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How Currency Prices Affect the Stock Market | US Stock Market Report

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To fully appreciate the relationship between currencies and the stock market, you must understand currency pairs, which essentially, is the exchange rate between two different currencies. Wealth Within Chief Analyst Dale Gillham discusses: How Currency Prices Affect the Stock Market. Alongside what is happening in the US Stock Market this week, an analysis of DWDP, 3M, GS and his predictions on what it is likely to occur in the coming weeks. Want to learn how to profitably and confidently trade the stock market? Your Trading Mentor will equip you with skills and techniques to do so! https://www.wealthwithin.us/education/share-trading/trading-mentor-course/ ________________________________________________________________ Enriching lives with innovative financial solutions™ Wealth Within is a unique financial services company and accredited share trading educator. At Wealth Within we aim to provide our students with the skills to profitably trade the share market and take the first step towards achieving financial freedom. For more information go to our website: https://www.wealthwithin.us/ _________________________________________________________________ Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest content: https://www.facebook.com/wealthwithin/ Follow us on Instagram for weekly stock Spotlights and Trader Tips! https://www.instagram.com/wealth_within Listen to our Talking Wealth Podcasts on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wealthwithin Want to hear what our students have to say check out our Student Success Stories: https://www.wealthwithin.us/education/reviews _________________________________________________________________ Do you have a question? Email us at: [email protected]
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Wealth Within (6 months ago)
Let's reach for 1,000 subscribers!
BRIGHT KALKIDEV (6 months ago)
Hi Dale where can I find ur Aussie stocks review..
Wealth Within (6 months ago)
Hi Bright, Each week I do an Australian Share Market report and look at the market and stocks of interest. This is on YouTube right where you found this video. We just did a recording of the top 10 to watch in the next year and are uploading this to YouTube as I type. Cheers Dale

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