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How To Earn Money On Youtube From Popular Songs

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Youtube is now allowing revenue share on millions of popular songs such as Justin Bieber. It's going to be up to you to do the research to find out which songs are licensed & eligible for revenue sharing. Here is a link to the Youtube music policies directory: https://www.youtube.com/music_policies?show_audio_revshare_guide=yes You must find and purchase the music from other sources. You cannot download popular music from Youtube. You must do your own editing on your own computer and then upload to Youtube.
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B. Couture Vibes Nyc (18 days ago)
I was thinking if I could do this.Thanks for sharing the knowledge.I get annoyed a lot of times with the same music on people's videos 💯
angelic_love93 (1 month ago)
Can acapellas be monetized?
ThrowB Channel (1 month ago)
Do you always put those lyric videos "Licensed to Youtube" even if it says, you can monetize?
My Life As Gachaverse (2 months ago)
Nice sharing Steve..another Idea for me to make youtube channel. Hopefully I can make it this time with this idea. God Bless You Steve :)
Rehsor (3 months ago)
You crazy fuck I love you I didn’t know this !!!
Seeker Seeker (4 months ago)
I like it when you said .. Justin Beiber "whoever the hell he is " .. Makes me lol 😂😂
I use to be Him (4 months ago)
Whoa I just realized that there are upside down crosses on Justin Beiber's album.
Faith Peace (5 months ago)
Very informative! This should have more views. You just nailed it. The rest is coming sense and what We learnt in high school. Thank you. Just gained a subscriber
Monte Cristo (6 months ago)
It says "The copyright owner of this song may monetize your video, causing ads to appear." So NO, you can't make money by using these videos and if you use them in whatever video your create they are going to monetize it for themselves.
Alex Cavalcanti (4 months ago)
@Crushink yeah..I would like to post remixes on youtube using just vocals from the song..the rest I make it..but I'm afraid I won't make any money ...and it's a work on everything..and anyway..we promote them if we use their music...at least should be 50/50 or 40/60 ..or something..
Ray D Great (4 months ago)
@Crushink the owners didn't tell them to make a video of their song tho
Crushink (6 months ago)
Its so sad honestly. I mean they can monetize because it is their rights but should at least share the money that WE are supposed to earn because we created the video. Why monetize the whole profit when you can share tho? Just WHYYY youtube?
Angie Carmichael (7 months ago)
You should always give credit. This what you learn in high school. Even if it is not important this is just common courtesy.
Taran van Ess (2 months ago)
youtube does that for you
TheLadynicole3 (5 months ago)
Angie Carmichael I agree.
Steven P (10 months ago)
Something that annoys me about the stream of female vloggers is that they rarely to never credit the artists' music. Kevin McCloud produces music primarily for Youtube's free library and gets annoyed that he isn't credited, so please do so. Ask how much time and love goes into producing the songs, and all the creators ask is for a mention.
Athlete On Travel (10 months ago)
not usefull
Can I make money by make lyrics video of popular song??
froGabriel (6 months ago)
Not legally and/or the money will go to the copyright owners :)
Human Waste (1 year ago)
so when can i do this
Akash Panchal (1 year ago)
You bloody shit you don't know who is justin bieber go die and yes stop insulting him respect the artist you idiot
Costof anHour (1 year ago)
If the song we picked a song that can be monetized and we should find own source , can we download the song through the internet by converting them to mp3?
Sam Williams (1 year ago)
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M4CRO (1 year ago)
The cost of an hour ii
Jon Rabacal (1 year ago)
Thanks, man!
MeechMeech (1 year ago)
Might be a dumb question but would I still need to contact the artist?
Bushy RBLX (1 year ago)
do i have to have 10k views to unlock this?
dumdum _bu!!et (1 year ago)
Selena101 Q (2 years ago)
if you use the music, what percentage does youtube take every month from the video?
Alex Cavalcanti (4 months ago)
@Abhishek Rana hey can you anwer me some questions please? I really need help
Abhishek Rana (2 years ago)
Selena101 Welcome
Selena101 Q (2 years ago)
thanks for the reply
Abhishek Rana (2 years ago)
Selena101 Q If you mean revenue, youtube generally takes 45% of our revenue
BigfootVNerd (2 years ago)
Adele is a horrible person. I don't like her.
I use to be Him (4 months ago)
Never mind I'll find someone like you... I wish nothing but the best for you too. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ms. D (5 months ago)
Don't worry she don't like you too...
Sam Williams (1 year ago)
I made over 750 dollars last week online. Here's how I did it and how you can too: HootCash.com
Brian Matson (3 years ago)
Good stuff, man!

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