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RX 580 vs GTX 1060 Test in 2019

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1- 00:01 PUBG 2- 01:40 Deus Ex Mankind Divided 3- 03:35 Resident Evil 2 biohazard Re2 1-shot Demo 4- 05:35 Strange Brigade 5- 06:30 Assassin's Creed Odyssey 6- 07:44 Battlefield V 7- 09:22 Far Cry 5 8- 10:29 Hitman 2 9- 12:08 Shadow of the Tomb Raider
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Rx 580
Chris Todd (10 hours ago)
I always get nvidia myself but I’ll definitely be recommending the rx80 to my friend who’s looking for a budget build
Spinxo (15 hours ago)
I just don't understand amd gpu's are cheaper but stronger same for cpu's
No es tan así, la EVGA 1060 de 6GB la destroza a la rx 580. La 1060 eleva automáticamente a esa frecuencia, si se desea overclockear tanto memorias como elevar el clock a 2.1Ghz es superior a la rx 580.
JuanK Romero (4 days ago)
Como puedo saber que procesador usaron?
PB&J Racing (4 days ago)
Can better cooling (extra case fans) help keep the gpu temps lower? For the rx 580
HanyPao (5 days ago)
La RX 580 se la rompe a la 1060 solamente por el hecho de ser más barata y rendir prácticamente lo mismo. Saludos
Javier Godoy (6 days ago)
Rx 580 is very good but Its way to Hot 75c is to much but still a very good gpu
Cringegaming (7 days ago)
personal i think the rx 580 is best for your value you can pick up one for $110, and that 5 to 10 fps loss can be easily fixed with a small overclock
Panlew2 (4 days ago)
he means the shitty ones without warranty
Jinx CoD (4 days ago)
Rx580 for $110, where? (Not being sarcastic. Send link pls) 👀
Prime Boy (7 days ago)
But the RTX 2060 is Better than the RX 580
WizardX (7 days ago)
Power consumption?
Look no arguments. They are both good. The rx 580 did beat the 1060 in most games. And I’m not a AMD fanboy I’m actually a 1060 user myself. Hope nobody who is a childish brat comes in and hates on me for saying this. But seriously the 1060 is not bad. The 1060 and 580 are both amazing cards and are both good for 1080p gaming!
кто одолел то блять !!
Iulian Girbea (9 days ago)
hey guys what drivers are you using for your gtx 1060? i have 419.17 dunno if to update to newer version
SoggyFries (8 days ago)
430.39 but I'm not up to date. But I'm getting smooth performance out of it.
Justine Gargollo (9 days ago)
8gb vs 6gb, u can tell already who's the winner.
All father _ (5 days ago)
OpTiC Fazi (10 days ago)
Maximum 5fps or 10fps difference but 1060 didnt took the win cuz its overclocked
Omar Elshazly (6 days ago)
Which means it should perform better than it usually does dumdum😂😂
Jonathan (11 days ago)
I bought my gtx 1060 (used of course) for 125$, i would’ve went with the rx 580 but i cheaped out, runs quiet and cool so im fine with my choice
xXAtheistSlayerx (12 days ago)
you people are debating about which one's better when I want to know how the fuck he kept finding the exact same items it's kind of retarded and creepy unless this video was faked
Ash Pd (13 days ago)
1060 is good in old games like AC Oddesy, 580 good in new games Shadow of the tom raider
Theodore Spittnikov (15 days ago)
I think the same game can has using result against DX11 and DX12 and different resolutions but lets keep on 1080p. Another important thing is the 1% low and the avg about low FPS. Same to avg about high FPS because some GPUs has close the same high FPS but the low FPS is different. This fact determine the real winner. how high the 'low fps' is, better the GPU IMO. sorry, dislike this time
El manso (15 days ago)
RX 580♥
Vram 2000mhz???
FATMA Tekke (16 days ago)
RX 580 fiyat ve performans olarak daha iyi bence
Christoph Pichler (16 days ago)
1974mhz on a GTX1060 and the rx580 Wirth normal 1340mhz? The vram at the gtx 4007mhz and the rx 2000? OC on fleck 😂 This is Not a equivalent test sry bad!
Christoph Pichler (16 days ago)
But nice that you overclocked your gtx on 1974mhz 😅
Franz Barrientos (16 days ago)
just bought a rx 580 for $165 good deal but im using a amd a10 cpu now its time to buy a cpu mobo and ram sad
Ricsi (17 days ago)
The 8GB 580 was cheaper than the 4GB version in my country lol.
Nagato Uzumaki (14 days ago)
different brand logic, in my country, XFX 580 8gb cost $190 and MSi 4gb cost $220
BOYSIK (15 days ago)
nice 👍 how much
Ultra Gamer. com (18 days ago)
The new drivers crush gtx 1060
johnlloyd villaver (19 days ago)
same performance no after burner or any application that can overclocked! i love my 1060 😁
RANA TAFZEEL (19 days ago)
Over clock Rx580 perform better 👍👍👍☺️
Shees Nadeem (22 days ago)
compair without overclocking
FreeRoamFantasy (22 days ago)
yep, im getting a 580
Rafeh Ahsan (23 days ago)
Amd fans like Nvidia fans comment
bilinmeyen adam (25 days ago)
I am here for all the ads.
ADL KHDR (26 days ago)
ADL KHDR (19 days ago)
+Lasha GG yeah
Lasha GG (19 days ago)
And still losing to rx 580 😂
A Merk Graphics (27 days ago)
What the fuck are those trash games ? Why didn't you add fortnite to that list it would fit
Dyno (27 days ago)
Sad thing is RX580 is only compatible with Ryzens and stuff like that
Dyno (25 days ago)
I think it is because it is Radeon graphics and AMD CPU’s use that type of graphics if I’m correct, it while others don’t.
Some Guy (27 days ago)
Why ?
Retu Clan (27 days ago)
Guess who wins in 1920x1080 gaming:)
Retu Clan (26 days ago)
+xD UwU yeah:).
xD UwU (26 days ago)
Retu Clan (27 days ago)
U wanna run it fullscreen and seperate. This is shit charactes are almost always in left side requiring more shit
MaDoTPG (27 days ago)
how is pubg like perfectly synced?
MaDoTPG (27 days ago)
i mean its out of sync @0:26 but other then that its all synced
ferrari458speciale fan (27 days ago)
Yoo I just took that in is it fake???
Jean Spezia (28 days ago)
wtf dude, overclock on 1060. why?
ferrari458speciale fan (27 days ago)
Not overclocked it's gpu boost
Certified Awesome (29 days ago)
This is fake. Look how correct the two video allignment in pubg is.
Biswjit Dey (29 days ago)
how much watt psu need for rx 580
CODplayer 2354 (29 days ago)
Same question
刘平磊 (1 month ago)
AMD yes!
CANAL DO SAPO (1 month ago)
the gtx 1060 is higher ?
Kold (1 month ago)
Your 1060 have a factory OC...
Wario_luigi (1 month ago)
just get whichever one is cheaper where ever you live
Centorce (1 month ago)
HELP ME should I get a i7 1060 or a Ryzen 7 and to 580
Jewwiish (1 month ago)
Centorce I have a i7 7700k 1060 6gb and it runs all of my games perfect on max settings and I prefer nividia over AMD so I say i7 1060 cause that’s what I have and it runs really well but it kinda comes down to what you prefer and what you want
The shinobi avenger (1 month ago)
It's funny to see all those people being "fans" of video boards, I just want the one with a best cost-benefit.
The shinobi avenger (1 month ago)
+L3THAL EMPIRE People are saying the geforce there is over clocked, so it's probably better to buy a 1060 6Gb.
L3THAL EMPIRE (1 month ago)
That’ll be the rx 580
The shinobi avenger (1 month ago)
This is the 1060 3gb right?
The shinobi avenger (1 month ago)
​+L3THAL EMPIRE People are saying it's over clocked, so it's probably the 3Gb.
L3THAL EMPIRE (1 month ago)
I think it’s the 6, cause it says the mb
Luqky (1 month ago)
The difference is so small that it's better to go with the one that you get cheaper. For the future Rx 580 would be a slightly better choice.
Crimsonix (1 month ago)
580 FTW
Grant Hill (1 month ago)
I'd say team red one this battle
Boi Man (1 month ago)
They're neck and neck! Which should I buy??
Priva Tube (1 month ago)
This 1060 in the bench is oc.
Kobe (1 month ago)
Go for rx 580. Rx 580 has 8 gb vram compared to 6 gb of the 1060. So you're more futureproofed with the rx 580
B N (1 month ago)
Lool ram usage is over half a gig more and the cpu usage isnt even fair
Thomas Tech Tips (1 month ago)
I love the amount of AMD fan gir I mean boys in this comment section.
Valeriy Savichev (1 month ago)
че за херня ! будто в хитмане на 1060 может быть 6900 рам если однако ней итого 6 гб рам?
Riff ModsHD (1 month ago)
Basically rn I have a i5 6500 and gtx 1060 3gb and 16gb ddr4 should I trade for a i5 8400 and a ex 580 8gb and 16gb ddr4
Matthew Haley (1 month ago)
Hell yeah
Codename: S3CR3T (1 month ago)
I’m just one of those guys trying to find a budget graphics card Then I came across two of the best value graphics cards battling it out THX :)
1060 лучше чем 580 если стоимость однообразная
Shax (1 month ago)
In my country rx 580 is 84/85 usd cheaper than gtx 1060 6gb
Tabti Belkacem (1 month ago)
+Shax rx 570 4gb is better than gtx 1050ti in performance and price aswell i don't know why you bought it. this card is a ripoff from nvidia
Shax (1 month ago)
I just build a pc with gtx 1050 ti because rx 580 no stock
Tabti Belkacem (1 month ago)
Then go for rx 580 best performance/price
Mr.Chow (1 month ago)
1060 better cooling, less power needed, cheaper by alot in most of european counties and same performance, you wont need more then 5-6hb vram cos by the time games needs that much thay both will be slow as fuck.. so let these kids talk whatever and buy the CHEAPER.
Luxon (1 month ago)
Just buy whichever is cheaper lol. None of u would even notice the extra 5-10 fps unless u actually have the fps counter displayed.
Joshua (18 days ago)
if its like 100 fps , you are right. but at low level like 40~50 fps, 10 fps is a big thing
Vishnu Kalluri (21 days ago)
You will if it's from 50 to 60. Also the rx 580 is cheaper in most countries.
Akshay Bhondle (1 month ago)
Which software he is using for showing gpu uses nd framerate?
Mirek Vojtíšek (1 month ago)
I like both od these cards, but i really hate AMD fans.
Same results :/
merkur cimen (1 month ago)
I just love thos fanboys that dont know what GPU boost 3.0 is hahaha
Dex4Sure (1 month ago)
2019 and the moron doesn't know how to display frametime graph... Don't call yourself benchmark when you don't know how to benchmark.
Charlie Hopkins (1 month ago)
bahaha wtf, i havent even oc´s my card and i run all games in highest settings with no issue at all. and i even get way way better graphics then you. but my setup is also made right, unlike most people using the 1060 card who clearly dont know what they are talking about. people think im on the 20 cards, but nope still rocking my 1060 6gb and it runs perfect in 4k
Charlie Hopkins (1 month ago)
hahaha witch my card has dumbass ahahah, its easy to do if u know what ur doing. witch clearly u dont!+Лиор Кричман
To run perfect games on 4k u need at least 6gb of vram idiot
Ralph Lau (1 month ago)
As much as id like to support AMD...nvidia names and packages their stuff better. I am able to straight away tell their performance and whether its midrange to high end much better. Im always a mid range nvidia buyer because Nvidia tends to overkill and appeal to the worst sort of people who get the best things but they themselves arent the best sort of people. Also Nvidia tends to go overkill on the high end models with features you dont need. I always fear the jump to AMD. But readong reviews about how its more consistent and steady because theyre built that way whereas Nvidia throttles alot or something article like that
Jedi Knight buckley (1 month ago)
Why is ea still with nvidia idk Radeon looks better
Rooftop (1 month ago)
RX 580 4gb or 8?
Rick (1 month ago)
NVIDIA wins 'cause is only 120 TDP, while the AMD is 175. And that's why the GTX 1060 can afford a overclock.
Alhimia / (2 months ago)
Macek (2 months ago)
DAWIZ (2 months ago)
Those cards are a King and a Queen for 1080p gaming at high preset
vishal mellark (2 months ago)
triggered GREEN fans in 3,2,1 ...
Pawinee Wongsomsak (2 months ago)
Not fair gtx 1060 is big cooler it's auto boost to 1900 mhz but rx580 is small cooler it's dosen't boost look at clockkspeeeddd , temperature and fps it's not fair
ATE Gaming :o (2 months ago)
i currently have a 1060 3gb card and i think im going to get the 580 8gb card for $200
BrisoGamingChannel (2 months ago)
Sorry amd I used to love your graphics cards but they’re to weak, the shuttering was always to bad on the cards never had it with my gtx 1050ti 4gb
Blayziken VFX (2 months ago)
What do you think about a pc with 16gb 3000mhz SSD 240gb ryzen 5 2400g and energy fountain Corsair v650w and later add a graphic card and play with a 144hz monitor what's better for gaming 1060 6gb or rx580 8gb? I have a question bcs I see gtx 1060 6gb costs almost 300 euros in Spain and rx 580 8gb only 200 and gtx 1660ti 230 euros what's better
Demolish Gaming (2 months ago)
Gtx 1660ti
Affaň Āmjad (2 months ago)
what cpu is used
AJAY PRASAD (2 months ago)
When it's come dx12 or vulkan the amd is a clear winner
Titus kriswanto (1 month ago)
for example battlefield V
Vince (2 months ago)
So more fps on rx 580 and it runs cooler than 1060 😂😂
Crusher Fire (7 days ago)
@Vince apparently you were looking the GPU temps incorrectly. The GTX 1060 was cooler than the 580.
nikolygtx (2 months ago)
Get Rx580 nvidia don't support old cards as much amd does, and freesync its much cheaper
CTFE Brasil (2 months ago)
wich cpu used?
LUCKY X GAMER (2 months ago)
Fake gameplay is same
Dragon ball X (2 months ago)
Plss can anyone tell me which card to choose the 1060 6gb or RX 580 8gb?? My built is I5 8th gen, corsair vengance 8gb ram, Mobo - Gigabyte 310 !! Pls suggest 😣😣
Desired Atropos (2 months ago)
+Splosion Intel will offer better performance for gaming, but not by that much. I have the 2600 and I love it! You can also consider overclocking it and it's much cheaper as well!
Dragon ball X (2 months ago)
+Splosion If your need is gaming then go for intel, but if ur need is video eding or audio go for Amd!!
HalfWhite (2 months ago)
+Splosion Not going to lie, I don't really know too much about individual cpus. I like Intel but that's just me.
Splosion (2 months ago)
+HalfWhite And a final question, do you recommend a i5-8400 or ryzen 5 2600X?
HalfWhite (2 months ago)
+Splosion Yea, on the box it says it is "vr ready". The 8gb that is. I don't think the 4gb is.
tinoushgtr (2 months ago)
I own a gtx1080ti PC and my cousin asked me to build a PC for him. I suggest him a ryzen 2200g and a rx580 8gb. I can get a brand new rx580 8gb now for just €180
Shadow Render (2 months ago)
i have a gt 730 why im watching this ?
SenpaiMiyu (1 month ago)
i have intel hd
Emre Bey (2 months ago)
me too
Jose Mora (2 months ago)
Seriously??? Gtx with oc lol
Ryan Galzote (2 months ago)
look at that mhz of gtx 1060 vs rx 580 overclocked for1060 indeed :D
VoltBolt Games (1 month ago)
Ryan Galzote yeah and the rx580 wasn’t overclocked yet it still beat the 1060 LOL fucking idiot
Manuel Haro (2 months ago)
There's 2 versions of the 1060
:D :D (2 months ago)
GTX 1060 OC'ed is same as like RX 580 and like GTX 1070 (Non-Ti)
guguigugu (2 months ago)
faster in all dx12 and vulkan games, as expected
Iwasaki (2 months ago)
Can someone tell me how he did this (pubg), how did he play the exact same match using 2 different card?
Iwasaki (2 months ago)
+Saba Gamer lol, ikr
Saba Gamer (2 months ago)
+Iwasaki in my country too can barely buy a game that costs 5 pounds
Iwasaki (2 months ago)
+Saba Gamer i see, good to know that, cuz i never played pc version of pubg, i only play the mobile version, cuzz pubg price is considered expensive in my country
Saba Gamer (2 months ago)
Replay mode in replay mode everything is the same except graphics have to be re rendered
?questioning (2 months ago)
I prefer 8gb vram
Regoel SBSTIAN (2 months ago)
rx 580 4gb or 8gb?
Carltolits (2 months ago)
But can it run candy crush?
Aadharsh Rathod (2 months ago)
why is GTX 1060 microstuttering ?
phove (2 months ago)
Because its shit

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