (10 months ago)
Gtx 1050 ti $134???? I paid $250
NotNok (10 months ago)
his hands are yellow...
Endeavor _ (10 months ago)
I have a 240 it runs fortnite at 30 FPS low settings can’t wait to get the 580 or 570
Josee (10 months ago)
Great question.......
Vito Scaletta (11 months ago)
Slightly better than a 1060
altiktik101 (11 months ago)
이섹히 꼬라지는왤캐보기실냐
jason lynch (11 months ago)
hes such a green team fanboy....this was a AMD video, but of course he brings out the green cards....
Light 5bolt (11 months ago)
lel the screen tearing tho
tonkatoytruck (11 months ago)
Would this card run Premiere Pro satisfactorily or should I spend more for video editing?
Hicham Gouchida (11 months ago)
Give me RX580 please. thanks
Hicham Gouchida (11 months ago)
Give me RX580 please. thanks
Yoshi (1 year ago)
3:51 1337 hp, lol.
Brown Trout (1 year ago)
think you can run thru comparison chart a little faster next time lol
Ian Escher (1 year ago)
Rx 580 at launch: 229$ Rx 580 now: 360$ I f****** love bitcoins

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