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How to Make Money on Yotube Live Streaming EASY - 30k a month

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How to make money on youtube live streaming ($115) Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat, $500 a day Online Blueprint Course: https://bit.ly/2OEMy25 In this channel were going to be learning all about Social Media Growth, E commerce, Affiliate Marketing, and Investing. My goal with this channel is just to create a community of hustlers. I am going to be giving out a ton of value in all of my future videos. Instagram: @huntertalks Snapchat: @h51hunter Facebook:@hunterxedwards
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Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
like the new intro?? dm me on instagram @huntertalks !!!
oSporezy (2 months ago)
Hunter Talks so you dont have a job?
Nasty Nero (3 months ago)
Yo can you do another video on live streaming?
shankh (5 months ago)
then who is @nothuntertalks . Also great content man. Bringing out the true ways. This was an instant sub 👍😆
Bustu BJEnnings (5 months ago)
yes man make more like it
Julieta (3 days ago)
Morgan paul (18 days ago)
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X-Marvel Tutorial (21 days ago)
Get up $3 for Sign Up - $1 Per Click https://mediaprofits.net?id=2989
Jorge Luna (1 month ago)
Obs can I get a link to the app?
Amv Perfectionist (1 month ago)
I'm subbing to anyone whose subbing me and I'm super fast
imran hossain (1 month ago)
Kelvingts (1 month ago)
this isn't accurate, the revenue they received are based on ads and cpm, the reality is its almost always on the extremely lower end of the social blade estimation. Streams especially. I am a smaller YT with a small channel but I stream and ALSO leave my computer on and can assure you I get less than what the lower end of social blade shows. I highly doubt any streamer that isn't streaming legitimately is getting near the maximum.
Hanin Kuning (1 month ago)
so is YT stream can make money??? how?
taneya hera (1 month ago)
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mobile legends (2 months ago)
we dont came here to know how much they earn..its to know how to make money on yt livestream. What a clickbait
RoadRunner_91 (2 months ago)
https://kidsearncash.com/share/Ruan Share
Indigenous Realist Live (2 months ago)
New Sub Bro ✌🏾
oSporezy (2 months ago)
Indigenous Realist Live check me out please
Ajay khatri (3 months ago)
Sirf download krke login krte hi 100 Rs paytm cash.. redeem now..http://lopscoop.com/static/html/share/sharemeta.html?c=HTPK1984636_6
Re Maker (3 months ago)
hi I have tried. but didn't get much views
Akinkunmi Akintunde (2 months ago)
you won't get many views starting out, you need to just keep doing it
Pilot Light (3 months ago)
Good video
ESTHelp (3 months ago)
Can help more with these videos i really want to be good streamer I have only 26 subs
Create Ronnie (3 months ago)
Nice intro
[revive project] (3 months ago)
hey dude, do you have to leave the computer on during livestreams? or can you just shut down while having it linked to websites
Akinkunmi Akintunde (2 months ago)
I always recommend streaming a pre-recorded video you have already made, upload it to a cloud-based software, so u don't have to leave your computer on, then use the software to stream it Live. check some of my videos
[revive project] (2 months ago)
yeah I tested it. You neeed to leave the program that you stream with open. Buy a shitty laptop and plug it in a public libray behind some shelf where noone ever cleans :P
Diski Domain (2 months ago)
Not sure but I'd think it has to stay on. would be interesting to test. cause if you shut down OBS, i'm assuming the stream dies. I have a feeling most of these guys just leave the software running cause it barely puts strain on cpu.
Giant Asparagus (3 months ago)
How do they make adsense $ streaming copyrighted music?
Giant Asparagus (2 months ago)
+Diski Domain Yeah dude I gave up on youtube years ago.. last year alone I had over 15 mil in stolen views.
Betsy (2 months ago)
Giant Asparagus I K R people who make these videos never address this part
Diski Domain (2 months ago)
That's why Youtube is fucking flawwed. what's the point of making content if someone can just rip your shit and stream it as their own. it's pathetic
NX LIFE ENTERPRISES (3 months ago)
In return I can take that income to run my own livestreams just I’ll hire people to do it for me ...hehe!! Reminds me of a blog called “ lazyassstoner “ haha !! That’s when I first learned about backlinks.... linking your site or company name through other sites and social media pages where your SEO rankings get better and better as you post them
gre at (2 months ago)
You know hes alive ..just got back last week after he went under cover for 2-3yrs...i.n many thought he was dead
NX LIFE ENTERPRISES (3 months ago)
DM me or reply back if your looking for music I don’t mind vouching for people that need music to start up their own channels... just in return we make a deal on partial earnings in royalties... I don’t want all your money just credit for what is due... equal = equal ... opportunity
oSporezy (2 months ago)
FamilyTube (4 months ago)
My friend for live stream does not show any ads. No money there.
Akinkunmi Akintunde (2 months ago)
it does
Terrible intro, helpful content. Still subbed and. Liked
Great Cricketers (2 months ago)
True. Gamers specially have terrible and loud intro. It sucks.
oSporezy (2 months ago)
Awakening To The Universe check me out. i dont have a intro. wanna make me one?
The Cast World (4 months ago)
Wow man, this is cool.
oSporezy (2 months ago)
The Cast World check me out
Faizan Izhar (4 months ago)
Thanks for this video buddy, you are amazing When will you make the second part of this video?
RGA (5 months ago)
How can you bypyass the copyrighted music material? Even the "free royalty free music" always got copyright strikes. I already tried this method with music and it doesn't work at all. Besides, those channels are about old channels that have gained reputation with time. There is no way you can reach 20K views with only streaming. If you got 4 cats watching you won't have complaints.
Fredrick Rourk (1 month ago)
I use https://d.tube/
NX LIFE ENTERPRISES (3 months ago)
Reply back or Dm me I got music I make you can use for streaming with no copyright I mean other than BMI registration...but all I ask is partial monetary earnings ....or royalties as they say...
Rok Dolenc (5 months ago)
Hey,Hunter. Can't wait for further instructions. Keep it up!
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Rok Dolenc thanks man
Danilo Z (5 months ago)
How do get approved for monetization fast?
Danilo Z (5 months ago)
+Hunter Talks cool cool man, we talked before on insta
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Danilo Z have one viral video, I will show you how to get one easy this week in the next couple videos
Sam Jarvis (5 months ago)
How would you get passed all the copyright issues? Like streaming music...you'd have to ask a metric ton of people if they can use their music? Ask SpaceX if you can stream their livefeed?
NX LIFE ENTERPRISES (3 months ago)
Yep we sure do ...I’m to lazy to run my own stuff I prefer to make money of my music and hire people to do everything for me ... besides I have a lot of projects I focus on...
NX LIFE ENTERPRISES (3 months ago)
I’m one of them dm or reply back to me I produce music and don’t mind my music being used on other channels just a partial earnings on royalties I don’t think is too bad for me and you ...lol ...I’m quite negotiable
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Sam Jarvis and my second video will explain
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Sam Jarvis sounds cloud and dm them on insta
Sam Jarvis (5 months ago)
+Hunter Talks How would you go about finding these undercover artists? And how would you Advertise the channel too so you get views?
ima start this
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
The Bread Getters Channel let me know if you have any questions
Harry Edwards (5 months ago)
this method looks great
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Exposed Truth it is, and very passive
Dan Kisner (5 months ago)
we need another vid about this, looks very interesting
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Dan Kisner another coming soon...
TransformNow Fitness (5 months ago)
I need to learn more about this
Akinkunmi Akintunde (2 months ago)
I do this from time to time on my gaming channel
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Huenrewrfwe another video coming soon...
kendrick's cuzzo (5 months ago)
wow you are an innovator!
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
kendrick's cuzzo thanks man
Brain Juice (5 months ago)
fuck yea take the content to the next level!
The Locker Room (5 months ago)
my mind is blown
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Hunty haha I told you
Hunter De (5 months ago)
im doing this rn
ToTech (5 months ago)
+Hunter Talks I am sorry to expose you but hunfer de is your channel to
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Hunter De let me know how it’s going
Bustu BJEnnings (5 months ago)
Hunter Talks (5 months ago)
Bustu BJEnnings thanks man

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