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XFX Radeon RX 580 Unboxing #AMDRTP

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I finally got one and get to unbox the XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS Black Edition Graphic Processing Unit
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Geemitha Fernando (3 months ago)
Lol i unboxed it just now😂
Luka (14 days ago)
Can u tell me pls, I'll have that graphic card in my new pc, is that good graphic card, and which game u play and tell my fps pls
Garzębina Reniert (4 months ago)
how t h i c c it is?
Lasitha Jayawardana (4 months ago)
It was selling on Amazon about 3 weeks ago for 164.99. I had it in my shopping cart and foolishly was waiting for all the parts to become available, in particular a 2tb ssd. In the end I had to buy it last week and it had gone up to 219.99. I wish I had just bit the bullet and bought it at 164.99 with 40 bucks global shipping instead of trying to save with combined shipping. Had to ditch the 2tb ssd. My rig blew it's PSU and took my AOC 27 monitor with it. I just built (like just finished 10 min ago) a Ryzen 7 1700, 16gb RAM, 512nvme, B450 Pro WiFi, XFX RX580, my spare 240gb ssd, and a CX550M. Using my old case and will unbox my two dell 27 monitors later today and hook them up. Using a TVS Cherry Blue (duplicate) and Logitech M570. Standard headset and old Logitech z313 speakers. Upgrading from a 6 year system of i3 3rd gen, 8gb RAM and GTX650ti, and mechanical boot drive (160GB).
Benedict Corpuz (4 months ago)
Duuuude. That sucks. Just like you said, sometimes you gotta bite the bullet. I wasn’t even trying to buy a GPU that day, but this just happened to be sitting on the shelf, so I bought it.
expert4ever (5 months ago)
What is the size of the fan?
Benedict Corpuz (5 months ago)
90mm I believe
G2H3LL (5 months ago)
I got the 8gb variant for 190USD brand new. What a deal
Puneet Jaswal (1 month ago)
I got it in $122 with lightly used on ebay. With all original accessories
Savage 44 (3 months ago)
Got mine for 180 just got it today
Geemitha Fernando (3 months ago)
J bought mine for $215.not bad😥🤐
Veezo Uptown (5 months ago)
Ordered mine just new egg.come with two free games too
G2H3LL (5 months ago)
Jacob Dean Got mine yesterday
Pablo Gonzalez (5 months ago)
is that carbon fiber
Justsome Randomdude (7 months ago)
How’s the card so far? Thinking of getting one
Savage 44 (28 days ago)
I have an optiplex 990 I changed the psu and put this gpu and my computer runs fine it doesn’t even get that hot for me I use that MSU afterburner I can run games on highest settings and even when I play ve chat it doesn’t get that hot and I play for many many hours
Dough Boy (6 months ago)
Meso Boring beware this thing gets hot as hell its like a space heater on my desk
Justsome Randomdude (7 months ago)
Benedict Corpuz (7 months ago)
Meso Boring works great for VR and Overwatch. I use this in a secondary system.
Mikky Nev (7 months ago)
Is the "black edition" the same thing as the "black core edition" ????
Benedict Corpuz (7 months ago)
rein Mikky they’re 2 different versions. I think the core is the lower of the 2
Farhan Azher (7 months ago)
i have this version and its awsome
John Johnson (8 months ago)
this card is shit xfx r580 dont buy cant stream and play at the same time and some times just shut down while playing always saying a problem with mantel i had r9 270 and it did fine im done with amd cards going with the green guys asap
Benedict Corpuz (8 months ago)
What kind of output are you trying to stream. I was able to do just fine with this. I also used this card for VR. Works great for that as well.
Les (9 months ago)
Ok good, the cables included are black. That's all I came here for. I got to the 1:47 mark and I dipped.
Hector Robles (10 months ago)
Hola, tengo un ryzen 5 2400g y quiero actualizar la gráfica con esta tarjeta de vídeo rx 580 xfx gts 4gb. Habría algún problema si pongo una tarjeta gráfica a una Apu ?
JoY BuZZ LyricS (2 months ago)
gino19692 (9 months ago)
no hay ningún problema, usa la gpu que le pones y deja la del apu inactiva, fijate algun benchmark, con una 580 anda muy lindo ese procesador.
How much did that bad boy cost you
Savage 44 (3 months ago)
Benedict Corpuz they are around 179 on Amazon rn just bought one for that price
Benedict Corpuz nice
Benedict Corpuz (1 year ago)
Fat Boi I might pick up a second for another system
Benedict Corpuz k cool I was thinking about picking up this card
Benedict Corpuz (1 year ago)
Fat Boi yeah, I’ve been using it with VR as well.

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