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DJ Lumberjack - March 11th Mini Mix

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I'm challenging myself to do a short mix with minimal preparation each day of my Spring Break. I built this mix around iSpy by KYLE and chose songs I felt would fit with it almost entirely on-the-fly. Setlist and Transition Timestamps: 0:00 :: Erase Your Social - Lil Uzi Vert 2:20 :: iSpy - KYLE feat. Lil Yachty 5:50 :: Secondary - RL Grime feat. Problem 8:00 :: Boss Shit - MiMOSA feat. Bun B 10:15 :: Voicemail from Doctor Mike Mix Notes: In this mix, I wanted to make sure to play out each song a bit. Since none of them are purely EDM, this makes more sense. This also fits the basic house party vibe, where the main goal of the DJ is to just string together songs in a way that eliminates the awkward gaps of a phone playing a library of songs on shuffle. Credit Attributions: Each individual song in this mix is the property of its respective owners. I'm not claiming to own (nor have I performed) these songs. I don't give a damn about the monetization of this video; give the money to the content creators. I did, however, create the background image for this video in Photoshop. I also own the voicemail recording played at the end of the mix.
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