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How To Get Started On YouTube

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You're friendly neighbourhood Pewdiepie is here to help... Budget setup: http://txt.do/don8z
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Botan Bringle (1 hour ago)
Who came to watch this after James Charles and Tati
Emir Eizaz (2 hours ago)
Im just starting out, Thanks for the helpful!!!
Unkn0wn Pixel (4 hours ago)
Please sub to me would be appreciated
OneOddBall (6 hours ago)
0:02 Pewdiepie is James Charles confirmes
Journey of Life (7 hours ago)
Thank you for information!
TOW MATER (8 hours ago)
BAGYO YT (8 hours ago)
best intro ever🤩
lil jaylo (9 hours ago)
i really needed this, ive just made a lets play on life is strange 2 and it doesn't get nearly as many views or likes as my other videos but ive really enjoyed making videos on this lets play so im just going to continue.
Delamiro (10 hours ago)
Everyone sub to me for good content na I’m joking do what you want
Delamiro (10 hours ago)
I don’t even do vids anymore I deleted them all
•It's UnicornPlayz• (10 hours ago)
Whoop it work
grasheiken dinner club (12 hours ago)
help me 1000 subs guys.. thank you.pewdiepie forever
Machud Elias Khan (13 hours ago)
1like 2new sub💯💯
AveRage (13 hours ago)
I’m subbing to anyone who subs to me because us small YouTubers need to help each other
SilverGamer35 (15 hours ago)
Thanks for tips Pewds #teamPewds #brofist
Red hot gaming (15 hours ago)
🔥 this was interesting and very helpful. Just started out myself, so looking for good advice. Thanks a lot PewDiePie. Takecare dude. From the UK. 👍
Zahuvan Gaming (17 hours ago)
but YouTube banned my account after i reached 1000 subs. and now i feel depressed
Tech Comparison (18 hours ago)
nice way to understand
Ostra Beatz (18 hours ago)
For all those who are starting their channel. Let us subscribe to each other. Just leave a msg and a bell.
Drexx XXL (18 hours ago)
Lol 😂 some of the comments are hilarious but pewds still going strong years later
WebJek (22 hours ago)
I Just Get Started On YouTube - I don't how it will be
Ferrari King (23 hours ago)
Just don't suck like I do. Great video and very informative
streety (1 day ago)
Thanks for the support doggy dog I'ma start uploading tommorow
Shi's Cooking (1 day ago)
Cool. Let me start today!
FRIED BOYS (1 day ago)
Steve and Dave
EEngg Com (1 day ago)
Nice. New youtuber let's help each other to grow.
EEngg Com (18 hours ago)
+Ostra Beatz Done. Now it's your turn.
EEngg Com (18 hours ago)
+Ostra Beatz ok
Ostra Beatz (18 hours ago)
Lets go.
vengrum (1 day ago)
2 of mine are my accounts
saina subtle (1 day ago)
Same. I just cut people out if I sense sth wrong
saina subtle (1 day ago)
Same. I just cut people out if I sense sth wrong
saina subtle (1 day ago)
Same. I just cut people out if I sense sth wrong
AJ Gaming (1 day ago)
1 Like = 1 piece of luck for my upcoming YouTube channel late 2019
AMAZING EDU ADDA (1 day ago)
1sub please Then I will do the same
Game lover (1 day ago)
Ha ha teseries is win
Ianplayz (1 day ago)
"If you try hard you'll succeed" not today bud
King Turtle (1 day ago)
Ninja won’t last
CallherMimi (2 days ago)
As a new youtuber. I appreciate this
juniorturtlez (2 days ago)
Please help me to 100 please
RaGexBangerz (2 days ago)
bro i still do not get it how ca i know
Crackz (2 days ago)
Thanks but I’m still trash love the vids xd 😭😂💯💯🎮🙏🏻
Brownstone2004 (2 days ago)
Enjoyed your video, some helpful tips here, thank you...🙂👍🏿
Ivadoi Ak (2 days ago)
Tack så mycket! Hoppas jag kan träffa dig en gång här i sverige 🙂
Le Tout Petit Prince (2 days ago)
Hahah loved the video pewds! Hope my new channel can make it so that one day we collab! Anyone else share that dream?😄
8:40 posting my videos on a wesbite how do i get a webstie? i dont have a college ITT Tech Devery and a computer degree in computer so i sondt know anything about computer or programing or codes HTML or what i can put on it or all the terms and condirions poilyyes and deilay not some interent or any laywer and [oilcys na dlaws on every webiste and app prgrrma and like sing contract on a phone for 2 yea all tedeatials or car for 5 years or a house payment for 30 years how does any norma perosn no occ computer degree nerds do this? i dont understand half theing thing anaataltics tersm rneta dat thigns you are talking about
How do i get 1,000 subscirbers? I like to play slot machines and watch other YouTube Slot channels play slot machines is what do i put on my videos thumbnails and haveing lot of problem uplaoding videos to my chane inviald attuiact expired and server errors etc and all blurry and sound bad i dont know much about computers techical stuff.. just tunr it on and tyep on here uplaot videos and losing connections need expeicn on very limited budget disabled and i dont have all the eputment or bad no sound audio micir hard ro hear me or echo on a new HP 17" laptop 8 gb meomy and 2TB hard drive last year but i had a 8GB Ram and a hp1.5TB hard rdve desktop tower in 2012
Jeffrey Parks (2 days ago)
How do i get 1,000 subscibers? Im new here. i made a few vieo dont now how to get share them no friends here.. dont thinnk anyone watch dont know what to put i like to play and watch slot machines casnio videos
Ester Rose (2 days ago)
Thanks so much for this video P 😊 really Nice to hear your advice on this.
Idea Boy (2 days ago)
you subscriber count is like 3 times Canada's population!
Thanks so much, for the amazing tips!!!
One less chromey (2 days ago)
8 billion people in the world and I can’t get anyone to subscribe
Iron Panda (2 days ago)
Thanks for the advice pewds.. it's very helpful :))
Alex Serratos (2 days ago)
You have great, genuine content man. Love it!! What software/editing software do you use/recommend?
Nedyalko Dzhelepov (3 days ago)
let's help each other.
Broc Epps (3 days ago)
Thanks for the advice pewdiepie it’s really helped me understand what I need to accomplish to make great video content
Cigars_420 Ig (3 days ago)
You guys should follow the CHAVEZ family on YouTube they are new and really good help me incorage them beacause they have tons of potential and I love seeing them HELP me show them how life humans can be it’s a girls her funny ass fiancé and the baby and cute and nicest pit bull !!!!!!!!
Tyson Blaze (3 days ago)
I started streaming for fun
Meghan and Quincy (3 days ago)
Honest advice. Thank you
ZuL Gaming1994 (3 days ago)
lets swap subscribe dudee niceee !!
i Qxrry (3 days ago)
See but the point is u Enjoy making videos and everything but I don't got that audience that he's talking about and idk what to do
ORGANISASI WORD (3 days ago)
I want 10 juta rp for wedding
ORGANISASI WORD (3 days ago)
Gif Me Money please😭
シGaby Fanlol (3 days ago)
Loved this video💚💚💚
Andrew Swiader (3 days ago)
His budget setup link is expired. :( Does anyone have it? Or know what was on it? :)
oskat 2005 (3 days ago)
You should do an update what you using now. Like what that thing you sometimes pulls up to give a different background called. I know know it say in the video someone can start with just what you have but still curious what you are using.
eltsen nestle (4 days ago)
Step one. Infiltate. Kidnap established user with many subs.
Bewar Muzic (4 days ago)
good bro
Kookie Mitchell (4 days ago)
Your awesome dude 😝💜🥰
The Haitian Zoe Fils (4 days ago)
Thanks for the info, I learned a lot.
7xCrazy (4 days ago)
Reminds me, sub to *7xCrazy*
connection needed (4 days ago)
How bro
Sophia (4 days ago)
any small youtubers here?!?!
Tigerone gaming (4 days ago)
Momi 48 (4 days ago)
wanna succed step 1 : get a better interent step 2 : get a better computer problem solved
SCARsy (4 days ago)
Learn Daily (4 days ago)
WOW thanks soo much for the Tips... i made my first Video just as i was listening you...!!! DEFINITELY EARNED A SUBSCRIBER... IL keep watching more of your Videos💕💕
Marty B (4 days ago)
Hope everyone is having a great year so far ! Let’s spread some love and help each other out ! Sub to me & I’ll return
Marty B (4 days ago)
Amelia Solomou returned(:
Amelia Solomou (4 days ago)
Yes! just subbed :)
Angelov Diaz (4 days ago)
Hey man, what video editing software can u recommend?.. Im using adobe premiere, it's hard to sync audio using it.
ArtyGamingz (4 days ago)
Very inspiring video PewDiePie, giving some good & honest advice, thanks!
sarkwaan jii (4 days ago)
Please help me . I need 1.k SUBSCRIBEr
Ivin David (4 days ago)
I am subbing everyone who is liking this comment and subbing me✌️i m fast, don't believe? Let's do it 💪
Akhil R Music (4 days ago)
I have 200views! I'm so popular
Sabrina Adrienne (5 days ago)
Does anyone want to be YouTube friends and support each-other! 💞
Jovial Peter (4 days ago)
should have watched that 2 years ago!
Black Candle TV (5 days ago)
I dig it. Good Advice that'll hopefully pay off.
Ivin Joel (5 days ago)
"Its easy to get to the top, but hard to stay there" pewds after years of being on top: hold my beer
Cara Toal (5 days ago)
Good honest information. Much appreciated.
Cool Music (5 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JkzsznBezc hey guys , i made this lyrics video and it would be a world to me if u could take a minute and watch it now, thanks
Lightning red Dragon (5 days ago)
RANIEL GIPULAN (5 days ago)
I hope your tips would help me alot!!!!
Woe Craft Creation (5 days ago)
So hard to get started...
Cecilya Biggs (5 days ago)
This was great. Thanks for looking out. You DO have that personality that makes people just LOVE YOU, including me blue eyes. Lol, ew, sorry. Very helpful, except for the “stay fistering” part, lol.
Evan anything (5 days ago)
I love you Pewdiepie, but you did say dont spend money on equipment but... $399 lol
Bernice Phua (5 days ago)
So right
World Sun Mars (5 days ago)
Marv gamingTV (5 days ago)
hi boss! done with sub. can you sub me too. thanks!
Jama Greek Crew (5 days ago)
That was some great advice thank u for sharing your experience with the amount of subs u have i think u know a thing or 2..
drawing hands27 (5 days ago)
Best advice ! It's really informative and I got lots of motivation from this video.... 😀😀😀😀
SVTWRC (5 days ago)
A lot of people are afraid to put low quality content BUT you have to start somewhere. If you don't have any videos out , you will never grow and learn .Get quality later.
oskat 2005 (3 days ago)
+SVTWRC And you seems have applied one of the most important things to do videos about something that interesting you well done.
SVTWRC (4 days ago)
Radical Punk my old videos were made while 1080p was just coming out . The quality is terrible but the views are up there. Content rules over quality.
Radical Punk (4 days ago)
SVTWRC I agree and thats why Im already at 122 subs

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