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Sleeparchive in TweakFM (Sleeparchive, Tresor)

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Sleeparchive visited the TweakFM studio in Copenhagen - more info on www.tweakfm.com
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Text Comments (55)
techpower (22 days ago)
so lame i ide
el josu (1 month ago)
track id around minute 4
Nemanja Milosevic (5 months ago)
19th century german philosopher
damian daviid (6 months ago)
this was insane 2018/2019 NYE los angeles
SuperHappyplant (8 months ago)
I really don’t care how he makes his music as long as he keeps making it. I love sleeparchive’s output and have done for a very long time... But I imagine tweakfm must’ve felt a bit disappointed with the footage!
Tom Franke (11 months ago)
the way how he is sitting there, starring tiredly at his shitty acer laptop from 2002, surrounded by profesional audio/mixing gear - this is so authentic and unique already you simply cant blame him. :D
fellstalk (1 year ago)
inf0tr8r (11 months ago)
I'm guessing sarcasm. I hope anyways
Eduardo Guerreiro (2 years ago)
top production skills & no fucks given attitude.. great set
Rhythmic Waves (3 years ago)
sam smaczylo (3 years ago)
y r u using just a laptop ???
inf0tr8r (11 months ago)
your comment is boring actually
JKataky (3 years ago)
hes not a dj, hes a producer who plays his own tracks
sam smaczylo (3 years ago)
its also a prettty boring set
sam smaczylo (3 years ago)
or on fb lol ye i knw tht bt hardware is bettter i thnk i thnk the use of computers is a bit shit like
daan compas (3 years ago)
+sam smaczylo lol, he probably plays live.
Krata Records (3 years ago)
Yeah! Very good one!
Yaz Monarrez (3 years ago)
DNS FNS (4 years ago)
the transition at 8minute is a magical moment...
Sight X's (4 years ago)
Euuuh un enfant de 4 ans ferait pareil , le principe d un dj c est de mixer , la ca fait plus soiree entre potes , je fous un mix et voila :D :D
Gaydu Mathieu (1 year ago)
"at home i have a KR-55 and the SH-101. at the moment i use the KR-55 only to trigger my SH-101 from which i record everything into ABLETON LIVE. for all percussion i use DRUMAZON and samples i did years ago from REBIRTH. i do not make music in real-time. for weeks and months i record loops and sounds from the SH-101. i combine these loops and sounds + percussion for 1 hour or longer if i get booked to play my music outside my bedroom. maybe that helps to explain why i do not bring tons of gear and only a computer. and maybe that helps to explain why i look most of the time concentrated on my computer. …"
Vønshk Vønshk (2 years ago)
Il ne "mixe" pas là, ça s'agit d'un live
Theo Reffet (3 years ago)
+Yassine Talbi je te retrouve ici hahahaha
clement begin (3 years ago)
+clement begin c'est une perle !
clement begin (3 years ago)
+Sight X's On Soundcloud tu ne te rends pas bien compte du travail fourni par ce jeune homme je crois !
Roll Goal (4 years ago)
Anas (4 years ago)
I'm puzzled...
ottokarll (4 years ago)
Geile Mucke! Bitte mehr davon :-))))
Francesco Romano (4 years ago)
this guy has some serious shit going on in his head
yoke barbarian (8 months ago)
Matteo Contri (3 years ago)
Ricochet47RUS (4 years ago)
Techno Empire (5 months ago)
Edgar Ramme (4 years ago)
waiting-all-my-life (4 years ago)
yoke barbarian (4 years ago)
yoke barbarian (4 years ago)
Love this
23logaritam (4 years ago)
last track ID anyone ?
ggguthe (4 years ago)
has the track from ca 14:20 to 16:00 been released? what. a. tune
Jannik Aßfalg (3 years ago)
its a loop on the "a man dies in the street pt 1" vinyl...just bought it and were surprised it was actually on the ep
Jaime Coppel (4 years ago)
yes man!! its amazing, is a loop inside one of the parts of a man dies on the street released on tresor. not sure which part.
Anthony D. Lee (5 years ago)
Gonzalo Palacios (5 years ago)
very nice
Igor Théry-Javry (5 years ago)
Comme d'hab ça déchire!
Z-Vlad Techno Music (5 years ago)
Très bonne prestation !
tantric mealworm (5 years ago)
Next time don't take so many sleeping pills, Sleeparchive!
scyhte82 (1 year ago)
joke of the day, no of the year, no wait... THE AWARD FOR THE BEST JOKE THIS DECADE GOES TO: TANTRIC MEALWORM.
mostafa onsy (5 years ago)
yoke barbarian (5 years ago)
ill have what hes having
yoke barbarian (5 years ago)
Florian Munkt (5 years ago)
MorenoAkaDorianGray (5 years ago)

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