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PUBG 1.0 Radeon RX 580 vs. GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Gameplay Benchmark. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

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Support my work (and request tests): https://www.patreon.com/techepiphany ♥ Subscribe To TechEpiphany - http://bit.ly/2hMHAzN 1080p, ultra now with frametimes. PUBG 1.0 update #1 Playerunknown's Battlegrounds PUBG 1080p Driver: 388.71 WHQL / 17.12.2 XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX 8GB / Palit GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Intel i5-8400 16GB Dual Channel DDR4-3200 Performance Test of PUBG's non-beta Version 1.0 full release Update#1 TechEpiphany Tech Epiphany
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Text Comments (117)
Ryan Xhype (4 months ago)
XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX 8GB , im thinking buy ryzen 5 2600 its good for ryzen processador eh?? please answer
Flave (5 months ago)
Funny how rx 580 is priced as same as gtx 1050ti and performs as good as gtx 1060 :d
Nathan (1 month ago)
Rx 580 is much lower on my country ;D
eugkra33 (6 months ago)
How did you get pixel perfect input on each run. Every move and step is identical. This seems faked.
IQCAN (6 months ago)
every other comparison on pubg of rx580 8gb vs 1060 6gb, 1060 wins the battle but here is amd, wtf amk diğer videolarda 1060 kazanıyor bunda amd bu ne aq
Jordan (6 months ago)
Em uns vídeos a 1060 ganha em outros a RX ganha não da pra entender....
Luana (1 month ago)
Esse vídeo é fake, olha aí como que as duas telas são idênticas
Nadsenec (6 months ago)
RX is better
Nuttapon sa (7 months ago)
FPS RX580 stable than 1060
The Great Walrus (8 months ago)
Very helpful
Maxbrint (11 months ago)
Luana (1 month ago)
Yeah dude.. both videos are literally identical!
LeitoAMG (11 months ago)
so wich one you reccomend with a i7 8700 ? thanks
Rog strix rx 580 8 gb, or vega
Curt (11 months ago)
Why does AMD Cards have good looking colors compared to Nvidia?
택 택 (6 months ago)
Curt All answers are wrong. They have different RGB range. U can adjust your amd card's color on Amd setting. In display settings, u can change your rgb range Full rgb to Limited rgb, which makes color same as nvidia's
KUMPULAN CCP (8 months ago)
my cheap monitor looking better now with RX 580
Klee (9 months ago)
256 bit>192bit
Iván J. M. G. (9 months ago)
nvidia doesn't works in colour 10bit.
Minh Tuan Vu (10 months ago)
Because they don't use "tricks" on the redering pipeline.
Gus Garcia (11 months ago)
I like he was able to replicate everything exactly the same on both graphics cards in multiplayer
Connor Claar (8 months ago)
Replay mode. Nice try idiot.
Matt Woodmansee (8 months ago)
its called replay mode. sigh.
LiFe WIND (1 year ago)
what software did you use to record for the rx 580
Matt Woodmansee (8 months ago)
pubg update has replay mode.
Son Goku (1 year ago)
RX 580 is clearly dominant and is only going to get better with every optimization
Son Goku (10 months ago)
BLACK JESUS don’t try so hard you’re not funny
nig ward (10 months ago)
@Son Goku my god level instinct and my black ninja skills
Son Goku (10 months ago)
BLACK JESUS why not? What makes you jump to that unorthodox conclusion
nig ward (10 months ago)
Excepts it wont get optimization
Son Goku (1 year ago)
Captain Krunch Dude, technically speaking, most games utilize game engines which favors and is based upon Nvidia’s Graphics engine in its cards! For example, PUBG and Fortnite are built upon Unreal Engine 4 which is by default gonna favor Nvidia without any optimization’s for either team! The reason for this is the fact that Unreal Engine 4 was help developed by Nvidia and thus their Graphics Card engine and designed to support it better! Now the same isn’t always the case for AMD! By default their Hardware isn’t build according to the game engine to support it like Nvidia, however, due to AMD’s superiority in coding! Better API and Driver support from the games and the company itself, like DirectX12 and Vulkan, help the AMD Graphics Card outperform Nvidia! For example, nearly every DX12 and Vulkan is gonna run better on AMD cards and even some DX11 titles! This is of course due to the fact that these API’s support AMD better and generate less overhead for the Card! So in conclusion, my point is that, when a game is released, most of the time the game engine used in it is gonna support Nvidia by default better as explained above, therefore Nvidia cards are already having efficient codes and optimization for the game! On the AMD side, when the game is released, AMD cards don’t usually have that good of support by default and what that means is, that AMD cards literally need to run the game through their brute hardware strength as the code isn’t efficient and requires more processing power to process! Now when the drivers do get updated, and API is made efficient to work with AMD, the card no longer needs its brute strength to run the game and in general requires less power to process all the stuff, this allows more power to be left out which can be used to turn up the graphics settings and even increase the frame rate to utilize that available power and that’s the reason that after updates the game looks better and smoother on AMD cards
eric balicaol (1 year ago)
sir i have rx580 but every time i play my pc wont display can u help ?
Minh Tuan Vu (10 months ago)
Open your eyes so you could see something.
Plassma Gaming (1 year ago)
I own 2 RX 580 8gb, one is Limited Edition, in crossfire. this card is fucking awesome, tries its best while staying on 56c, overclocked. smooth gaming all over
ESKIMOOO (1 year ago)
Much higher cpu usage on the 580....
Luana (1 month ago)
@Um Brasileiro no Brasil Bolsomito, mas esse vídeo é fake.. observe que os dois lados do vídeo (Rx 580 e Gtx 1060) são literalmente indenticos!
Um Brasileiro no Brasil (8 months ago)
More Gpu performance = more Cpu usage... It's a normal, expected.
IAerysl (1 year ago)
Thats a good thing, means the gpu is less of a bottleneck to the cpu. More cpu usage with gpu = higher fps
Ali (1 year ago)
More FPS on RX 580 = more usage of cpu, you need to learn, lol.
yaylak kereste (1 year ago)
yalan amk aynı görüntüyü nasıl yakalıyorsun 2 ekran kartında da?
Furkan Fındık (6 months ago)
Adam önceden bir oyuna girmiş oyunu kaydetmiş sonra oyunun tekrarını iki ekran kartıyla izlemiş
Almighty Snail (6 months ago)
replay bebegim bu
diyar hejar (9 months ago)
Bende aynisini düsündüm. Amd Threadripper bilgisayara soldaki karti ekledim. Bakalim iyi olacakmi. Oyun oynamadigim icin farki anlamadim.
LordThunder (1 year ago)
1060 has like 1gb vram extra to use here while RX580 has 2Gb vram extra
LordThunder (1 year ago)
Jean Benedict Gaela Read my comment again
Abgezogt mc (1 year ago)
I have a rx 580 but i only have 20-30 fps on very low settings someone can help me ?
The AMD Bro (5 months ago)
@ᎠᎬᏒᏒᎥᏟᏦ ᏞᎪm serious? XD XD
Shermant Stewart (7 months ago)
xyoopridex (8 months ago)
@ᎠᎬᏒᏒᎥᏟᏦ ᏞᎪm so using chipset graphic in mobo which fuqs up the fps?
vasil sivilov (8 months ago)
MaxiMy (1 year ago)
林용사의 interest (1 year ago)
thanks bro
:ai: (1 year ago)
wow rx 580 frametine is so good
Many Queen (1 year ago)
GRRREAT video. NVIDIA sponsored for this game paid them for optimizations they even released seperate GameReady drivers for PUBG but still AMD gets the chicken dinner. RADEON's memory overclock to 10000 gains much more performance The 1060's frame times look terrible. Does the 1060 feel smooth or does it feel like butt? For game I prefer texture high , aa and rest very low. 70-130fps on rx580 strix top factory oc The way this is being benchmark isn’t correct he’s watching someone else play so it’s not putting a true load on the graphics. If it was a true benchmark you would have separate videos of each and even if you could get them to match all the same movement the guns would be randomized each time. why gpu 100 % make my CPU hot ? ... Vocês são burros? não percebem que é exatamente o mesmo videos em ambos os lados, nossa! esse primeiro mundo é tão tapado assim.
Avg Lebowski (1 year ago)
The way this is being benchmark isn’t correct he’s watching someone else play so it’s not putting a true load on the graphics. If it was a true benchmark you would have separate videos of each and even if you could get them to match all the same movement the guns would be randomized each time.
Markus Alanen (1 year ago)
Avg Lebowski it's replay on... 100% same actions...
Not Owen Not Gish (1 year ago)
Nice content, might sub
Anthony wiltshire (1 year ago)
Is rx580s memory frequency capped at 2000mhz?
Dikri Hakim (1 year ago)
why gpu 100 % make my CPU hot ?
if gpu not 100%,,, u must buy new cpu,,,
580 win
Dosclic 98 (1 year ago)
The GPU core is about 100mhz lower than normal, doesn't seem fair
Mr Roche (1 year ago)
would there be a big difference between the 4gb and 8gb RX 580?
Hackerthief168bonus (5 months ago)
TikO LoRd (1 year ago)
At 1080p not at all.
crax tube (1 year ago)
Mr Roche not really
Deadpool Samrat (1 year ago)
that i-5 8400 holding back badly these gpus you need 8700k 5.2ghz to keep up 60 always
ESKIMOOO (1 year ago)
nick nelson no it's not, an i7 would eliminate so much stutter
Deadpool Samrat (1 year ago)
if you want to buy a cpu just for gaming then go for i-7 8700k which will serve you next 4 years you dnt need to look back in youtube benchmark ever again you can comeback after 4 years :P just you need a gpu upgrade thats it
Mike Reinertsen (1 year ago)
Yeah that i7 is a hell of a CPU. I dont think you'll notice a jump in frames really, but the i7 is more versatile.
Gustaf Abrahamsson (1 year ago)
I am going to buy a i7-8700k with a 1060. Is it a good buy?
nick nelson (1 year ago)
dont be stupid this i5 8400 is more than enough lol.
Ast 86 (1 year ago)
For game I prefer texture high , aa and rest very low. 70-130fps on rx580 strix top factory oc
ProManirule (1 year ago)
Great video!
Ka Yun CHEUNG (1 year ago)
Dont use the in-game replay video to do benchmark, it is not the real gameplay fps
Lolcat (1 year ago)
We've been spotted! Mission failed - We'll get em next time
Lolcat (1 year ago)
You made me think I had a hair or something on my screen haha
Carlos De La Garza (1 year ago)
Lord Jarl I said it because it is true, and this way is even better than in game because you get a more consistent bench having them do the exact same thing
Dillion The Crackhead (1 year ago)
Carlos De La Garza are you saying that because the rx 580 performed slightly better?
Carlos De La Garza (1 year ago)
I don't think it makes that much difference, I know the render is restricted to an area around your character but so it is in-game
Локомотив (1 year ago)
Ozan Berkil (1 year ago)
Settings Ultra , Screen Scale 100 mate
PanterA (1 year ago)
GRRREAT video. NVIDIA sponsored for this game paid them for optimizations they even released seperate GameReady drivers for PUBG but still AMD gets the chicken dinner.
金辉林 (6 months ago)
@Inthepastxx why you're so stupid? Graphics card performance are seperated into 4 tier, 1 tier is entry-level which is the gt 1030, 2 tier is mid-ranged and it's the gtx 1050ti, 3 is upper mid-ranged and this is where the gtx 1060 and the rx 580 stand, the last is the high-end where the gtx 1080ti stands. And AMD is playing safe by releasing only mid-ranged gpus, so don't just look at a series or a name and judge the card, the performance is relied on the tier.
BaurKinn (8 months ago)
@Moonix omg exactly!!!
Matt Woodmansee (8 months ago)
@Siegbert schnösel Not really bullshit. Bullshit is your god awful comparison. You basically said if you push your card to the max and dont push the 580, your low end 1060 can get more fps than a card thats cheaper by $100. No shit sherlock. You arent educating anyone on anything.
Siegbert schnösel (8 months ago)
Bullshit. This is just a stock comparison. If you take into account that most 1060s can clock up to 2100mhz on core without any issue and that almost all 1060s can clock their VRAM at +600mhz(9400mhz total) its safe to say that an overclocked 1060 is faster than every overclocked Rx 580(stock cooled). Rx 580s are not made to be overclocked, so there is no real gain(maybe + 150mhz on core). My 1060 clocks @ 2189mhz(no downclocks) with power target disabled(shunt mod). On Pubg i get 120fps average, without drops under 100 fps. (1080p, high settings) You need at least an R9 fury X to achieve the same with AMD. My time spy score is 4940.
john Rambo (1 year ago)
I bought my rx 580s 8gb for 270€ each now they cost more than 300... dont know about gamimg with them now. But the atis are more efficient than nvidia when it comes to mining
VELES MILK (1 year ago)
not enought memory for GTX 1060.
Khanh B (1 year ago)
The 1060's frame times look terrible. Does the 1060 feel smooth or does it feel like butt?
Wanderson Vitor (7 months ago)
@Rauxami replay mode guys, don't you know it
Rauxami (8 months ago)
@PanterA ya u r right
Mahone (1 year ago)
Latest update has a replay mode
PanterA (1 year ago)
How did you benchmarked this btw ? it's the same video clip on both cards.
TechEpiphany (1 year ago)
feels smooth
Markus Alanen (1 year ago)
I was little supriced how AMD win the fps battle...
Mohammad Hammad 4968 (4 months ago)
I know. Radeon is 2/3 of GTX 1060.
Mohammad Hammad 4968 (4 months ago)
I have 4-Way Crossfire (4 Radeon 580s). That is 32GB VRAM, and it really DOES make a difference. 4K 100FPS. 😊 👌👌👌👍👍👍
BaurKinn (8 months ago)
you will be more suprised if you compare prices
Iván J. M. G. (9 months ago)
More Vram can make a difference.
한여름 (1 year ago)
Markus Alanen Basically little bit better on DX 11
Xavier Lee (1 year ago)
I have my gtx 1060 at ~ 2100 mhz and I recommend you dial in a hard overclock to see what performance you can gain. Great vid.
Arithmxtic (1 year ago)
Xavier Lee Mine is about the same, I gain about ~10 fps
한여름 (1 year ago)
RADEON's memory overclock to 10000 gains much more performance
한여름 (1 year ago)
Carlos De La Garza Stable but elpida memory is may not
Carlos De La Garza (1 year ago)
Is it even stable at that clock? I have mine at 8,000

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