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RX 580 vs GTX 1060 Test in 2019

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1- 00:01 PUBG 2- 01:40 Deus Ex Mankind Divided 3- 03:35 Resident Evil 2 biohazard Re2 1-shot Demo 4- 05:35 Strange Brigade 5- 06:30 Assassin's Creed Odyssey 6- 07:44 Battlefield V 7- 09:22 Far Cry 5 8- 10:29 Hitman 2 9- 12:08 Shadow of the Tomb Raider
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Text Comments (1218)
Marcos Venâncio (3 days ago)
qual e a gtx 1060 de 3gb ou 6 gb e qual e o 580 de 4gb ou 8 gb
Pulsar Shadow (3 days ago)
I bought a gtx 1060 so tbh I had a great deal
Spade Gaming (7 days ago)
Should i regret buying rx 580 ??
Thanh Nhân Trần (7 days ago)
Simply Saitama (9 days ago)
Asal Bct (10 days ago)
13:42 girl shirt transform ? why?
prod. kvrvsu (11 days ago)
niqqa my 2 gig 560 can handle all of these except hitman 2 on ultra sorry for the toxicity lol
prod. kvrvsu (7 days ago)
@TheDigitalDorito i played bf5 on ultra with shadows on medium and got 50-60 fps the 560 is trash but it can play some demanding shite
TheDigitalDorito (7 days ago)
Really? I've never heard anything that good out of the 560.
shaaddowz (13 days ago)
I got the RX580 and it overheats
Nan Totte (12 days ago)
That is just a lie cuz what processor
Vũ Liar (16 days ago)
Amd too good , i ll buy r5 2600 and rx580 😱
Naruto Uzumaki (17 days ago)
What do u recommend the 580 8gb or 1060 6gb for a first build?
Master Chief (15 days ago)
580 8gb. the 580 is cheaper and a bang for the price. for 1080p 60fps gaming the rx580 is enough
Imperator Megabot (18 days ago)
Vinicius Fernandes (20 days ago)
*0 difference*
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
Skimpiyy (20 days ago)
upcoming amd fanboys, not judging.
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
I mean for the price, 580 is better
Hassan Altikriti (21 days ago)
Check me out I got a rx 580 sapphire nitro for 106 pounds ez
LMAO Gamerz (21 days ago)
Who Will paid more 50$ for 3-6fps in pubg
Jeoky Bozje (24 days ago)
I have rx570 and upgrade to rx580 buat ifeell rx570 is better than rx580, i dont know why,!
Arkaine757 (25 days ago)
1060 Oced and still cooler than stock 580.
zeze ronaldi (25 days ago)
I don't think it's a fair comparison .
best rx 580
Florian Dumitru (27 days ago)
Do you guys know what amd has and nvidia does not? Toxic fans like really stop!
M C (28 days ago)
Gtx 1060 has + 400mhz the rx 580 not
Just Ice (29 days ago)
Maybe the gtx1060 has been overclocked, but its temperature is always lower than the rx580. Less sound, less power, long life...
Arkaine757 (25 days ago)
Keviny Oliveira (1 month ago)
AMD wins
Tomé Crespo (1 month ago)
lol the rx580 released a year later, compare whit rx480
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
Its about price idiot
Zigmantas Sabaliauskas (1 month ago)
Tomé Crespo well they are talking about the PRICE, not the DATE OF RELEASE
freeze freeze (1 month ago)
i want to build a gaming pc i will use i5 9400f and i am stuck between these two graphic cards so which way to go rx 580 oc 8g or 1060 non oc 6g tell me plzzz bcuz i will build it next month
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
Demon Senpai (1 month ago)
Is this fake...
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
Kinda, since the 1060 is overclocked and 580 isnt
Pugb Mobail (1 month ago)
Ска дак что брать блять будто трудно...
Novigrad and ploughing (1 month ago)
fck!..i can't believe i only stumbled upon rx 580 now and bought gtx 1050 ti...sad life.
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
Me too bro, sad times
TheBlockyGuy MCTF (1 month ago)
Rtx 580?
lean_weab (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me what's a amd
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
Graphics card conpany
hawk (1 month ago)
Is the 1060 a 6 gig or 3?
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
Iván Cadena (1 month ago)
That rx 580 clock is a little bit low
Iván Cadena (19 days ago)
@nedas Ulcinas it may not be a huge difference in performance, but makes it quite unfair and onesided
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
1060 is overclocked here
Dev Bhushan (1 month ago)
Which CPU he is using just check the usage
John Daryl Cacho (1 month ago)
Amd rx 580 wins because even the gtx 1060 is oc the rx 580 is not,the rx 580 has still the better performance
Clare Claratehia (1 month ago)
BTW too many complaining about the OC on GTX 1060 i did some research about it, its not Manual OC its AUTO OC guys and about RX 580 did you know how Hot this GPU when OC ? and how loud it is , others will say " its not a big deal how loud it is at least i got the best performance on my rig , Who care's how hot it is i don't pay my bills my mom and dad do " hehehhe just kidding ( but some of you do )
Clare Claratehia (1 month ago)
Should you buy PUBG in 2019 ? Ans : Hell no . . . Why ? too many cheaters
DV4L1 (1 month ago)
FAKE man i have RX 580 8GB and im playbg PUBG now ULTRA graphic and i have 80+FPS man and 1060overclocked and 580 stock so :))
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
It depends on your cpu too
Ren Galiullin (1 month ago)
It would be interesting to see the energy consumption for comparison)
Ivy Aguas (1 month ago)
Mush (1 month ago)
I am thinking of buying the RX 580 to replace my aging GTX 1050ti.
nedas Ulcinas (19 days ago)
Same here
SΔИDHuPLay乙 (1 month ago)
Get it!
YASİNEMRE GÜNEY (1 month ago)
Cpu ?
Jeremias Martins (1 month ago)
Pelo que eu vi a RX 580 se sai melhor e muitos games , mas ela esquenta bastante .
Keviny Oliveira (1 month ago)
Depende do modelo as Safira Nitro é uma das melhores
trancelistic (1 month ago)
Seems the 1060 has a 147,5 mhz oc on the memory. Not fair. I do pwn a 1060 myself tho, and I love it.
Finny (1 month ago)
Definitivamente es mejor una 1060, es todos los aspectos
Fake YouTuber (1 month ago)
I HAVE RX 580 8 gig
sheetgamer (1 month ago)
In my country, 1060 and 580 has a same price, and i see there has a same performance, but here i got freesync monitor, what's better for me?
清水明日香 (1 month ago)
amd yes!
I have the rx 580 4gb edition, play in 1440p,with respectful frames.
Fatih vdp (1 month ago)
@Patrick suck Zquidword nozel wtf 80? That must be 2nd hand, if not where did you get it from?
@Fatih vdp 80 dollars
Fatih vdp (1 month ago)
How much did you buy your gpu?
Franco Milan (1 month ago)
RX 580 is better because I am a fanboy ¿OK?
Erich Von Manstein (16 days ago)
RX 580 is better because cheaper than 1060,2gb more V-ram,also have better performance on DX12-Vulkan.I’m not an AMD fanboy and ı will never be.But I love AMD’s P/P so much.
GandalfTheSilver (1 month ago)
Comparable performance and $200 cheaper... yeah, I think I'll take the rx 580....
Sagnik Titanz (1 month ago)
nvidia losses in most graphics intensive titles
Sagnik Titanz (1 month ago)
580 greowing up and log lasting... shame on you nvidia
High Quality Channel (2 months ago)
1060 👍👍👍
Papuna s (2 months ago)
Wtf look at 1060 oc
Wan Harits (2 months ago)
Mannnnnn I just ordered gtx 1060 just before I saw this video.. should have went with the rx580 :(
Arkaine757 (25 days ago)
Still a good purchase. 1060 less Power Hungry 580 2GB+ for the Future Pick your poison.
daniel MCGREGOR (28 days ago)
@Abc Cba all in all they are even its just what is the best price at the time that wins and anything within 5% is margin of error
TheBlockyGuy MCTF (1 month ago)
Eruption Army (1 month ago)
@Jack_daniels thats just your internet nigga
Jack_daniels (1 month ago)
Huh, I just bought an rx580 (I already own a GTX 1060), and I was just thinking that I shouldn't have upgraded. Although the graphics are great, I found myself not even being able to play Apex Legends. It was simply too laggy.
pat mcintyre (2 months ago)
8gb is better than 6gb.
Manuel94566 TheDark (2 months ago)
Rx 580
Chris Todd (2 months ago)
I always get nvidia myself but I’ll definitely be recommending the rx80 to my friend who’s looking for a budget build
Spinxo (2 months ago)
I just don't understand amd gpu's are cheaper but stronger same for cpu's
No es tan así, la EVGA 1060 de 6GB la destroza a la rx 580. La 1060 eleva automáticamente a esa frecuencia, si se desea overclockear tanto memorias como elevar el clock a 2.1Ghz es superior a la rx 580.
JuanK Romero (2 months ago)
Como puedo saber que procesador usaron?
PB&J Racing (2 months ago)
Can better cooling (extra case fans) help keep the gpu temps lower? For the rx 580
Veqtrah (2 months ago)
Yes lol
HanyPao (2 months ago)
La RX 580 se la rompe a la 1060 solamente por el hecho de ser más barata y rendir prácticamente lo mismo. Saludos
Shinomora (2 months ago)
Rx 580 is very good but Its way to Hot 75c is to much but still a very good gpu
Shinomora (1 month ago)
@GandalfTheSilver At 75 degrees electronic circuits begin to melt anything that exceeds 75 degrees is hot 80 degrees will be worst
Cringegaming (2 months ago)
personal i think the rx 580 is best for your value you can pick up one for $110, and that 5 to 10 fps loss can be easily fixed with a small overclock
Panlew2 (2 months ago)
he means the shitty ones without warranty
Jinx CoD (2 months ago)
Rx580 for $110, where? (Not being sarcastic. Send link pls) 👀
Prime Boy (2 months ago)
But the RTX 2060 is Better than the RX 580
WizardX (2 months ago)
Power consumption?
Look no arguments. They are both good. The rx 580 did beat the 1060 in most games. And I’m not a AMD fanboy I’m actually a 1060 user myself. Hope nobody who is a childish brat comes in and hates on me for saying this. But seriously the 1060 is not bad. The 1060 and 580 are both amazing cards and are both good for 1080p gaming!
кто одолел то блять !!
Iulian Girbea (2 months ago)
hey guys what drivers are you using for your gtx 1060? i have 419.17 dunno if to update to newer version
SoggyFries (2 months ago)
430.39 but I'm not up to date. But I'm getting smooth performance out of it.
Justine Gargollo (2 months ago)
8gb vs 6gb, u can tell already who's the winner.
Siddesh Nair _ (2 months ago)
OpTiC Fazi (2 months ago)
Maximum 5fps or 10fps difference but 1060 didnt took the win cuz its overclocked
Omar Elshazly (2 months ago)
Which means it should perform better than it usually does dumdum😂😂
Jonathan (2 months ago)
I bought my gtx 1060 (used of course) for 125$, i would’ve went with the rx 580 but i cheaped out, runs quiet and cool so im fine with my choice
GandalfTheSilver (1 month ago)
The gtx 1060 is still a solid video card.
xXAtheistSlayerx (2 months ago)
you people are debating about which one's better when I want to know how the fuck he kept finding the exact same items it's kind of retarded and creepy unless this video was faked
Ash Pd (2 months ago)
1060 is good in old games like AC Oddesy, 580 good in new games Shadow of the tom raider
Theodore Spittnikov (2 months ago)
I think the same game can has using result against DX11 and DX12 and different resolutions but lets keep on 1080p. Another important thing is the 1% low and the avg about low FPS. Same to avg about high FPS because some GPUs has close the same high FPS but the low FPS is different. This fact determine the real winner. how high the 'low fps' is, better the GPU IMO. sorry, dislike this time
El manso (2 months ago)
RX 580♥
Vram 2000mhz???
FATMA Tekke (2 months ago)
RX 580 fiyat ve performans olarak daha iyi bence
Christoph Pichler (2 months ago)
1974mhz on a GTX1060 and the rx580 Wirth normal 1340mhz? The vram at the gtx 4007mhz and the rx 2000? OC on fleck 😂 This is Not a equivalent test sry bad!
Christoph Pichler (2 months ago)
But nice that you overclocked your gtx on 1974mhz 😅
Franz Barrientos (2 months ago)
just bought a rx 580 for $165 good deal but im using a amd a10 cpu now its time to buy a cpu mobo and ram sad
Ricsi (2 months ago)
The 8GB 580 was cheaper than the 4GB version in my country lol.
Mswati Masina (1 month ago)
@Nagato Uzumaki Hi I'm thinking of buying the XfX rx580 8 gb buh I'm afraid of it being cheaper than the Msi rx580 4gb slightly is it too good to be true can I trust the XfX brand?
Nagato Uzumaki (2 months ago)
different brand logic, in my country, XFX 580 8gb cost $190 and MSi 4gb cost $220
BOYSIK (2 months ago)
nice 👍 how much
Ultra Gamer. com (2 months ago)
The new drivers crush gtx 1060
johnlloyd villaver (2 months ago)
same performance no after burner or any application that can overclocked! i love my 1060 😁
RANA TAFZEEL (2 months ago)
Over clock Rx580 perform better 👍👍👍☺️
Shees Nadeem (2 months ago)
compair without overclocking
FreeRoamFantasy (2 months ago)
yep, im getting a 580
Rafeh Ahsan (2 months ago)
Amd fans like Nvidia fans comment
Boran Özkan 1 (2 months ago)
He who must not be named (2 months ago)
I am here for all the ads.
ADL KHDR (3 months ago)
drag0nvalley (25 days ago)
@TheBlockyGuy MCTF GPU boost idiota whats your problem ? there is a big difference between gpu boost and overclocking
TheBlockyGuy MCTF (1 month ago)
@drag0nvalley its OC 3.0 you dumb fuck
ADL KHDR (1 month ago)
@FruitPunchSamurai I cant explain very well but ok
FruitPunchSamurai (1 month ago)
@ADL KHDR oh i see nice ! And would you mind if i asked you a couple questions dear sir i dont know much about pc and laptops cores and such
ADL KHDR (1 month ago)
@FruitPunchSamurai when you pull the heck out of it by rising the voltage and the core speed.
What the fuck are those trash games ? Why didn't you add fortnite to that list it would fit
Dyno (3 months ago)
Sad thing is RX580 is only compatible with Ryzens and stuff like that
Dyno (2 months ago)
I think it is because it is Radeon graphics and AMD CPU’s use that type of graphics if I’m correct, it while others don’t.
Some Guy (3 months ago)
Why ?
Retu Clan (3 months ago)
Guess who wins in 1920x1080 gaming:)
Retu Clan (2 months ago)
@37.5// 6 yeah:).
37.5// 6 (2 months ago)
Retu Clan (3 months ago)
U wanna run it fullscreen and seperate. This is shit charactes are almost always in left side requiring more shit
MaDoTPG (3 months ago)
how is pubg like perfectly synced?
MaDoTPG (3 months ago)
i mean its out of sync @0:26 but other then that its all synced
ferrari458speciale fan (3 months ago)
Yoo I just took that in is it fake???
Jean Spezia (3 months ago)
wtf dude, overclock on 1060. why?
ferrari458speciale fan (3 months ago)
Not overclocked it's gpu boost
Certified Awesome (3 months ago)
This is fake. Look how correct the two video allignment in pubg is.
Biswjit Dey (3 months ago)
how much watt psu need for rx 580
CODplayer 2354 (3 months ago)
Same question
刘平磊 (3 months ago)
AMD yes!
CANAL DO SAPO (3 months ago)
the gtx 1060 is higher ?
Kold (3 months ago)
Your 1060 have a factory OC...

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