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Lounge Squatt Podcast #062 Ayako Mori

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Techno DJ and producer based in Aachen, Germany. Playing the Piano at the age of 3 till the age of 13. Playing the Saxophone at the age 13 till 18. She began as a dj in Tokyo in 2000 and later moved to Ireland in 2007. She steadily built up her career and received invitations to events organized by Innergroove, Micronite, and others in Ireland. In 2012 she moved to the industrial city of Katowice in southern Poland and began appearing at various festivals across Eastern Europe. In July 2013 she released her first single "Gravity EP" on Stereophonic Recordings, and the lead track "Brane World" was selected as one of Beatport's "10 MUST HEAR MINIMAL TRACKS - WEEK 29". In 2014, Her remix work "EL PUNT (Tokio Mode)/ Ayako Mori & Larry lan " was selected "10 MUST HEAR MINIMAL TRACKS - WEEK 7". At March 2014,she moved her base of operations once more, this time to the city of Aachen in the Westphalia region of Germany. It was there that she created her own label, Physical Techno Recordings, along with the sub-label Kalmary Records, which are presently active in several countries in Europe. She released her own tracks and remixes over 150 titles. Japan(2000-2007), in Ireland (2007-2012), in Poland (2007,2012-2013), in Czech republic (2013), in Germany (2014-),in Belgium (2016, 2018), in Netherlands (2018), in UK (2018). Release labels Elektrax Recordings, Hypnotic Room, Tekx Records, LCR Records, Achromatiq, Art Style: Techno Records,Stereophonic Recordings, abend kollektiv, Floor Ready, Labrynth, Finish Team Records, VapourTrail Records,Luminar Records, Kalmary Records, Physical Techno Recordings, exit Lab, Subwoofer Records, Cubek, Weltrienelli Supa Sound, Boiler Underground Records, Electronic Groove Culture, Mental Records, Maisons Minimalistes, Intimist Records, Symphonic Distribution, Miocene , No Sound Music, Stolers Tech! Records, Minimal Stories To Tell , XLNT Records , Katze Gang Records , Tron Record Japan, Techno Vinyls Records, NightFrequency Records, Original Traxx Records, Geushky Recordings, RCR Black limited. NightFrequency Records, Original Traxx Records, Geushky Recordings, RCR Black limited. Tracklist 1. Kenji Kawai/ Ghost In The Shell (Ayako Mori remix)/ Unrelease track 2. Living in the future (Original Mix) / Juan Trujillo/ Dancefloor Impact Research 3. Rhombic/ Escaping The Rain (Original Mix)/ Translucent 4. Roentgen Limiter/ The Old School (Original Mix)/ Blue Monkey Records 5. Kristopher Mørder/ X3 (Original Mix)/ MONOTON audio 6. Ben Khlifa/ Khiliaf (Original Mix)/ Mephyst 7. Steve Parker/ Rhea (Advanced Human Remix)/ Android Muziq 8. Pilot 2 (Dj Ogi rmx)/ Keta & Slim/ Technodrome 9. Blind (Original Mix)/ MBM/??? 10. Paralytic (Evo2 rmx) /DJ Ogi /??? 11. MBM/ When The Day Is Young (Original Mix)/ Insane Code Recordings 12. Mindworm Original Mix Mirrørmask Dark Fields Records 13. Decisive Battle (Original Mix)/ Modular Phaze/ Focus Records 14. Cognitive Dissonance (Chane Remix)/ Tenebra Aeterna/ MFM Records 15. I'm Coming To You (Original mix)/ Ben Khlifa/ Mainmise Records 16. Reign Of Terror (Original Mix)/ Dax J/ Electric Deluxe 17. Necrotic Corte (DJ Ogi rmx)/ Tropar/ Elektrax Recordings 18. Sandro Galli/ Organism/ Darknet 19. Mind Magnetic/ Disturbance Rejection/ Trouble 20. Process 1 (Original Mix)/ LSD/ Ostgut Ton
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