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Text Comments (36725)
Blade Unknown (9 hours ago)
Mr beast
Flicker Flower (2 days ago)
You are a kid(true) and you're an idiot (true)😂 wbk sis
Ĕjąý Wīllįąms (2 days ago)
I like how he always sits in his chair making videos like really the king of youtube as he is! And no you can't delete the like button😂😂
L beetlejuiceklein (3 days ago)
keep it simple your the fucking best!!!
Jalal Chattha (3 days ago)
yes i now i am a idiot
Ronish Karmacharya (3 days ago)
2 minutes on the video. HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS CHAIR
who's watching in 2019 and cried when he said this 0:06
Wolf_Emilbat (5 days ago)
Felix can even be talking remember you posting that one video my new car that green Beautiful van
NEMICNATS , (5 days ago)
I brought his merch I bought his headphones(not chair tho). For what he calling me idiot
Some1 _Studios (5 days ago)
4:20 “I want to say this to my army of 9 year olds! It communicates a good message!”
Santa Clause (6 days ago)
0:10 feelsbad
Dacian Buzlea (6 days ago)
Sad :(
Keith Jared Sarno (6 days ago)
Little did he know he'll become one of them xD
Wulfe Eclipse (7 days ago)
Brandon Farriss
James Young (7 days ago)
TBH I am a moron
Katmandu Carl (8 days ago)
Why does YouTube hate pewdiepie if he basically invented it
Birdtree 4060 (8 days ago)
Layeang Chhun (8 days ago)
He is awesome
Dorien Foroutani (8 days ago)
Pewdiepie: I don't like kids Also pewdiepie: hello 9 year old army
vince yuan (8 days ago)
“I am now financially independently” Wat?
Dan Nguyen (8 days ago)
“kids are idiots” - Pewdiepie
TAIKA TOHVELI (9 days ago)
Is that Chars zaku in the background? No body cares im just a Gundam fan
FV 246 (9 days ago)
Thanks for calling me "idiot" How can I buy your chair? ❤❤I still liking you
Mikky Hunter (9 days ago)
*_Wuuuuuut? I’m depreeeeesed?? 8-0_*
Mikky Hunter (9 days ago)
itsArturoRios (9 days ago)
I'll stop buying into this flexing idea.... I'll buy your $399 chair instead 👏👏
TR0LLBUSTER (9 days ago)
2019: Pewdiepie donotes 20k on DLive. Bum badadum badadum Regardless. love ya Pewds
Jakeちゃん (10 days ago)
*take it from number one* ahem tserieess!
1 Hunnit (10 days ago)
Mole rat community Where you at?
Lily Dwyer (10 days ago)
I have a person who doesn’t flex................PEWDIEPIE!
RedPenguin (11 days ago)
4:19 Starts calling his fan base the 9 year old army in a couple months lol
Shadowedghost (11 days ago)
That's the guy who wrote Wolf of Wall Street
Finesse Mastah (12 days ago)
6:38 Pffft *claims to be rich *has wired earphones and not AirPods What a pleeb
Randy Miller jr CHIEF (12 days ago)
Shezad Mistry (12 days ago)
4:25 Good Guy PewDiePie 💗✨
DEATHK7D MUS7C (12 days ago)
I flex about being poor in my music
first name last name (13 days ago)
Pewds did a $30k giveaway on dlive and didn't even make a video to show it.
Amari Sparks (14 days ago)
Plz stop i am ten and i know π
bippitybippity Akers (14 days ago)
I love being an idiot
Carson Rao (14 days ago)
11:47: literally the next video is by PewDiePie: $4 Subrem VS. $400 Subreme
الحمد لله (14 days ago)
you have a point ! vainly pewdiebay is right about something what an achieve he desrve a Nobel
Hans Gerber (15 days ago)
Logan Paul even sounds disgusting
As I was watching this I realized that people who are flexing on people need to realize that other people, like myself, don’t have a lot of money. It makes me pissed that people like the Paul’s and RiceGum flex on people and buy useless and expensive shit while other people barely have any money or don’t have any money at all.
PredaMorph (15 days ago)
Finally I can relate to PewDiePie
Bill Butler (15 days ago)
I would also love a Gibson guitar more than anything
StellaAlmond (15 days ago)
0:58 "how to delete like button so you dont accidentally click on it"
Alexandru Rotaru (15 days ago)
PewDiPie i am a kid and before that i wish tat chiar and i still do this
Cesar Hayek (15 days ago)
4:55 i want to like your vids Well then i wont :) Jk LIKE PEWDS VIDS NOW YA
Brendan Kinlub (16 days ago)
Hey i bought the chair and u say u hate me!!????
The happy creature (16 days ago)
Stupid schmuk
apple man (16 days ago)
John Cena (16 days ago)
Erica Raths (16 days ago)
NO ONE on YouTube has the balls to roast every other youtuber like Felix😂 Everyone in the youtube business pretty much hates each other but won’t say a word *except* Pewds!
X xFatalKillerxX (16 days ago)
Ivorie richards (16 days ago)
I’d sleep in his chair
Ibrahim Toughstoneson (16 days ago)
Julien is flexin
I'm dead Inside (16 days ago)
YouTube Channel (16 days ago)
Why was David's vids all 4:21 exactly
A M (16 days ago)
Success of flexing is the same as successful fashion instagramers, lifestyle instagramers, awesomely (expensive) travel instagramers. It makes people want to be them. Like on old TV, those old cheesy tv shows about love stories of rich overly stereotyped handsome men and women. Lives people don't have. Lives people want. It's pretty much lurking into people lives, which people have always loved doing. Even I catch myself doing that sometimes haha. It sells. As you show it so well here
Jason Kennedy (17 days ago)
Pewds your content is so legendary I will happily watch it a year after it being uploaded
you sishe (14 days ago)
Jason Kennedy epic
barnabyhope12 (17 days ago)
Pewdiepie is YouTube’s pissed off dad
Terry Nedbalski (18 days ago)
scrw off im a kid
AN Channel (18 days ago)
hello guys, SUB TO SUB anyone but need loyal people🤝🙏IM FAST
KUNDA 152 (18 days ago)
fan ta dig felix
Jay L (18 days ago)
Fork is another youtuber
Kratos YT (19 days ago)
Mikky Hunter (19 days ago)
Mikky Hunter (19 days ago)
*_My VPN autoswitched the video quality to 144p & at first I thought it was just Felix camera_*
Mikky Hunter (9 days ago)
Thanks to all 10 people, I love you baby :-*
Mikky Hunter (10 days ago)
CLASH with JEFF Big Momma Oof
CLASH with JEFF (10 days ago)
Lucas Eskildsen-Lee (19 days ago)
not anymore
John has Juice (19 days ago)
Misfits vlogs don’t flex that much
rb 3 (20 days ago)
I'm 12 noooooooooooooooooooooo jumps off a skyscraper
Hiep Tran (20 days ago)
if you need $$$$$$ use this : *addmoneyfree.top?k87* made 1000$ by using this !!
Hailey Adams (20 days ago)
" "Kids will buy your merch & click on any video with you in it" "if you're a kid, you're a moron & I dont like you" " Me, a 23 y/o, realizing I literally buy pewds merch when it comes out & will spend all day watching his videos & clicking on any video with his face in the thumbnail... 😂 oops
JayXPanther (21 days ago)
4:04 He SAID MY NAME!?!?!
Naomi Jacobson (21 days ago)
I’m in your army of kids
I’m a kid b*tch I hate you jk I hate t doo doo
Ross Wallace (21 days ago)
I'm 9
Bridget Brookes (21 days ago)
All that I've done today is eat noodles and watch pewdipie #iregretnothing
rheanna frühling (21 days ago)
TJ Small child (21 days ago)
By human definition all humans are complete idiots. Not just kids. Though you might make an exception
Austin Campbell (22 days ago)
yeet meh bois
Vincent Durteste (22 days ago)
Does being norwegian work too or do I have to become swedish?
Random Guy (22 days ago)
Other YouTubers who's flexing: Donating 1000$ to streamers Pewds who doesn't even know how to flex: 10,000 bitches!!!
Kason Bamba (23 days ago)
6.9 million vies =69 million views
Nice im option 4
Chocolatecat Gameplay (23 days ago)
0:47 What are you a pedophile?
Daleberto (23 days ago)
There is no such thing as "financial independence" your money has to come from somewhere, and most of the time that is other people, who are willing to buy your merch, watch your vids, etc.
dankmaster1273 1273 (23 days ago)
10/10 cluch edit
dankmaster1273 1273 (23 days ago)
10/10 cluch edit
Jordzyi1 (23 days ago)
Kids are morons because they are watching those cowards
The Camaro Kid (23 days ago)
4:18 but but but......we are all 9 year olds
I’m ten
Vin Show (24 days ago)
learning...hope have some feedback for me ^^
Principer Delfucio (25 days ago)
Sucks that i cant buy the chair, clutch cant bring it to the Philippines😥😥
James Jimmykicker (25 days ago)
I watched some of your videos to find out why everyone hates you and I'm glad these idiot 9 yr olds made u famous. lolll. cheers
Sofia Gaspar (25 days ago)
They give monies to random person so they can buy pewdiepie chai
Sofia Gaspar (25 days ago)
First thing I do when I move out and have monies is buy all of pewdiepie’s merch including his chair
Me too 4:25
xx matix (26 days ago)
I'm poor. I can't have a very ex. Car
Grigoris Avgoustidis (27 days ago)
Every fucking word is correct in this video. THE BEST YOUTUBER IN THE WHOLE PLANET!
Anthony Mancino (27 days ago)
Literally just got an ad for, trying to make money. By some other YouTuber? 💀
Jay Renninger (28 days ago)
You are a true YouTuber. One of the originals. Ty for all the great vids. And you truly care about your viewers ty.

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