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XFX RX 580 Black Vs GTX 1070 FE (1% .1% Testing)

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Battle of the 1% .1% Lows RX 580 vs GTX 1070 Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SubTechofTomorrow Check out these GTX 1070 Founders Edition Cards from Amazon! http://amzn.to/2skyvaB Available XFX RX 480 Graphics Cards from Amazon http://amzn.to/2sJ4G0K Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days & Support Tech of Tomorrow! http://amzn.to/12JFYau Don't forget to check out the website! http://www.techoftomorrow.com Check us out on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/TechofTomorrow Stay updated on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/techof_tomorrow Tech of Tomorrow Music! http://www.techoftomorrow.com/music The Benchmark Song: The Human Zoo - Free on Spotify! http://spoti.fi/10Vz31z - Amazon: http://amzn.to/12Rh6kI - iTunes: http://bit.ly/199301I
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Tech of Tomorrow (2 years ago)
The Boost clock of the GTX 1070 was actually 1822 Mhz, my mistake, I re-ran a few tests to see what was up.
NightVision Official (8 months ago)
Think that AMD was better for all , the only problem there is that AMD is more client friendly and not have all that secret that intel and Nvidia have , think about PhysiX , Nvidia have release a driver source to the driver maker , like years later , so, when the PhysiX comes out , you can use it only with Nvidia card, but AMD doesn't do that :I , that's my opinion , i think that now if you do the same test you can have a little improve for the all 2 , but i don't think , amd still a nice Productivity best for my point of view ! Nice video after all my opinion xD, and thanks to done OverWatch !
Mathew Hastings (1 year ago)
Kinda wondering about the 1800 bucks I spent custom building my computer, I have a whole AMD set up, 1800X no overclocking, 16 gigs of the viper elite ram and dual XFX GTX RX 580 setup, have no idea how to even use crossfire and so fourth and I found out that trying to use my 50 inch 4k tv for gaming just doesn't work, help.
Eren Jaeger (2 years ago)
But i am talking about "ULTRA Settings" with 2K Resolution :)
Norry Rampage (2 years ago)
Eren Jaeger 1070 not enough for 2k? I max my games out at 1440p well over 60fps bf1 avg 90fps I play gta5 at 4k high setting 70 to 100fps
Regalado Navarrete (3 months ago)
Honestly, nvidia better faster and lower power consumption
Zertz (3 months ago)
The crossfire costs $360. You don't even need much of a power supply. You can just use an 650w 80+ bronze for $65. That is $425 total. The 1080 ti is $800. Let's say you get a 550w for $50. That is $850 for 1080 ti setup and $425 for a crossfire setup.
Zertz (3 months ago)
@Regalado Navarrete You're kidding me right? Of course the 1070 has better performance than the 580. IT'S OVER 300 DOLLARS. The 580 8gb is $180 at it's lowest.
Regalado Navarrete (3 months ago)
@Zertz Crossfiring more expensive you need 2 gpu and higher psu power, you need 650 w psu on that, if you buy directly gtx 1080 stay on 500 w you will get 1800 mhz, enough for any games, have you been in intense gaming? seem you dont know what gpu capacity? rx580 v gtx1070 of course 1070 will win. I'm a gamer i know what my gpu capability.
Zertz (3 months ago)
@Regalado Navarrete I just wish there were another major retailer, so we could get everything we want without cut costs.
Zertz (3 months ago)
@Regalado Navarrete You can't say nvidia is the best, because it's still all about preference. You can still get a 550w for 5-10 dollars more. Clock speed might be a little lower for the rx 580 8gb, but it still performs better than the 1050 ti, but also its power consumption is higher. You can't say which retailer is better, because there are tradeoffs to almost every situation. I prefer performance over power consumption. Clock speed might be a little lower but at least it performs reasonably better. If you want lower power consumption, go for it. I'm not stopping you.
Croewen (4 months ago)
Should i get rx 580 xfx black core edition or rx 580 nitro + ?
Frank Flores (3 months ago)
nitro if you have a monitor freesync or else doesn't matter cpu also matters a lot.
It'sGudStuf (5 months ago)
Why is this a thing? The 1070 is way better than the rx580. And I use AMD. You should've compared the 1060 with the 580.
Mario Marin (5 months ago)
Hello , @techoftommorow , what temps ITS ok on xfx Rx 580 8 gb gts xxx While playin games like pubg , Fortnite ? Max temps ? Or Other games , thanks !
Serkan Tüzünalper (6 months ago)
Xfx better
Walsh (6 months ago)
AMD rules.. :)
Justin hayes (6 months ago)
seems like the rx580 would be great for me since im on a budget and i just wanna play games like rb6, battlefield, and other fps games. i just dont know if its compatible with my mother board. (H310M-A). im still learning alot about this pc gaming im always played on console.
Rick Brannigan (6 months ago)
So my gpu went bang. There's no way I'm paying for a 20 series but my friend said check out the xfx RX580 which in Canada is $320 right now. Your video just convinced me to buy my first AMD GPU. It's so much better value for money than Nvidia right now. Sure it's not the best graphics money can buy but it's better than spending $800 Canadian for a 2070. First video I've watched of yours, great video, I am actually British, quick in and out backed with metal. Winner. 👍
Blue Patch1413 (6 months ago)
Giovanni Messina (7 months ago)
i want to upgrade my 6 year GTX 760 4GB i think i made my choice going with the RX 580
Life- infó Csatorna (7 months ago)
Hello. I want to ask h is a rx 580 worth replacing with gtx 1070? Or rather, I'm on the graphic properties and I'm the same? I mean a Full HD game.
DSuspect (7 months ago)
Is it still worth getting the RX 580 8GB version right now for 300 dollars? I currently own a 4GB RX 380
Jack Daniels (8 months ago)
Picked up a new xfx 580 for 150$
ZIPPER (8 months ago)
I was getting into the music more then the comparison lol
Gluten Free Gam3r (10 months ago)
@techtomorrow Dude, your music! So LOUD! Ugh!!! NOT what computer nerds listen to. Please, tone down the volume or change the style, otherwise, I'm afraid I will be unable to view and enjoy your videos. Thanks much! Also, just a side note: had I been wearing headphones, I would be super pissed right now as your music is way too fracking loud mate!
lexzbuddy (10 months ago)
RX580 just makes a lot of sense. I just picked one up for £150 :)
eople217 (11 months ago)
But can it run Crysis?
WiseBaruman (11 months ago)
Woah that Titanfall benchmark, that was unexpected that the RX 580 beat the 1070 by that much.
CrimsonDante Gamer (11 months ago)
people are complainning the rx 580 keeping up with a gtx 1070 underneath lol. Like what the hell people dont read Elric wrote was GTX 1070 Founders edition meanning its basically the card at first launch-_-. So of course it will be slower then a more refreshed gtx 1070.
Lucian Pop (1 year ago)
You guys should have tested apples to apples RX580 vs 1060 6GB 9 Gbps model then the results would have been more interesting and prices would have been similar. Just my opinion ...
Martin Sanschagrin (1 year ago)
Yeah, gratz! Nice improvement in testing there.. impressive card, that 580 :)
marshalcraft (1 year ago)
wow seeing the 580 struggle on the 4k, sad looks like 4k gaming is prob better off on a console for the money. And depending on what kind of games you are into. Console has some great games. I feel like 4k gaming at solid and I mean solid 30 fps with out a dip, should ahve been at 300-400 dollar range card like a year ago, and here we are today, still paying like 700 for decent 4k gaming on a pc. While an xbox or ps4 will be able to handle that for much much less price. The problem, is this duopoly on pc/x86 and pci express nanometer semiconductors. Amd and intel only.
marshalcraft (1 year ago)
My problem is I like to dabble in game development/graphics engine stuff and on pc your just using ddx12 api's. To do same on console you have to get dev stuff, unlock the console and use stuff that isn't well documetned sometimes or you have to pay a bunch of money to get documetnation.
i like your videos but you could really do with out the annoying music
Frog - Tech - Tips (1 year ago)
Nice I just have that rx 580 from today
Blacktrak (1 year ago)
WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE SETTINGS? 4k and msaa 4x? Who would ever play crysis 3 like that? This is just lazy, I'm sorry. 1070 pulls 9 fps more than rx 580 at under 30 fps. That is the most useless piece of information ever and it doesn't help anybody decide which graphics card to buy. Optimize the settings before posting the benchmarks.
Ken JondoeYT (1 year ago)
Should I get a Ryzen 7 with Rx580 because I have a Freesync monitor. Or should I get the Ryzen 7 with GTX 1070 and use that with my Freesync monitor?
CroProGamer2k (1 year ago)
Good test and good video
Serj Star (1 year ago)
how about overclock the rx 580 yeah and the memory
TOBORE8THMAN (1 year ago)
If you're testing graphics cards with Fire Strike, why don't you state the graphics score instead of the overall score.
TOBORE8THMAN (1 year ago)
My XFX RX580 will overclock to 1500 MHz with fans at 100%. I ramp it down to 1450 MHz for daily use with a fan speed at 60%. A comparison of an RX580 at 1500 Mhz vs GTX 1070 would be fun to watch.
TOBORE8THMAN (1 year ago)
Nice to see the RX580 hanging in there with a $400 video card. Thanks!
J. Schmidt (1 year ago)
So is it worth getting a GTX 1070 if my monitor is 60hz? I know its only 60fps but the 580 should work just as good. upgrading from a gtx 970 btw.
Random Videos (1 year ago)
3× zotac GTX 1060 3gb and 2× xfx Rx 580 8gb with biostar B250 btc pro. 12 GPU slot Which coin mining is good for this
Inferno (1 year ago)
Your bench us fucked up if gta v funs 90+ frames on 4k
Inferno (1 year ago)
I got the 1070 for 1080p gaming
POINT BLANK (1 year ago)
To me paying for an overclocked RX580 is nonesense. For about 40-50 dollar more, you only get 5% max performance. Instead, I would and did bought XFX RX580 XXX GTS edition. Didn't even overclock it, I've seen many examples reaching to 1400 but as I see, power consumption and heat is important too.
Eknim (1 year ago)
the xfx cars are the cheapest rx 580's at 300 euros. HIS is like 10 euros more, which one has better cooling?
Rafael Vidal (1 year ago)
Amazing video, congratz Elric. Before watchingt it I was thinking the 580 was rebranded shit, acording to other channels on YT, but now I see they are a bit bias. Keep doing things like this, man.
preston garvey (1 year ago)
video starts at 1:40
mykeegames&travels (1 year ago)
Does fxf 580 compatible in razer core? Because I travel a lot so i use a laptop
Corey taylor (1 year ago)
overwatch 93 fps AVG in 1080p with a 1070? this video is BS
david maison (1 year ago)
I see the numbers is incorrect do you accept ?
Michael Munro (1 year ago)
I bought the best at the time which was a 1080, then the 1080ti came out and I had buyers remorse for a while.... Especially with a 4k monitor I don't know if I should upgrade or get another 1080 and go SLI..... Thoughts?
videowatcher495 (2 years ago)
Dude, I would love to have just the music and not the singing. That's just me though. You do an awesome job. I hope you're doing ok.
Stealth 211 (2 years ago)
msaa and high resolution kills rx580 performance cus it has much less pixel rate and rop count
Voice Programming (2 years ago)
Eric you are hot make me pregnant please.
ffs (2 years ago)
wtf why are u comparing to a gtx1070?!? compare to a 1060
Abedalrahim Latayfeh (2 years ago)
the last gpu I had was gtx 550 ti but today I got the rx 580 it's a beast card for his price and I'am sure that games on futuer will be better with dx 12 than today with dx11 and maybe the futuer games will come with vulcan tech.
Guyb (2 years ago)
Right now the 580 cost 400-800
Brandon Smith (2 years ago)
I'm glad I got the RX 580 for $300 because the 1070 where I live range from $650 to $700.
El BonitiilloO (2 years ago)
would like to see same TEST in 1 YEAR FROM NOW, just to see again how Nvidia gimps their cards through drivers and the the RX580 is 20% faster than this.
What the heck is 1% .1% testing?
Patrik Miskovic (2 years ago)
best mid range gpu
Fisher Man (2 years ago)
fuck these 580 and 1060 video card prices....fuck them in there stupid asses
Dr. Fresh_2k (2 years ago)
DAMN! Crysis 3 still kills GPU's even in 2017? HOLY SHIT! What did they put into that game?
Jay Santos (2 years ago)
only peasants play < 60 fps
Gloom'N Onion (2 years ago)
Things to look at when watching this, all tests were done using DX11, results can be very different when run in DX12. Nvidia cards seem to get nice high average framerate, but get some rough 1% and even more so .1% lows AMD cards don't get as high a framerate, but the distance between the avg and the lows is smaller and the lows are very tight (as in difference in fps between 1% and .1%) The 1070 shows it's strength in 1080p, while the 580 significantly catches up with the 1070 at higher resolutions. Also, that Witcher 3 benchmark was all sorts of strange. The .1% lows are funky for both brands, they shouldn't have had those strange dips so far below the 1%.
Crazy Serb (2 years ago)
Im quite sure AMD did not hit all the spots with drivers. Getting stuck in UVD clocks after HW accel. on GCN1 is still a thing, almost 1 year later (Last proper driver was released at July 9th last year). I dont see any reason to buy any AMD card for anyhing other than mining considering they do not care about basic functionality for their cards.
Paciencia 095 (2 years ago)
LOL that titanfall 2 at 2k and 1080p
Guillaume Lejeune (2 years ago)
Wath is the name of the music ?
still34u (2 years ago)
The Big Difference, really, is the music Elric! Gotta F*ckin' love this channel..
Irlana R (2 years ago)
Hardly any DX12 tests? An how about some Vulkan Doom? Though WTH is going on with Titanfall 2?
Stevey TeeVee (2 years ago)
If you own a RX 480 right now sell it to the miners! You can make $100-$120 quick and buy a 1070 or wait for Volta.
Drakeziel Mathis (2 years ago)
Incredible, the 1% and .1% lows prove a solid point.
Wyatt Potter (2 years ago)
Hey Tech of Tomorrow I love your Chanel you do an amazing job. But think it would be a little better when you do your benchmarks if you could please including 3440 x 1440 benchmark numbers to.
ömer salık (2 years ago)
why dx 11 ?
Ast Boribilder (2 years ago)
You should use a i7 7700k, your GTA 5 tests were bottlenecked by the CPU
CrimsonDante Gamer (11 months ago)
How is it bottlenecked with a 8 core cpu?
Balázs Menlauer (2 years ago)
great video, I am loving my OCd xfx 480 gtr. but should have used DX12 for the 580 :)
bruhsoundeffect _4 (2 years ago)
VEGA = EVGA Illuminati confirmed
EpicBigWhale (2 years ago)
Not saying your test are invalid or anything but I think you got a crap 580... GTAV for me is not that bad almost always 45+, in real game enviroment and online. With a bench run It studder during transition[black screen] so my low is 0, avg is 51, and 1% is 39 at 1440p and my cpu is an AMD Athlon X4 640 AM3 3.7 Ghz 8GB Ram at 1688mhz with a XFX GTR-s 580 8Gb stock clock. My settings are not max but set to high preset. MSAA x 4. population, is down all the way but all other sliders at full motion blur off. PS GREAT VIDEO :D
Ferry Ansony (2 years ago)
The music was waay over the top.
psychoben (2 years ago)
I'm just starting a new ryzen game pc. i am building it's in a thermaltake P3. I opted for the GTX 1070 because I think it's the better choice for now in a little bit in the future
NikolaiSlapabitch (2 years ago)
The only thing I would say is that the 1070 was using the bad founder blower design while the 580 is using a better cooling solution. I would have liked to see comparable cooled cards
Tech (2 years ago)
That benchmark song is sooooooo kick ass!! (That guitar riff though!) Never get tired of hearing it! ;)
Hi Im Seyf (2 years ago)
i love this benchmark song
Ole Roy (2 years ago)
OK so I currently use a gtx 660 sc and would love too purchase a 580 since I own a 34in lg panel with freesync. But the 580's have been sold out for at least a month.
Mr. Mister (2 years ago)
how about some dx12 games and Vulcan as well
griff (2 years ago)
if only one could actually purchase a 580 with the etherium mining boom
bumperxx1 (2 years ago)
ROCK ON at 1:47 new testing same old ROCK
Rufen Rufeo (2 years ago)
bro dont forgeth a 1070 will oc it self a rx 580 won't. I'm still currently searching for my max stable but benchmarking timespy 1560/ 2190 mhz(samsung gddr, hynix will do better) on air cooled HiS card ain't to bad at all. XFX in your edition can do that too easy. XFX didn't put almost 4k rpm fans on the 480 black edition for no reason. getting those OC with Sapphire trixx program only though and a +128mV offset
Rufen Rufeo (2 years ago)
never go above 145 150mV
Spotty Videos (2 years ago)
Is it weird that my core is 2000 MHz and my memory is 4000 mhz at stock speed or is it normal?
Turboslang (2 years ago)
Hmmm... 5960x ~140 points in cinebench r15 single core.. my i5 2500k @4.5ghz has ~155... ryzen has ~165... my point is, i7 7700 for 1080p benching GPUs that are faster then RX580. Line isn't that clear since it depends on driver and game optimisation so.. i believe there are instances where you need fastest cpu for even slower card then RX580. In any case, its good you are changing cpu
LiquidSharingan (2 years ago)
gimme the card that allows me to hit the magical 60+ FPS if its a GTX 1080 i'm gonna buy it. most games when they start dipping below 45-50 frames starts to hurt my eyes.
Doughnut Digger (2 years ago)
I understand for the purpose of keeping benchmarks consistent with the older ones you kept 4xaa on even at 4K resolution but really at the resolution it doesn't help the image clarity much. Maybe in the future try phasing that testing methodology out for better results. still nice video it's great to see the 580 being quite close in performance to the 1070.
demon6937 (2 years ago)
I think rx 580 is on par with gtx 1060
Patrick Williamson (2 years ago)
The AMD cards are being sold SUPER fast due to Bit Mining. I wanted a AMD card for my customers new build but they pretty much sold out everywhere.
Chemy Torres (2 years ago)
Sorry for being late, I was taking a time from general tech. In my particular opinion I would rather get the 580, because even when the 1070 FE can be improved with some kits to reduce the temp numbers it's more money. But the real deal should be waiting for the Vega and see what happen with the prices.
Random Guy (2 years ago)
Not bad considering the price difference. But i will rather close my eyes and by the 1070. or maybe buy 2x RX580? i don't know someone help me out here.
Random Guy (2 years ago)
i will take your reply into consideration. Would you upgrade, if you had a R9 390 to the RX 580 ?
Alfa Proto (2 years ago)
If I typed the RX 5/480 going up against the 1070, everyone loses their mind. I mean, even AMD's RX 480 launched shows the RX 480 is going with the R9 380/X and GTX 970, so the next logical NVidia card  is the 1070. AMD even stated that the RX 480 is an entry to 4K. AMD is now going tier-to-tier, price-to-perf is the reviewer's fault. AMD has been following the tier-to-tier since the Rx 200 series, example the R9 290X is going with the 780ti, and R9 290 is the 780.
Alfa Proto (2 years ago)
Amet Monegro If I go tier-to-tier, Titan vs Fury series. Since Fury doesn't have the same number scheme.
cofi 41 (2 years ago)
I will have to unsubb from this channel because I understand AMD sponsored you but you can't seriously claim that 220$ card can outperform 400$ card in several games, I am not a fanboy as I personally had AMD and NVidia cards but this is ridiculous
Radu (2 years ago)
cofi 41 gtx 1070 fe and underclocked to 1500mhz , while all custom cards are at 2000mhz
Steef292 (2 years ago)
test with ryzen
Alien (2 years ago)
I love this channel, however, If I had to complain about something, It'll be the heavy Rock Music, why must you always use rock music when showing the scores?. A change would be welcomed, not all of us are into rock music, I know you are, ... so please, swap up the music from time to time, these last scores I skipped because of the music, It gives me a fucking headache, to be honest...lol
Korah (2 years ago)
Power consumption??
Amet Monegro (2 years ago)
145w for 1070 and +175w for RX580
En Vi (2 years ago)
OK, how in hell does a 1060 3gb reach 117 average at 1080p and 77 avg at 1440p on EPIC (Overwatch) and here we see a 1070 do less? Sorry, this test is not right.
JSIK (2 years ago)
how tf are you only getting 70fps in overwatch at 1440p with a 1070 lol my 1070 rog strix boosts up to almost 2100 and tears that game up
Nive s (2 years ago)
get a 580 for 1080p. get a 1070 for anything above 1080p.
shp3ck (2 years ago)
although I am an AMD supporter, i bought a gtx 1070 and no. The XFX model is one of the best of the AIB partners models of the RX 580 and RX 480. While the FE gtx 1070 even running at 1822 boos is low. The top AIB gtx 1070 boost at least to 2050 MHZ. Compared to that i believe the difference would be a bit higher for the gtx 1070. example: my inno3d gtx 1070 ichill boosts to 2124 Mhz
3rd Gen Guy (2 years ago)
1% lows are the future of testing. Gamers nexus seems to have set a trend
Harish VFX (2 years ago)
whr is the ryzen 1800x cpu , man ???

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