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XFX RX 580 - 8Gb - 1405Mhz Displaying

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Hey. I'm showing you the card and talk little about all the XFX 500 series card released 2017 with Polaris architecture.
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STYNCLSY (1 year ago)
I got my triple x ed 8g clocked at 1450 and 2250 stock voltage on MSI afterburner
Yuri231 (2 years ago)
Did you sell your RX 580 and rx480? Have you seen the prices?
Yuri231 (2 years ago)
the prices of the radeon skyrocketed! You can sell it and get a gtx1080! Unless, of course, you want to mine yourself
Markus Påhlsson (2 years ago)
I'm still running my RX 480 in my own rig. My brother is useing the RX 580. I'm waiting for the RX Vega in the end of Juli we will know more about them. But for now I might hold on to my RX cards and start mine myself. Don't know much about that but started my research yesterday on the topic.
Bubuch (2 years ago)
I have XFX GTS Black Edition 1405 Mhz (OC+ 1425mhz) and my temperature in game 72-75*C its normal?
Yuri231 (1 year ago)
replace your termal paste, it helped me a lot with mine card. I lower 8ºC by just replacing stock tim with Artic MX4
AzSam Pako (1 year ago)
You may have really bad flow of air in your case, how many fans on your case do you have? Also you can try to up the fan speed to lower temps. It may be a defective card.
Sword of Faith (1 year ago)
My xfx gts xxx edition is 88° in 100% use 7 minutes or more
AzSam Pako (1 year ago)
If you're scared from the card reaching a certain tempereture you can always up the fan speed. Most cards in default settings don't use the potential of their cooler at all.
Jon Ure (1 year ago)
Bubuch I have the 580 rx limited ed running at 1470mhz n it doesnt go above 60 temp on full load.... think thats down to how my fans are situated in my case.....
TheSinisterEyes1 (2 years ago)
I'm convinced that the rx 480 xfx gtr i got was a rx 580 before 580 even came out. my OC out perform most rx 480. 1465mhz is pretty high for an rx 480.
TheSinisterEyes1 (2 years ago)
yea no crashes just high voltage and temps so i only use that setting if im benchmarking i normally run 1435mhz and lower voltage when gaming so i can keep my temps below 70c
Markus Påhlsson (2 years ago)
Thats very good if you can run that stable with no crashes.
Yuri231 (2 years ago)
This is a DVI-D (digital only). That means you can't use a passive adaptor on this to use VGA analog monitor. The adaptor won't fit in there. (A work around, if someone really must use VGA plug, would be to buy an active VGA adaptor). By the way, how is the card? Is it quiet on windows and on gamming? How is temperature?
Yuri231 (2 years ago)
In a few days my Card will come... :-P I can't handle the anxiety!
Markus Påhlsson (2 years ago)
Hey. My brother is coming home in a few days now. Once he put it in his computer I shall post the data here :)

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